College girls on a road trip have a run-in with alien parasites. Explicit, mild gore.

"We're gonna see if there's anything to do in this dump. You wanna come with us?"

Jessie cracked her toes. She stretched them out after tugging off her sneakers. She could see a sliver of the ass of Emily's jeans through the open bathroom door.

"Nah, I'll stay here. I'm pretty tired from the driving, so I'll probably sleep soon," Jessie said.

A lazy stroke of lipstick rested across Emily's lips when she came back into the motel room.

"Fine, be a recluse if you want. Not like we came to hang out with friends," Emily said.

A grin flashed across Emily's face. Jessie returned her friend's look with a small smile of her own. Emily crossed the room to grab her purse, then continued on toward the door.

"I'll see you later," Jessie said.

The door swung shut behind Emily. Jessie rose off the bed and picked at the hem of her tee shirt. She pulled it off over her head, then dropped her shorts to the floor. Even with the car's AC running all day long, she'd gotten sweaty from the drive. She was a morning-shower person, but she felt gross enough now to make an exception.

Jessie wrenched the knob in the bathroom. Every few moments, she dipped her hand into the spray, testing whether it was getting warm. When the heated water came pouring out, she gave a preemptive sigh. She tossed her bra and panties to the floor, then stepped in.

The water ran down her trim body. Her hair was darkened by getting wet, and it gently clung to her neck. Her eyes slid closed as her fingers ran over her scalp.

A loud gurgle rose up from the drain; a wet and sticky sound. Was there something wrong with it? She glanced down and saw nothing blocking it. Oh well, cheap hotels, right?

The drain gurgled again. She didn't look this time. The small grating was pushed aside. A fat slug, or at least something that looked like a fat slug, slid out onto the bottom of the tub. It was two inches long and an inch across in the middle. Its body was a pale blue with mottled dark blue stripes around its thick middle.

Something was on Jessie's leg. She reached back, brushing at her calf. No, that didn't get it. She moved her hand up higher. It pressed against something plump, slimy and squishy.

Jessie yelped in shock. What the hell was that? She slapped at the back of her thighs frantically. The slug had already moved. It was on the inside of her thighs, moving along her loins. She could see it now. A mixture of horrid curiosity and revulsion passed through her.

"Oh god, get off!" she said.

Jessie was starting to tremble. Her fingers grasped at the slug's body, but it was small and slippery. The slug squirted out of her hand. It was crawling into her pussy. God, she could feel it. Its smooth skin pushing her walls open, its slime trailing along her walls, the gentle pressure of its girth moving deeper into her, the steady pulsing of its undulating body. It was so smooth and sleek and horrible. Jessie's legs gave way. A sob of fear left her mouth.

She was sitting in the tub now. Her legs were splayed in front of her, hands gripping the rim. Her breath was little more than nervous gasps. She needed to call 911, to get to a hospital, to get this thing out of her.

And then the rest of the slugs began to pour from the drain. They spread out as they crawled across the tub; some on the floor, some on the walls, some arcing along the tiles. But the whole glistening, wriggling mass was coming for her. They were on her legs already. They tickled her skin. Her stomach churned in disgust.

Jessie pulled herself out of shock. With both hands, she reached for slugs. She pulled them off and tossed them against the wall. But they kept coming. There were too many of them. She cried out as they flooded into her pussy, filling it with wriggling, pulsing masses. She was worried they would split her open. Then, she felt a prodding, spreading, slimy sensation against her ass. She screamed. The slugs found another way into her. They squeezed into her pussy, they pushed through her ass, and that still wasn't fast enough.

Tears came to Jessie's eyes. Some of the slugs were trying to get into her through her nipples. The slugs would not stop. Her orifices were forced wider with no regard for her comfort, until the slugs could slide into her through her breasts. Blood dripped along the front of her chest from her distended nipples.

Her sobbing was choked off as they crawled into her mouth. She gagged at the acrid taste and the slick squirming feeling against her tongue. Then it was crawling down her throat. Her stomach pinched, and she retched, but nothing came up. More slugs slid into her mouth.

Jessie was barely conscious. Tears ran down her face from the sheer pain. Snot trickled along her cheeks, mixing with the tears. But the slugs would not stop. Her legs were numb and useless. And then the slugs found her nose.

Her jaw snapped open. Her eyes were bloodshot. She couldn't breathe. Her lungs burned. The fire spread. Her muscles ached. Her throat contracted but her nose and mouth were blocked. Her whole body blazed with a need for oxygen. The world was hazy. Her mouth trembled slightly. The burning was gobbled up in the crushing darkness. She went limp. The slugs kept coming.

"God damn it," Jessie groaned.

She must have passed out. It was a little frightening to think about it. Showering one moment, and on the floor the next. She didn't even remember it, though she remembered that disgusting dream. Thankfully, her memory of that dream was fading. It was just a weird passing out nightmare.

She turned the water off and climbed out of the bath tub. She patted her face with the towel, rubbed it over her body, then tossed it over the towel rack.

Jessie's stomach grumbled. She'd been out for nearly an hour, according to the clock in the room. Okay, not good. She'd want to talk to a doctor when she got home. For now, she felt like she might pass out again if she didn't get something to eat soon. She took the delivery menu out of the motel's pamphlet and sat down next to the phone.

"Yeah, hi, I want to order, uh," she said, then paused. She was really hungry and the thought of a big pizza was appetizing beyond belief. "Large supreme pizza." Was that going to be enough?

"Actually, make that two. And some Sprite, yeah. Landmark Motor Lodge, room 113."

Waiting for the pizza to come, she lapsed into near-physical pain. The TV couldn't distract her enough. She couldn't stop running her tongue along her teeth and the inside of her lips. She was hyper-aware of her tongue's position and size and texture.

Jessie rushed to the door when the delivery man knocked. She had been tugging at her hair with her fingers, trying to straighten it out, tossing aside loose hairs. Her concerns that she was losing enough hair to give her a bald spot were mollified. She had food now, so it would all be better.

She sat on the bed. Her clothes were discarded for being uncomfortably warm. The room's AC was churning full blast. She bent over the box. She grabbed a slice and pushed it into her mouth. Grease and sauce got on her face and fingers, but she was too hungry to care. Her back ached. Her spine rose against her skin; the ridge running down her back was thrown into sharp relief. Her eyes were unfocused, but she could still see the pizza enough to eat.

A muffled half-sob left a mouth full of marinara and sausage. She could tell that this hunger was too intense. She could tell that there were cravings that were wrong, and yet she couldn't do a thing about them. Her body needed more food like it needed to breathe. Her tongue darted along her lips. The lips were thicker; the tongue was more slick.

Her fingers ached. The joints popped as she flexed them. They were too long, with nails that were too big and too sharp. She could feel as they grew each extra inch. Her claws ripped at the pizza as she shoveled it into her mouth. Her jaw throbbed with every bite. Her teeth felt like they were going to explode. Her tongue ran up against them awkwardly. They were sharp, long, too big for her mouth.

"No!" she said. Her voice was harsh and raspy.

She could hardly see. The hotel had mirrors all over the room to make it feel bigger; she glanced up into one of them. There was a membrane growing over her eyes, stiff to the touch and opaque. She got a look at her flattened nose before the membrane grew thick enough that she couldn't see at all.

Jessie wanted to cry but she couldn't. Her eyes were sealed over and her mouth was filled with food. She wanted to stop eating, but she couldn't do that either. Her torso was elongated. Each new vertebra growing in had been a sharp jab. She could feel her hands when they brushed along her chin. The crushing pain she felt shoot through them heralded the loss of two of her fingers.

The pizza box clattered to the floor now that it was empty. Sniffing like an animal, she opened up the second box, and pushed her face into it. She began to eat from the center out. She pushed her hands down against the bed and flexed all of her muscles. They popped and swelled. Long, sinewy bulk grew from her frame. The harder she pushed, the better it felt, the stronger she felt. But it was a horrible strength.

She felt a presence in her mind. This is natural, it told her. You simply need to feed. Jessie pushed back as hard as she could. The second pizza was gone, so she tore herself away from the box. She could 'see' now—not in color, but she could sense the shapes of the things around her. She pulled herself to the edge of the bed, and tried to stand up. Her heels hit the floor only briefly. She sprung onto the balls of her taloned feet. She toppled forward. Her head made a cracking noise as it hit the floor. A snarl of pain left her mouth.

Her head felt as if a giant hand were wrapping around it, or a vice were being tightened across her temples. A string of spittle blew from between her teeth when she let out another snarl. Her claws gripped the sides of her head. Her mind was churning. So much pain and so many different sensations flooded through her.

No human could endure this. They would have snapped. But she, she wasn't...she pushed the thought into the back of her mind. She could beat this. She had to.

Jessie's skull was molten glass, bent and shaped, and glowing white hot. She could feel the moving bone beneath her fingers. Her scalp curved backward, thicker and longer. Regular ridges ran across it, all the way down to her cheekbones. It formed a thick crest, altering her head into an inhumanly elongated shape, then joined her skin again at her neck.

Her colorless vision grew clearer and sharper. She could feel the gentle vibrations within the echo chamber that her crest formed. Her sight extended all around her. It bothered her human mind, unused to seeing in such a full angle. But when her head was no longer aching, it was as if she was granted a brief reprieve.

Jessie leaned her back against the bed. Her hands reached for her arms and rubbed them. Her skin was slick with a slimy secretion. Gingerly, her claws wrapped around the mounds on her chest. They were heavy; they filled up her unfamiliar hands and sagged around them. A pleased clicking rose from the back of her throat. Her flesh was cold and rubbery. One claw prodded a nipple lightly. The nipple pulsed, then spread open into a larger orifice. The clicking grew faster when she pushed her claw into her open nipple.

Her jaw sat open. Drool dripped over her lips. Her nostrils flared. The pizza hadn't been enough. Her tongue unrolled from her mouth and she leaned forward. Her claws scraped the box the pizza had come in into her lap. The cardboard crumpled as she gripped it. She pushed it into her mouth and began to eat.

She tore through the cardboard box like an animal. She didn't want to, but she couldn't stop herself. Even if she could have cried, she wouldn't have. She was growing numb to the horrors of her body. Jessie the human felt weak and tired. Jessie the beast was eager and hungry.

Both boxes disappeared down her throat, followed by the bottle of soda. First she gulped it down in visibly large bulges that traveled along her elongated throat. Then her jaws tore the plastic to shreds. She swallowed that too.

Hunched over her suitcase, Jessie hunted for more food while gnawing on the edge of a cotton tee shirt. A downward dagger stabbing its way out of her back made her drop the shirt and claw at the ground in pain. Her muscles strained and pushed as new bone grew. Her animal-like legs quivered, then dropped out from under her. She was left her on her side, squirming and snarling.

Summoning up her willpower, she raised herself up on one arm. She reached behind her and grabbed the thick tail. It wriggled on its own. It was nervous just like she was. It was slick and bulky and sinewy. She could feel her back tensing and relaxing along with the muscles of her tail.

The tip of her tail was shaped like a club. Her hand squeezed her tail. The club separated and spread. It was made of four prehensile nubs, with a sticky, slimy orifice between them. The smell of the thick ooze burned in her nose.

Jessie retched. Her stomach seized roughly. It was as if her insides were being torn apart. She clung to the floor as a large bulge rose up along her throat. Her jaw was wide. She gagged. She could taste the blood and the stomach acid; the sickly dark, viscous fluid that dripped from her mouth.

With a dull splat, her heart fell onto the floor. She stared at the fatty, fist-sized lump of muscle.

No, she thought.

Her nostrils twitched. She could smell meat. It was still warm. Her tongue was sliding down toward the heart.

I can't, she thought.

The clicking rose up in the back of her throat. Her tongue had touched it. The taste was musky and warm and faintly like rust and the aftertaste of acid reflux.

I don't want to, she thought.

Her fangs spread wider. Her tail lashed behind her. There were no more thoughts like those. Her teeth tore into the meat. She ate hungrily, digging her face against the enticing scent. She had barely swallowed the last when another wave hit her. Her spine bristled. Her jaws were open wide. She pushed as she felt the lump sliding up her esophagus. Blood and other acrid fluids accompanied the wet thud of her liver falling onto the floor. With dullness and certainty born from instinct, she ate.

"Pff, nahh, come on!" Emily said.

She giggled loudly as she walked down the row of doors.

"Okay, okay, okay. See you tomorrow, or today, whatever."

Emily broke out into more giggling with her friend. 'See you tomorrow' said at three in the morning was just hilarious if you were as drunk as they were. She took a deep breath, ran her fingers through her hair, and dug the key from her purse.

"Hey, Jessie, don't be naked," Emily said.

She gave the door a loud knock before stuffing the key into the slot. The door swung open.

Emily felt as if a bucket of ice water had been dumped over her.

There was a thing. Its skin was blue and mottled and glossy with slime, like some sort of salamander's skin. It was too spindly; its legs and arms and neck too long to be human. Its eyeless face was spattered with deep red-brownish stains. And it was female. Mockingly female, as if it was making fun of the female form by its mere existence.

Emily was dumbstruck. She had to be dreaming. But there it was. And it was turning toward her.

It dropped the piece of meat in its mouth. Emily's hands groped for the doorknob. It sprung at her. It slammed Emily hard into the door. They toppled to the ground. Its long limbs were gripping her. Its claws ripped at her skin and tore at her clothes.

Emily shook her body from side to side. She had to get out. She was trapped underneath the creature. But she wasn't strong enough. Drool was dripping onto her shoulder. The cold, slick skin pressed against her own. A hiss sounded next to her ear.

Emily screamed out loud. Something wet, cold and thick rammed itself into her pussy. She dared to glance over her shoulder, and saw the thing's tail buried between her legs. She shuddered and her body jerked. In the most base sense of the word, it was bringing her pleasure. But she didn't want any of it.

"Help, someone!" Emily cried.

Someone had to be awake in a room nearby. They could call the police. They'd save her. She had to get saved.

The tail was driven deeper into her. The creature's slime acted as a natural lubricant. It lodged deep inside of her. All the while, she was screaming, she was kicking, she was beating on the creature's chest and twisting away.

The club spread its appendages. Emily's eyes watered. Her voice was hoarse, but she still screamed. The four nubs forced open her cervix. The creature's tail was pulsing; it was tensing along its length.

A flood began to rush into her. Thick slime and small, wriggling things. They came gushing into her womb. Her stomach distended. She could feel the motion of the living things inside of her. She felt like she was going to throw up.

Emily's folds were turning blue like the alien creature's. The blasting slime and larvae kept its rapid pace. Her stomach was bigger by the minute. It hung off her frame. It was swollen, oversized, too big to be natural.

A whimper left the back of Emily's throat. Her eyes slowly glazed over. A dull smile layered over her face. She was going to be a mother. Why shouldn't she be happy?

With a few final spurts of just the nutrient slime, the creature's tail slid out of Emily. Her tongue was already growing longer. Her short-clawed hands rested on her overly swollen stomach. Her arms and legs felt tired, but she didn't mind. She was made to incubate larvae. She didn't need to be active.

Emily's lips closed around one of the creature's nipples. She prodded it with her tongue until it widened. Then she slid her tongue into the nipple and sucked. She gulped down the gray sludge that oozed from its nipples. The creature clicked quickly. Emily responded with her own thankful clicks.

Her eyes were already clouding over. The cold, blue-mottled skin spread over her body. Emily smiled as she let herself become a breeder. She was safe. The creature would protect her and bring her food.

Jessie was happy too. There was a whole buffet of humans in the motel, enough for her to eat her fill and still have plenty left over to breed. Her ovipositor flexed eagerly. She left the swollen, changing girl sprawled on the floor. She could hear voices in the rooms around her. Drops of slime and saliva trailed behind her. The door came off its hinges as if tape had been holding it to the wall. The cool, damp night air felt like home against her skin.

2 July, 2015