A stressed-out college student relaxes by turning herself into a bimbo. Mature.

Kris thunked her face down into the middle of her textbook and let out a groan. Her lips stuck to the pages, which was probably gross, considering she'd bought it used. Dragging back her red hair, she pulled herself up, then folded her arms and flopped back down.

Midterms could eat a dick. Her first one wasn't until next Monday, but she'd been studying all day and she'd barely gotten through the first two weeks of class. She hadn't even changed clothes. She was still wearing the blue, palm-tree-patterned pajama pants and old high school Quiz Bowl tee shirt she'd worn to bed. It wasn't that she didn't want to take a break, it was that she couldn't. Even if she tried to nap, she'd just lie in bed stressing out over her impending doom until her stress headache came back.

What she needed was to relax.

Kris tipped her head to the side and glanced up at the shelf above her desk. Sitting on the side next to her closet was a round red button with a silver base. She reached up and pulled it down, setting it on the desk in front of her. In bold white letters across the was printed 'RELAX'.

Kris tapped her fingers across the letters. She'd never used the button before; never really had a need to. Now, between her headache and gnawing anxiety and her inability to get some rest, this was as good a time as any to try it out.

Her fingertips danced on top of the button while she pursed her lips. Either she should do it now, or put it away, she told herself. She pushed the button with her palm. It sank until hitting the bottom with a ker-click!

A sudden chill washed over her, like a draft had just blown in. It started with her toes, then washed up the backs of her calves and thighs. Her hands went down to her lap to keep herself steady. Goosebumps rose across her legs, then settled again, leaving a silky, sleek sensation against her flannel pants. She tugged up her pants and felt her legs: bare and smooth, like they'd been shaved.

Pleasant warmth kindled inside her belly. Kris sat up and patted at her stomach through her shirt. Her mild muffin top had vanished, burnt away into the brimming energy now glowing through her.

Putting out her hands in front of her, she watched her hair stiffen on the backs of her arms, then— Poof. Vanished, leaving her arms as smooth as her legs. Her lightly-chewed fingernails evened out and cleaned themselves up, looking like they'd been freshly filed.

The cool wave washed up over Kris's scalp. The mess that was her hair untangled itself, falling against her cheeks in loose red curls.

It was a good thing she was sitting. The rush as the changes sunk into her head was enough to knock her off her feet. Her head lolled back behind the chair. Her heartbeat pounded against her temples. Her head spun, tossing all her thoughts up together, letting them drift back down jumbled and disconnected.

Kris blinked a few times, staring at the ceiling while her thoughts fell back down to earth. Once she could think straight again, she sat up slowly and began to take stock of what had happened. Along with the hair and the nails and her waistline, she could almost swear she was a bit bigger around the chest, but since her clothes had shifted too, it was hard to tell. Her pajama pants now tapered toward her calves and clung closer to her legs, while the cut of her tee shirt hugged her slimmer waist. She looked like herself, but better, like she'd just gotten back from a spa day.

Even better, her classwork felt more distant from her mind. While she could remember that she'd been reading the unit on mitosis, she had to close her eyes and concentrate to pull up any memory of what mitosis actually was. If she wasn't focusing on them, she could even forget that she had three midterms coming up next week.


Sort of.

Okay, not really. To be fair, she did feel better than before. But her headache was coming back around, and the stress of oncoming midterms was still rolling around in the pit of her stomach.

RELAX. The button stared up at Kris from the desk. She chewed on the corner of her lip and drummed her manicured nails on top of her textbook. Maybe one push just wasn't strong enough for her stress level. Maybe she ought to press it one more time. Or, maybe she shouldn't. Maybe she'd just have to learn to manage stress if she was going to make it through college.


Kris rose up onto her tiptoes, leaning on her desk. The rush washed over her again, warmer, like waves lapping onto a tropical beach. Up it moved, across her tightening calves and thickening thighs. It felt as if her body was unbound, finally allowed to swell out to its proper size. As her hips grew into their new, tastefully curvy size, her pajama pants adjusted themselves. They hugged her legs, but allowed her warm skin just enough slack to feel free.

The soothing sensation slid up higher around her. Her stomach tucked inward, pinched by an invisible force, but pushed back by the smooth muscle tone sliding down her abs. A gasp squeezed out of her throat as her midriff tightened. Her waist settled into a trim, fit shape that accented the wider curve of her hips.

As her chest grew more tender, every breath Kris took squeezed a little tighter. Her nipples buzzed tenderly against the front of her shirt. She plucked at the fabric and winced and squirmed. With one sharp inhale, the tight strain across her chest popped. Her breasts swelled forward, pressing into the front of her top. Heavier, rounder, and more prominent on top of her chest, they pulled her tee shirt tight. The letters of 'Quiz Bowl' across the front began to stretch and split. Their outlines pulled together, blended, and then reshaped themselves into 'Cheer Squad'.

One by one, pink polish painted itself across her nails. Its faint, sparkly sheen made them almost glow in the light. As the cool rush wrapped up around her scalp again, she felt her hair falling soft against her shoulders and draping down her back. The natural curls of her hair relaxed, not straightening entirely but opening into flowing waves that invited her to run her fingers through them. As if she'd dyed it, the color of her hair rippled from its natural coppery hue into a more eye-catching shade of red.

When the change hit her mind, it felt like being flung face-first into a giant powder puff. Chalky, pinkish fluff filled her mind with a warm, fuzzy haze. Her thoughts felt softer and more distant. A small dazed smile came to her lips. Her eyelids fluttered. At the same time, real makeup spread itself neatly across her face—mascara filling out her eyelashes, silvery eyeshadow glittering on her eyelids, and a dash of pink lip gloss across her slightly parted pout.

As the change died down, she was left slumped against her desk, panting softly, and staring blankly ahead. Her lashes batted once, then twice, and then she stood up slowly. She straightened her back and flicking her hair away from her burgeoning chest, squeezed snugly into her cheer squad tee shirt.

Oh my god, Kristy thought. She felt like a different version of herself, like she was from some kind of alternate timeline. This was the version of her that had developed early and gotten popular with the guys at school and had worried about whether she'd make the cheerleading team with the rest of her friends. She knew it was all made-up. She knew she was still Kris on the inside, but now she could relax as Kristy, the version of her who cared more about finding the right sorority than about studying for her midterms.


Kristy shut her textbook with a sigh of relief. She hopped up onto her bed and tossed herself back. Splayed out on the sheets, resting on top of her silky hair, she felt like she could sink into the mattress and keep going down forever. A smile rested on her glossy lips. Her eyes fluttered shut.

This was going to make it harder to study, though.

She didn't acknowledge that thought. With a soft groan, she tossed herself onto her side and wrapped her arms around a pillow. The newness of her body, of the size of her chest and legs and hips, made it so she couldn't quite lie down like she used to.

And why wasn't she studying right now?

Kristy sighed as she sat up. Maybe it was too bright, and that was making it hard to nap. She scooted over and clicked off the desk lamp, so the only light was what made it through the curtains. Then she threw herself down onto the bed and tugged the covers up around her. Beneath the sheets, she rubbed her hands along her thighs. Just focus on how nice her new body felt, she told herself. Quietly, she slipped a hand underneath her pajama pants and rested her palm against her panties. Her thighs squeezed together. She pushed her cheek insistently against the pillow.

Before she managed to force herself to sleep, her headache began to throb again. It wasn't as bad as before, but it was still an insistent, aching pressure against her forehead.

With a grumpy sigh, Kristy kicked back her covers, crawled out of bed, and headed into the bathroom to dig out her Tylenol. Seeing her new reflection in the mirror gave her a small start, and she ended up taking a moment to experiment with her rich red hair and pout, then purse, her fuller lips. Still rolling her lips together, she pulled the cabinet open and swallowed down two pills.

Back at her desk, she slid down into her seat, cheek resting against her palm while she fiddled with her hair. The Tylenol hadn't helped much before; she didn't expect it to help much now. All she wanted to do was recharge. To get a couple hours where she didn't have to worry about holding all the material for three different midterms in her head at once. Even her cheerleadery self was stressed out.

Her eyes fell on the RELAX button. She huffed and looked pointedly away, but found herself glancing back at it again. Maybe she just needed a firmer push.

The button in her hands, Kristy bounced up onto the bed, pushed back her hair, and laid down. Her hands rested on top of her stomach. She took deep breaths. Lifting the button up over her head, she looked at the white lettering across the red top. Was she really going to do this? Yes, she was.

Ker-click, ker-click!

If last time had been like wading into tropical waters, this time felt like being plunged into a hot tub. Tingling heat rushed up from the tips of her toes. The tendons in her calves ached, tugging her feet into a curled position. Her flannel pants suddenly tightened and thinned into snug spandex in solid, shimmery blue that spun its way up her calves and thighs. Her pants became leggings. The hems stretched out to swallow up her toes, while the waistband slid down until they were two separate pieces, riding high on her hips.

The rippling heat washed over her waist, easing more mass into her hips and ass. It felt like slipping out of a tight pair of jeans, surging out to fill out her new dimensions. Her leggings pulled snug around her. Her plain black panties were hit too: blossoming out in pink, straps shrinking until they laced high around her hips. Only a thin triangle of fabric covered her now.

The fabric of her tee shirt warped, then pulled snug around her. It shrunk into spandex, drawing upward and leaving her midriff bare. As it rewove itself, the letters across the front shifted again, blurring and reforming into 'Long Beach' in pink cursive, punctuated with a palm tree. For a moment, her chest seized and her breath caught in her throat. Then her breasts surged out into the spandex, rising from her chest, swelling out in all directions. They felt tighter, more snugly packed on her chest, plump and round when squeezed into her new top.

As the heat poured across Kristy's arms, a gentle tan followed in its wake. It gave her fair complexion more color and made the bright shade of polish on her nails pop. Her fingers curled as her fingernails lengthened slightly—still short, but more glamorous than practical.

Kristy's eyelids sunk as the warm tingling rose across her scalp. From the roots out, a wave of color washed across her thick curls. Vibrant red lightened into a bright shade of pink. It flowed down her locks, all the way to her tips, leaving her with a thick, pink mane spilling down past her shoulder blades.

The changes reached her thoughts. Kristy let out a wavering groan and sunk down against her bed. Her eyes glazed over as the soothing head rushed through her mind, pummeling her thoughts like the jets of a hot tub. Her vision shimmered before her eyes. The whole world broke into iridescent crystals. She shuddered, taking deep, quick breaths. Her mind reeled and spun and popped with splashes of intense color.

While her thoughts were drowned out by dizzy, invigorating pleasure, that same heat washed over her face, too. Her eyelashes thickened and darkened, like bursts of black against her smoky eyeliner. Her lips puffed outward plumper and thicker, rising out from her face as if hungry for attention. The solid, glossy lipstick rolling across them matched the vibrant pink of her hair. Her mouth opened and closed a few times; she was trying to squeeze her lips between her teeth, but they were too thick and slipped back open with a wet pop each time she tried.

A soft moan slipped from her mouth. The head was overflowing her thoughts, pouring over her body, making it tingle like sparks were dancing across her skin. Her legs bent at the knees. She ground her thighs together. Oh my god that felt so good. Like better than pretty much everything else she'd ever felt. Her glassy eyes gazed up at the ceiling as she curled her hips, rubbing at the thong covering her crotch, pulling at the spandex front of her top.

After a few moments basking in her body's new sensitivity. Krystal pushed herself up, absently twisting some of her thick pink hair between two of her fingers. Without thinking, she began to explore her body unabashedly, running her hands along the sleek leggings that hugged her hips and wrapping her fingers around one of her heavy breasts. The hot flesh sunk tenderly beneath her touch. Her back arched and she let out a pleasant moan.

Part of Krystal just wanted to lie there and keep groping herself, but she managed to swing her legs over the edge of the bed, sit up, and push herself onto her feet. She stumbled for a moment, then found her balance on her tip-toes. Brushing back her hair, she ran her hand along her cheek. Her pointer finger rolled over the thick pout of her lips. She squeezed the tip of her pink nail between her teeth for a moment, then let go.

Krystal glanced down at the textbooks sitting on her desk and realized that she didn't recognize any of them. She knew, beneath the thick, fizzly fog that had filled up her head, that they were hers, but this version of herself had never gone to college. She was totally fine with that, though, cause like, what better way to not have to worry about midterms.

It even took an effort to remember that she'd been studying before this. She picked up her Life Science notebook and pouted as she tried to read the top line. There were at least three words in it that she couldn't even pronounce, much less understand.

Krystal smiled as she tossed the notebook back onto the desk and sat down on the bed. Finally, she could forget about her dumb school stuff and just relax for...umm, two, four, eight...sixteen...hours? She knew it got longer each time you did it, but mental math was a bit too much for her over-relaxed mind.

Oh well, she didn't have to worry about that.

Krystal bit the back of her plump lip as she slipped a hand underneath her thong. Careful with her nails, she started toying with herself. Her legs hung off the side of the bed, spread open, while her head sunk down into her pillow. Soft moans and grunts rose from her throat as she let everything go and focused just on how tender her body was.

Of course, she'd have to get right back to studying when this was over.

With a soft whine, she thumped her head against the pillow and shut her eyes. No, she didn't have midterms. Swimsuit models didn't have midterms. But as much as she tried to immerse herself in her new identity, it was too easy to remember that it was only temporary.

Krystal sighed and stopped teasing herself. Opening her eyes, she turned her head to the side and glanced across the bed, to where the RELAX button was sitting, waiting, like it was teasing her. She reached out and snatched it up, then turned it over in her hands while giving it a sour pout.

Her thumbs tapped on top of the button as she tried to debate with herself. It was hard, with her thoughts stuck all numb and fuzzy like they were, but she did her best. It wasn't like she was going to do any more school stuff right now, right? She was too dumb for that. If she pushed the button again, she'd be out for like, a whole day, though. But she didn't have to be ready until next week...

Ker-click, ker-click!

Oops. Krystal dropped the button like it was poisonous and bit the corner of one of her pink nails. Maybe she ought to text one of her friends, she thought, pouting in concentration. She could let them know she'd gone a bit wild with the button. Holding her chest steady, she sat up and heaved herself over the edge of the bed, onto her tiptoes. Just as she began to search around for her phone, the hot rush came over her, surging up across the skin of her legs.

The spandex of her stockings shimmered and tightened and smoothed out into latex. Its slick blue sheen gripped her feet, then her calves, then her thighs. As her leggings tightened, her hips swelled outward. Her ass and hips and thighs formed one smooth, thick curve, flaring outward from her waist and tapering down her legs. Soft skin squeezed against the taut rubbery lip of her leggings.

The stiletto heels forming underneath her feet knocked Krystal forward and left her teetering. Kicking up a leg and looking over her shoulder, she saw the straps of her new heels buckling tight around her ankles. Six-inch pumps wrapped around her feet from heel to toe, pink and just as glossy as her leggings.

Krystal steadied herself, heels clicking on the floor, just in time for the aching heat to crash up over her waist. Her pink thong panties tightened their grip on her hips. As fabric became latex, they hugged her swollen mound and glistened in the light.

A wet moan sprung from Krystal's lips. She shoved her hand under her latex panties, spreading her fingers carefully. She was so tender she had to use a careful touch, the very tips of her fingers. Even then, she found herself clutching a bedpost and grinding her thighs together.

Her waist tugged tight as the wave of heat rushed up her torso. When it reached her spandex shirt, the fabric bent, then rippled as if being pulled, then snapped into sleek latex. The letters dissolved away, leaving her top a solid blue that matched the glossy shade of her leggings.

Krystal's breasts began to swell again, now with the low groan of stretching rubber. Each inch was a struggle, as her growing breasts fought against the tight grip of the latex trying to squeeze them back against her ribs. The skin-tight top pressed her rounder, faker tits together, but the bigger they grew, the harder they pushed back against the latex. Soon, her silicone-stuffed mounds jutted proudly from her chest, forcing her top to stretch around them. The glossy latex was pulled so tight it bowed inward between her her tight, near-spherical breasts.

The heat sizzled up over Krystal's scalp and radiated out through her hair. Her rich pink locks grew brighter and softer until they were shimmering platinum-pink, framing her face and spilling down her back.

Blood pounded against her temples. She clutched at her head with one hand, while the other was still tucked between her thighs, adding to the numbing pleasure flooding into her mind.

One by one, her thoughts burst, flickering like fireworks before her glazed-over eyes. Each burst was brighter than the last, blotting out more and more of her own mind. Her thoughts were swept away, reduced to nothing by the raw pleasure flooding through her with every burst. Everything went white, and for a few pure, blissful moments, there was nothing in her mind but raw physical sensation.

While she blanked out, the changes washed down hot against her face. Heavy mascara and eyeliner made her eyes seem even more bright and vacant. Her lips puffed outward and squeezed against one another, fighting for space. Slowly, they curled out into a round, swollen pout, glistening with pink lipstick the exact same shade as her hair. She stuffed a finger between her lips and instinctively started to suck on it. Her collagen-plump lips settled into their new shape, bold and greedy for attention.

Kiki wobbled slightly on her heels. Her eyes batted a few times, starting to focus again. Even without her thousand-yard stare, she looked remarkably vapid. Bit by bit, her senses came back to her, though her mind was still blissfully numb. She slipped her finger from between her lips and stared at it, as if confused, with a thin string of saliva hanging between her fingertip and her mouth.

Gradually, her eyes rose from her fingers and began to glance around the room. Where was she? She took a few careful steps, nudging clothes and books out of the way with her latex heels. Crossing in front of the closet, she caught her reflection in the mirror on the door and came to a sudden halt, squeaking in surprise. Ohmigod, she didn't see that girl before!

It took a second or two of shock for her mind to put the pieces together. Oh yeah, like, mirrors.

Entirely forgetting the question of where she was, Kiki took another look at herself in the mirror. Her fingers brushed through her pink hair, tossing it back behind her head. She put her hands on her hips, rocking one way, then the other, and watched her latex outfit glisten. She hefted her straining breasts in her hands, squeezed her thick ass, and slowly licked her plumped-up glossy pink lips.

Oh my god. She was so hot.

Though Kiki's mind was numb and pleasantly empty, she did remember, in a hazy, pink sort of way, that she was trying to relax. With a titter and a wiggle of her hips, she turned around and slipped up on top of the bed. She stretched out with a happy sigh, then lay back against the sheets. Her eyes slipped shut as she slipped her hand underneath her latex panties, and started relaxing herself the best way she knew how.


It had been five days since the button's effects had worn off.

Well, mostly worn off.

Kris scooted forward and hunched down over her LS 1 midterm. One hand rested on the side of her head, rubbing slowly. With the other, she rolled her pencil between her fingertips. Her pink-streaked hair hung down to the desk like curtains around the sides of her head.

24. After which stage of mitosis does cleavage occur?

Her eyes read the answers, but at the same time, something went pop in her brain and her mind went pink for a moment. A shiver rolled down her spine. Glancing to her left and right, she saw everyone else working away, entirely focused on their own tests.

Quietly, she slipped a hand down below the waistband of her skirt. Her thighs pressed together with the soft squeak of latex. (The latex leggings were one bit of the outfit she'd kept wearing. To her relief, no one had commented on them yet.) After a few eyelid-fluttering moments, the answer rose to the fore of her thoughts.

With a deep breath, she removed her hand, then scribbled in the bubble for B: Telophase.

10 February, 2018