A short partial jaguar transformation, as a kind of experiment with non-anthro animal hybrids.

Mia shut the door behind her and tossed the plastic package onto her bed. She wasted no time pulling off her clothes. Her underwear went too, tossed to the side along with her socks. Shaking out her short black hair, she brushed her fingers along her temples, above her pierced ears.

It had finally come.

She tore open the plastic seal and dumped the bag out onto her bed. A pair of leggings and elbow-length gloves spilled onto her sheets. She scooped the nylon up in her hands. The jaguar-print rosettes stretched around her fingers. She was excited; a wide-eyed, dry-mouthed sort of excited.

Mia sat down on the bed and lifted up her left leg. The fabric stretched around her heel and flowed up her calf. Pausing, she wiggled the nylon over her foot until the toes of the leggings met her own toes. Then she stuck her right leg into the leggings, then stood up. The waistband snapped against her hips as she let it go. With a few gentle touches—the layer of nylon made her skin more sensitive—she smoothed the wild pattern across her legs.

The gloves left her fingers bare, but stretched nearly all the way to her elbows. Holding her left arm in front of her, she pulled the left glove tight, then did the same for the right. She wiggled her fingers to adjust the finger holes and brushed off the tops of her thighs.

Her reflection looked back at her from her bedroom mirror. Her tan skin made the jaguar-print glow.

And then it started.

The joints of her toes bubbled and curled back on themselves. The sudden discomfort and shift in her weight tipped her forward, but she caught herself on her bed. Her breaths came shorter and faster. With sharp cricks and snaps, her heels stretched into the air and forced her knees to bend. The tendons in her feet tightened like a guitar being tuned.

Mia's lips peeled back into a grimace. She balled her hands into fists. The leggings tingled with a chemical burn that reminded her of hair dye. The nylon sizzled into the skin of her toes. Thick pads on her toes and the balls of her feet squeezed against the floor. Her calves clenched. Muscle dragged against muscle until, with a desperate gasp, her claws flexed. Long and sharp, they sunk into the carpet, spreading her paw pads. Golden fur flooded out of her skin, with the hot rush of a fever on the verge of breaking. The pattern on the leggings melded with the pattern of the fur racing up toward her tall heels.

Her eyes throbbed, watering, making her squint. Her jaw hurt; her teeth were crammed together. All she could do was clench them and grimace against the ache. Her paws were heavy, but so were her calves and thighs, filling in with thick sinew fit to use the large pads and sharp claws.

The hair along Mia's spine stood on end, even though the fur had only just crossed her knees. Bone shuddered against bone, grinding until ligaments began to grow. A short nub twitched against the back of the leggings. It tugged at the fabric as if trying to free itself. Her stub of a tail creaked as it began to move.

Mia took deep breaths, trying to cool her body down. Her thighs flared up as fur flooded out of her follicles, thick and spotted. It was closing in on her crotch. She closed her eyes and pushed her face against the sheets to muffle her yowl.

Her hips curled and her feet spread wider. She could almost hear the hiss of heat as it struck her right between her legs. Her tail beat against the back of her legs. As it grew, it sprouted its own coat of fur.

Mia pushed herself slowly back up. Her lips peeled back to grimace, baring her protruding canines and her darkening gums. With one hand on the bed to prop herself up, she pushed her other hand against the fur between her legs. Her mound was swollen, the skin black and almost glossy. A thick patch of darker, brownish fur surrounded it, and crept upward in a trail that ended above her bellybutton.

A soft growl rippled out of her throat. Her eyes gleamed in the light. Her spotted tail lashed at the air behind her.

Of course, she wasn't finished.

The tendons in her arms pulled tight. She slumped against her bed again, pressing her forehead against the backs of her palms. Her fingers bent. Sharper nails tore through her sheets as her hands curled up. Between the broadening cartilage of her nose and the lengthening bones in her hands, all she could hear was the creaking and snapping and groaning of her own body.

Dark pads thickened out of the flesh of her fingers and palms. In a burst of heat, fur filled out along her fingers, and took the place of the nylon gloves around her palms. Her thumbs snapped back into dewclaws. Mia wrinkled her snout. She pulled with her paws, ripping larger holes in the sheets. The prickle and pop of fabric beneath her claws soothed the ache of her nose flattening out against her short, hairless snout.

Her claws retracted, vanishing back into the thick fur of her paws. Rosettes bloomed along her arms as her pelt climbed toward her shoulders. dark hair prickled its way out of the skin on her chest. It began as stray sprouts, but soon, a thick tuft of brown fur had filled out along the tops of her bare breasts.

Mia reared back onto her feet. Her voice rumbled deep in her throat. Her ears grew without regard for her piercings, making the flesh throb around the silver studs. Naturally dark flesh rimmed her golden eyes. Her broad nose twitched as she breathed in deeply.

Mia's eyes glinted as she studied her reflection in the mirror. A bit of sweat glistened off of the ripple of her abs, flanking the dark fur that ran down her midsection. Her rough tongue slipped from her mouth to lap at her furless snout. The corners of her dark lips curled into a grin. Her tail beat eagerly against her thighs.

She was ready for a night out.

January 12, 2017