A new werewolf and her boyfriend are ready for her first change. They weren't expecting her to change into a male werewolf, though. Explicit.

June sat on the floor of the living room in nothing but her underwear, with all the furniture pushed up against the walls. Sean hovered nearby, reading over Your First Full Moon, the pamphlet from the doctor's office, for what had to be the fiftieth time.

While the bite had healed weeks ago, today she'd woken up with two strings of red marks curled around her left wrist. Cortisone cream only helped so much, so she'd put on a long-sleeved shirt and tried her best not to scratch, but they'd itched all day long. Now that the mark was bare, it was hard to keep her fingers off of it. Every so often, it twinged beneath her skin like a flexing muscle.

"You sure you don't want anything else to eat?" Sean asked, looking up from the pamphlet.

They'd read the whole thing together: sitting on their bed, her arm freshly bandaged and tucked against her chest, her cheek against his fur, leaning on him like a big, Sean-shaped comfort pillow. The cuddling was one of the upsides of having a collie for a boyfriend.

June leaned back on the floor. "At this point, I'm less worried about going hunting and more worried about throwing up on the carpet." Then she added, "I'm full, but thanks." All day she'd had more bark and more bite in her than usual. She wasn't sure how much of that was anxiety and frustration, and how much was the feral feeling stirring beneath her skin.

"I don't mind if you want to take your underwear off," he said. "It might get ripped."

June shook her head. "I'm more comfortable this way. Besides, the elastic's going on these already."

Sean nodded, which made his floppy ears bob up and down. "And you're sure you don't want some pillows to lie down on?" he asked.

"I'm fine, really." A throb rolled down June's arm and curled her fingers into a fist. Her heart thumped away against her ribs. More anxious energy, or the beginning of the change? She couldn't tell.

In the middle of her fretting, Sean knelt down beside her and wrapped his arms around her. Caught off-guard and engulfed in black-and-white fur, June gasped, stiffened, and then relaxed. She slipped her arms around Sean's back. Her left hand was still balled into a fist.

"Don't worry," he said. "I'll be here to help you through the whole thing." Sitting up, he gave her a light kiss on the lips and a playful lick on the cheek.

June clung to him as an affectionate urge welled up inside her chest. Without a thought, she leaned in and licked his fluffy cheek right back. The urge passed. Her arms loosened and she sunk back down to the floor, brushing her tongue with the back of her hand. She'd meant to do that. As a joke. Right? She didn't quite manage to convince herself.

The bite marks on her arm had grown achingly red, and looked as clear as if they were fresh.

"Hah, thanks." Sean wiped off his cheek, then checked the time on his phone. "Looks like it's about five minutes out. I'll grab some water and put on music," he said. He gave her shoulders a reassuring rub before he stood up and headed over to the fridge.

June clutched her wrist quietly. Blood pounded through her arm and her muscles tightened against her palm. She clenched her jaw and tried the breathing exercises. In-two-three-four, out-two-three-four. They didn't help. Her hand throbbed, and with each pulse her fingers pried themselves apart. They were still clenched as tight as she could squeeze them, but the new leathery pads, puffing out from her fingertips and spreading across her palm, forced her hand to splay open.

Watching her hand change, seeing her nails curl and the dark hair slide down from her wrist, made it all real. June had known she was a werewolf for weeks, but until now it had seemed theoretical. Now it was right in front of her.

Coarse black fur spread over the backs of her clenched fingers. Bending forward, she leaned her hand against the floor and flexed her claws. She stretched her fingers by raking her paw along the carpet and her knuckles let out a few satisfying pops.

Sitting up again, she let go of her arm and held it out in front of her. The marks around her wrist had been swallowed up by the thin black fur rippling up her arm. The whole limb pulsed in time to her heartbeat. Her muscles bulged and strained tight beneath her new fur.

Sean stepped back into the living room with a water bottle in each hand. As soon as he laid eyes on June, he was at her side, down on his knees, ears perked attentively. "Are you all right?" he asked. "Does it hurt? Remember to keep breathing."

Huffing through clenched teeth, June said, "I'm trying." Every sensation was magnified, from the pulsing heat surging through her biceps to the sound of Sean's quick, nervous breathing. "It's hot." She held out her free hand. "Give me a bottle."

Taking one of the water bottles, she pressed it against her arm, rolling it up and down a few times, then squeezing it between her thick-padded fingers. The fur had spread only along the top of her arm; the cool touch against her bare skin made the hair on the back of her neck stand up. One water bottle wasn't enough to quell the heat inside her, but it was better than nothing.

"Do you need ice?" Sean was already up on his feet, running back to the fridge. "Let me get some."

Her arm had more than doubled in thickness from sheer muscle mass. The heat seethed up over her shoulders and across her back, followed by a rush of fur. Her straining shoulders pulled her bra straps tight. Now that the change had spread beyond her arm, the heat flowed all throughout her body at once. Her chest stretched outward, firm and thick, forcing her shoulders to spread wider and making her joints pop. Dark fur wrapped around her broadening neck, then spilled down the midline of her torso. Her stomach tucked inward, then bulged back out, rolling with firm muscle.

June only grew hotter as the change spread. She couldn't keep her teeth clenched any longer. Her jaw went slack, her tongue spilled out, and her shoulders rocked back and forth as she let out hot, panting breaths. Growing fangs jostled for space in her mouth. Whiskers poked from her cheeks and her darkening nose bulged fatter and rounder.

A growl sprung up in June's throat and deepened as her body grew burlier. She wasn't even standing up and she felt dizzy. New, vivid instincts pounded against her head and in her chest, ones she had no idea how to deal with. The sound of footsteps caught her attention and she fixed her sharp, yellowing eyes on Sean as he came back, carrying two bundled-up towels full of ice cubes. He froze in place for a moment, tail tucked between his legs, then shook himself and hurried over to June.

"Here," he said, passing an ice pack over to her good hand. "Where do you want the other one?"

"My back," June panted. She nestled the first pack on top of her head. The chill seeped straight into her skull, easing some of the throbbing heat in her temples, but also making her whine and shiver. Her ears, poking from either side of her head and tufted with black fur, twitched.

When Sean pressed the ice against her bare back, she shuddered, and then her body itself pushed back. A surge of growth rolled down her spine. Muscles bulged and shifted from one side to the other, shoving the pack back against his hands. The burgeoning weight of her back bent her forward. From the base of her spine, a scrawny tail unfurled, flopped onto the ground, and then began to lash from side to side.

June growled and wrinkled her nose and peeled back her black lips. With a sudden spurt of growth, her face snapped forward into a short snout, with her broad canine nose perched at the tip. She ran her tongue over her sharp teeth, then let it flop out and panted in relief. At least now her fangs had space to grow.

The fur and the heat spread to the rest of her limbs. Switching hands, she held the ice pack against her head with her left paw—the thick pads barely even felt the cold. Muscle bulged from her shoulder down toward her right elbow, while her thighs grew firm and hairy. Her fingers clenched; her knees bent and her toes curled.

With each pulse of heat through her legs, her feet stretched, raising her heels, elongating their bones. Her toes swelled larger and rounder, splayed apart by the plush pads they were growing. While the balls of her feet grew their own leathery pads, fur swept down along the front of her clenched calves. Her toes spread and curled and cracked as she stretched each leg in turn.

At the same time, the fur engulfed her right arm. Thick muscle rolled down toward her wrist and new pads bulged out from her palm and fingers. Hunching forward, she clutched her thigh with her hand and dug her claws in, hard enough to rake the skin but not to draw blood. They kept growing; once they were large enough that her grip began to hurt, she thumped her paw onto the floor and dragged it along the carpet instead. The sound of ripping and popping and the feeling of something tearing beneath her claws sent a growl of satisfaction shuddering through her.

"Careful. You're...clawing the carpet," Sean said, though he didn't try to stop her.

June leveled a predatory look at him from underneath her ice pack. "Oops. Next time I'll remember to use your shirt."

Sean laughed, though it was more nerves than anything. Seeing how quickly he responded to snarls and fangs gave June a perverse sort of satisfaction. He was so easy to intimidate. She rolled her shoulders and bristled the fur running down her back. She hadn't expected to feel so big, and she couldn't tell how much of that was her imagination, and how much of it was her very real size. And she was still growing. Her tongue lolled from her mouth and her tail thumped against the floor as she imagined just how huge she might get.

Still, even with the ice, June was melting beneath the waves of heat. As hard as she panted, she couldn't cool herself down. Her tongue dangled out over her front teeth, flanked by inch-long, jagged canines. Her eyes were half-lidded and clouded by surges of strange instincts. One second, she wanted to grab Sean and wrestle him to the floor; the next to run wild and hunt, the next to rip and tear and eat and eat. No sooner would she push back one urge then another would swell up and overwhelm her thoughts again. Her tall ears, now perched on top of her head, folded back against her skull.

"You're doing good so far," Sean told her.

June clawed at the fur spreading outward from the center of her chest while she flicked an ear in his direction. She could hear his own panting, and even the faint drumming of his heart. With a snort, she was able to pick up the scent of his adrenaline.

"You need anything?" he asked.

June propped herself up on her hands, resting her weight on her paw pads instead of the flat of her palms. "Water," she growled.

Sean screwed the lid off one of the water bottles and passed it to June, who took it in a large paw. Leaning her stubby snout over the lip of the bottle, she tipped her head back and took a long gulp. On instinct, her tongue slipped out and began to lap it up. Unable to decide which way to drink, she wound up finishing off the bottle with a sort of slurping gulp that left her snout and chin dripping wet. She slapped her tongue along either side of her cheeks, then returned to that low, heavy panting.

Sean took back the bottle, and the ice pack that June lifted off of her head, setting them both out of the way. "How are you feeling?" he asked.

Back bent and head hunched, June's broad chest slowly rose and fell. Her bra was plastered tight against her pectorals. Where her skin was bare, it was slick with sweat. Her arms hung to either side of her, paws clenching and unclenching, biceps flexing and then relaxing. "I feel hot," she said. "And big."

Sean nodded. "The pamphlet said female werewolves can get up to seven feet tall, so you must be pretty close to finished, then."

June was only barely listening. Her nose twitched. There were a hundred scents in the air, and they all flooded in with every breath, but she focused in on just one. Turning and leaning against her hands, she pushed her snout into Sean's face, then sniffed. His eyes went wide and he leaned back. But before he could get up, June's paw was on his chest, pushing him down onto his back and pinning him to the floor. Her nose roved from side to side above his neck, then she grinned and stared down into his eyes.

"You're excited," she said. A low rumble lurked behind her voice. "I can smell it on you."

His heart thumped against her hand. "Wh-what do you mean?" he said. His eyes darted down from hers to the paw on his chest. The thickening pads spread her fingers wider. The claws slowly curled toward his shirt. The dark fur grew in thicker and more sleek: less like body hair, more like a true pelt.

A few drops of drool fell from her heaving tongue onto his chest. June lapped at her snout and shifted more weight onto her paw. The beastly urges, those wordless desires that couldn't be reasoned with, were boiling over.

"You like it when I'm big," she said, tipping her head to the side. Her hot breath blew across his snout. "You like when I can push you ar-rrr-rrrgh!"

Curling her lips, June wrenched herself away from Sean. Her claws caught on his shirt and tore long slashes through the fabric, missing his skin by less than an inch. She stumbled to the side, holding herself off the ground with her heavy paws. Stooped forward and elbows bent, she snarled. Fur flooded along the undersides of her arms, filling in where her skin had been left bare. Muscle flexed and surged beneath her smooth pelt like pythons covered in velvet.

Her shoulders squirmed from side to side. Already broad and rippling, they bulged and bunched beneath her skin. Her lengthening neck stooped forward; its fur bristled and grew into a dense, shaggy mane across her shoulders. Her chest barreled outward with bulk and black fur. The straps of her bra finally gave in and snapped. The heaving of her chest brought with it a few cracks from her spine and shoulders.

"You're huge," Sean gasped.

In a deep voice, June snarled, "Yes!" Her eyes were wide, drool dripped from her lips, and she hunched on all fours. Both the growth and the sheer size were intoxicating. Every new surge sent a wave across her body, prickling her fur and stoking the burning desires in the back of her mind. Each rush made her hungrier for the next.

Her back lurched and shifted beneath her pelt. She curled her spine, then arched it back; its joints popped under the strain. Muscle rippled along her flanks. Fur engulfed her bare skin and spilled over her chest in a bushy tuft that ran down to her crotch. Her tail flicked back and forth, matching the thick fur covering her in thickness and color: not quite pure black, speckled with dark gray at the tips.

Dull pressure thumped against the inside of her skull, straining against her brow and snout and jaw. June closed her eyes and grit her teeth. Warm fur wrapped around her face. Her fangs, surging outward, ached and throbbed as they fought for space. All at once, her snout snapped out into a long canine muzzle. All the blood in her head rushed forward, leaving her dizzy like she'd been suddenly yanked to her feet, and leaving her snout throbbing. Her tongue flopped over her jutting canines while her nose pulsed thicker with every heartbeat. After a few lightheaded moments, she shook herself, flicked her ears, and let out a deep, satisfied rumble.

The only scrap of clothing still hanging onto her was her panties, and they were stretched snug around her waist, half-buried beneath her shaggy fur. Her hips jerked forward, a grunt squeezed from her throat, and the front of her panties bulged outward. Then again: grunt, thrust, swell. Before long, she slipped into a rhythm, grinding against thin air while a heavy bulge tented out her underwear.

June's thoughts had sunk so deep beneath her roiling werewolf urges that she didn't even consider what was happening to her body. Even at her horniest, she'd never had such an overwhelming need to mate. Not to have sex, not even to fuck, but to mate. To have a bare body up against hers and grind and snarl and bite until she had claimed them as her own.

A black shaft bulged out over the waistband of her panties. For a few seconds, the elastic managed to hold out, but it was old, and June was big. Her cock sprung free, tearing her panties in half, jutting from its sheath, bobbing in the air underneath her.

The surge of muscle swept down her legs and bulked out her thighs and calves. She shifted her weight forward, crouching low and stretching her legs. Joints popped and shifted in her heels, fur flooded down the backs of her legs, and her paws dug into the carpet as they grew. Tendons shifted, tightening until her new canine stance came as naturally as standing flat on her feet.

The euphoria of changing rose to a peak. June's eyes rolled back and she swayed on all fours. Her head lolled back and her eyelids slid shut. She breathed in, then let out a long, rolling howl that rose as she leaned back and fell as her snout dipped forward. As the sound trailed off, her head drooped, her shoulders slackened, and she slumped forward onto the ground. Her mind struggled to reassert itself after the heady rush of wild instinct that had come with her first transformation as a werewolf. Every inch of her body still thrummed with adrenaline.

The first things she felt, beyond the bulk of her own body and the dull glow throbbing in her limbs, were Sean's hands against her arms. Was it over? And then, more quietly, in the back of her head: Did it really have to be over?

"You did it!" His voice sounded relieved and proud in equal measure. June's ears twitched as she began to stir. "Are you all right? Do you need water? Food? Anything?"

June's chest rumbled as she turned her head and cracked her eyes open. She could hear and smell him even more clearly than she could see him, and those newly heightened senses only excited her more. His familiar scent mingled with fear and excitement. As she rose, the urge to mate pounded away in the back of her head, and now that she was more lucid, she knew just who she wanted to mate with. Sensations fluttered through her imagination: the feel of his body underneath hers, of her weight pinning him down, of her hips grinding against his.

Your First Full Moon, in its Werewolf Myths and Facts section, pointed out that lycanthropy couldn't be sexually transmitted, but sex during a transformation could cause temporary sympathetic changes in one's partner. June, however, was miles away from thinking about pamphlets.

Licking her lips and propping herself up on her hands, June growled, "I could use a nice, hard—nngh."

A shudder cut her off as some tender part of her scraped against the carpet. Something between her legs. That didn't make sense. With an annoyed growl, she shifted to one side and turned her hips over. A dark-skinned cock, swollen and half-erect, rose from the thick fur along her underside. A tingling sense of vertigo washed over her as she realized what she was looking at, what must have happened to her.

"What? Is something wrong?" Sean asked, poking his nose closer to her.

With a snarl, June shoved him away and recoiled. She hunched down, bristled her mane, and bared her fangs. "Stay back!" she snapped. While her sober mind was angry and confused, another swell of instinct overtook her. Her cock stiffened. Raw, primal thoughts flickered through her mind. It was all she could do to keep from shoving a hand between her legs or grinding against the carpet. Something had to have gone wrong. No one had warned her this could happen.

Sean got to his feet, hands held up, ears plastered back against his head. "It's okay! I just want to help." He took one careful step toward her, then another. "Remember to breathe. In-two-three-four, out-two-three-four."

June's instincts saw a nervous collie coming towards her. She snapped and snarled at him, her own ears turned back and her tail tucked low between her legs. While she still kept her teeth bared, she tried to steady her breathing. Her back rose and fell: snort-two-three-four, growl-two-three-four, again and again. Her eyes stayed locked on his.

Sean stopped moving forward, but he wasn't backing away. "Whatever's going on, I want to help you," he said. "You can tell me. It's all right."

"No! Just go away!" June wrinkled her snout. Her mating instinct was so intense it set her on edge. Just having Sean in the same room made her want to fuck him into submission, but the thought of showing him what had happened knotted up her guts. If she forced him to shut himself up in the bedroom, maybe she could make it through the night on her own, and he wouldn't have to know.

Sean gulped and glanced in the direction of the Your First Full Moon pamphlet, sitting on the arm of the sofa where he'd left it. He crouched down and braced himself with one hand on the ground. Keeping a cautious eye on June, he tipped himself over onto his side, then rolled onto his back and pulled up his ripped shirt to expose his white-furred belly.

That was right out of the Werewolf Body Language section, figure 2: Submission. June knew it, but as soon as her wolf side recognized it, all the feral defensive anger she'd worked up began to melt away. Her mane settled back against her neck, her lips slackened, and her shoulders sagged. With all that ferocity gone, she didn't try to snarl or swipe at Sean when he got up and crawled over to where she lay. He didn't say anything, just wrapped his arms around her neck and pressed his cheek against hers. June rested her chin against his shoulders and breathed in the scent of his fur.

After a minute, Sean loosened his arms, sat up in front of her, and said, "Now, what's wrong?"

"I'm..." June began, but she couldn't will herself to say the words. What if she just...didn't tell him? If she got him to leave, that might work for tonight, but what about a month from now? It was going to come out one way or another. If she couldn't say it, she'd just have to show him. So, cheeks burning, staring away from him, she lifted herself onto her feet. The tips of her ears broke eight feet in height. Standing on two legs, her burly frame was all the more evident. And, of course, her stiff shaft hung between her legs.

June had turned into a male werewolf.

"Oh." There was a bashful tremor in Sean's voice, but none of the disgust or disappointment she'd feared. He stared more than just a little, before clambering up to his feet. Even standing up, his head only came up to the bottom of June's chest. His nostrils flared for a moment; June knew he was smelling her masculine scent. "How did that happen...?" he asked.

June grimaced and whined. "I don't know. It was just there." Her shoulders tensed and her cock pulsed insistently. She let out a stifled grunt. "Fuck, I'm so horny," she huffed under her breath. She closed her eyes and turned her head away from him. "You should go."

She felt his hands pressing against her chest, small and delicate against her body, stroking her fur. "June, I was ready to stay with you through becoming a big snarly werewolf. I think I can handle a little extra on top of that."

June opened her eyes to find Sean smiling up at her. "You don't...mind?" she asked.

"Not if you don't," he said.

Without warning, June wrapped her arms around Sean's shoulders and crushed him against her chest, lapping all over his face and snout. Only once she felt his joints starting to crack did she think to let up on her hug.

Sean rolled his shoulders with a small wince. "You're welcome," he said. "So, you're only feeling horny, right? No hunger, no bloodlust, just—"

"Need to mate," she said with a feral intensity.

"Now we know what to get out of your system before you change next month. For now...I'm going to touch it, is that all right?"

June cocked her head at him. "Are you sure? You don't have to—"

She was cut off by a low, satisfied growl rolling out of her throat. Sean had wrapped his hands around her cock and held it steady. Her claws curled as she leaned against his touch.

Sean perked his ears and offered her a small grin. "Trust me, this isn't the first time I've done this." As he began to stroke up and down, her jaw went slack and her tongue slipped out again.

June's confusion and intense emotions had held back her breeding instinct, but it had grown even stronger and more ravenous in the interim, and now it was free. She felt the blood thumping through her body, the hot breath spilling from her mouth, and the warm touch of Sean's hands against her cock, and she needed more of it.

"See? Feels good," Sean said. His head was down and his eyes focused on his task.

Grabbing him by the shoulders, June lifted him off the ground like he weighed nothing. Her eyes were narrowed, wild and hungry. Drool rolled from the tip of her tongue. She brought him close, until they were snout-to-snout, then growled, "Mate."

Then June was dragging him down to the ground. He barely had the chance to get his hands and knees beneath him to keep himself from falling flat on his face. Hunched over him, she pressed her nose against the nape of his neck, sniffing and nipping at his fur, while her claws sunk into his clothes.

"H-hey, gentle!" he said, half-chuckling, as he squirmed away from those sharp talons.

His shirt, already torn across the front, split in two easily; his pants took more ripping and snarling and tugging. June could taste his excitement in the air, mixed with fear, and it only stoked the blazing fire of her instincts even brighter. Now he was saying more things, things about breathing and being careful, but the words went numb in her ears. The only thing she could focus on was slaking her lust.

June braced herself against the floor with one paw and wrapped her other arm under Sean's stomach. Squeezed up against her firm midsection, he let out a yip. As she crouched and adjusted her stance, the head of her cock slid against his back, his fur, his thighs. The only warning she gave was a deep snarl before she clutched tightly and thrust her cock into him.

She growled in satisfaction, dimly aware of his sharp gasp. Every feeling was tantalizing and new, but instinctively familiar. Each thrust was a rush of delight, reassuring her: yes, this was right, keep going, harder. The strangeness of her new body was outweighed by good it felt to indulge her desires.

Her claws dug into the carpet, holding her steady while she rocked back and forth against her much smaller mate. Her eyes were glazed, unfocused. Her tongue ran slick with drool as it dangled loose between her fangs.

Sean's strained gasps slowly gave way to panting and grunting. June's hunger was as wild and relentless as her pace, and she gave him little choice but to fall in step. His fingers and toes curled, digging their own claws into the carpet, trying to hold on in the face of her forceful grinding.

Even in the grip of her feral instincts, June was affectionate. She dipped her snout down to lap at the back of Sean's head and nip at his ears. She tugged on the nape of his neck with a low growl as she adjusted her grip on him, pulling him tighter against her body.

Sean let out a happy whine, panting for breath with his arms locked and his head slumped forward. His claws pulled at the carpet as his knuckles popped and cracked. Beneath his hands, his small paw pads puffed out like cushions. His slick tongue dangled from his mouth, rolling between inch-long canines of his own. The fur along his neck bristled and thickened while his shoulders rippled with swollen muscle and ached from the strain of holding his body up.

June's quick, rough thrusting now grew slow and labored. Her chest heaved and rumbled with every jerk of her hips. She dug her claws tight against his skin, then threw her head back and howled. A moment later, Sean joined in, throwing his voice in alongside hers. His howl wavered with each knock of her hips, until she hit her peak and a burst of hot seed filled him, leaving him hanging warm and heavy beneath her, panting for air.

He slumped to the floor. June followed, sprawled out against his side with one heavy arm thrown haphazardly over him, both panting for breath and dizzy in the afterglow. For a few minutes, they did nothing but bask in each other's warmth, barely even moving. Then Sean began to squirm and pull himself free, first flopping over onto his back before climbing up onto his knees. Flecks of drool dripped onto his legs from his dangling tongue. He turned his hands over and flexed them slowly, seeing how far he could bend his fingers until the pads squeezed tight against one another.

"Talk about 'sympathetic changes'," he said. A hoarse growl lingered in the back of his throat.

June let out a low rumble and began to rise up onto her arms. "Looks good on you," she said, then paused. She sniffed the air, then leaned closer to Sean and sniffed again. Her lips curled into a grin and she began panting harder. "Mmm. I can smell myself on your fur. Makes me want to fuck." Her eyes gleamed as she lowered her head and let out a deep growl.

Sean barely had time to finish the swig he was taking from the water bottle before his ravenous werewolf girlfriend tackled him to the floor and pinned him down again.

The two of them were both going to be sore in the morning.