Done to Taste

An interdimensional being walks into a chocolate shop and turns an employee into a living chocolate servant. Explicit.

Daniel's bad day began with a nude tigress. He didn't have any problems with nude bodies in general, and certainly not with this nude body in specific. The problem was that she was in the middle of his chocolate shop.

In a self-conscious way, she made him even more aware of the clothes he was wearing. His jeans were thick against his legs and the worn denim hung down with room to spare. The corners of his tee shirt's sleeves tugged at his armpits; it was slightly too small, but worth it for the 'chocolatiers do it with kisses' shirt. Then on top of that was the white apron, to keep from smudging any warm chocolate on his clothes.

Daniel set down the caramels that had been cooling in the back. She must have come in when he'd gone back to get them so he could put them on display. Clearing his throat, he left the counter and found the tigress wandering down one of the aisles.

The tigress's body asked, why would you even wear clothes? She was perfectly balanced, top to bottom, youthfully perky despite the weight of maturity hiding somewhere behind those pert breasts and soft smile. She was a little too elegant to seem sexy, but she was beautiful by all standards Apart from her black stripes, her fur was almost white. Almost, as the tips of her fur swayed in gentle undulations of color, as if reflecting a rainbow that wasn't there.

He tried not to look at her chest or between her legs.

“Excuse me," Daniel said.

The tigress looked up with a blank expression, as if genuinely surprised to be confronted.

“You're naked," he added, after a few moments of silence between them.

“You noticed." The tigress smiled.

Drunk? Homeless? She looked a bit too beautiful to be either, he thought—but he shouldn't judge, he told himself.

“You'll disturb my customers."

“I don't see any," the tigress said.

It was before lunch on a weekday. The tigress almost had a point. Daniel tried not to sigh too loudly.

“Look, just put this on, and I'll call someone." He tugged the apron off of his shoulders and draped it over the tigress. He was afraid she might try to claw him while he did it, but she only stared at the apron.

“Does this mean I can make chocolate now?" she asked.

“Don't touch anything," Daniel told her.

His new theory was that she was high out of her mind. She was docile so far, so hopefully she wouldn't wreck the place. Daniel walked back to the counter and picked up the phone beside the register. The police could sort this out.

“I like you."

Daniel jerked back. The tigress hadn't made a sound coming up to the counter, and now she was leaning on top of it.

“I like the way you look."

He sometimes got compliments like that, being a hybrid. He was somewhere between feline and reptile—black scales, small ears, short muzzle, thick thighs, big tail—'mewthree', according to people who liked classifying the latest trends in hybridization.

“Right. You look nice, too," he said.

Daniel lifted the phone to his ear. There was no dialtone. He reached over and tapped the hook, but there was still no tone. He looked back at the tigress, who now had a broad smile on her face, showing what seemed like slightly too many fangs.

“I want to make some chocolate now," she told him.

“Okay, just hold on," Daniel said.

His cell phone was in his bag in the back. He could call the police to pick this girl up, then call the phone company to tell them that the line was down.

“Let's start with your feet," the tigress said.

He ignored her. The sooner he got his phone and got her out of here, the sooner things could get back to normal.

Then he tried to take a step. He couldn't. He looked down at his feet. A feeling like sparks popping off of his scales swept up around his toes, and as he watched, a dark shade of brown began to replace the black scales. Every muscle in his feet was locking up, every joint creaking as if they were rusting shut.

He knew that color from a distance. Eighty percent cacao. His feet were becoming chocolate. That made absolutely zero sense, but that's what was happening.

Daniel looked back to the tigress's face. She was grinning, cruel, vicious, and lucid. Her starry-eyed gaze had cooled into something sharp and icy.

She raised her eyebrows. “Someone's coming. You've got customers."

The tigress slipped around the counter, then laid a hand on his shoulder. “Now, you stay right there until I come back. Though that shouldn't be a problem." She tapped a finger to her temple. “And don't be a hero. I'll know."

She paused for a moment.

“Yes, even if you try to use hand signals," she added.

As the tigress closed the door to the back of the shop, a graveyard expression found its way onto Daniel's face. A crazy tigress was turning him into chocolate, and she happened to be psychic, too.

The bell on the door chimed as a young canine couple walked in, followed by a gator in a blazer with a briefcase. It was about eleven by now—he always got a bit more business during the lunch break.

He kept his head down and focused on laying out the now-cold caramel chocolates.


Daniel breathed slowly and pulled the corners of his mouth up to smile.


"Thanks for coming," he said.

"You have a good day, dear." The old mouse smiled sweetly and waved with a bag full of chocolate-dipped gummy worms clutched in her hand.

He wasn't having a good day. Today was one of the worst days he'd ever spent working at Suzie's Old-fashioned Sweets. Today even beat out the time when the air conditioner had broken in the middle of July. He would have preferred sweating his ass off to being watched like a hawk by an unstable magical tigress.

Was this because he was an exotic species? Like he'd make some sort of...chocolate curiosity? It was an odd idea, but not any more odd than his day had been thus far.

He plucked little lumps of caramel coated in milk chocolate off of a wax paper sheet. He placed each down with a trembling hand on another sheet on top of the counter. As he did so, he rolled around in his head the letters the chocolates would spell out. He didn't let the letters coalesce. If he did, he would be found out. Each caramel he put down followed a pattern that surfaced only briefly in his mind, glimpsed in the periphery of his thoughts.

'HELP' was too obvious. He would have been unable to keep from thinking about the word. 'SAVE ME' was even worse, and Dan worried that considering the possibility alone would alert her to his plan. Three dots and three dashes was easy, but who would pick out what it meant?

'SOS' was the best fit. He thought about sauce, about suing people, about socks, soup, sausage, and it kept his mind busy while he spelled out his caramel cry for help.

His knees wobbled and ached and cracked when he tensed his thighs. His feet were rooted in place behind the counter. No matter what he did, he couldn't move them an inch from where they stood, not even to bend a toe. Just above his heels, the color of his skin changed. Above, like the rest of his body, it was glossy and black and covered in smooth scales. Below that line, there was a faint texture to his skin, no longer scaled, a deep brown, like dark chocolate.

One customer was left. He was safe as long as there were other people in the store. He wished that the rabbit would stay browsing the aisle with the assortments for hours, or at least until someone else came. Now she was coming out, carrying a box with a tropical-themed mix of flavors. A lot of coconut, some mango filling—Daniel remembered making those mixes.

"Hi, I'd like to get this," the rabbit said.

Daniel forced another smile as he took the box. "That's twelve ninety-five."

He punched the number into the cash register. Out of the corner of his eye, the rabbit was looking down at his SOS. Oh god, he thought, yes, please, call the police, call someone, anyone. She stared at the letters as she fished her wallet from her purse.

"What's S-O-S?...Oh!" Recognition animated her features. "Stands for Suzie's Old-fashioned Sweets, doesn't it? Sorry, I'm so dumb sometimes!"

Daniel might have said something vaguely affirmative, but with his gut crunching under the desire to throttle her, he didn't remember what he said. All he could remember was that oblivious look on the rabbit's face as she left. She had come so very close. He had been so very close.

An iridescence shone along the fur of the feline stepping from the back room where he made the candies. Daniel stiffened, until his whole body could have been as rigid as his feet. The swirling-striped tigress paced around him and looked down at what he'd spelled out on the wax paper.

"It's cute that you thought I wouldn't know," she said.

Daniel's scalp had no hair to ruffle, but she stroked the dark scales with a gentleness approaching affection. Daniel's jaw dropped and his eyes rolled back into his head.

When she forced her will into his mind, it was like a spike driving straight into his brain. Or, it wasn't—the brain had no nerve endings. A literal spike in the brain didn't hurt, but this did. It hurt his thoughts like a red-hot poker searing across nerves and squealing as it scorched away a hole in his psyche.

And then it stayed, weighty, off-balance, lingering in his head. It didn't go away or fade, not even when he had carried out whatever words had been branded into his thoughts. They remained there, reminding him that he was conquered, that he could be conquered, that he was going to be conquered again. And that for the tigress, it was all a game.


"Since you like caramel so much, I think you should have a bite," she said.

Daniel didn't say anything. He kept a stiff lip and tried not to even look at the tigress. He didn't want to make her mad. But he couldn't fight the words. They were a part of him now, and there was no escaping it. He would eat his cry for help. His will was not a factor.

Daniel wondered if that meant she wasn't psychic. She wasn't commanding him so much as she was telling him inevitabilities. Perhaps it wasn't psychic powers, but instead some sort of universe-manipulation.

That would explain why his feet were made of chocolate.

Daniel didn't like the thought of his captor being omnipotent. He harbored hopes of breaking free, of dashing out of the chocolate shop, of running—where? He no longer cared. Anywhere that he had free will.

"Pants off, please," the tigress requested halfway through his first S.

Daniel's feet could move again. Only when she said it was okay could he move them. Again, it wasn't a matter being allowed to move them—they were physically frozen and rooted in place unless she willed it.

He didn't need another command burned into his mind. He loosened his pants and dropped them around his feet, then stepped free. He was thankful, at the very least, that with a genital slit and internal testes, there wasn't anything embarrassing hanging out. (As if his dignity was something to worry about when he was being turned into chocolate.) His chocolate heels and toes and ankles ached and snapped, not with the sound of a joint popping but the sound of a Hershey bar being broken in half.

Daniel was starting to hate chocolate.

Every scale of his skin that succumbed to the slow advance of chocolate up his legs brought with it a jolt, a crackle, a small burst of sensation that might have felt exhilarating in another context. His muscles felt relaxed and enervated. But since they were being turned into chocolate too, they were growing stiff, unable to move except by the tigress's will.

The taste of each chocolate had become mixed and confused and now he pushed them in only to satisfy the urge in his thoughts that ached to eat. His teeth were sticky with caramel filling and he kept eating. The rest of the first S vanished, then the O, and then, more slowly, feeling bloated, he attacked the second S.

All this time, the tigress was purring and running a careful finger along his chocolate thighs, making him cringe and grow tense. His chocolate parts were immobile, but they were still as sensitive as before—perhaps more so, with the smooth, dark skin in place of his tougher black scales.

Daniel pushed the last chocolate-covered caramel past his lips. It took him a while to swallow, because he had to suck down the still-warm caramel filling and lick the corners of his mouth free of chocolate.

The dividing line between chocolate and real flesh rose higher with every bite he took. For a moment, his scales would shimmer as they flattened out into smooth chocolate flesh, and then his new flesh held still. It didn't move an inch. His legs were two hunks of fine, eighty-percent cacao, fair-trade, dark chocolate.

Daniel licked along the inside of his mouth to clear away the last bits of chocolate. He needed a drink, but the tigress certainly wouldn't let him.

"Why are you doing this?" he asked.

His question came out of hopelessness. If he had no control over his fate, if his last chance at freedom had walked out the door with a tropical assortment and left him here to be an omnipotent being's plaything, at least he could know her plan.

"Because our anniversary is coming up." She said it with the same simplicity that a customer would say when he asked them why they were buying chocolates. She said it as if it explained everything.


"Mine and my girlfriend's. Well—I say girlfriend, but really, I'm not a girl. I'm everything and nothing. I'm a shaper. And so's my girlfriend."

"So you're a shapeshifter," Daniel said.

"I can shapeshift, but shapers are more than that. We shape the universe around us."

Omnipotence. Today was just getting worse and worse.

The tigress walked behind him, and with his legs frozen in place up to his hips, he couldn't turn enough to follow her.

"I still don't understand. So you've got an anniversary. Buy her a present."

Braided hoses rustled against each other and a set of steel nozzles clinked together. Was the tigress messing around with the machinery? For some reason, that made him angrier. It wasn't enough for her to ruin his body and will; she had to take the chocolate shop from him, too.

"You're so thick, you could already be made of chocolate." The tigress laughed, high and tinkling, pleased but mirthless. It was the laugh of a delighted predator enjoying the hunt. "You're the present. I mean, look at you, you're so exotic! Those scales, that chestplate—you'll be a delicious treat for my girlfriend to enjoy once I'm through."

Daniel decided to give up imagining what the worst thing to hear was, because with that news, he was two for two: first omnipotence and now being turned into a chocolate present.

"Hold still," the shaper said. Daniel pursed his lips. He didn't find the joke funny.

The tigress's hand lifted up the broad base of his tail. Something hard and cold and long slid up between his ass cheeks. The sudden sensation and force made him curl his back and cry out in surprise and would have made him smack her with his tail, if she hadn't immobilized it. He clenched his muscles against the intrusion but the tigress was already pushing it firmly into his body.

"What the hell?" he snapped.

"You need a bit of filling, don't you? Plain chocolate would be a little dull."

A deep groan sprung from his lips.

The valve for the caramel machine squeaked as she twisted it open all the way. The warm, sticky, freshly-churned caramel flowed through the hose, then came gushing out into him. The heat lapped at his insides and the stickiness clung to him and tugged at him with each new gush of caramel filling.

Caramel pushed into him and reshaped his body as it went. Chocolate seeped its way up to his waist and poured down toward his groin and surged out along his tail. A thick burst of caramel would rush into him and he would shudder and then feel it sliding and shifting and taking up space with its heavy, warm weight against his hips. Or it would come to rest underneath his tail, making his chocolate skin tingle delightfully as it was forced to stretch, slowly forming a rounded ass beneath his tail. Then it would come again and again...

He had hips. Wide, feminine hips, matched by a perky ass. His tail had shrunk to make room for his newly-proportioned rear. The tail was still large, but no longer quite as thick and broad, a more elegant and feminine shape to complement his new figure. From the waist down, he looked like a curvaceous chocolate female. With the notable exception of his erect cock, now poking free of his slit. Not that he was enjoying this, but there was a certain undeniable amount of physical pleasure welling up inside of him as caramel reshaped his body.

The tigress placed her hand on his shaft and leaned her head on his shoulder. The flesh of his cock was remarkably tender, and only grew more so as the smooth sweep of chocolate washed over it, bringing that tingling sensitivity to his skin.

Perhaps it was a bit of lingering machismo, but Daniel could swear that the shaft she was stroking had never been quite as big as it was now. At least there was something to feel pleased about in all of this.

Hot-cheeked, hands balled into fists, Daniel moaned. The tigress purred. While she stroked, she moved her other hand beneath his shaft, rubbing at the chocolate skin above his internal testes. But there was something else there, something new. Her fingers pressed into warm, soft depths. Daniel whimpered and his jaw fell. Everything exploded into bliss and then he was shuddering and trembling.

His shaft splattered the floor and the back of the counter with thick, sticky, glistening caramel. From his new feminine folds, rivulets of the viscous, sweet fluid rolled down his shapely thighs. The nozzle of the hose clattered onto the floor and a few lingering drops of caramel joined the filling oozing down his thighs.

"Shirt off," the tigress said, not wasting any time.

Daniel didn't respond fast enough for her, so she gave him a tap with her fingers, searing his mind with her will. He couldn't get out of his shirt fast enough. She looked over his smooth crest, rising from his chest and curving over his shoulders, like a pair of large pauldrons, then moved her eyes down to his stomach.

"Something needs to be done about your waist." Her paws brushed along his stomach and squeezed. "Do you have sugar-free chocolate?"

"It's over in the corner," he said with a small gesture.

The tigress laid her fingers on his head again and smiled as he shuddered. "Go eat them. And by the way, eating chocolate excites you."

She watched him from behind the counter. As he walked, his hips swayed and the caramel inside of him sloshed gently, accentuating the wiggle of his swollen ass.

He crouched down in front of the display, unwrapping a square of sugar-free milk chocolate.

Daniel didn't even like the sugar-free chocolates. He always got that sugar alcohol taste in his mouth.

There was nothing he could do, though. He dropped the wrapper and put the chocolate in his mouth and moaned as he bit down. A single string of pleasure running from his tongue to his groin was plucked and rang out in his mind.

After the second piece, he started stroking his cock in between unwrapping the chocolates. It made no sense but the taste and texture and sweetness (even if it wasn't sugar) flooded him with desire.

The line of chocolate on his body was on the move once again. His scales tingled as they vanished into smoothness, forming a tightness in the pit of his stomach, like the feeling he got when his belly hit cool water.

The strange thing, if something could be singled out as strange when an omnipotent being was making him into a chocolate bar, was that each chocolate he ate was subtracting from his weight. In between half-muffled moans around mouthfuls of chocolate, he stared at his stomach as mass and muscle faded away into a thinner, more svelte figure.

"Enjoying your diet?" the tigress asked.

Daniel huffed through a full mouth.

"I thought you could use a little help," she said.

In her hand was a small squeeze bottle with a light grayish chocolate mixture inside. It was what he used to make small designs on the tops of his chocolates.

Daniel continued his simultaneous eating and masturbation, fingers sticky with caramel and with slightly melted sugar-free chocolate. With a steady hand, the tigress laid out lines of chocolate adornment running from Daniel's lower ribs down to his waist. Each line ran vertically, evenly spaced all the way around his body. On his back, above his spine, she made a criss-cross pattern like a series of laces.

Daniel grunted suddenly, a spurt of caramel dripping from his shaft. The line of chocolate along his body rose quickly, as if the decoration was helping to pull it along. And as his body turned more chocolate, he felt a force tightening around his waist. It was pinching inward, shaping his midsection, squeezing him until his waist was waspishly slender—which only made his hips look that much thicker.

The chocolate reached up to his chest now, and he swore he could feel the corset the tigress had made for him creak against his chest when he breathed in. That tightness, making him breathe in shorter breaths, was a constant reminder on a basic level that he was being turned into a gift, something to be owned, something only meant to delight someone else.

The tigress placed her hands on his slender waist and it felt wrong. He was used to his body, his real body, not this ridiculously-shaped thing.. He kept thinking he was his original size, bumping into things with his hips and shuddering when her touch reminded him how slim he had become.

Daniel cringed when he felt her paw on his head again.

"You want to do everything I tell you to."

He had figured she was toying with him. He'd figured she could easily have done what she wanted with him, but she wanted to watch him squirm. And now, he missed being able to squirm. After the words burned into his mind, another poker thrust into his thoughts, another weight that hung from his psyche, he couldn't help grinning.

"Of course," he said, and he meant it.

"Go back behind the counter. I've got something for you."

It wasn't that he was forced to follow her word against his will. He wanted to do what she said, and that was the worst part. He knew he shouldn't, but the knowledge was useless against the desire to follow her orders like an eager puppy.

He wobbled like a top-heavy doll back to the counter and sat down on top of it, quietly marveling at the softness of his ass. It wasn't so bad, was it? he thought to himself—then answered himself, no, of course this is bad.

The tigress disappeared into the back. The sound of machines being dragged around and hoses being screwed together came from behind the door, and then she emerged, holding a different hose with a smaller nozzle than the one she'd used to fill him with caramel.

"I was thinking you should be a bit of an assortment. What do you think about that?" she asked.

"That sounds great!" He really did think it sounded great. He knew he should be scared, but those feelings were sinking down in the depths of his mind the longer he was made to love her every decision.

The tigress smiled. "Put this in your mouth, and don't let go."

Daniel took the offered nozzle and stuck it past his lips and bit down on the rim. He nodded at the tigress.

With the creak of a knob, the hose inflated and a thickly-sweet raspberry taste hit Daniel's tongue. The chocolate was already spreading further up Daniel's body, creeping over his chest and welling up on his fingertips as if it was drizzling down into his arms and filling them up bottom to top.

At first, he tried to gulp down the filling, but that was too slow. The filling came in a constant flow and if he tried to swallow it, it would just fill up in his cheeks and drip out the corners of his mouth. He had to relax his throat and let it slide into him.

The chocolate swept smoothly over his crest; it inched up, slowly, along his forearms. The thick, viscous raspberry syrup flowed down his throat in a constant stream.

His hands lifted to his chest and he squeezed lightly. His pecs were soft and his shoulders and his crest were slimmer and more feminine like the rest of his body. What was happening to him was dawning on him and yet he didn't feel frightened. He was mostly just glad that the tigress was letting him move.

The filling that poured down his throat found its place in his chest. At first, his breasts were only a small pair of mounds, barely noticeable, but they grew heavier and they grew warmer with the weight and with the warmth of the filling rushing into them. They were small but prominent, almost rounded but sagging slightly with their heaviness, and, like the rest of his body, they were tender to the touch.

Daniel glanced at the tigress but she didn't turn off the flow. He tilted his head back, digging one hand between his legs and cupping his chest with the other. God damn it, he thought, and in the same thought, he was glad she was still filling him. He would have been glad no matter what she did.

His breasts swelled, with a steady, barely-audible noise a little like a balloon being filled with water. They jiggled in a way natural breasts didn't, rippling and bouncing with their raspberry syrup filling.

His fingers found a nipple and squeezed and he cried out against the nozzle in his mouth. He stroked at the swelling nub, with droplets of caramel running down his inner thighs and a single drop of

raspberry syrup dangling from the tip of his nipple.

His breasts were growing to match the size of his hips—swollen, exaggerated, clearly and overtly sexual. While before, his nipples had been difficult to even see, now they stood out stiffly, dripping with the raspberry filling that gave his breasts their size. They squeezed together, they jiggled and bounced when he moved, and they were there to remind him of the tigress's presence.

From his toes to his neck, he was wholly chocolate, an overstuffed, wobbling, dripping chocolate hermaphrodite. Only his head was unchanged so far, and even then, his expression made him look like another person. The way he gazed at the tigress was distant and adoring and humble.

"It's time to finish you off," she said.

Daniel made a quiet noise of delight. She turned the knob to stop the flow and pulled the nozzle from his lips.

"I can't wait," he said. She said? Daniel knew he was a herm now, but he'd never been that good with all those different pronouns. 'She' was close enough. She, Daniel, smiled at the tigress.

It was as if the chocolate was already encroaching on her mind, though it was only yet creeping up her neck toward her chin. She was melting before the tigress, accepting that she was slave and pet and gift and treat.

The tigress pressed the plastic tip of a needle into Daniel's lips. She winced slightly, but held still while her lips were injected with raspberry. The pout helped to soften her face, as did the tigress's gentle prods. Like a sculptor, she coaxed Daniel's jaw into a smoother angle and lightened his brow and softened his chin.

Chocolate swallowed his head and swallowed his mind. Everything dissolved into a sugary blend. She opened her eyes, now fully chocolate, and saw her mistress in front of her. It was she who had lifted her from inert chocolate into a living being; as far as she knew, she owed her life to the tigress. And yet in the back of her head, she knew that at the same time she was Daniel, and she had been a chocolatier until a few moments ago. But all that Daniel could do was come along for the ride and feel every moment of pleasure like it was his very own.

"You're going to be perfect," the tigress purred, and Daniel couldn't have been happier to hear it.


A 'closed' sign now sat in the front door, leaning against the glass. The tigress had taken her new creation with her into the back.

The tigress called her 'Dani', as some small nod to the person who was still in there, watching everything that was going on. Really, the tigress could have called her anything and she would have agreed with it. Dani's personality had taken on a chocolatey edge, and part of that was being quite pliable.

The tigress had told her to hold still, and she was like a statue. She didn't even need to breathe, but neither did the tigress, so she wasn't bothered by that. She occupied herself with more small adornments, dipping a brush against Dani's lips to give them a dark, reddish-black tint or dusting her eyelids with brown cocoa powder.

“Okay, you can move," she told Dani.

She opened her eyes and smiled at her mistress.

“Now, it's not that I want to sample you before I let my girlfriend at you. I just want to make sure that you work properly," the tigress said.

“Of course, mistress," Dani said.

The tigress, still in the apron Daniel had given her, slid behind Dani's back and gently draped her arms around her corset-thin waist. Dani shuddered at the memory of being forced into the corset, lingering in the back of her mind where Daniel was trapped, watching, feeling everything. The tigress pressed her body against Dani's back. She looked as innocent as a saint compared to her swollen chocolate creation.

A pair of fangs dug into Dani's shoulder, sinking into her chocolate skin. She let out a gasp, a gentle jolt of pain woven in with heavier, stronger feelings of delight. It wasn't painful in any real sense. It was the ache of pleasure. With a quiet snap, the tigress broke off a little chunk of Dani's shoulder. Dani bit her swollen lip in delight. The bite mark lasted for a few seconds, before it filled in with chocolate again.

“Do you know why you like that?" The tigress moved her paws along the chocolate corset seams, up toward Dani's chest.

“I'm I want to be tasted." Dani's voice wavered with her small, pleasant shudders.

The tigress purred. Her paws pressed into Dani's chest. Dani couldn't help but squirm. The chocolate skin of her breasts was so thin that it was incredibly tender, and the heavy raspberry filling inside squished and sloshed and swelled in the gaps between the tigress's fingers.

Dani's nipples drew the tigress's paws in toward them. Yes, Dani moaned as she touched and stroked and squeezed the chocolate nipples between her fingers, but the real pleasure was the kiss on the neck and the brush of the tigress's tongue against her skin.

With two hands on Dani's breasts, another two hands rested against her waist. She was confused for a moment, but then the tigress took a little bite of her neck and she didn't care how many arms the tigress had any more.

Dani didn't have to worry about a genital slit either, because in her near-constant state of arousal, her chocolate shaft always hung free. By now, it was already rising, and as it swelled, it slid up into one of the tigress's paws. Her grip was firm and tight and slid against the polished smooth skin. Dani's tail twisted around the tigress's leg and held on gently, like she was afraid of being swept away.

One hand on each breast now, one stroking her cock, and the fourth lower still, using soft pawpads to spread open her folds. A little string of caramel dangled across her labia and a drop fell from the tip of her swollen clit.

All of the tightly-packed filling sloshed back and forth. Dani couldn't help rocking back and forth too. It felt ready to come rushing out of her nipples, exploding from the tip of her shaft, gushing down her thick thighs. The tigress bit a chunk of her cheek and she whimpered and her cock throbbed up against the tigress's palm.

“Feeling a bit tight?" the tigress teased.

Dani's nipple squeezed tightly between two of her fingers and with a jolt that felt almost like a tiny orgasm, a spray of raspberry syrup splashed from her right breast. A blort of syrup soon squirted free of her left breast, splashing onto the floor, getting small drops of raspberry splashed up onto Dani's legs. Dani's weak, wobbling legs. If it wasn't for the tigress's arms, she would have crumpled to the ground.

The tigress craned her head around and pulled Dani's head with her and their lips met together, the tigress's graceful, gentle pout against Dani's over-inflated, chocolate-raspberry lips. Her jaw relaxed, her tongue slid forward, and she grasped at the tigress's body desperately. The feeling of a tongue inside of her, moving, tasting her raspberry saliva, tasting her, almost gave her more pleasure than cock and pussy combined.

All of that all at once was too much to hold in. Her cock swelled as it pulled thick caramel down its length, then began to spurt streams of sticky, warm caramel onto the floor. It had to have lasted at least thirty seconds, and when it was all over, Dani felt drained, like she was going to pass out.

The tigress still held onto her, but peering over her tits, Dani could see her head down between her legs. She didn't have time to think about the topography of that, because the tigress's tongue was on her folds and on her clit and inside of her and tasting her chocolate and caramel and she screamed and the last thing she remembered was the feeling of the tigress gulping down her sweet, gushing, caramel filling.

The tigress assembled herself into a sensible configuration again. She and Dani blurred for a moment, then were gone, leaving the chocolate store splattered with the strange remnants of what had happened there.

She needed to get everything ready for her big night.


As the two shapers embraced, their bodies fluttered through ripples of pleasing forms and the air around them shimmered like heat rising off of asphalt. Their powers overflowed in moments of high emotion, and both of them were exuding small fluctuations in the laws of the universe.


"I got you a present," said Allesra, as she resumed the tigress-form she preferred around mortals.

Tambysi, shimmering between a dragoness and a doe, smiled.

"You didn't have to get me anything. Just remembering our millennial is enough."

Allesra lovingly superimposed herself upon Tambysi and the two mingled their atoms before both pulling away.

"Dani, you can come out now," Allesra called over her shoulder.

In a slow strut, cautious to not lose her delicate balance, Allesra's chocolate creation stepped out into the room. A bit of caramel was already trickling down her thighs, as she'd had to occupy herself while waiting. Wrapped around her bouncing breasts was a red ribbon, tying her up like a box of chocolates, with 'Happy 1000' stretched in golden letters across the bow that held the ribbon together.

Daniel, deep inside her mind, had given up fighting. Dani was glad that she could focus on her mistresses without having someone demanding to be let out all the time.

"It's got everything!" Tambysi hopped to her feet, grasping Dani's shaft, feeling her folds, cupping each of her breasts all at once—how many arms did the shaper have? The number changed from second to second.

"And it has your favorite flavors, too."

Tambysi gave Dani's skin a light lick, then squeezed a nipple and sucked up the raspberry syrup.

"It's perfect. Can we use it now?" Tambysi turned toward Allesra and grinned suggestively.

"Of course," Allesra said.

Dani could hardly keep herself from squealing. Chocolate wanted nothing more than to be tasted, and now she was going to be tasted by two people at once? She couldn't imagine a better day than this.