To Be The Dream

A sci-fi fan zapped onto a Galaxy-class starship fills the role of the Caitian counselor. Explicit.

This wasn't Melissa's bed. For one thing, her bed didn't have big thick lumps in it. And her bed did have sheets, which were conspicuously missing now. She was beginning to think she wasn't lying down on a bed at all.

With an uncomfortable groan, she pushed herself up and pushed her eyelids open. Crates. Right. And she had been lying on? A crate. The pattern on the top of the lid was stamped into the side of her face. Her neck ached slightly until her sitting up elicited a loud crack that spread out into the vastness of the room.

It wasn't just a big room filled with crates; it was dark too, just enough to make the outlines of objects hazy and indistinct. But she thought that she saw a door down at the end of the aisle formed between two rows of crates. She wasn't sure where she was, and her stomach was beginning to fold over on top of itself.

Melissa stood with a hand on the crates beside her, propping herself up until she could walk steadily. The sleep was slowly falling from her mind and letting worry grow in its place. As she stepped in front of the door, it slid open with a soft swoosh. She stepped out into a bright yet softly lit corridor, blinking as her eyes adjusted.

"Stop right there. What are you doing here?"

Melissa looked up toward the voice. The woman who had spoke, wearing a uniform of a snug red tunic and black pants, held something out in her direction menacingly. Beside her, wearing a matching uniform, was a younger man, glancing over at his partner.

"I don't think she's going to be hurting anyone."

As the ideas clicked together in Melissa's mind, her stomach completed its self-origami, and she grinned like an idiot, then bent over and threw up.


Up on Deck 12 in Sickbay, Melissa was trying to tone down her enthusiasm, which had been completely untarnished by her nausea and fatigue. She thought that eager face-filling grins might make her look a bit disturbed or paranoid, so she tried to hold it in, but it was like trying to plug a volcano by sitting on it. She was god damn Miss John Crichton over here, how could she not be happy?

The warmly bearded doctor set down his scanner, brushed the graying bits of his beard briefly, then turned to look at the senior security officer who'd escorted Melissa into Sickbay.

"She's as human as you or me. No sign of recently being transported, no strange energy signatures, not even a hint of temporal fluctuation. And you're sure she wasn't...hiding out in one of the shipments?" the chief medical officer asked.

"Yes, we're sure. She wasn't there one minute, and then she was the next. Right in the middle of the cargo bay," the security officer said.

"And you don't remember anything special before you ended up here?" the doctor asked, turning toward Melissa.

Melissa shook her head.

"Nothing. I was in my bedroom on Earth, and then suddenly, I was waking up here."

She had declined to mention that she was from about three centuries ago. She didn't want to get them worried or anything. If their scanners couldn't tell she was from the past, it wasn't her fault.

"We'll be able to drop you off on the next Starbase we stop at and hopefully get you on a shuttle back to Earth. While you're here, I'd like for you to speak to the ship's psychological counselor, to see if she can figure out if something happened to you."

Melissa let herself smile, but made sure the corners of her mouth weren't curling too far. The doctor gave her a faint smile in return. She was sure he'd seen quite a lot. Of course, she was thinking that about just about everyone she saw, including the security officer as she showed her through the halls toward her temporary quarters.

"Now, however you got here, I don't want you causing trouble. If I hear about something happening and you're to blame, I might have to recommend that you be restricted to your room. Understand me?" the security officer asked.

"Yeah, no problem," Melissa said.

Her smile was finally let free as the door slid shut and she got to wander around the room. Real room. Real ship. Real Starfleet. She was in Star Trek. Or this was a really elaborate dream. Either way, it was time to enjoy herself.

She herself looked a little depressingly identical in the bathroom mirror, same tidy frame of black hair around the same cute but not quite sexy face, same average, unassuming figure, same nearly-flat chest. To be fair though, she also had bed hair, and was still wearing her old twenty-first century clothes. Ooh, that sounded exciting to think. Twenty-first century as the distant past.

Melissa let the water wash down over her, just like taking her morning shower. If she closed her eyes she could even believe she was in her shower back home, and entertained the thought that perhaps this all would fall back into a dream when she opened her eyes again. But no, it was there, all around her and beyond her, every last—well, not every, but a significant portion of her dreams coming into reality.

She climbed out of the shower with a warm sigh, one that was almost sexual. Hell, her excitement in general was almost sexual. Washed and dried, she went searching in the dresser for the spare clothes, and found a small collection of tidily folded clothes, both in the unisex tunic style and in womens' dresses. She went with the tunic and pants, both out of a vague feminist inclination and maybe a slight bit of self-consciousness.

And no one even stopped her as she walked around in the halls. It was a thrilling, dizzying mix of the mundane and the adventurous. Every bit of people's lives here were fascinating, even the minute, boring little things no one else would care about.

Melissa didn't see anyone in the open room she'd stopped at, but her eyes went to the short tapered pillar in the center, capped with a small dome. Now she didn't know how LCARS actually worked, but it was relatively easy; a few taps, and glimmering light exploded silently into tiny fragments above the dome, skating into their places on a faint grid. A ship icon was centered in the projection, with a light trailing line indicating its path, and one ahead showing its plotted course.

Her heart beat quickly, still amazed at every reminder that she was on a ship, one many light-years from Earth. She zoomed out until the planet that had been her whole universe was visible, a tiny point with a small flag reading 'Earth', nearly across the room from where the little ship was.

"Excuse me, miss...Melissa?" the intercom said after a soft chirp. "You should be coming to the ship's counselor's office so that we can talk. Not messing around in stellar cartography."

Melissa's ears flushed along the lightly pointed tips. She looked up toward where the sound had come from, as if it was important to look at who she was speaking to.

"Sorry! I'm sorry, I'll be right up."

She tapped the 'quit' button and strode out of the room, not wanting to keep the counselor waiting. She tugged lightly at the strap of her bra underneath her uniform, adjusting it so that it would sit gently against her elbows and not dig into her quite as much as it was.

The counselor's office was designed well for its purpose—gentle, welcoming shapes made her curious and pulled her inside, while the soft lights and smooth tones gave the space a nurturing feeling.

Melissa was a little surprised by the counselor sitting waiting for her, not so much because she was a fairly young woman or because she could make the somewhat unflattering bodysuit she wore look enticing and appealing. She...well, there was no way to put it nicely, a good third of her face was metal and one of her eyes was glowing.

Oh great, and she must have caught her staring.

"I'm Counselor Carter, but if you'd prefer you can call me Theta. You don't need to worry. This is all just a part of me now," she said, gesturing with a glistening metal hand wrapped in cords of synthetic muscle. "But if you don't mind, I'd like if we talked about you."

Over the session, Melissa opened up a bit about her life back home, which was for the most part uneventful and had little of note to speak about. Her father and mother, kind and gentle, school, some friends—though again she was self-censoring, leaving out the details that would make it more obvious that she wasn't from this time. She also mentioned that she was quite interested in starship mechanics, even though she didn't have a lot of technical knowledge; her alibi to explain why she knew quite a bit about the interior workings of the ship despite being a civilian.

She could swear that the counselor thought something was fishy, but perhaps it was just her own paranoia. Theta didn't press her on any of the shakier details though, so her story was unquestioned by the time she had finished telling it.

"I think you're doing quite well, but I'd still like to see you again, if that's all right. I'd like to probe a bit deeper into a few things, but that can wait until tomorrow."

"Well, thanks then. I'll see you tomorrow," Melissa said.

She got up from the chair, flashed a smile in the counselor's direction, then left with a swish of the door. Her dark brown hair trailed behind her just a bit as she moved through the halls back to her room. She wanted to explore the ship a little more, but she had to take care of something. After the door had closed, she tugged off the bra that was tipping past the edge of painfully tight, and sighed with relief as she could breathe fully again.

Melissa checked in the mirror to make sure her nipples weren't showing through the fabric of the dress with her bra off. It looked like she was safe, but she wanted to be sure, so she'd just check. A light groan accompanied taking the two handfuls of breast and squeezing them, stroking with the tips of her fingers. Her legs pressed together, her hips gently digging into her tight panties as she wiggled. Then, when she pulled her hands away, she checked in the mirror again. Good, even now her nipples weren't sticking through. Her bright smile lightly wrinkled her broadening nose.

The girl-next-door sexy Melissa peeked her head through the door into Engineering, then stepped inside. She walked back toward the back, where the glowing columns ran from the floor into the ceiling, eyes widening in awe.

"Oh, wow. A real warp...uh," Melissa said.

She blinked and pouted her gently plush lips, while her nails grew longer and curled slowly. She was sure that she knew it and that it had something to do with warp but...

"A warp core, you mean?"

Melissa stiffened a bit when she looked up; not because she was startled, but because the young Engineering lieutenant was attractive, in the tidily trimmed young-man-in-uniform sort of way. She unconsciously leaned a little closer to him, licked her lips, smiled a little brighter.

"Yeah, of course! Sorry, I'm feeling a little out of it still," Melissa said.

"If you want to take a look around here, I can show you the sort of thing I do."

Melissa beamed and nodded.

"That sounds great," she said, letting her enthusiasm shine through here—she was sure even people in the future could be impressed by a Galaxy-class warp drive.

The lieutenant was nearly as happy as Melissa herself, getting to show off what he did and brag a bit about the kinds of things that the rest of the ship depended on Engineering for. And yet Melissa found it a bit hard to focus on the machines.

She had been thinking she could possibly find her way to Starfleet Academy once back on Earth, join up, maybe get a position like he had on a ship. But the machines were, in a way...a bit boring. Sure, he could make power flows and phase patterns seem interesting. But it was him that she was really more interested in. Hmm, go to Starfleet, meet cute officers? Why not?

Her nose, flattening at the same time as it was growing outward, nearly brushed against him as she leaned in close. Her fingers gently slid across his back, with her claws trailing in front of them.

"Uhm?" he said to her.

She blinked quickly, looking up into his face with a redness to her cheeks.

"Oh! I'm, um, I'm sorry, I think I should probably go and, you know, let you get to all the work you need to do. It was nice meeting you!" she said.

Melissa turned around quickly, embarrassed at the strange behavior that had been almost instinctual. He was surprised, a little flustered, and as she was walking away, finding his eyes drawn down to the gentle outline of her ass as it swayed.

Maybe it was due to fatigue, Melissa supposed. A nice, good sleep in an actual bed might clear things up and get her thinking straight again. Once in her room, she stripped off her clothes, freeing her perky breasts, the gentle curves of her hips, and removing her rather tight panties.

Well, she always slept nude so it wasn't a big deal. She crawled up onto the bed and stretched out on top of the softness. Feeling the smooth sheet as the only thing draped over her form, she was able to swiftly drift into a contented sleep.

She was in engineering. The lieutenant was there too. She pushed him up against a wall. She took him into his mouth. She moved back and forth slowly. He was moaning. He was gasping. Fur was snaking in trails like thick moss. Fur was creeping up over the swollen rocks that were his muscles. Thickening, growing muscles. Twisting, shifting face. He roared. Her belly was wonderfully filled.

Melissa's mouth was dry and her thighs were wet as she snapped back to wakefulness. The immediate response was easy for her. She reached down, reaching for her legs, pushing her fingers down into her own body. It was a slow ride, a long burn, the twisting legs and clenching feet and gulping to try to wet her throat so that she could groan.

It was quiet and restrained but her peak left her panting, body positively glowing, and her fingers nearly soaked. She needed to clean then off. In her mind, she thought, 'Clean?' and a voice answered, 'Lick.' She opened her mouth, slid her fingers inside, and sucked and lapped until they were cleaned.

Her tongue trailed along her lush, gently pouting lips as she tried to lick up all of the remaining residue. The taste had been strange, sharp, not the sort of thing she thought she'd enjoy, but somehow despite all that, she found herself wanting a bit more. But really, she should be getting up now, she told herself, and pulled her body out of bed despite wanting to stay and work herself to another orgasm.

The hot shower didn't do much to calm her faintly insistent lust, but the lust was far back enough in her mind that she could ignore it for the most part. As she dried her hair to its shiny golden-brown luster, she fluttered her eyelashes in the mirror, taking a moment to adore the bright amber eyes slit by a dark pupil.

Melissa plucked out one of the dresses and pulled it on over her head, leaving her ill-fitting panties discarded on the floor. She gave the hem a few tugs so that it sat straight, curling over her soft yet pert ass, then reached up to shift her breasts so her cleavage was neatly centered. Her feet didn't quite seem to want to squeeze into the boots, but she pushed them in all the same. She looked in the mirror and thought, 'Perfect!' As she bounced on her heels, her breasts bounced in unison, making her smile with her growing fangs. Then she was out the door and down the hall, knowing just where she was going.

"Computer, load...some sort of tactical simulation. Something fairly easy," Melissa said into the panel.

She was standing outside one of the holodecks, having found one that wasn't in use. She didn't know how long she'd be staying in this time, so she wanted to get a full range of experiences if she'd be forced to go back home soon.

"Program loaded. Enter when ready," the computer said.

Melissa stepped inside, and onto a familiar-looking bridge.

"Increasing shield strength to fifty percent."

"The next wave is coming in hard, it's—"

The whole room shook violently. Melissa grabbed the captain's chair for balance. Then she slid down into the seat.

"Shields on full. We won't get any more power unless we divert it from other systems."

"The force is just getting worse. Hull damage is at five percent..."

The bridge was rocked as another crackling wave propagated against the shields, crashing through them.

"Captain, we could divert all power from the warp core to power the shields."

Melissa knew this! She recognized it! The simulation was playing out just like an episode she'd watched. She knew she remembered it. There were the uh, the people, and then they found a thing, and it was...damn it, try thinking a bit harder!

And she was trying to think harder, but all she could think about was how tight her boots felt or how her arms and legs were feeling itchy or the way that her uniform was rubbing across her nipples and how it made them stiff and she wanted to lick them.

"Captain, thirty seconds until impact!"

" it!" Melissa said, brow furrowed, wrinkling the bridge of her faintly feline nose.

The shield power surged out far beyond its normal limits, and the wave strength increased by an exponential proportionate to the surge. As explosions began to billow through the ruined ship, the simulation paused, then faded away.

"Simulation failed."

Melissa groaned as she stood, letting the chair fade away too. And the god damn boots. She grabbed at them, tugging them off roughly and tossing them into the corner, then stretching out her larger paws, kneading them and flexing the claws hidden beneath the soft tawny fur.

"Okay, forget about the tactical simulations. How alien planet. Something known for its beaches. Do you have anything like that?" Melissa asked upward.

"There are six programs that match the search parameters."

"Give me one of them," she said.

A blue sun shone down through a hazy red sky, casting warm purplish light across the cobalt blue leaves of the massive inverted cycads, and making the pale sand shine like precious metal set against the sea that flickered with flashes of bioluminescent diatoms.

"Make it about ten minutes before sunset. And give me a beach chair," Melissa said.

Undulating tracks in the sand appeared, the forest behind her faintly glowing, as the atmospheric scattering brought out the ultraviolet emissions from the sun. Melissa stretched out along the chair, sighing happily and watching the gently shifting light and the emerging stars above. This was what was great about sci-fi. Forget the technology, give her a beautiful alien vacation spot any day.

Melissa's eyes slid shut as her hand grazed down beneath her dress. And though she wasn't sleeping, she still let her mind wander off into pleasant realms of imagination.

The water roiled. It raised up. Glowing tendrils traced through it. It lurched toward her. She rolled over. She scrambled to her feet. The water was on her. It had her. It was inside her. It was pushing. It was spreading. The tendrils curled into her eyes. Sparks of technicolor refracted purple light. She opened her mouth to cry out. Water flooded in. She dissolved. Every last atom of hers loved it.

Melissa's thick lips fell into a natural pout, though at the moment they were spread wider to suck on her fingers. Her rough tongue brushed against each soft pad, flicked around the claw, then dragged through the fur. The fur ran all the way up to near her shoulders, but she didn't have time to lick it all clean.

"Melissa? If you're free, I have time to see you. Would you like me to come to your room?" the counselor's voice asked over the intercom.

"Oh!" she said, pulling her fingers from her mouth guiltily as if Theta could see her. "Um, sure. I'll be up there in just a bit."

She tried to tidy herself up as she got out of the chair. She pushed her hair back to keep it from looking too wild, straightened her skirt, and rushed out of the holodeck without enough time to even pick her boots back up. Not like she needed them now—her sleek hips swayed back and forth as if she knew just how sexy she was with every step of her paws.

Theta was waiting for her as she came into the room, and Melissa slid down into the couch opposite the chair where the counselor sat.

"So, yesterday I believe we were talking about the reason why you joined Starfleet?" Theta asked, crossing her legs and folding her fingers together.

"Oh, right! Well...I guess, you know, pretty much like any recruit. Explore exotic worlds—that's what I was doing in the holodeck right now by the way—do good for all humanity, um, do I get like, marks off if I say a lot of it was because of that one poster with the green girl who's all like ooh on the side of a ship," she said, demonstrating the pose for Theta with her hands behind her head and her back arched.

"No, there's no points, just a regular psychological review. Now..."

For someone impersonating a Starfleet officer, she was doing pretty good, she thought. She still didn't know why that was the story that she'd stuck with when she had been found, surely they'd figure it out at some point. But for now, Theta was satisfied, and with a rather friendly goodbye (she'd been staring down toward the cyborg girl's chest) Melissa saw her out of her room.

Melissa yawned widely, feeling a bit sleepy, like she might lie down for a nap. It seemed that whatever had landed her here was doing a good job of leaving her jetlagged. Time travellagged. Alternate dimensionlagged? She drifted off loosely curled up on top of the covers.

Theta looked down at her. Her expression was blank. The needles dug into her neck and shot flames through her veins. She went limp. She was pushed back into an alcove. Machine arms reached for her. They carved spaces for their parts. Something was clamped down around her hips. She opened her mouth to gasp. Something filled her throat. It locked around her jaw. Thick shafts pumped into her. She shook and trembled. Then she relaxed. Her face became blank. She needed to achieve perfection. The machines would make her perfect.

A yowl of delight from her own mouth woke Melissa from her fantasy. She blinked, wide-eyed for a few moments before she gradually calmed down, remembering where she was, and realizing that right between her soft, furry thighs was a slick wetness that her small feline nose just couldn't resist.

She stuck one leg out and bent down, curling her back neatly enough that her breasts were resting on her legs, her hair pushed against the sheets, and her tongue able to lick at the enticing fluids that were there. And in her cleaning and lapping, she found that she was getting excited too, kneading her claws, starting to purr...and within a few minutes, she needed to clean up again.

Melissa lifted her head with a long sigh once she had finished cleaning for a second time. She was feeling really great, and she wasn't entirely sure why. Her pointed feline ears were perky, her tail flicking back and forth behind her, and her throat rumbling with a continued purr.

She leaned in front of the mirror, using her claws with one hand to comb her shimmeringly orange hair back, in the way that gave her the look of having a feline mane. In the mirror, she could see where she still had a mess on her face, and lap the little flecks of her juices off of her small muzzle. Then she licked her lips, plush and plump, tender and sensitive, and fluttered her eyes, the sharply dark eyelashes giving her a made up appearance without any need to muss up her fur.

"Hey, computer!" Melissa said, starting to pull the dress back up over her body. "How hot do I look?"

"Insufficient data."

"Yeah huh there's enough data! You call these not enough data?"

She wrapped her claws around her breasts, the heavy mounds that sent tingles all the way along her spine when she squeezed them. They vastly overflowed her hands, and her nipples poked from the fabric when she dug the tips of her claws in.

"Computer cannot accept gestures as input."

"No wonder you never get laid," Melissa said, on her way out the door.

Speaking of which, she really wanted to get fucked some time. It was what, maybe fifteen hours since she'd ended up on this ship, and she hadn't fucked anyone but herself? That was definite dry spell material right there. So, it was off to Ten-Forward, to see if there were any cute officers. She was finding that she really liked humans, even if they looked bald and flat-faced.

"Hey, Theta!" Melissa purred.

She sat down at the seat next to the counselor, who turned and smiled at her.

"Melissa! Good to see you," Theta said.

Melissa giggled loudly, flicking her tasseled tail around and sipping at her drink.

"So, listen, we've spent like, a lot of time talking, right? And I've got a really really good nose so I can smell stuff and you' a bit of a thing for me, don't you?" she asked, eyebrows raised.

"Well, you see, sometimes people can feel physical attraction without necessarily wanting to act on it," Theta said tentatively.

"That sounds really dumb," Melissa said, then giggled. Any sense of irony with that statement was lost on her one-track mind.

"But look, I've got some like, seeerious uh, psychological questions and stuff to ask you so you think we could maybe go to my room and talk about it?" she asked.

Theta was still acting guarded, but she seemed to be loosening up a bit, and the sips of Gamzian wine she was taking were definitely helping. If she couldn't do much else any more, Melissa was at the very least skilled at gauging how open to sex someone was.

From Ten-Forward, the two women went back to Melissa's quarters, Theta gently supported by an arm around her waist. Melissa let her flop down onto the bed, then took a few steps back and began to slowly tug at her dress.

"What I wanted to ask was," she said, pushing the collar of her dress open further, sliding it over her shoulders and beginning to peel it off of her rounded breasts and insistently perky nipples. Her breasts bounced free of the dress, remarkably pert despite their size, thanks to the nice snug Starfleet uniform. Her wast was slender, not too impressive until compared to her broad hips, giving her a lithe, carefully proportioned figure. "Do you think people, you know, take me less seriously and stuff because I like fucking a lot?"

Theta was hardly given time to respond, because once Melissa's clothes were off, she was on top of Theta, her deliciously plump lips pushing against Theta's, her clawed fingers plucking at her clothes and pulling them off deftly.

Both Theta's real hand and synthetic hand went to the soft, fuzzy mounds that dwarfed the already-considerable bust that Theta had. They moved in near-perfect unison, stroking and squeezing and teasing until her nipples were stiff and erect and swollen and Melissa was whimpering in delight.

Melissa moved her mouth, leaving the kiss, as much as they were both reluctant to let the alien tongue slip out of their mouths. Her lips instead went to Theta's chest in return, sucking the tender skin between her wonderful lips, using her nimble, rough tongue to lap and lick until her body was aching with delight and her implants were reading minor overflow errors from their overwhelmed sensors.

It was Theta's cybernetic arm that slid down Melissa's back, stroking the curves of her body and neatly tucking between her legs. With the sort of grace that only a computer could muster, the tips of her fingers brushed against her. Melissa's eyelids fluttered, and she gasped. Her far less delicate retaliation was her tail, curled around the two of them and teasing Theta until she too was squirming.

Melissa could remember things that had been only hazy before, like her upbringing, learning all of the Caitian rituals, and eventually moving to Earth before joining Starfleet and barely passing with a Psychology and Morale major.

Her head felt lighter and lighter; it was all of the excess information being pushed out, clearing her mind and helping her to realize and remember who she was. M'lissa, assistant counselor to Theta. Among other things that she was to Theta.

"You hear that buzzing?" M'lissa asked as she raised her head from her lover-slash-boss's nipple.

Theta only grinned back at her and slid her fingers forward. M'lissa's tail curled suddenly, then flicked out. Her claws dug deep into the bed. Her chest was heaving with deep gasps. When the hell had Theta gotten that installed?

M'lissa struck back with her tail, curling it into Theta and making the woman beneath her moan out loud with a faint digital modulation in the back of her throat. They fell upon each other once again, grinding together, groaning and thrusting, both of them enjoying the strange yet enticing scent of the other species deep in lust.

M'lissa's tongue brushed against Theta's neck, then her chin, and then their lips met once again, with more desperate passion, more crackling heat, more quickly stolen gasps and heavy breathing and the bouncing of the bed.

M'lissa felt like she needed to hold on. Like there was some small part of her that didn't want to...oops, too late. She tossed her head back, managing a bit of a roar, though it was soft and cute and curled at the edges; not ferocious, only passionate. Theta beneath her was shuddering and she could feel the wetness spreading along the tip of her tail.

M'lissa didn't have much of a mind left to blow, but she wouldn't have thought of it as mindblowing even if she did. It was perfect; warm and delightful and fluffy and sticky, climbing up inside of her and expanding out to fill every extremity with the sort of delight you got from sleeping on a couch in the warm sun.

Theta lifted her head, breathing deeply, and gently whispered into M'lissa's ear.


Ending 1

"They don't respect you because you're not trying hard enough. If you want to be the girl that sleeps around, you can't go at it half-hearted."

M'lissa could barely remember the advice that Theta had given her. Not that it said much of anything about the advice; she had trouble remembering much of anything.

Becoming a Caitian had pushed her brain to nearly the breaking point, and Theta had helped to push her over the edge entirely. Soon the uniform dresses had become tank tops and skirts, which had shrunk, until her outfit had become nothing—though in truth, it would be hard to find things that would properly fit her.

After she stopped wearing clothes, she'd been ordered to stay inside her quarters, but she didn't mind. She spent most of the day on her bed anyway, and her reputation was getting around fast enough that she didn't need to go out and walk the halls looking for fucks. And in a more practical sense, her ever-swelling breasts were having trouble fitting through the somewhat slim door to her room. She'd never think about getting her titties taken down; it was a gift and she was determined to make the most of it.

A cock popped out of her fuckhole and she licked her fuckhole's lips, sucking up the cum that she hadn't been able to gulp down at once. While she was sucking up the mess on her big cocksuckers, she let out a small gasp, feeling the cum spurting into her and warming up her belly with its weight. Good thing she wasn't fertile with anyone, so she could focus on fucking.

As the second cock left her too, she heard the door slide open and closed again, figuring that the two cocks had left together. Which meant she only had her cunt, but her cunt was full of cum! Sadly, with her titties so big, she wasn't as flexible any more, but she could scoop it up with her fingers and start to suck in down, delighting in the taste as it let her mind shut down and let her imagine that her fingers were a cock.

She sucked her fingers until they no longer tastes or reminded her of cock, then fell back against the bed, legs spread, fur spotted with splatters of dry cum. And open for more. It was what she was good for. It was what her body was made for. And so she was quite content to be the personal cum receptacle for any guy who stopped by.

It might not have been what she'd expected, but M'lissa was happy. Or at least, it seemed like it was. It was hard to talk to a girl who thought that there should be a cock or pussy on her lips whenever possible. But her moans and cries for cock seemed pleased. So she was probably fine.


Ending 2

"Sorry to say this, but...the whole ship kind of knows you're a bimbo. It'll take a lot of work to change that, but if you put yourself to it, I'm sure you could handle it."

Theta might have regretted sending M'lissa on a path spiraling away from Starfleet with those words, but the girl herself had never felt better.

"You know what I'm like, gonna do to you?" the Caitian cooed, sliding her arms around the woman she'd just met.

That woman felt a gentle push at the back of her head, which was unmistakably the business end of a phaser. The sweet, innocent grin on the Caitian's face was suddenly stark and bitter.

"I'm going to turn your spinal column into jelly if you don't give me the mining colony's security keys."

M'lissa was sure that her mark was regretting ever deciding to talk to the easy-looking Caitian girl. She was sure that you could find plenty of people who'd felt the same way. She was making quite a name for herself as someone who could get things done, out beyond the borders of the Federation.

It had been work, like Theta had said, slowly teaching herself, sometimes using the holodeck—she still loved sex, and she loved looking hot. But since the Federation was a bit too stuffy for the sort of excitement and intrigue she was looking for, she decided playing historical Cold War espionage simulations weren't enough.

It might not have been what she'd expected, but M'lissa was happy. She had a beachside manor on Callistan 5, where she could sunbathe in the ultraviolet sunset and jetski through the luminescent waters in between her jobs. She was living a dream, just not the one she'd expected when she'd joined Starfleet.


Final Ending

"I don't think you need to change a thing. You've come this far just how you are. Don't worry about what other people think of you."

That had been filed away with all of the other advice that Theta gave her. The counselor had seen potential in M'lissa, and helped to fashion her abilities into something useful.

"Now, imagine allll of that nasty stuff that makes you upset when you're working and just push that down, down, down into your belly," M'lissa told the young Engineering officer.

The officer was moaning in disjointed gasps, her cheeks red, and her hands gripping the chair slightly, while M'lissa's eyes peered up at her from between her thighs. She gave the dripping sex another few licks, dragging the rough texture along the hot and aching folds.

"Got it all there? Okay, now you're going to bundle it up. Just like, squeeze it all into a big ball, and let it slide down nice and slow," she said.

While M'lissa happily returned to slurping up the young woman's juices, she spared one of her hands to gently tap along her stomach, sliding down to her groin, and stopping her hand there.

"Okay! So you can feel it right there? Now hold onto it with the tippy-tips of your fingers, and when you don't think you can hold it any more, then let it go."

A few more licks, pushing her tongue into the right places, twisting it in the right ways. M'lissa was rewarded with a delicious mouthful and the delighted cries of the officer in her ears. She lingered between her legs, her tidy Caitian nature leading her to clean up all of the mess before she stood up.

"Wow, I...whoo, um," the officer said, blushing, "That was really...helpful. I think I feel a lot better now. Thanks for the help."

The officer gulped and nodded, giving M'lissa a polite smile.

"Come back again if the panic attacks start up again!" she offered as the officer hurried out of her room.

This was just the sort of thing that M'lissa had hoped she'd be doing when she joined Starfleet. She couldn't have been happier.