Operative Lost

A government operative is captured, implanted with a parasite, and remodeled into a more profitable form. Explicit.


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TRIPLE A: Colloquial term referring to Aegis Systems, AeroTech, and Atmos as a single entity. While these companies prefer to be called by their official branding, little effort is made to correct citizens of Canis who use this term. Often used as a stand-in for 'the government', as the government of Canis is run via corporate enterprise. Aegis, AeroTech and Atmos have owned controlling stock in Canis government since 2151 and have provided over five centuries of fair, continuous rule.

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WAVE: WAVE, often styled W.A.V.E., is a cross-corporate not-for-profit 502d organization with the stated mission goal of protecting free commerce on Canis and stopping illegal trading activities operating without consent of the Canis government. WAVE is a small but elite team of operatives and support staff that work to keep the citizens of Canis safe from uncertified markets.

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AGORA: The organization known as Agora is the main opponent of WAVE. Agora claims to be operating as a corporation in competition with Aegis/AeroTech/Atmos, but is in fact a decentralized, cell-based, and dangerously democratic collection of black market dealers. Agora has no defined business model or industry and has been involved in diverse yet almost unanimously illegal operations, ranging from AI piracy and reverse genomics to trafficking of persons and assassinations.

In the blue glow of a datalink terminal, Carerra's claws cut arches of purple-red in the air. Her face stood sharp in Ensuna's eyes, outlined by her curved white bangs. Ensuna had made some quip about Carerra looking like an owl, but that was a minute ago when she'd had the upper hand. Last minute seemed like a distant and happier time.

One, two, three slashes through the air, each with a step. Each pushed Ensuna closer to the wall. The sting of white bioluminescent strips torn open mingled with the ripped fabric where Carerra's claws had struck her already. The black skintight suit had more holes in it than usual.

There wasn't a single rip in Carerra's suit. Her red luminescence outshone Ensuna's, especially as she closed in, each hoofbeat crunching faintly. Confidence swept clear across her fox-like muzzle.

"I wish I didn't have to do this," Carerra said.

Ensuna grasped the opportunity. She sprung forward, hands grabbing at Carerra's neck. She wasn't going to listen to a monologue.

Carerra swooped backwards. She twisted midair. Her legs clutched Ensuna's waist. The two of them came down hard, Carerra on top, holding Ensuna against the ground.

"You didn't have to leave WAVE!" Ensuna said.

Her horns scraped against the concrete. The behemoth tried to shake off her aggressor, but she couldn't lift herself from the ground.

"Agora freed me," Carerra said.

Her hand tightened around Ensuna's lower neck, holding her steady. Carrera's artificial claws were retracted. Her other hand was squeezed into a fist. Pain exploded in sight and smell and aching, throbbing heat against Ensuna's face. Carerra drew back again.

"They would have freed you too, but you had to fight."

Again the fist came down. The pain of the first punch would distract her, right? No such luck. It hurt as much as the first and split her thoughts between pains. She couldn't stand to feel each, so her mind flitted between one and the other, unable to block both out or feel both at once.

"You're stubborn. I try to raise you out of slavery and you spit at me and call me a traitor."

Another fist swept down and Ensuna's head wobbled. One of her eyes was swelling shut. Pain came in every direction and from every motion she made. She groped at the air in front of her, reaching for Carerra's arms, trying to hold her back.

"I'm going to free you whether you like it or not."

Ensuna's jaw clattered and she went limp. Her good eye blinked a few times, then closed.

"Species is...horned leonoid..."

"They call them 'behemoths'."

"Known colloquially as behemoth. Facial structure humanoid, lacking muzzle. Coat is dark blue fur with minor bioluminescent markings. Hair is black. Small orb suspended between horns."

A cold touch made Ensuna want to squirm.

"Hmm. The orb is curious but I don't see the use for it. Moving on."

Ensuna cracked open her eyes. Her left eye hurt, though her white eyeliner hid the black eye she was sporting. She could feel the weight and tightness of the lumps where Carerra's fists had landed.

"I think she's waking up."

"Hmm, right."

One voice was young and female and springy while the other was heavier, older, and male. Above her, beyond the hexagon-pulse of a force barrier flickering into place, were stark white ceilings.

She rolled her head to the side and felt a chorus of swollen pain. She blinked away a few tears and stared at the blurry figure of a jackaless in a skintight white latex suit, identical in style to the tiger standing next to her. A pair of scientists.

Ensuna hoped for a moment that she had been taken to a hospital, but this was clearly not a hospital. She was naked, too. There was no reason for a hospital to strip her clothes.

The muffled sound of boots on the polished floor came closer. It was the jackaless, in glossy white from her unseen toes to the top of her head. Only her ears and muzzle were left exposed, as a pair of slim goggles covered her eyes. All else was smooth, hugging her soft frame and reflecting the lights that shone all around her.

"Is Julia ready?" the tiger asked.

"She should be. I let her know when we brought this one in," the jackaless said.

The tiger nodded and walked out of Ensuna's vision.

"What are you doing?" Ensuna's voice cracked and her throat hurt but she forced the words out.

The jackaless said nothing.

The soft hum of a cart announced the tiger's return before she saw him, pushing the cart up to the side of the table where Ensuna laid.

"Okay, Julia," the tiger said. "Just hold still."

He lifted a long, slippery white thing from the tank. It was like a squid with no legs and a tube worm had been spliced together. It gave a few lazy, wet convulsions.

"Get that away from me!"

Ensuna winced. Her shout made all of her sore spots tense. She tried to move her legs, but the force field formed rings around her ankles, bolting her to the table.

The pale thing wasn't thrashing like some angry creature. It was waiting. It pressed against Ensuna's thighs as if it knew what to do, as if it was aware of what it was doing. It reached further along her legs and then it reached into her.

Her breaths became clipped gasps. Ensuna's hands balled into fists and she yelled and cursed at the scientists with their dark faces peering from their white, featureless suits.

The thing was in her and inside of her and sliding up into her and she clenched every muscle she could but it wasn't stopping. A long portion of it, perhaps a foot, tapering to a blunt end, lay outside her body, forming a tight seal with her labia, as if she had an odd pale-white phallus.

Inside her body, it was worse. Tendrils squeezed through her cervix, sliding deeper, enveloping her ovaries. She could feel the tightness of her organs being pushed aside, the uneasy motion against her bones and inside her body. Her brain flashed possibilities in front of her: assimilation, being eaten inside-out, being a cocoon for some alien life. None of them were pleasant. The tendrils responded to the rush of adrenaline with excitement.

She could feel them passing through her neck. She could hardly breathe for a moment, and then it was behind her head, squeezing around the spine, reaching up and up and...the brain had no nerve endings, so there was no sensation there. A pulse shook everything, every sense.

And then, she heard the creature's voice.

"Hi, I'm Julia!"

It flowed through the tendril lodged into her brain. The pulse of electrochemical activity rippled across her cortex as it spoke to her.

"And you're my new host," the thing—Julia—told her.

Ensuna's body, stressed in ways she had never imagined, shut down.

She was back at WAVE. Her handler had needed to talk to her in private. She couldn't be sure what it was about; ideas slipped out of her head as easily as they slipped in.

She closed the door behind her and got to her knees. Her handler's paw was on her head, guiding her onto his cock. She sucked and her eyelids fluttered and she started to squirm. She couldn't stop, she couldn't get away.

She stepped cautiously through her family's apartment. Her mother smelled like motor oil, like she always did, so it wasn't hard to find her. She wrapped her arms around her mother's waist and kissed her neck and slid her fingers down against her mother's folds.

With a grunt, Ensuna wrenched herself back to consciousness.

"What's wrong, you didn't like the dreams?"

Her dreams didn't seem so bad once she was reminded of her new reality. Between her teeth and reaching down her throat was a feeding tube, sending a faintly sweet slurry flowing down into her stomach. And between her legs was the thing called Julia, moving occasionally as if shifting to become comfortable.

"We're gonna share a nervous system soon, you know. So you'll be able to feel all the good stuff I feel, and we can both have fun when you're horny," Julia said.

Ensuna tried to ignore her and to focus on the scientists above her. They were unconcerned that she was conscious. They had put on surgical masks and occasionally passed a vibroscalpel over her head. The force field held her head still while they did something back behind her horns. She couldn't tell what, but from the numb feelings she got through the anesthetic, it felt like some sort of implants, like a pair of large sockets.

"While they're working on your head, I think we should get working on your figure. I mean, look at it! You're so boring. You should feel lucky I've got a doctorate in anatomy. Or...well, I've got the memories of someone who had a doctorate in anatomy, but it's like the same thing, right?"

Ensuna was more confused by what Julia was saying than anything, but it was slowly becoming clearer. In that dull sensation, the feeling of pressure against her internal organs, she could tell that Julia was shifting her innards around. Unlike a corset, there was no force from the outside forcing her waist in—everything that was there was simply being displaced.

Her waist dwindled from slim to an almost dollishly small size. Ensuna's breath caught in her throat. She couldn't breathe in as deeply.

"And you'll get full faster, cause your stomach's smaller," Julia added, wanting to be helpful.

The mass squeezed out of her waist moved lower, toward her hips. It wasn't only the new thinness of her waist that made her hips and ass feel bloated—Julia saw to it that Ensuna would have curves. She could only do so much right at the moment, but with the steady stream of nutrients pouring down Ensuna's throat, she had a constant supply of mass, which she processed and then directed to Ensuna's hips and chest.

Whether fortunately or unfortunately, Ensuna received a heavy dose of anesthetic right then and her eyelids drooped shut once again.

Carerra had her backed up against the wall. Ensuna didn't want to lose. She didn't want to go to the white room with the white-suited scientists and the white parasite nestled in her pussy.

Carerra grinned. Her claws were ready.

Ensuna lunged forward, past her claws, right up to Carerra's face. Her lips locked on top of hers as they fell, Ensuna on top of Carerra, Ensuna tearing at her rival's clothing.

Carerra was squirming and growling and wriggling beneath her but it only made Ensuna more excited. One paw held down Carerra's stomach, pinning her in place and letting her drive her thick, swollen shaft into her. She arched her back and grunted sharply, hovering on the line between pleasure and pain.

Ensuna tightened her arms around Carerra. Carrera was fighting less now, the more that Ensuna split her open. Her cock pulsed inside of Carerra, leaking slick precum. Her eyes started to swim, her jaw falling open, her reluctant huffs becoming loud moans of pleasure.

That's right, Ensuna thought, grinning widely. I'm bringing you back to WAVE as a horny slut.

Carerra was moaning like the little whore she was, starting to babble as Ensuna's cock melted her mind.

This time, Ensuna woke hard enough to give a sudden jerk on the table. Her head was still held down, feeding tube still running into her mouth, but out of the bottom of her vision, she could make out Julia. Like a pale case of morning wood, jutting out vertically from her waist—thicker than before, longer, nearly a foot and a half now, with one large black eye set in the head.

True to Julia's word, Ensuna could feel the tightness, the wobbling, the feel of heat and air against Julia's body, like she was a part of her own body. Their nervous systems were slowly growing together.

"You liked that one, didn't you? I can tell," Julia said, punctuating her sentence with a giggle inside of Ensuna's mind. She sounded almost lightly intoxicated from the pleasure of being swollen and erect.

Ensuna wrinkled her nose slightly and noticed how it seemed to glisten slightly in the light. Out of the corners of her eyes, her cheeks shone with a glossy polish. Something had been done to her face.

"It's latex! You know, for easy cleanup." Julia said. "That's why they knocked you out. It woulda been kinda gross to watch."

The irony of the grotesque parasite saying something was gross made Julia's fur stand on end.

The scientists had moved down to her jaw now, and as always, had no concern for what she seemed to be doing, as long as she was kept firmly in place by the force field.

Ensuna mentally explored what Julia had been doing while she had been knocked out. Her waist—was it slimmer still? Or was that the way it had been before? The best thing she had to compare it to was her hips, and Julia had been hard at work there. They were thick, luscious, curved, tapering all the way down her legs for a shapely figure.

Julia had put effort into Ensuna's ass, too. It had been small but pert. Now it was thick enough and round enough to lift her up off the table a bit. It would jiggle when she walked around and if she wore a short skirt it would ride up and show the whole world her ass—and then Ensuna realized Julia was getting her excited again.

"Oh, come on, can't a girl have a bit of fun?"

A jolt rattled between Ensuna's skull and her jaw. One side of her mouth felt loose, like her jaw wasn't entirely firmly settled in its joint.

"You need to get more comfortable with feeling pleasure," Julia said, then added, "I've got a psychologist's memories too, so don't worry, I'm not a quack."

Julia's tendrils were shifting around inside of Ensuna's body again. They were reaching higher now. She could feel the sensations prickling inside of her chest, drawing out her nipples, stiffening them against the laboratory air and the faint crackle of the force field.

A second jolt loosened the other side of Ensuna's jaw. A latex-encased hand pressed into her mouth, and it swung open like a snake's jaw, unhinging itself, then sliding back into place around the tube when the pressure was removed.

Julia's tendrils rerouted mass, encouraged growth, and stimulated cell division, all while she cooed to Ensuna to keep her calm. Prickling, aching, tingling—the sensations weren't pleasurable, but beneath them all was the low, growing hum of bliss from the growing tenderness of her breasts.

Her nipples swelled and puffed up and squeezed against themselves, making her want to dig her fingers into them and spread them open, but the thought made her cringe. Julia was babbling in her brain about how large breasts made you look like more of an ideal mate. Ensuna tried to tune her out.

The weight of her growing breasts was the strangest of all the feelings. The sensation of that much mass on her chest, changing her center of gravity and pushing her around and wobbling on their own, was alien to her. Her nipples ached and throbbed and squeezed tighter, like they were changing shape.

The scientists left after removing the feeding tube. Ensuna's head and hands were free to move within the force field. She reached down for her breasts, squishing them against her chest. Her fingers groped for her nipples and found them, swollen into a strange folded shape and growing. She raised her head to look at them. Her nipples, a pure, smooth black, looked like two pairs of lips, sitting at the tips of her bloated breasts.

"What are you doing!?" Ensuna asked between gritted teeth.

She groped for Julia between her legs, wrapped her hands around her body, squeezed and pulled as if trying to strangle her—but it only brought out a moan in her mind and a moan from her own mouth. Julia stiffened and swelled, bigger, longer, thicker, gaping Ensuna's pussy as she grew.

Julia's tip resembled a cock's head at first, but that was changing. It was slowly stretching forward, with a small black rim circling the hole. The black rim filled out, gaining definition while Ensuna reluctantly stroked Julia in a mixture of exasperation and pleasure.

"Keep going!" Julia cried into Ensuna's mind. She wanted to stop, but her body had other ideas. The sensation that Julia was flooding her with was sparking off every sexual instinct she had and a few that she didn't.

Ensuna's shoulders hit the table and she arched her back and Julia was steadily growing and the black rim was thicker and glossier and plumper and stretched around Julia's...head. 'Head' was particularly apt, as the rim had formed into a pair of lips, even larger than Ensuna's nipple-lips. Julia's black eye blinked and her lips curled into a thick smile.

"Mmm, fully grown! Was it good for you too, baby?"

Ensuna was sweaty and exhausted, confused, elated, disgusted, horny—it was all a bit blur in her mind by now, and the only clear things were Julia's words cutting through the clutter.

"Ahh...oh, hey..." Julia sighed.

Ensuna lifted her heavy head to see the jackaless and the tiger back, with fresh surgical masks, administering a sedative directly into Julie's body.

Her head dropped back down and she let out a tired grunt before Julia's grogginess pulled her down into sleep herself.

What Ensuna felt could hardly be called a dream. It was sensory information moving through her mind while she slept, but it wasn't truly a dream. It was a sliver, one fragment, one snapshot of a thought. It was a brainwave stretched from a wave into a solitary swell, stretched to infinity so that it was just as strong, just as steady, forever.


Cum soaked into her chin and bulged out of the sides of her cheeks. It filled her mouth and soaked into every crevasse on her tongue. It dripped down her throat in thick white globs that clung to her esophagus. Her face was flecked with droplets of cum. The scent weighed heavily in her nostrils, overpowering every other scent.

Ensuna couldn't speak. She couldn't move. She couldn't think. She was only dimly aware that each instant had been preceded by one identical to this one. The afterimage was graven into her mind.


Ensuna woke with a thick grunt. Her tongue passed over her lips and she swallowed dryly and one hand moved down toward Julia.

What her hand met, though, wasn't the smooth, poreless skin of her parasite, but smoother, glossy, a latex-like clear plastic material. She lifted her head. Julia was the same from the tip of her dark lips, down past her eye, past her head, and a short distance beyond, but from there to Ensuna's body, Julia's skin had been replaced with plastic. Julia was still connected to her, via a thick tendril that ran down the center of the plastic tube, but it was as if all her flesh had been removed and the space filled back in with some oily pink liquid that sloshed as Julia grew stiff.

"Sorry about that dream! It's cause of the neural link. You picked up on my subconscious while we were both sleeping. And I love cum," Julia said.

Ensuna's hands brushed at her pussy, at the base of the parasite, but found new implants—a metal ring, bolted down on top of her folds and holding onto Julia just as firmly. They were almost the same being by now.

"I'm going to keep fighting," Ensuna said under her breath. Her upper lip twitched, a quiver of disgust, as she slowly gripped Julia tighter.

"No, you won't," Julia said.

Ensuna's snarl grew clear and vicious. "You don't know me."

"I do know what this will do to you," she said.

The force field tightened down again, pulling Ensuna's eyes up to the scientists on either side of her. They each held a long, curved plastic shape, like a large horn, each full of the same pink fluid that Julia now had a reservoir of. Ensuna's face was locked in frustration and rage. The force field held millimeters away from her face, keeping her from moving.

They lowered the plastic things toward her head. Their hands brushed at the ports that had been installed. She felt one click in behind her left horn, then one behind her right—like a pair of new horns, pink and...and...

Ensuna's mouth slid open and she started breathing deeply. A cold energy had poured down into her heart and it was pounding through her body and her extremities felt cold but she felt good. Her mind started to buzz. The distraction, the weight lying on her mind and keeping it from moving, felt like her dream.

"What—" she whispered, but her lips slipped. They ached. Her whole skull ached and the tendrils surged through her bone marrow and spawned stem cells and pumped ATP through them at a hyper-accelerated rate.

Not that she knew that, or that she would have understood it, or would have cared. Her face was moving. It was pulling her skin, the latex skin that they had replaced her face with, but her skin all the same. The tightness and the stretching, the snout slowly emerging into her field of vision, that was where her mind focused.

Her lips stung. She licked them and rubbed them together and pulled them tight to soothe the sting. Nothing worked. Her mind was out there, at the tips of her lips, moving forward with her stout, stubby muzzle. Each swell and bulge, each little wrinkle smoothed out by the growing force beneath her skin and the tendrils that pulsed there, each of them sent a spark into her mind that popped and drew her attention.

Her thoughts bounced between each sensation with no time to formulate anything beyond the most immediate response. The most complex thing she could process was physical sensations. Her nipple-lips were tensing. Her real lips twitched and quivered out at the end of her short but growing muzzle. Julia was swollen and engorged and grinning. Julia parted her lips, revealing a second set of lips, from which a long tongue unfurled, licking both pairs of lips eagerly.

Ensuna tried to think. She wanted to rub Julia. She tried to think again, and she wanted cum like that dream she'd had. It was so hard. Why was she worried that thinking was so hard? She needed to relax. The pink liquid in her artificial horns burbled slightly. A dim smile crossed her lips and Julia trembled in delight at the rush of pleasure.

"Oh my god this is amay-zing," Ensuna said.

The tiger looked at the jackaless across the table. The jackaless nodded and reached for a switch. The force field, no longer necessary, flickered off.

"Ensuna, don't get up from the table," the jackaless told her.

"Okay," she said, as if it was her utmost pleasure to stay there on the table.

Ensuna could be really good at doing what people said. She felt like that was a good thing for her to be doing.

"You're right, you need to do what these two say," Julia said.

Ensuna felt really good about that. Good enough that she reached down and started rubbing Julia in thanks. Julia was so great. Julia helped her out.

She barely felt the needle in her neck, and drifted off to sleep again blissfully wrapped up in anesthetic.

Ensuna was in a world of bodies. She didn't see people when she looked around, she saw bodies, and she wanted to pleasure the bodies. A second, subsidiary urge was to get money after the fact. The money made Julia happy, but so did the pleasure.

The body had a face dragged up from her memories but she didn't recognize it. The brain-numbing aphrodisiac had a constant flow straight into her skull, asleep or awake, every hour of every day. If it weren't for that, she might have recognized one of her school teachers.

"You want to suck the cock, right?"

Julia was so right it was like she was in her mind. She let her mouth form the words that Julia pressed into her, the ones she didn't bother remembering, the ones about the money. Then she was on her knees and she was happy and Julia was happy.

Ensuna woke, for the first time in a short while, happily. Her eyes fluttered open and her artificial irises twisted and flickered.

"Good morning, beautiful," Julia purred in her head.

Julia had, graciously, paused what she had been doing to Ensuna's body while asleep. Now that she was awake once again, she resumed—the warm feeling against her lips, the sensation of bones almost bubbling, almost frothing as the tendrils forced her muzzle to grow and her lips to grow with it.

Ensuna's eyes glowed for a moment, testing their internal illumination, then flicked back to their normal mode. Was that new? Ensuna didn't really know. It wasn't that pertinent to sex, so the pink fluid in her horns just washed it away.

Ensuna parted her overly-swollen black lips and dragged her tongue along them slowly. They felt weird, and it wasn't just the length of her muzzle, though it was growing quite long. Her tongue felt a freer, unrestrained. She spread her swelling lips and lifted two fingers to her mouth.

Her lips parted on instinct, as if automatic, opening to the first thing that passed between them. Her fingers held still for a moment, sinking deeper into her muzzle as it grew. She pressed inward and her tongue flicked by her fingers and curled out beyond her lips.

Her gums felt loose, empty, as if there should have been something there but wasn't. There was empty space where her teeth would have been. What was there was muscle, tight, wrapping around her fingers, clenching enough that even for just a pair of fingers, it was a tight fit.

Her fingers dripped with a little drool as she pulled them from her lips. Her lips were huge, large enough that she couldn't quite fit her hand over them. But she rubbed them and it sent tremors of delight down through her body and into Julia.

"It's like a pussy," she said.

"That's right. Come on, let's get up," Julia said.

Ensuna swung her knees limply over the edge of the table, moved to stand, and flopped back down into the seat. Her feet had bent and sent jolts of pain running right up to her brain, where they dully rippled against her aphrodisiac haze.

"Tendons shortened, they did it while you were out," Julia said. Ensuna didn't understand until she added, "So you can wear higher heels."

Ensuna giggled, pursed her overgrown lips lightly, and stood carefully on her tiptoes.

The scientists, as always, paid little attention to her presence or movements. The only difference was that now, she could see when she looked at the jackaless:


Ensuna turned her new eyes to the tiger, hunched in front of a terminal.


"Not now, honey. Let's get dolled up," Julia told her.

Ensuna followed Julia's lead, strutting up on her tip-toes away from the table. Her tail swung behind her and bounced against one of her hands with a rubbery sensation. Curious, she grabbed it and pulled it around to look at it. Her tail had been replaced, the new tail bolted to her body somewhat like Julia's enhancement. And like Julia's reservoir of pink aphrodisiac, Ensuna's tail was full of the pink liquid too. The tip was clearly designed for penetration.

"Doesn't it feel good? I love it," Julia purred, and so did Ensuna when she rubbed the tip and felt how tender the plastic was, despite being only a graft.

Ensuna stepped onto a raised platform, feet slightly spread so that they both touched the pair of white circles on the floor. The circles illuminated. With a soft chime, Ensuna had gained nearly a foot in height. The block platforms of the heels she now wore were filled with more pink liquid, while the heels thrust her heels up as high as possible. A small strap bolted them down tight onto her ankles, to make sure they wouldn't come off.

"Let's give you one more boost," Julia said.

Ensuna moaned out loud. The tendrils inside of her were throbbing again. Her wobbling breasts pressed together, then almost spread apart; they were growing outward, swelling firmer, engorging to the dimensions Julia had in mind. Her lip-nipples grew too, even bigger, even plumper and poutier.

Ensuna's own lips were given a similar treatment, pumped up, swollen, stretched into an eye-catching, unnatural shape and then stretched some more, inviting and compelling and striking hard at the uncanny valley between woman and sex toy.

The circles on the floor illuminated again and a hoop rose from the rim of the elevated platform. A white light glowed on the inside, running up Ensuna's body, then back down. As it passed over her, again and again, it built up the layers of her new outfit.

Latex stockings in white and gray split by sharp angles of pink drawing the eye upward rolled from her toes up to her thighs. The stockings fastened to her top, which wrapped around her like a second skin, white with luminescent pink trim, showing her bare belly with a broad pink heart across it and more hearts along her sleeves.

Her breasts were encased in latex, standing out against her dark fur and her white clothes in vibrant, violent pink, emblazoned with an explosion of yellow hearts stretching out from her lip-nipples.

Pink hearts stood out against the white down her arms, ending in fingerless gloves. The hoop hovered around hand level, rising up and sinking down quickly as it printed her fake fingernails into existence—so long they were excessively impractical, useful only for showing how useless she was at anything non-sexual, fading from pink at the base to yellow at the manicured tips.

Ensuna's hair had been navy blue, messy, a pair of pigtails and long bangs. That was gone too, as her new hairstyle was printed onto her. Bangs straight across her eyebrows, then longer around the sides, curling in a bob just around chin level. Everything else—and there was quite a bit, the machine made sure of that—was pulled up into one big ponytail, sweeping up above her head and then down along her back, reaching to the base of her spine.

Just like her nails, her hair was a rich yellow at the top, fading into brighter and more vibrant pinks the further down it hung. Her lips were given a permanent coat of silvery-blue gloss. Finally, pink was printed onto her horns, and the small black orb suspended between her horns in midair shimmered and turned as pink as the aphrodisiac that kept her smiling and vapid.

"Ensuna! Come here," the jackaless said.

The jackaless's arousal was at nineteen percent, which made Ensuna lick more than one pair of her lips as she clicked over in her heels.

"Your breasts, please. Aaahh," the scientist said, demonstrating by opening her mouth wide. Ensuna's lip-nipples spread themselves open, and into the gaps the jackaless slipped a pair of containers with thick, heart-shaped tips. The lips tightened back down around them and with a push from Julia, they were firmly attached, yet still removable.

"That finishes her off, then." The tiger joined the two of them as Julia licked her two pairs of lips and gazed up at them.

Ensuna began to smile. The tiger's arousal was climbing.

"You wanna do the uh, you wanna...test run?" Ensuna asked.

The jackaless shook her head and returned to her work, but the tiger tugged at a seam in his latex suit. Julia sent ripples of bliss through her brain, training her to desire the cum that Julia herself craved.

The tiger's cock slipped free and Ensuna leaned forward. Her overgrown lips slipped along the shaft to the very base—with her extended muzzle, it was quite simple.

Ensuna cooed at the spike in arousal and tightened her mouth. It squeezed firmly around him and she rocked her head back and forth, tugging with suction, bringing him to a full erection quickly. Julia joined in, stiffening and swelling and bringing the attention of Ensuna's hands. She stroked her own shaft, while bobbing up and down on the tiger's.

Ensuna's body wanted to fuck. It was made to fuck. Her purpose was to fuck. Stroking Julia and sucking on the tiger's cock was one thing but the jackaless was sitting right there, right next to her, and she was hardly paying attention. She needed to be in on the fucking too. Julia certainly wasn't going to stop a bit of fun, and she quietly fed Ensuna directions on opening up one of those latex suits.

In one moment, the jackaless was working on some calculations while her lab partner ran the newest convert through her paces. In the next, she was shoved up against the lab bench, gripping the edge tightly, pussy rammed open by Ensuna's pink tail.

"Hey!" she snapped as the first thrust hit her.

"Unhh, heyy, stop," she whined, more plaintive and needy, after the second.

With the third came a breathy, higher pitched, "Ohh wowww."

From then on, airy moans and pleas for more were all that Ensuna heard from the jackaless. She bucked her body eagerly against Ensuna's cock-tail, letting that aphrodisiac sink in and whirl her into a pink blend of hazy bliss. By the time that Ensuna had her worked up into an orgasm, her eyes had gone bright pink and her juices ran down her latex-clad legs.

The jackaless would come to in a few hours with a hell of a headache and a lingering giggle, but for now, Ensuna's focus was back on the tiger. She'd been enjoying him slowly, drawing him out and savoring the shudders and splashes of precum, but she wanted to bring this to an end. She tightened around him, her tongue twisted around his shaft, and she sucked. She worked his cock like it was her life's work, and when he finally exploded into her mouth, she had no problem guzzling it all down. Julia was so excited that she gave Ensuna the heady burst of her own orgasm, letting her quiver and gasp while trying to catch her breath.

"You wanna get to work?" Julia asked.

Ensuna didn't say anything. She rose to her feet again in those high heels, in her long nails, with her oversized lips and hair and everything else.

"What I mean is do you want to suck cock for money?" Julia added.

Ensuna licked her lips and her eyes lit up. "Yeah," she whispered eagerly, then giggled as she strutted for the door, leaving behind an exhausted tiger and a jackaless temporarily bimboed out of her mind.

Carerra tapped the screen to pause the footage. She had sincerely hoped that Ensuna would have joined her as an operative working for Agora. They could have done good work together, but the girl was stubborn. Some people you just couldn't get through to. They spent their whole lives convinced that the Triple A were the greatest thing on Canis, and refused to listen to anyone who thought otherwise.

If she couldn't change Ensuna's mind about that, at least she could make sure Ensuna never thought about anything again. Judging from how she was acting, the two Agora scientists had done a good job.

She tapped one of her contacts on the screen.

"It's C. You still interested in expanding your business? I've got another one here who's ready to hit the streets."

Ensuna didn't know it yet, and with her mind in the state it was, she wouldn't be learning much of anything any more, but Carerra knew that the ex-operative was going to love her new job.