The Stream

A livestreamer crowd-sources her own transformation into a cougar anthro. Explicit.

I've streamed like twice before. This time, I'm trying to go big. I've got my desk lamp pitched up as high as it'll go, aimed right at my face. Even though I'm doing the just-rolled-out-of-bed, tee-shirt-and-panties look, I brushed my hair and put on just enough makeup to look like I'm not wearing any.

Last time, I made like sixty bucks in donations. This time, I'm gonna break two hundred.

I open up the streaming client. There's the empty chat room on the side, there's the empty donation log on the bottom, and in the video preview window, there I am. I've got that blank, computer-screen look in my eyes. I tip the webcam up just a little, so it's not cutting off the top of my head, then tuck a stray bit of bangs behind my ear. I mouse over 'start streaming', then click.

Every time you start, there's this pinch, like someone just closed a bag clip against the back of your neck. Still haven't gotten used to that. I reach back and rub that spot. Already there's a couple of viewers on the chat list, though, so I straighten up and smile at the camera.

"Hey, guys."

Each chat message comes in with a tapping sound.


you got a theme for this stream?

I shrug and lean back into my swivel chair. "Nothing much, just relaxing. And yeah, let's make it..." I click the 'theme' dropdown and scroll down till one of them catches my eye. "...Feline."

$20 – Feline pops up in the donation log a couple seconds later.

A shiver runs up the back of my spine. The hair on my neck stands on end, and I can bet that it's thicker, too. The chill feeling dissipates when it hits my scalp, but then I feel it sliding across my ears. When I reach up to touch them, I can feel the fuzz of fur growing along the rims, and the little pointed tips at the top.

"Woah. First time doing species stuff," I say, with a small laugh. There's four people in the chat now, which isn't bad. Last time I topped out at six.

$40 – Feline

$10 – Feline

They come in almost simultaneously. There's a flush of heat across my skin, enough to make me wiggle in my seat and set my heart beating faster. With a deep breaths, I pull up the front of my shirt. There's a trail of light fur running down the middle, growing thicker before it disappears under my panties. I brush my fingers through the it—it's pretty silky, for such a thin coat of fur.

On my left hand, my fingernails bend and grow until they're small claws curling from the tips of my fingers. It feels good to slide my claws through my fur and comb it smooth.

There's a small tuft of fur that sticks out above my collar. Where it's pressed up against itself, or against my shirt, it itches. I tug my collar and flap it, getting some air against my skin. My breath is warm, even though the fur itself isn't very thick. I stick out my tongue at the camera.

u should take off the shirt

"It's not coming off that easy," I tell them. Up to seven viewers now. A new record.

can she purr?

I'm just about to say something else when computer goes bing and my throat locks up.

$30 – Feline (voice)

It starts with a fluttering feeling in my chest. I can hardly breathe, like something's squeezing tight around my neck. I reach up to grasp at my throat. Suddenly, my diaphragm clenches, like a hiccup, except as the air rushes into my lungs, it comes in with a low, soft rumble. I breathe back out, and the rumbling continues. It feels like pressing my chest against a running dryer. With each breath, my throat makes a soft purring sound.

$20 – Feline (hands)

My clawed hand is still at my throat. My fingers curl as the tendons tighten. All of a sudden, pushing back are the new, swelling paw pads on my fingers and palm. They pull my skin taut, growing hot and tender. Fur floods out of my skin, making my fingers seem even thicker than the pads made them. The claws flex, curling their new, sharp tips against the thick palm pad, then relaxing. I lift my hand and turn it over in front of the camera, catching the sandy fur along the back of my palm and the smooth, dark pads along the front.

"Mrrow," I say, then swallow, and say, "Wow." Even then, there's a new, warm vibrato in my voice. I can't help purring through my words.

While I'm taking in my new paw and my new voice, a few smaller donations—$5, $10, $15—come in. The tan fur prickles its way up from my paw, along my left arm. The cream-white fur down my middle thickens. My nose twitches; my nostrils squeeze out flatter and broader, with a distinctly feline spread. I wrinkle my nose and wiggle it from side to side, fighting the urge to sneeze.

she should be a tiger!!

no way dude those are way too expensive

housecat pls go :/

"How about a donation drive?" I say. Since I'm panting slightly, there's a soft purring radiating from my chest. I don't know if they can hear it over the microphone, but I can. "I'll do whichever species gets to a hundred fifty first."

I have to type with one hand, since my paw is kind of bulky and dumb, but I get the poll set up—tiger on one side, cat on the other, and in the middle, cougar, since that's basically halfway between the two. The numbers start ticking up, and while they do, I get a little bit of a break to catch my breath and scratch at the fur growing across my chest.

Most people are throwing their money at the drive instead of at me. Most people.

$50 – Feline (heat)

I sit up straight and my eyes go wide. "Wait, that's an option?"

My heart races, my throat goes dry, and then the donation kicks in. I've never been in heat before, for obvious reasons. Coming down with it all at once is like getting hit by a load of really horny bricks. My shoulders hit the back of the chair and I start to melt down into the seat. A cold sweat breaks out across my skin. My paw goes right for my crotch. Thick paw pads against swollen folds makes me shiver in my seat and purr like a Lamborghini.

I'm blushing red hot. I could almost swear that my breath is fogging up in front of my face. My whole head is fogging up. It's so hot in here that there's condensation on the inside of my skull. I'm trying to finger myself as hard as I can, but it doesn't feel like that's enough, like no matter how hard I try, I'm only going to get hornier and hornier until I'm tearing myself apart. It sucks but I want more and more.

Twenty-eight viewers. Some of them even have subscriber stars next to their names. Every time I look back, there's more people in the chat.

cougar ( ͡°ω ͡°)

move cam dowm plx

wow tigers btfo

I prop one foot up against the edge of the desk so I can get my legs open wider. My paw's stroking and rubbing away under my panties, like it's practically rooted there. I swear I can feel my brain melting and trickling down my spine. It's hot and slick and it's all pooling between my legs and making my pussy swollen and tender.

Holy shit, if this is what heat is like, I feel bad for cats.

$175 – Feline (cougar)

First the change hits my face. My ears perk up and out. The pointed tips stick out above my hair, twitching and swiveling like real cat's ears, coated with tan and tufted inside with white.

My face bulges out around my feline nose. Bigger, broader cheeks fill out my short-but-growing muzzle. My nose fattens up. A dark, plump lower lip peels back around my growing fangs. My whole face is rounder and thicker. With my spare hand, I reach up and start squeezing my fuzzy cheeks. It's so strange to feel my own face stretching and bulging and growing. It doesn't feel like my own. It feels hot and soft and pliable.

The line of fur down my middle thickens out into a big tuft of white on top of my chest, running down along my stomach to an even bigger mound of fluff between my legs. There's too much fur; it's too warm and itchy to leave my shirt down, so I tug it up around my chest. I don't even think about the fact that I don't have a bra on until I'm showing off my bare tits to forty-plus people on the internet. Whoops.

The foot I've got propped against the desk curls and clenches. My toes spread, stretching my socks as they grow thick, swollen paw pads. They flex, and the tips of claws dig through the front of the socks. Somehow the fabric doesn't split open, but it's still stretched tight around my paws.

There's probably someone watching who thinks that's hot.

"Oh man, this species stuff is wild," I say, looking up at the camera, panting softly. A low, deep purr rises out of me as I shift forward on the chair. My eyes slide shut for a few moments, but then there's more dings as donations come in.

$100 – Feline (multibreast)

$50 – Feline (heat)

Oh god damn it, fifty bucks of horny wasn't enough for them?

It feels like a fever. That same sort of hazy, hot-headed, hard-to-think sort of feeling, where your skin is super-sensitive to temperature and you can't even climb in the shower. Like a fever made of horny.

It's too much trouble to keep my paw squeezed underneath my panties, so I just shove them off entirely. Toss them aside. Spread myself open on camera, why not. I'm red and swollen and I can hear the little wet noises that my paw pads are making.

My nipples are stiff and electric. When I grab one, it makes me jolt in my seat and whine, but even how stupid tender they are doesn't stop me. I start squeezing and kneading and tugging. I can feel my heartbeat just underneath the skin. It's not just the tip that's swollen and sensitive, but the areola too. Fat and tender, begging to be touched, then aching when I touch them.

The new set of breasts starts nipples first. First the hot, tender, too-sensitive nubs welling up around the bottom of my ribs. I can't even touch them. They puff out to their full size, dark against my skin, spreading wide and thick. Once they've formed, the tissue starts to swell in around them, filling them out. As the new set of tits fatten up, so do the old pair—a little bigger, a little thicker, a little more squeezable.

I keep kneading my breasts as I lean forward, panting and purring and gasping and squinting at the screen.

:3 :3 :3 :3

multiboob pls go

shes gonna go ALL THE WAY??? :0

My brain's melting. I've got my tits out. I'm fingering myself on stream. Fuck it, not much reason to be modest any more. I lean down, dipping off camera for just long enough to miss a bing as another donation goes through. From the base of my spine, a tail curls itself free. As it grows, it lashes through the air. I curl the tip around the back of my chair and sit up again, letting the stream see what I just grabbed: my vibrator. One of those bullet-shaped ones. It's purple.

There's some excited clicks from the chat, but I don't pay attention to those. I lift my hips up, spread my legs wider, and press the bullet between my swollen folds. Click. As soon as it starts running, my ears twitch and my eyelids sink. I start purring so loud that it drowns out the frantic, muffled buzzing between my legs.

"How do you like that," I say. I'm not sure I even picked the words, they might have just melted out of my horny goo brain.

$100 – Feline (multibreast)

$50 – Feline

$30 – Feline (voice)

Guess they liked it a lot.

When I open my mouth, what comes out is a long, deep, "Mmrrr." I have to fight for deeper breaths. The vibrator is making me gasp for air, but it's hard to breathe in too deeply, because my chest is achingly tender again.

My left hand might be a paw, but my right's gone unchanged until now. Now, the paw pads puff out of the skin and the claws curl my fingers until the sharp tips touch my palm. They spring back, retracting into the soft fur spreading between them. Even though it's thicker and less nimble now, I grab one of my top set of tits and start rolling the fat nipple and areola between my paw pads.

Both pairs of tits are tight and tender already, but now I've got a third set budding their way out of my body. Smaller than the second pair, which are smaller than the first, but they've still got swollen nipples and fat flesh making them bulge outwards. Soon enough, they're big enough to cup in my paws, but they're too over-sensitive to even touch. With the third set grown in, my whole front from my chest down to my crotch is tits and thick fur. And furry tits, too. The white tuft is spreading outward along my breasts and covering them in soft underbelly fur.

make her roar >:3

mountain lions dont roar idiot

"M-mmm, mrrr." I'm trying to say something, but it's hard not to just purr. There's more fur covering my face, and more face to cover. My muzzle's growing out bigger and broader, and my cheeks are thickening up just to keep pace. Whiskers prickle out, poking from the sides of my snout. My rough tongue rolls forward, licking my fat lower lip, then lapping wetly at my white-furred cheeks. It's a big, strange, furry face, and all that plush fur feels like a part of me. I stroke back from my nose to my cheeks.

I gasp and purr and mrowl at the camera. Every so often, a whine or heavy panting as my paw pads find a particularly tender spot to rub. Finally, I manage to squeeze out, "Mmrrr, keep 'em coming guys."

$25 – Feline (hands)

$75 – Feline (feet)

So much for my socks. The claws rip right through them, freeing the thick feline feet beneath. My toes clench and relax, letting those sharp tips slip back beneath the thick, tawny fur. The same fur swallows up what's left of my hands. Paws might make it harder to play with your tits and keep a vibrator wedged up inside of you, but they can't stop me.

I'm slumped halfway down in my seat. I'm leaking, I'm panting, I'm purring, and I'm desperate. The vibe's whirring away. The chair's rolling back and forth while I grind against my paw.

"C-come onnn," I purr. I can't even look at the camera. I'm squirming in the chair and rubbing my head against the backrest like it's scratching me behind my ears. "Give me m-mmorrre,"

$50 – Feline

$75 – Feline

I curl my back and yowl out loud. My head feels like it's being pulled in all directions, like someone's stretching it out to fit the mould of a cougar's face. Thicker cheeks, rounder snout, taller ears nestled on top of my head. It all moves when I peel my dark lip back into a snarl. Thick fur ripples around my snout and my fangs. It's like wearing a mask, but the mask is real.

All the other gaps fill in, the spaces where the fur hadn't quite reached yet, the overlooked bits of me that were still too human. I'm a cat now. A big, horny cat who's so deep in heat that her brain is pooling around her pussy. Being a cat isn't that much different, aside from the thickness, and the fur, and the purring. It's the heat that's really fucking me up.

"Mmrrrohh my goddd," I groan. My free paw roves up and down my front, plucking each nipple with its paw pads as it passes. My whole front is one big horny zone. I squeeze one of my little third-row tits and then slide my claws all the way up to the top. I let out a deep purr. Humans are missing the fuck out.

dangerously cheesy :O

someone tell her shes a good kitty

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum-mmrrr." I can feel the rumbling in my chest vibrating through each pair of tits. My purring and the buzzing vibe harmonize. I feel like I'm going to shake myself into a pile of horny goo.

$50 - Feline (collar)

$25 - Feline (name)

Something snug loops around my throat. Even though I'm grinding against the chair and clutching the carpet and the desk with my claws, I can still spare my free paw to grab it, curl my claws around it, pull it out until I can see. A simple, wide black band, with a silver tag on it, etched with the name 'Kitty'.

Great. Well, Kitty's about to cum her brains out.

Except that it's not coming. I'm right on the edge, I can feel it, like any movement could make me pop, but I just can't find the right one. One paw kneads my tits, the other squeezes the vibrator deeper, my tail thrashes, and I dig ruts into my desk with my claws. I just can't cum.

Heat sucks and I hate it and I—

$100 - Orgasm

Yeah, technically cougars can't roar. It doesn't stop me from trying, though. I lean back, arch my chest, and snarl as loud as I can. My claws dig into my chest and drag across my swollen pussy but I don't care. Everything inside of me is dripping out between my paws. It's not just one big burst. It comes in waves, rushing over me, pulling back, leaving me cold, then crashing across my body again.

I'm dripping on the seat and on the carpet. I slump down further in the chair, feeling thick and fuzzy and impossibly hot. I lose my balance. The chair slips out from under me and I go toppling onto the ground. I'm sore, but it's only a dull ache. I've still got cotton filling my ears and my head and my brain after that orgasm.


9/10 bretty good

:3 :3 :3

The camera can't see me any more. I'm lying on the floor on my side, sinking into my cheek. My legs feel like jelly and I can't pull myself back up, but that's fine. The carpet's nice right now. I can just lie here and purr myself out for a while.

Except that now someone's knocking at the door. "Hey, are you okay?" I hear her call.

Fuck. Bri's home early. I try to say something, but all I get out of my mouth is a loud purr. I try again, but I'm just too exhausted to form words right now. "Mmmrrrr."

The door swings open. I hear footsteps, and then a gasp. I twist my head to look at up at my roommate's wide-eyed face. "Holy shit. You're a cat," she says.

"Mmm'fine," I rumble. I've still got one arm wrapped around my chest and the other tucked between my legs. I'm still in heat, even if my body's satisfied for the next couple minutes or so. Man do I feel bad for cats.

"No, you're a cat. We need to get you help," Bri says. She comes over, reaches down, grabs me under the arm and tries to lift me up. Then she pauses. I think she's looking at the computer screen.

"What's this?" she asks.

I can hear the donation sounds starting to plink away. They're excited. Bri's eyes glaze over and her hand begins to drift toward her crotch. Black fur starts to sprout up along her palm and the backs of her fingers. By the time her paw slips down under her jeans, she already smells like horny cat.