Tales of the Strange presents: You Are What You Eat

Some bat investigates an abandoned candy factory and falls victim to its horrors. Guest starring Agouti-Rex's (murrypurry.com) characters.

Rule one of investigating the abandoned candy factory was that no one should know why Mercedes was there. Mrs. McGolly was really insistent on that point. If anyone asked, she was doing a project for school, and had never heard of Mrs. McGolly or her candy corporation. She certainly wasn't getting paid fifty dollars to take pictures of a rival company's abandoned factory.

Rule two was easy, take lots of pictures. Mercedes had a camera, done.

Rule three was weird. "While you're in there," McGolly said, poking a hoof right into Mercedes' face, "don't say 'candy'."

"Uh, why?" Mercedes asked.

"Don't worry about it, just don't say 'candy'. It's my business, not yours." McGolly slapped a ten-dollar bill into Mercedes's hand and swept the bat right out of her office. "Remember—you weren't here," she said, and then ended the conversation by closing the door.

Later that day, Mercedes stood outside the run-down factory, with a camera in one hand and nothing else. She'd been trying to think of alibis for taking pictures, and she had hit on a good one by accident: She was doing a paper on, like, why McGolly's company had opened a brand-new candy factory, when Failtown already had an abandoned candy factory just sitting around.

Actually asking McGolly a question like that would lose her that fifty bucks, though.

Done to Taste

An interdimensional being walks into a chocolate shop and turns an employee into a living chocolate servant. Explicit.

Daniel's bad day began with a nude tigress. He didn't have any problems with nude bodies in general, and certainly not with this nude body in specific. The problem was that she was in the middle of his chocolate shop.

In a self-conscious way, she made him even more aware of the clothes he was wearing. His jeans were thick against his legs and the worn denim hung down with room to spare. The corners of his tee shirt's sleeves tugged at his armpits; it was slightly too small, but worth it for the 'chocolatiers do it with kisses' shirt. Then on top of that was the white apron, to keep from smudging any warm chocolate on his clothes.

Daniel set down the caramels that had been cooling in the back. She must have come in when he'd gone back to get them so he could put them on display. Clearing his throat, he left the counter and found the tigress wandering down one of the aisles.