Subject #39-01-4

A parasite slowly converts a feline test subject into a gooey, draconian form as he tries to escape. Mature.


SUBJECT #39-01-4

DOCTOR ???????


The subject was received from the retrieval team operating in ?????????, ?????? on March 30, 20??. The subject was unconscious as per protocol, identified as biologically male, feline (domestic cat), age approximately eighteen to twenty-one. All identifying documents had been properly removed by the retrieval team. Doctors Allbright and Kim were on hand to transport the subject.

Specimen Room A3 was reserved for the initial procedure. Upon entering, we learned that during processing #39-01-1, the previous team of Doctors Lee, Mayers and Reyes had neglected to properly clean all equipment. At this point, Allbright and Kim finished the work left undone by the previous team, where I filed a disciplinary report which has yet to be processed at the time of this writing, but can most likely be found by accessing my record.

The delay caused by this meant that by the time we were ready to begin the procedure on the subject, the anesthetic applied by the retrieval team was no longer entirely effective. The subject responded with sluggish motions as he was transferred from the gurney to the operating bench. He made four unintelligible verbal utterances, followed by protracted blinking lasting nearly a minute.

Doctor Kim began to speak to the subject. At a later time, he revealed to me that the subject had questioned his whereabouts. At the moment, I instructed Doctor Kim to refrain from any further conversation with the parent. I have noticed over the past four months that I have worked with Doctor Kim that on no fewer than six occasions has he shown a dangerous level of empathy with the subjects he processes, going so far as to have ??????????????? with a subject who was due for decommissioning following a direct order to avoid contact with him. I have recommended that Doctor Kim receive a full psychological evaluation due to potentially disruptive behavioral patterns.

I administered a dose of sedative to keep the subject's motions from disturbing the implantation procedure. Further anesthetic was not deemed necessary, according to Doctor Kim's observations. Doctor Allbright retrieved the specimen of ??????? ovidia from its tank. The measurements of the specimen were approximately twenty centimeters of length and a circumference at the largest cross-section of thirty centimeters. The skin of the specimen was a healthy gray-silver color and its motions upon being removed from the isotonic solution were consistent with normal behavior.

An incision was made according to procedure approximately three centimeters below the xiphoid process. Because Doctor Allbright was the one handling the specimen, I held open the incision while Doctor Allbright implanted the specimen. His grip on the specimen appeared particularly tight. I took no notice of it then but since have hypothesized that excess stress in the specimen produced xenoadrenaloids which further deteriorated the effects of the sedatives in the subject.

Doctor Kim proceeded to suture the incision, while Doctor Allbright readied the apparatus for performing M-117 Wauchee. At this point, the subject's responses became lucid and his inquiries became understandable. I spoke to him in plain terms, informing him of his entrance into our program. He became agitated but I requested that he remain calm and insisted that once M-117 Wauchee was complete we would be willing to talk at a greater length.

The subject did not find this to be appropriately comforting and began to struggle. Through quick thinking I was able to retrieve the sedative and prepared to use it upon the subject. However, due to the subject's sudden motions, Doctor Allbright moved away and left one of his arms unfastened. With his free hand, the subject was able to remove the other straps and leave the apparatus before I was able to sedate him.

At this stage the effects of xenosymbiosis were becoming evident. The accelerated process was likely due to the agitation of both the subject and the specimen. The subject's genitals underwent a pronounced reduction in mass, and the subject's musculature exhibited similar signs of degradation. As normally these occur at least ninety minutes after completion of the procedure, it was evident that the effects were occurring at an accelerated rate.

Doctors Allbright and Kim were both too shocked to provide an appropriate response. I issued a verbal warning, instructing the subject to return to the apparatus or more severe punishments would be taken. The subject, being in an irrational emotional state, made vulgar and inflammatory demands, which of course I refused. The subject grew agitated upon realizing that, due to contraction of his vocal cords, his voice had taken on a higher tone. The subject's agitation was not helped by the continued decrease in the size of his genitalia or by the transition of his feline nose into a draconic snout.

Doctor Kim overtook me as I was cornering the subject and attempted to comfort the subject instead. I believe his intention was to lull the subject into a sense of security to allow us to restrain him, but this failed to prove useful. The subject waited until Doctor Kim was in front of him, then pushed him with considerable force despite the subject's deteriorating musculature. Doctor Kim collided with me and we were both momentarily unable to keep the subject from fleeing. Despite the transitional stage of the subject's feet between feline and xenoreptilian, the subject was able to escape from the room.

I chose not to reprimand Doctor Kim or Doctor Allbright for their uselessness in restraining the subject. Instead, I followed the subject, using the security camera feeds to track him through the facility. It was this which allowed me to track the effects of the xenosymbiosis, so that some data could be gained despite the subject's escape. Following is the record of observed effects:

+2:34: Subject sighted at intersection west of Specimen Containment. Visible indicators of progress include loss of fur, approximately 50% at time of observation, pronounced feminization of the upper torso without significant mammary development, and an elongated muzzle. Subject vocalizes a desire to leave the facility by any means necessary.

+4:01: Subject sighted attempting to open door to enzyme analysis lab. Lacerations visible on subject's forehead due to growth of keratinous horns. Size of horns difficult to approximate from video footage but appear approximately twenty centimeters in length. Subject has begun compulsively pulling at fur in order to dislodge loose follicles. Subject's face is bare and skin shows preliminary signs of bleaching. During subject's screams, enlarged fangs are visible as well as an elongated, pointed tongue.

+6:55: Subject sighted along service corridor. Pace slowed significantly due to widening of hips, necessitating new gait. Approximately 80% of subject's skin is visible and bleached. Secretion of slime has begun, facilitating loss of fur and providing glossy appearance to bleached skin. Subject complains of abdominal pain and expresses distress over having female genitalia.

+9:57: Subject still in service corridor. Has fallen to her knees. Mammary development proceeding rapidly; subject expressed pain similar to flame applied to nipples. Subject's abdomen shows signs of growth.

It was shortly after this point that I was able to locate the subject. Security Team 7 was preparing to liquidate the subject in case of an emergency, but I instructed them to hold their fire until I had attempted a retrieval. Of my own volition and without concern for my personal well-being, I entered the service corridor. The secretion of mucus allowed me to track the subject's path.

I located the subject hidden within a side corridor. The subject had squeezed underneath a set of pipes to reach an alcove where she was moderately protected from my reach. The subject's vertebrae were lengthening at a slow rate, visible through the elongation of the subject's torso, growth of the tail, and 'stretching' of the neck. Additionally, the subject's breasts had reached a diameter of twenty centimeters. The subject's stomach protruded noticeably over her thighs, as if in a state of pregnancy.

I issued a verbal warning to the subject, informing them that they would be returning with me whether they were willing or unwilling to do so voluntarily. The heightened levels of distress and fear precluded gaining an answer from the subject. Following a series of expletives, the subject expressed a desire to know the purpose behind becoming a female and the reason for her enlarged stomach. I refused to answer either question.

The subject attempted to flee further as I approached her through the pipes. Despite an agitated scratching at the floor with her talons and nervous clawing at the wall, the subject was unable to get away. I was currently occupying the only exit from the alcove in which the subject was hiding.

The subject began to panic violently. The subject attempted to use clawing, biting and physical blows to stop me, but the specimen's effects on the subject had weakened the subject's body to such an extent that the attempted attacks had little effect and were trivial to avoid. After a short struggle, I had pinned the subject against the outer concrete wall.

??????????????? I proceeded to administer M-117 Wauchee manually by removing the subject's clothes and ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? started the procedure.

The subject was increasingly agitated as ??????????????????????????????????????????? I continued to ????????????????????? ensure ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? the subject's continued submission.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????, until the subject was beginning to show signs of weakened willpower, at which point I administered a dose of ???????? amnesiac. Initial results were promising and so I continued ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I ?????????????????? was finished and ????????????????????? the subject ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? was unresponsive for approximately ninety seconds. After this point, the subject began to respond to stimuli and demonstrate higher functioning capabilities again. To test the effectiveness of M-117 Wauchee, I instructed the subject to follow me, and the subject obeyed my command and accompanied me out of the service corridor.

The subject's behavior was markedly different, though I did not take that as sole proof that the procedure had been effective. However, the subject was now surprisingly deferent to my demands. Thus I was able to question the subject. The subject retained no long-term memory, and expressed a significant emotional response to the perceived lack of a name. I instructed the subject that their designation was #39-01-4, and the subject appeared pleased by this.

I returned with the subject to Specimen Room A3, where I found Doctors Allbright and Kim, who had been little help during my pursuit of the subject. I took charge to initiate a brain activity scan to ensure that M-117 Wauchee had properly eliminated the ego and willpower of the subject. No restraints were needed, as the subject was eager to submit herself to my demands. The brain activity scan was positive for the effects of M-117 Wauchee.

While I was in the midst of calmly reprimanding Doctors Allbright and Kim for their part in recent events, the subject expressed a level of pain and a sensation of motion inside of her body. I instructed Doctor Allbright to retrieve the unused specimen tank. The subject was submerged up to her waist in the water and proceeded to scream until I instructed her to be quiet, at which point she obeyed despite evident pain.

Twenty-three new specimens were birthed by the subject over a course of ten minutes, without significant outward damage to the subject's body. Afterward, the subject was retrieved and taken to a wet pod for recuperation. Study on the newly birthed specimens will be my next priority in order to understand whether the rapid development had an effect on their xenosymbiotic abilities. I have also submitted a request for scheduled visitation of subject #39-01-4 on a regular basis, and have written full disciplinary reports for Doctors Allbright and Kim.


Doctor ???????'s behavior shows a severe disregard for empathy, devotion to scientific study above all other concerns, and a willingness to resort to ???? in order to subdue subjects. While the former two are admirable, his enthusiasm for the latter may compromise future studies.

Doctor ??????? has been given a commendation and a psychological review.

Doctor Allbright has been give a reprimand for poor workplace discipline.

Doctor Kim has been removed from active research to prevent further emotional compromise. A full psychological evaluation is pending to determine whether he can be rehabilitated or will require decommissioning.

Subject #39-01-4 has been modified for use as a new source of specimens for implantation. Doctor ??????? has been denied visitation privileges.