Suits You

A bull buys a swimsuit that turns him into a cow, though he's less put out by that than you might expect. Explicit.

Beau tapped his hoof-fingers on the counter, waiting while the clerk rummaged through the back room. Every minute spent shopping for a swimsuit was another minute he wasn't spending at the pool, getting appreciated for his hard-earned body. The shaggy-haired Highland bull was in the market for a new swimsuit because his old one just couldn't stand up to the strength of his squats.

The winged human came back from the back, holding a folded-up piece of black, satiny fabric. With a flick of her hands, she unfurled it theatrically, holding up the black one-piece. It was almost like a singlet--no, more like a woman's one-piece swimsuit. In fact, that seemed to be exactly what it was: low neckline, coming to a point in the crotch, showing off the hips.

"That's a girl's swimsuit," Beau said. He folded his arms on top of his thick chest, then spared a hand to swipe the overgrown bangs out of his eyes.

The nametag pinned to her chest said 'Josephine', right next to the window that showed off her pert cleavage. With her tight-packed, firm muscle tone, Beau could tell she appreciated the results of hard work at the gym. And even as cut as she was, she still kept her feminine curves, stuffed into a blue halter-top one-piece and a pair of white thigh-high boots.

"No, it's not," the woman said. For a girl working as a clerk in this shop, she had an impressive presence; partly from her beauty, but more so from her attitude. She'd make a good public speaker, he thought, how she spoke with a natural confidence.

"It definitely is," Beau said. Even if she was confident, that didn't stop her from being wrong.

"You don't want to be behind the trend in fashion, do you?" she asked.

Beau's skepticism remained intact, but his ears did rise up, curiously.

"It's very big in Europe now--they're always a little ahead of our styles. Very slimming, clings tight to your body, shows off your chest and legs, and, well." Josephine cocked her head to the side knowingly as she gestured toward the crotch of the swimsuit.

Good point, Beau thought.

"I'll take it," he said.


Beau flipped the latch on the changing room door and tossed his bag on the bench. Even in the locker room, he could hear the sounds of people hanging out, of water splashing and the occasional crash of someone cannonballing into the pool.

He grabbed the hem of his tee shirt and peeled it off over his head. Tossing it off to one side, he swished his hair out of his eyes and looked into the mirror. He still remembered being fifteen, scrawny, and getting called 'emo' because of the way his hair fell in front of his eyes. Well, his hair hadn't changed, but years of going to the gym, plus bovine genetics, meant that no one called him that any more. At least, not to his face.

Being Highland cattle, he had long, proud horns jutting out horizontally from his mop of hair. His neck was broad, and while he didn't have linebacker shoulders, they were still thick and meaty. His arms bore the fruits of daily free weights, bulky and even a little rippling, though Beau wasn't one for the full-on bodybuilder look. He was proud of his pecs, the barrel chest he never knew he'd had until he started working out. They were like the keystone of his body, keeping everything above them supported with their strength. He'd never bothered to build a six-pack, so his abs held a more natural, smoother shape, though still thick and taut.

Beau undid his belt buckle and dropped his pants. There wasn't much else to say; thick thighs, nice calves, big hooves, and, oh yeah--bull dick. He was proud of that. Not like it was something he'd worked for, since that was one hundred percent down to genetics, but it was good to have. A confidence booster, and sometimes a free ticket to a hook-up.

But anyway, he was here to change. He dug the swimsuit out of the bag and shook it out, turning it front-to-back until he figured out which side faced front. It dawned on him, looking down at the neck opening, that he'd never put on any clothes like this before. It couldn't be hard, right? He held the suit out, then stuck one leg down into the neck hole and out one of the leg holes. Then, he picked up his other hoof and stuck it through the other one. With a tug, he situated the waist of the swimsuit around his own waist. A moment he spared to adjust his package, tucking it all comfortably so it would be noticeable, but not obscene.

With a stretch of the fabric, he tugged each shoulder strap up above his arm, stuck his arm through the hole, and let it snap! back into place. He shook out his hair, propped his knuckles against his hips, and looked at his reflection again.

His worry had been that he'd look too feminine in the swimsuit, but on the contrary, he looked good. The tight fabric clung to his muscles and highlighted them with its silky sheen, and the way that his broad form spread the swimsuit wide only served to make him look bigger than he already was. He flashed a smile at himself, puffed out his chest, and swept the hair from his eyes again.

Beau picked up his clothes and stuffed them in the bag. The bag went into one of the lockers, his towel over his shoulder, and a grin on his face.


The warm sun fell down on his copper fur as Beau stepped outside. Humans and anthros were scattered around, some reclining in the beach chairs, some swimming laps in the roped-off portions of the pool, and some bobbing around in the deep end, laughing and chatting with their friends.

From all around, people's eyes lifted from what they were doing and fell on him. Not everyone, obviously, but he knew people were looking, and it felt good. He kept his eyes straight ahead, not bothering to pause, until he tossed his towel onto one of the pool chairs and sat down on the end.

A couple eyes were still on him: cute donkey, sunbathing bikini girl, twinkish cougar. Not bad, he thought to himself. Flirting was on the menu today, but the first course was just a bit of relaxing. He laid back on his towel, nestling his thick shoulders against the sides of the chair. He didn't need sunglasses, since his long hair served the purpose just fine. He lifted his arms up behind his head and flexed. Holding his breath, he counted down from ten. His biceps strained and his pecs pushed the swimsuit away from his chest; he kept them as tight as possible. Three, two, one...phew. He let out his breath and relaxed. All just to get a little extra vascularity, but looking a bit more ripped never hurt anyone.

The sun warmed his skin. His eyes shut and the noise of the pool faded into the background, distant and quiet, but still wet and refreshing on a warm day. The black swimsuit in particular caught the heat, hugging it close to his skin. The warmth lulled him closer to sleep and made his nipples ache faintly. He reached up with one finger and tugged the front of the swimsuit. It snapped back against his chest and his thigh flinched.

Ah, damn it. Getting sleepy was starting to give him wood, and it'd be hard to deal with a big, proud bulge in the European-style one-piece swimsuit. He shifted his legs together to hold back the rising pressure. He sat up, yawning and scratching his scalp. His muscles groaned as he moved, as if they were being pulled too tight whenever he tried to bend his arm or curl his knees or turn his head. Putting his hands on his shoulders, he rolled his neck and arched his back and stretched until he'd worked out most of the kinks.

His nipples were still firm, though. He snorted as he cupped both pecs in his hands, tapping the tender nubs with the flat of his hoof-fingers. He got a jolt so sharp he nearly jumped in his seat. Wide-eyed beneath his shaggy bangs, he tucked his chin against his neck and looked at his thick chest. What was the deal with that?

Whatever, he thought to himself. Enough sitting around, time to say hello to a few of those admirers. He fluffed his hair a little, letting it fall neatly around his shoulders. He worked his jaw up and down, rubbing his chin. Bit of soreness there too, he thought, stroking along the softer, smoother line of his jaw.

Beau stopped in front of the donkey girl, hands on his wider hips and one strong thigh cocked. Her ears lifted as she looked up from her book, and they shared a friendly smile. Beau launched into 'come here often' and 'what are you reading' and fell into a friendly chat with her.

Messing with his suit too much would make him look fidgety, but it must have rode up on his back while he was lying down. It felt taut against his chest and looser around his waist, though it was stretchy enough that there was no slack. A little grunt slipped from his nose as his shoulders slid together, like a rubber band looped between his shoulderblades and tugged them tighter in. A chorus of cracks came from his neck as he cocked his head to the side, like all his joints popping at once. He lifted a hand and rubbed at his neck like he was just stroking his fur. His hoof-fingers rolled along the dwindling muscle there, trying to smooth out what felt like kinks in his spine.

The donkey's eyes drifted lower. In response, Beau confidently kicked up a hoof and flexed his thighs. Instead of rippling quite as much as they usually did, they tensed and...jiggled a bit. Not the impressive look he'd meant, and when she looked back up at him, it was more polite and less engaged than she'd been a minute ago. Damn, was he really skipping out on leg day that badly?

"I'm gonna head out--nice meetin' you," she said, grabbing her towel as she rose off the chair. Beau considered asking for her number but decided not to. No need to look desperate. He was definitely feeling off his game, though. He sat down on the now-empty chair, spread his legs wide, and leaned back.

His chest felt too heavy. Not bigger, but heavier, like it wasn't pulling its weight. He squished one hand against a pec and felt it squeeze around his hoof-fingers. The shape wasn't as broad as it should have been, hanging forward, more conical, almost sagging. He leaned back, twisting his shoulders. It felt like elastic was snapping along his deltoids.

Looking down, his chin didn't even brush his chest. He brought both hands up underneath his chest and pushed it upward, squeezing his shaggy, copper-furred cleavage out of the neckline of his swimsuit.

This wasn't good, but it was so strange that it was taking his brain time to process it. His chest, softer and rounder. He lifted up and arm and flexed it, and while the middle bowed out nicely, there was no ripple, no firm definition. The soreness was like he hadn't stretched after working out, but instead of his muscles being bigger, they were...smaller.

Two and two fit together into four right as he felt a sudden, tugging pain between his legs. He clapped his legs together. In the tight embrace of his soft thighs, he could feel his package. His voice pulled back into his throat as his balls drew upward, like they were retracting on a cord. The muscles of his groin spread and shifted as the bulge between his legs shrunk.

The thick tissue wasn't vanishing, but it was being pushed around in new ways; it slid deeper into him, it formed the walls, the folds, the little nub that made him hiss between his lips and curl his hooves.

When the sharp tenderness had died down and Beau could stand again, he made a wobbling beeline for his chair. His hips didn't work quite the same as before; with the extra inert weight, they swung to one side, then the other, dragging his legs into what might have been a catwalk strut if not for the worried look on his face.

He bent over to grab the towel from his chair, and the only thing that kept his breasts--no use calling them anything but what they were, now--from bopping him in the chin was the snugness of the swimsuit keeping them held close to his chest. Standing up straight, he almost still felt like he was bent over. The whole world had been replaced with one that was just a bit bigger, enough to throw off his sense of size.

Extra mass on his body was something he was used to, but the soft bounciness was strange; the way he could step, and the shock of his hoof hitting the ground could travel all the way up his calves and thighs, through his ass, and even all the way to his chest.

He ground to a halt, staring at himself in the mirror outside the men's locker room. Staring back at him was a shaggy-haired cow, her bangs thick in front of her eyes and hanging down long enough to touch her shoulders on the sides. Her chest had that singularly bovine fullness; heavy but taut, round like they were stuffed full of milk. Her torso wasn't quite slim, but there wasn't much fat to be found on her belly. She was still rounded with muscle, though the muscle was quite a bit diminished. That much was obvious on her thighs and hips especially, thick and juicy. Beau would have loved to squeeze them, if they weren't on his own body.

At least he still had his shaggy coat, he thought, fiddling with the excess copper fur pouring from the neckline of his swimsuit. And his horns weren't much affected either, still sticking out broad and white from his overgrown headfur.

He couldn't go back into the locker room, though, not like this. What could have done this to him?

Beau plucked the edge of the swimsuit between his more delicate hoof-fingers. Yeah, he knew what did this to him.


"What I want is for you to change me back," Beau said, slamming his hand down on the counter. His voice, he'd found, had softened into an unquestionably feminine timbre. He tried to look as intimidating as he could; he hoped his lesser bovine body still had some of that imposing posture.

"Like I said," the winged woman said, with a shrug and a flick of her blonde hair. "I don't do magic for free. This is a clothes shop, not some dollar-store spell shack."

Beau rolled his eyes, though it was a gesture no one but he could see, thanks to his hair. "Look, Josephine, this is nonsense. Did you do this to teach me a lesson? Because hell if I know what I'm supposed to learn from being humiliated like this."

Josephine smiled. "It's just a little bit of fun, hon. Look, how about this? I get a little private time with a pretty cow," she said, leaning over the counter and winding a finger around a lock of Beau's shaggy hair, "and then I see about turning you back into a man."

Beau's lips remained pursed as he stared down Josephine, the only sound his deep breathing as his chest rose and fell. The heavy swells of his breasts stretched the fabric slowly, but he couldn't spare a hand to pluck at the front of the swimsuit, since they were balled into tight fists. Eventually, finally, he said, "Fine."


"Are you sure you don't want me to go down on you?" Beau asked, while Josephine tugged the last strap of her strap-on tight.

"Shut up," she said, grabbing him by the hair on the back of his head. With a push, she pitched him against the counter. He caught himself with his hands on the edge, but he was bent over it, arms wedged against either side of his chest, and legs spread awkwardly. A small rush of magic slid all the blinds shut and locked the front door, so they wouldn't be disturbed. "You're going to take it like a girl," she said.

"In that case, are you at least going to give me some fore--nngh!" Beau grunted, his shaggy hair bouncing forward. Nope, no foreplay, and no warning. Not even a taking a minute to warm up the shaft--damn, that was harsh. The strap-on pushed inside his freshly-formed pussy, stretching him in new and strange ways, putting pressure on parts of his body he'd never felt before.

Josephine pulled at the fur in her fingers until Beau's head popped back up. With her hips rocking up against him, his whole body was swinging slowly. His thick ass dragged down his center of gravity and his breasts swung back and forth as much as the taut fabric would allow them. She asked, "How are you liking your new pussy?"

His gasps and grunts, which he tried to keep to a minimum, all came out in the same girlish groan as his voice had slipped into. He dug his teeth into his soft, pink lip as he looked over his shoulder at the winged woman. With another groan, almost like a moo, he let go of his lip. "I'd like it better if you weren't so--hey, hey, I'm a virgin, I'm a virgin--gyah!"

Beau's knees buckled and only the friction of his hooves against the floor kept him from landing snout-first on the counter. He curled to one side slightly, trying to avoid the sharp pain buzzing through him and to focus only on the tight feeling, the sensation of that silicone shaft filling him up, and the fact that this would be done soon.

He closed his eyes and tuned out Josephine as much as he could. He'd had anal before, this wasn't that strange a feeling, right? There were just more sensitive bits, more sharp warm feelings jumping up through his body. She was shouting something at him, something something cow, but he didn't pay attention. He moved his hips; his chest bounced slowly. A hot dampness buzzed its way down the tips of his nipples, as if his breasts were threatening to spill milk.

Finally, with enough force of will, he could feel the edge coming. It wasn't even all that different with a woman's body. A sense of vertigo, control slipping away, hot thrusting and heavy breaths and then a cross-eyes, groaning low. Not as intimidating or dominant as his usual big bull bellow, that was for sure.

Josephine seemed satisfied; she pulled back and let go of his hair. He straightened up, pulled his legs together, and groaned softly as the ebbing pleasure meant the ache of having his female body deflowered was coming back to him. He tugged the swimsuit back over his pussy, covering himself up. His hands were propped back against the counter. "So, turn me back to a guy now?" he asked.

Breathing deeply, Josephine began to tug the strap-on free from her legs. "I didn't promise that, I said I'd see about it. And right now, I like you as a big, milky cow," she said, grinning.

Beau snorted as he stepped in close to Josephine, close enough that his pink snout was almost touching her nose. In an even, measured tone, like he was making small talk about the weather, he said, "Josephine, do you know how strong cows get?"

With that thought, Beau broke away and clopped over to the door, twisted the lock open, and walked out. No one stole his muscles and got away with it. He was going to deal with Josephine just like the way he'd dealt with the bullies back in school.

Time for Beau to hit the gym again.

30 March, 2016