We Caught A Human!

A couple aliens capture a human, but it doesn't look quite right. Don't worry, they'll fix it. Explicit.

We caught a human!

Wait. That's a human?

The human in question cracked his eyelids open and shut them immediately. His eyes throbbed in their sockets, his head rung with strange voices, and he was laying naked on something that felt not entirely like grass. He rolled onto his side and opened his eyes. Blades of purple synthetic turf gleamed in the blue light of an artificial sun.

He had assumed he'd gotten drunk last night, but that explanation was growing less plausible.

It's got to be. Maybe it's a larval human.

Hold on. What's that thing it's got?

The human clutched the sides of his head and scooted backwards until his back bumped up against a fake palm tree. Its broad purple leaves waved down at him. He was confused, and rightfully so. He was naked, hearing voices, and was sitting in the middle of some fake off-colour jungle when he was fairly certain he'd gone to sleep in his own bed.

"Hello?" he shouted with his head tipped toward the ceiling. "Where am I?"

The thing between its legs? Looks...vestigial.

Oh! I remember. That's the thing human drones have.

A drone? No one's going to be impressed with a drone.

We can just fix that real quick...

A crackling, buzzing feeling hummed in the air around the human's body. It was like a field of energy coursing in lateral circuit a few centimeters from the surface of his skin, because it was exactly that. He scrambled, stumbled, and staggered up to his feet. He ran across the same eight meters of artificial jungle about five or six times before he realized that space was looping back around on him. Heart pounding, he came to a halt and leaned on his knees, gasping for breath.

The field around him contracted. The energy spun through his skin, flooding over his body and giving him a sudden chill like a fever breaking. He fell to his knees and grasped at his body. The flux bent around him, drawing out his chest and narrowing his shoulders. He felt like an image squashed and stretched by a computer program. Wide-eyed, his hands darted between his legs as the field curled up inside of him. His hips lifted off the ground. His fingertips crackled with static. At once, the energy field dissipated, leaving the human panting and gasping and grasping.

The human, who for the sake of expediency we'll refer to as female now, was practically rooted to the spot. She dug her fingers into her pale breasts and cupped her hand over her crotch defensively. She didn't look all that physically different, though she was some kilograms lighter and a bit shorter and now had a more obviously gracile build. Her lips quivered a few times, as if she couldn't decide which frantic, panicked question to begin with.

Huh. It's not a drone any more. So why's it still so...small?

You're right. Doesn't look much like a real human.

The human curled up and rose gingerly to her feet. She propped herself up with one hand on a fake palm, her shoulders hunched and her other hand still tucked between her thighs.

"What are you talking about? What are you doing to me?" she asked.

The human turned around in place, trying to find a door. Glancing over her shoulder every few seconds, she set out perpendicular to the direction she'd run before. The room was longer in that direction, and transitioned from jungle to a small sandy beach with red sand and a low, shelf-like sandstone rock formation. It looked like a big version of something you'd put into a lizard's tank. Beyond the rock, the room looped back on itself again, returning to jungle.

It was a non-Euclidean cage. She was trapped.

Its hide is way too pale for a human.

And where's its human markings?

Or its human mating display?

No one's going to believe it's a human.

The human flinched and whirled around. Her arms waved frantically. "Wait! Please, just listen for a second. I don't know what you think humans are, but—"

Is that a mating display?

No, here, let me show you what I mean. They've got these big...sac things.

A hum clenched across the air. The human's spine curled. Her lips peeled back and her eyelids fluttered. As the hum grew in frequency, her chest did likewise in volume. Her breasts swelled outward smoothly, expanding heavier and rounder. The hum built higher. The weight across her chest mounted. Her nipples stiffened and her toes curled into the red silica sand. The noise stopped. Her body relaxed and her shoulders slumped. She grasped at the two heavy mounds on her chest, lifting them, holding them back, and taking shaky, panting breaths.

A second, lower hum began. The human yelped and stepped forward, looking back over her shoulder. Behind her, the shape of her ass swelled outward. Her thighs slowly squeezed together in the middle, closing around the hand covering her crotch. By the time the hum came to a halt, her whole body felt wobbly and off-balance. She plopped herself down on the shelf of the sandstone formation and took a few deep breaths. Her breasts rose and fell rather dramatically.

That's what their mating display looks like.

Oh, yeah. I remember now, kinda. I'll take care of the markings.

...err, do humans have stripes or spots?

Spots. How do you not know that?

I always get humans and Arcturians confused. Bipeds all look the same to me.

The light from above suddenly bathed the human in a blue glare. She squinted and shielded her eyes with her hand. There was shade underneath the palm trees, but they were some meters away and she could hardly see a thing, so she had to crawl. Her skin pulsed beneath the wash of radiation, tingling like capsaicin on the tongue. Pigment bloomed across her body, first bluish and pale, but quickly darkening into an even purple. Spots blossomed across her shoulders and back, forming darker rosettes. Along the underside of her body, which was only getting indirect radiation, her new pigmentation was a much softer lavender hue.

The heat flowing across the human's skin forced her to change course; instead of the trees, she plunged into the water instead to cool herself off. By the time she hauled herself back up onto the red rock, the aching tingle had gone, and the light above had returned to its normal intensity. She wiped the water from her face, which had developed paler colour on her cheeks and chin, and darker colour along the bridge of her nose and her forehead.

"Have you even seen a human before!?" she demanded, gesturing to her pale purple underbelly. "We don't look like this!"

Now it's looking more human.

Though it doesn't look like much of an apex predator.

You're right. They are hunters...

This one's probably just a juvenile then. A growth spurt ought to fix it right up.

The human thumped her fist on the rock, which made a thunk like coated fiberglass. "I'm not a juvenile, I'm twenty-five! You're idiots!"

The voices didn't respond to her. But it seemed they could see her somehow, which gave her an idea. She leaned over the edge of the rock and drew with her fingers in the wet sand: S-T-O-P. And then, in case they couldn't read English, she added an angry face.

Just as the was adding the angry eyebrows to the face, the field of energy began to whirr around her body again. She hunched over and clutched the rock, tightening her body. The flux grew stronger around her. She closed her eyes, clenched her teeth, and braced herself as it sunk down into her core.

Suddenly, the human's body pulled taut. Her arms and shoulders twisted and her back curled. Her muscles stretched across her growing frame, then buzzed and swelled themselves, surging out smooth beneath her skin. Her fingers curled and dug new, short, sharp claws into the stone. Her back claws scraped across the flat of the rock shelf as her legs kicked. Her shoulders popped and swelled. Her neck twinged so she twisted it from side to side. Firm biceps and toned abs rolled along her spotted hide. Her enlarged canines grit together as she snarled in the back of her throat.

An aching heat squeezed between her legs. Her thighs clenched; she could feel her mound pressed tight between them. Her eyes rolled back as her thoughts fizzled over. The spike of hormones flooding through her body made it hard to think straight, like puberty but worse. Her body felt big and strange but the only thing she could focus on was her body screaming at her to fuck.

Her fingertips parted her folds and brushed against her clit a few times until she started to groan. From her slack jaw slid a long, tapered tongue, stretching out almost as long as her arm. It hung off her lip, then slowly traced its way around one of her breasts, coiling until its tip had wrapped around her nipple. She worked her pussy and her breast both for a short while, groaning wordlessly and cocking her legs open, until the strangeness finally filtered through her horny haze.

The human snapped her tongue back behind her lips and drew her hand away reluctantly, wiping the faintly bluish fluid on her fingers off on the rock. She cradled her brow in her other hand. Her head throbbed, and its throbbing was in time with the ache between her legs. Her thoughts were sluggish and heavy, like they had to squeeze through her brain with each throb.

The only two things that seemed easy to think about now were how much she wanted to fuck, and how long it had been since she'd eaten fresh meat. "Shit," she hissed under her breath, rubbing her eyes with her fingertips. "Why'm I so fucking horny?" she growled, then continued to mutter and curse, working out some of her newfound predatory aggression.

Good call on the tongue. It looks pretty human now, but...


It's not quite proper human, you know? Not like the kind you hear about.

The human bared her small fangs and crawled back to her feet. For lack of anywhere better to look, she stared up at the artificial blue 'sun'. "Stop it or I'll rip your...goddamn...whatevers off!" she yelled.

True. I suppose it doesn't have much of a mane.

Bristling washed over the human's scalp. She reached up to clutch at her hair, only to find it retreating from the sides of her head, growing taller and stiffer along the middle. Dropping to her knees on the red sand, she stared down into the water at her reflection. The stiff, climbing mane ran from her forehead, back down her neck, and tapered to nothing below her shoulder blades. It was reminiscent of a zebra's mane: a tall purple crest atop her head.

And I always figured humans had more colorful pelts.

Glaring blue light baked down once more against the human's skin. More purple pigmentation tingled along her arms and back and her newly-bare scalp, bringing out the vibrance of her richly coloured skin and dark markings.

And it would be more impressive with a bigger mating display.

Oh yeah. Humans are all about mating. That's why they're still tribal, you know.

We could say it was the alpha of the tribe.

As long as we make it look the part!

The human began to shout, "I swear to—" when all at once, every change she had felt struck her again. The wind was knocked from her lungs and she fell to her knees.

Her breasts strained outward, growing rounder and firmer, filling with layered silicone membranes. They gave her breasts both weight and lift, making them stand out proudly atop her chest, capped with thick, over-sized nipples. Similar membranes sprouted up within her lips, spurring their own growth, plumper and more pronounced, darkening to a natural magenta shade.

Her muscles burned and tightened beneath her hide, rolling across her back and down her arms, and fueling her predatory might. Her voice cracked deeper as she snarled and wrinkled her nose.

The heat pounding through the human's head drove her hand back to the swollen ache between her legs. Her head tipped back. She spread her legs open and planted a hand in the sand behind her to prop herself up. Her fingers ground against her swollen clit, while her tongue parted her plump lips and coiled itself up around one of her thick, engorged nipples.

The hormones fizzling away in her head were dragging her down to an instinctive level. Her body wanted to fuck, so that was what she wanted. The size and weight of her bobbing mane made her feel proud, and her tight-clenched muscles made her feel powerful. Her heightened senses flooded her mind, too; she could hear each drip of her strange bluish juices onto the sand, and she could smell her own sweat and exertion, and she could see the heat rippling off her body with her solid ink-black eyes.

It was so much easier for the human to follow her instincts than it was to try to keep her train of thought. Her tongue squirmed around her thick nipple. Slick fluid drooled from between her frantically rubbing fingers. Grunts and huffs slipped carelessly from her mouth while she bobbed against her own hand. Her other hand pawed at her free breast, found her nipple between its fingertips, and cupped the fat, swollen areola.

Oh, you know what? Humans wear clothes, don't they?

Er, right. I think they use tools too.

With a faint zzorp and a glimmering light the human was too occupied to see, a hide loincloth looped its way around her hips, and a spear with a broad stone head fizzled into being next to her. She didn't even stop for a moment. Her hand had remained where it was, tucked underneath the loincloth.

A rumbling feeling welled up in the human's chest. She threw her head back and kept grinding away with her fingers until heartbeat was pounding in her ears. A wave of dizziness and intense relief washed over her, sweeping from her toes all the way to the tip of her mane. Her jaw went slack, her eyes rolled back, and thick blue fluid squirted from beneath her probing fingers. She teetered on her feet, then slumped back onto the sand. Her hand lingered between her thighs, riding out the heavy waves of orgasm crashing over her.

As the throbbing afterglow subsided, she grunted softly and sat up. Without a second thought, she lifted her fingers to her mouth, wound her tongue around and between them, and sucked them clean with a loud slurp.

Already, the urge to fuck was welling up within the human again. She was the alpha of her tribe, after all; she needed to mate quite a bit. "Urrgh," she groaned, rolling her eyes and baring her teeth. "Why me horny?" She twisted the syllables along her long tongue and spoke with more than a little bit of a growl. "Need to fuck," she announced more loudly.

She sat up and parted her legs, resting her hands atop her knees. Then she hunched forward, bending over and curling her tongue down until she could slither it up between her folds and start to roll it against her slick, pulsating clit. It wasn't long, only a few minutes, before she brought herself to another snarling, squirting orgasm.

The human climbed triumphantly on top of the rock and stretched out, relaxing in the warmth of the blue sun and the lingering glow of her orgasm. Her relaxation lasted all of one minute and thirty seconds before she let out another frustrated growl and shoved her hand down between her legs to start rubbing again.

Look at it go.

Now that's what I call a human.

Hey, I was thinking. If humans are so obsessed with mating, shouldn't we have two?

Oh, crap. You're right. Turn the ship around, we'll grab another.