Subject #39-01-4

A parasite slowly converts a feline test subject into a gooey, draconian form as he tries to escape. Mature.


SUBJECT #39-01-4

DOCTOR ???????


The subject was received from the retrieval team operating in ?????????, ?????? on March 30, 20??. The subject was unconscious as per protocol, identified as biologically male, feline (domestic cat), age approximately eighteen to twenty-one. All identifying documents had been properly removed by the retrieval team. Doctors Allbright and Kim were on hand to transport the subject.

Specimen Room A3 was reserved for the initial procedure. Upon entering, we learned that during processing #39-01-1, the previous team of Doctors Lee, Mayers and Reyes had neglected to properly clean all equipment. At this point, Allbright and Kim finished the work left undone by the previous team, where I filed a disciplinary report which has yet to be processed at the time of this writing, but can most likely be found by accessing my record.


College girls on a road trip have a run-in with alien parasites. Explicit, mild gore.

"We're gonna see if there's anything to do in this dump. You wanna come with us?"

Jessie cracked her toes. She stretched them out after tugging off her sneakers. She could see a sliver of the ass of Emily's jeans through the open bathroom door.

"Nah, I'll stay here. I'm pretty tired from the driving, so I'll probably sleep soon," Jessie said.

A lazy stroke of lipstick rested across Emily's lips when she came back into the motel room.

"Fine, be a recluse if you want. Not like we came to hang out with friends," Emily said.

A grin flashed across Emily's face. Jessie returned her friend's look with a small smile of her own. Emily crossed the room to grab her purse, then continued on toward the door.

"I'll see you later," Jessie said.