La Dame de la Louve Blanche

A wolf pursues her friend through noir-Paris, while getting hypnotized into an elegant femme fatale. Explicit.

Two blocks from the private investigator's office, Vicky heard the narration kick in.

“The water came down in sheets, giving Paris the cold shower it deserved. The city of love? When you’re lucky, love chews you up and swallows you whole. When you’re not, it tears you to shreds and leaves you drowning in the gutter. Whoever decided to make a city of love was mad, or French. The two were close enough.

“Anyone with sense was inside. Which was why one rain-drenched wolf climbed through deep puddles and streams of water running down the streets: madness. Or love for a friend. Close enough.

Vicky got the idea. She was inside a film noir that was set in Paris; she'd figured out that much when she showed up and everything was black-and-white except for her. She was still baffled how Liz had gotten here in the first place, but that wasn't important. What was important was finding her friend.

Murder Becomes Her

Stuck in the world of a noir film, a tigress takes on the role of a femme fatale. Explicit.

"So let me just make sure this is right."

Liz stared blankly. Not only had she never seen this German shepherd before, but he was black and white. No, it wasn't that his fur wasn't colorful. He had no color. But she didn't have time to ruminate on that now, since he seemed to be saying something important.

"At about one in the morning, you walked in on your husband and a..."