Storm and Stone

A woman becomes a gargoyle to join her lover. Explicit.

Sheets disperse into stippled splashes against the granite facade. The door to the stairs slams open, slammed by the wind which whirls around the rooftop. Her feet cut splashes into the water that pools on the roof. The rain swirls and soaks her from every angle.

A crack of lightning throws shadows against the bared fangs, wrinkled snout and hunched muscle of one of the stone gargoyles that sit on the outcroppings along the edge of the roof. It throws her off balance. She topples forward, arms spread wide, reaching and grasping and holding tight to the stone beast.

Stone eyes blink, stone sinew shifts. A head with glowing eyes turns to look at the woman grasping its neck, and astonishment writ in monstrous form stretches the gargoyle's jaw.