Lost Tales of the Planet Rushes: The Mind-Melting Parasitic Dildo-Snakes of Planet Xenobia, Part Two

Evie, host to a dildo-snake parasite, infects her fellow bounty hunter. Explicit

A story in the Trials in Tainted Space universe. Continued from Part One.

5 - An Old Friend

The purple foliage parted and out stepped Mina, in a silver spacesuit that hugged her lean muscle and a round helmet just like Evie's. She looked worried—at least, until she saw Evie. Then Mina's wide-eyed look fell away, replaced with a tight frown.

Evie was stretched out on the ground. Her legs were pressed together to hide the hole in her suit, and with her arms crossed over her chest, she blocked her bigger bust from view. She flashed a sheepish smile up at Mina.

Mina said, "I've been calling you on the radio for an hour. I thought you were in trouble."

Evie shrugged apologetically. "Oh yeah, I kinda lost it."

Mina's eyes narrowed. She took a step closer. "Are you okay? You sound...squeaky."

"Oh, yeah, that," Evie said, trying to buy some time to think. "I found this really weird, like, flower? It was all purple and blue and when I tried to smell it, it went poof and hit me in the face with a whole bunch of pollen stuff. And then I got dizzy and came here to sit down."

A moment of tense silence hung in the air, before Mina sighed and shook her head. "Great. Stupefying flowers. If you wore a helmet, maybe you wouldn't sound like a ditz right now." She pulled her radio off her belt and clicked the call button. A soft bwip came from the roots of the fern-tree where Evie had gotten to know her snakey friend. She gave Evie an 'are you kidding me' glare, then climbed into the brush to grab it.

While Mina retrieved Evie's radio, Evie got up to her feet. The hole in her suit was still a problem, but by pressing her legs together and tugging the material tight, she could tuck the hole between her thighs. As long as she didn't move, it was hidden, and she wouldn't have to try to explain it.

Evie held her breath for a moment as Mina came back. Would Mina notice her newly pumped up tits and mouth-watering hips?

"Here. Found your blaster, too," Mina said. She tossed Evie the radio, then the pistol. "Grab your helmet. Let's head back and get you cleaned up."

Evie breathed a small sigh of relief. She clipped her pistol and radio to her belt and picked her helmet off the ground. She waited to move until Mina turned to lead the way back to the ship. With a fwip of snapping spandex, the hole popped back into place, much louder than Evie had anticipated. Mina paused and glanced back. Evie had no time to cover it up. They both looked down at Evie's bare crotch, then met eyes.

"The hell is that?" Mina asked.

"It's, uh...I dunno. Must have happened while I was all dizzy," Evie said, trying to sound shocked. She reached down and ran her fingers along the ripped edges.

Mina huffed. "Right. You're going straight into quarantine when we get back, until I can do a full scan on you. And—" She stepped forward, grabbing the helmet from under Evie's arm and shoving it over her head. "—keep your damn helmet on."

When Mina wasn't looking, Evie stuck out her tongue. What was she, her space mom? Quarantine wasn't good, and neither was getting a scan. It'd ruin the surprise. And if Mina was suspicious of her, there was no way she'd be able to take the romantic route to infecting her.

Evie stopped and screwed her eyes shut. Something squished and wriggled underneath her eyelids. As she opened her eyes again, a second eyelid slid back, revealing eyes that were a solid, feral black. Her reflection in her helmet blinked back at her. She frowned. No way she could hide this from Mina. It was now or never.

Her cock began to descend through her body. She fought to keep walking and not fall to her knees or slump against a fern-tree. The thick shaft parted her pussy and pressed open her swollen mound. The cock stiffened as it slipped free, curling forward under its own weight. Her folds squeezed tight around the base. Evie walked with her pink cock and balls swinging between her thighs. A pleasant shudder popped her antennae back out of her forehead.

Evie gripped the base of her cock. Her eyes followed Mina's ass. It wasn't as impressive or curvaceous as her own, but the way the forest light glinted off of the curves drew her hungry gaze. Every squirming, alien instinct in her body was telling her to fuck.

She picked up the pace and closed the distance between her and Mina. The human was too focused on retracing her steps to the ship to hear the crunch of leaves behind her. Evie had to move quick, so in one fast motion, she grabbed the crotch of Mina's suit and dug in her claws. A hole ripped open, baring Mina's crotch to the word. Mina gasped and reeled back, bumping up against Evie's chest.

"There's something I wanna show you," Evie cooed. She pushed her hips forward. The tip of her giant, glistening, pink shaft poked out between Mina's thighs. Mina's eyes shot wide open and she looked over her shoulder, only to see the fox-morph's black eyes and wiggling antennae behind her helmet.

Before Mina could grab her blaster, Evie twisted her arms back into a tight hold. The fox-morph staggered for a moment, adjusting herself underneath Mina. Her cock was stiff, arching up into the air, and pointed directly at her partner's pussy. With one forceful thrust, she speared Mina on her shaft. The head of her cock drove Mina's pussy open while each of its ridges plucked at her folds as they popped into her.

Pink droplets ran down the front of Evie's helmet: a mist she would be breathing into Mina's face, if it wasn't for the glass barrier. The feeling of driving her cock into a pussy was unlike anything her hands could provide. Warm and tight in all directions, squeezing as Mina's muscles clenched, able to feel every bit of writhing and squirming from the inside out.

"You're like, so tight," Evie panted.

Mina couldn't say anything in response. Her throat was caught between shouts of protest and uneasy, shuddering moans. All her thrashing reminded Evie of hours spent shoving squirming alien species into cryotanks. Mina might have had strength on her side, but Evie had wrestled so many screechworms and spinebeasts and decapods into their tanks that a Terran biped was like a walk in the park.

Evie shoved Mina up against one of the fern-trees for support. By squeezing her against the smooth surface, she had enough leverage to thrust harder, plunging her cock in deeper with each push. The pink flesh swelled and stretched inside of Mina, bulging until it fit her so tight that she felt like she might burst.

"You're gonna love this, promise," Evie said, between her gasps. Mina still struggled to get away, but not with the same fervor or energy as before. Evie's cock bulged out against the front of her abdomen, stretching the spandex spacesuit. Mina's eyes darted down to her blaster. No matter how she strained her arm, Evie's hold kept her from reaching her belt.

"Harder," Mina groaned. Around the alien cock, her pussy swelled up like Evie's had, engorged and tender to each push and pull of the thick, ridged shaft. Evie felt every shudder of Mina's hips as the ridges popped free, then plunged back into her.

"Harder!" she insisted, gripping the tree, shoving her hips back against Evie. Her cheeks were burning red, her pussy puffy and slick, and her heart pounding hard enough that Evie could feel it.

"You call that harder?" Mina shouted, turning to look over her shoulder.

Evie grabbed Mina's hips, holding onto them for leverage. Mina's feet kicked at the ground. Evie squeezed her tits against Mina's shoulders and shoved her hips against the human's ass. Her cock erupted. Thick bursts of pinkish seed spurted into her, filling her until she was full and dripping out around the base of her shaft.

Evie slumped forward. Their helmets met with a soft clonk. Evie panted, exhausted but satisfied, too wrapped up in the blissful afterglow to recognize the sight of Mina's blaster pistol pointed at her chest.

A burst of light and a ZAP were the last things Evie caught before she blacked out.

6 - Quarantine

Mina, in a fresh tank top and work pants, stood in the cargo bay. Inside a storage bay, separated from Mina by a crackling force field, was Evie. The fox-morph's hands and feet were cuffed to the wall, leaving her spread-eagle with her strange cock hanging between her parted legs. Without her space suit on, Mina could watch as patches of Evie's fur slowly shifted from red to a more Xenobian shade of rich purple.

After two decontamination washes, Mina still didn't feel clean, but the ship's medical scanners hadn't picked up anything out of place. It was all in her head, she told herself.

Mina began, "So, you found some kind of cock-snake—"

"Dildo-snake," Evie said. "It's totally different."

"Okay, some kind of dildo-snake parasite, and it was 'so cute' you let it crawl inside you and grow...that," Mina said, gesturing toward Evie's cock.

Evie nodded.

"I'm not sure whether I believe that or the flower story more," Mina said.

"It's true!" Evie whined. She strained as far forward as the cuffs would allow. "It's a really friendly parasite thing and it makes you feel really good. And I wanted to share it with you because you're my friend."

"Right," Mina said. "Well, best case scenario, I'll find some way to fix you. Worst case, I sell you with the rest of our haul."

"That's not funny, Mina," Evie said. Mina reached out and hit the button to close the shutters. "Um, like, you are joking, right? Mina?" The shutters closed, muffling Evie's worried voice.

Obviously, Mina wasn't going to sell her partner, but she was still rightfully upset about getting jumped on the way back to the ship. And why had this all happened? Because Evie was too much of a cowboy to keep her stupid helmet on. She'd let Evie sweat it out while she figured out how to get rid of that parasite.

Mina grabbed the rails and hauled herself up the ladder from the cargo bay into the main corridor. As she walked toward the crew quarters, a sudden pang hit her stomach. She doubled over, grasping the railing above her and clutching her belly. Something churned deep inside her, making her stomach gurgle. Cold sweat broke across her skin. She was... just hungry, right?

Instead of turning right into the crew quarters, she turned left and slid into the kitchen. Pulling out a meal from the stack of rations, she sat on the counter and began to eat. Even the freeze-dried chicken and reconstituted mashed potatoes tasted good, but the packet of raisins really got her mouth watering. Eating them awakened an intense, sudden craving for something sweet.

She pulled out a container of strawberry drink mix and whipped herself up a big glass. She drank it down in a few gulps and licked the red line off her upper lip. It was a relief for sure, but one packet wasn't going to curb her craving. She filled up another serving, then another, and another, until the sting of strawberry flavoring clung to her mouth and even her spit tasted sugary.

Feeling a little bloated after binging on drinks, Mina squeezed back into the corridor and slid into the tiny medical bay—not much more than a person-sized pod with medical scanners built in. Mina pulled down the terminal screen, watching glowing orange gibberish tick across it for a moment, before stowing it again. It was still churning through the data from her scan of Evie. She left it alone and shuffled back into the crew quarters.

Mina stripped off her tank top and pants. Her stomach gurgled as she stepped into the shower stall. She winced and bent over slightly, until the churning feeling had passed and she could straighten up again. Maybe she was just feeling sick to her stomach. Maybe you weren't supposed to drink six glasses of strawberry drink in a row.

She brushed back her short hair and twisted the dial to Manual (Hot). She wanted a chance to relax. Manual showers were a waste of time and water, but after today, she'd earned it.

The warm water poured across her skin. She collected it in her hands and splashed it over her face, then waved her hands under the soap dispenser and rubbed the lather into her skin. After nothing but auto-showers for weeks, even just washing by hand felt like a spa day.

She started from the top and worked her way down: hair first, then head, then body. So by the time that two little pink nubs had poked out from under her bangs, she was already rinsing off her chest, and didn't notice the pair of stalks rising out of her forehead.

Her attention was drawn down to her pussy. Evie's surprise encounter on the way back to the ship had left it was still swollen and tender. Mina assumed that it was some substance secreted by Evie's alien cock that was causing the swelling, but she didn't know of any way to make it go down. She tried to angle the water spray such that it would wash her labia clean, but that didn't help, and brushing her pussy with a soaped-up finger just made her shudder and get more excited.

Red-cheeked and breathing deeply, Mina leaned back against the side of the shower. The stall was steamy and the water warm enough to keep her from getting cold. She bit one corner of her lip as she rinsed off her hand, then reached down to start rubbing at her tender pussy.

Her knees buckled. Her hips slid up and down against the wall of the shower stall. She was so sensitive to each little motion, but she couldn't help rocking against her fingers. Her stomach twisted again, but this time, there was a pleasant snugness to the pressure inside.

Mina rolled her hips in strange ways, trying to follow the swell and push of the thing deep inside her. There was something deep inside her? Tingling crawled up her spine and into her head and before she knew it, she sneezed. She blinked and shook her head and sniffled. What had she been thinking about? Must not have been important. What was important was that she kept fingering herself and twisting her hips back and forth to coax that thing out of her.

Her muscles clenched in series, as if preparing for something big. She spread her legs and bent over, hand propped against the opposite wall. Hot water ran down her chin and nose and over her shoulders, dripping onto to the floor below. Her lower abdomen bulged as that large, thick thing slid deeper. She grunted and her body tensed. A burst of numbing pleasure shot through her.

Something was wrong. Mina's cheek twitched and she wrinkled her nose. Her hand gripped the wall and she closed her eyes. Another sneeze welled up inside of her and she couldn't hold it in. A pink mist hung in the air in front of her until it vanished into the steam, along with her worries.

Mina shuddered. If her knees hadn't locked, she would have fallen to the floor. Her pussy was throbbing, almost pulsing along its length. The muscles contracted in waves, dragging that thick mass down further. Her mouth hung open as she took hot, quick breaths. Her fingers pumped eagerly against the mounting tension until she came, dripping more than she ever had in her life. Her pink juices ran between her fingers and down her thighs as the water washed them away.

Now, in the afterglow, it was coming. Pushing her open and spreading her swollen mound until finally, the glossy pink cockhead parted her folds. She reared back and let out a loud sneeze, one that made sparks trail across the corners of her eyes and left her head spinning. In a horny fog, the one thing that made the most sense was to grip the head of her cock and start to stroke.

With each pull, she coaxed the shaft further out of her body. It slid forward, stretching her mound around its girth. Soon three inches, then five, enough to slip her hand around fully and pump up and down. Her hips rocked. She basked in the intensely physical feeling of thrusting her cock into her hand, so focused and so strong. Once she'd had a taste of it, she needed more.

Her pink balls popped free, hanging down like a counterweight to the seven inches of shaft now sticking from her crotch. Her eyes rolled, her eyelids fluttered. With a deep moan, she sprayed the wall with her pink cum. Panting in the aftermath, letting go of her cock, she punched the Rinse & Dry button to finish off the shower. The splash of water rushed down around her cock, and the blasts of air made it wobble and bounce and start to stiffen again. She was dizzy and her head was spinning and she couldn't help but smiling. Cumming was such a relief.

7 - Distress

Mina staggered nude out of the shower. Her new cock hung in front of her, half-erect. She rubbed her hand across her cheek, blinking as her mind began to process what had happened, the fact that she now had a cock like a smaller version of Evie's. Wait...no, if she had a cock now, that meant that Evie had infect—

And then she sneezed. Not once, but twice, staggering backwards until she bumped up against the bunks. Her pupils wide and her eyelids drooping, she tried to remember what she was thinking. Evie's cock, she remembered that much. And how big it was. Mina chewed the corner of her lip, looking down at her own shaft. A prickling sense that something was off gnawed at the back of her head, but all that met her conscious mind was a sense of jealousy. How come Evie got to be so big?

Mina pulled her tank top over her head and antennae, but left her pants sitting on her bunk. Something way deep down in her brain told her that if she wanted to get bigger, she needed sugar. With her cock hanging free, she slipped back into the kitchen, where the container of strawberry mix was still sitting on the counter.

With a few cups of water, she turned the rest of the powder in the container into a lumpy reddish goo of drink mix concentrate. Her better sensibilities told her not to go for it, but there was an overriding urge deep in her belly that told her to ignore her sense of taste and gulp it down. She stuck a spoon into the goo, scooped out a big lump of it, and dropped it onto her tongue.

An explosion of strawberry taste hit her mouth, so intense it was unpleasant, almost metallic. The sugary sweetness hurt her teeth, so she tried not to let it linger. Instead she spooned globs of red goo onto the back of her tongue and swallowed as quickly as possible. Even then, the residue turned her saliva red and oppressively sweet. Once she finished off the container, it took three glasses of water before she could taste anything but strawberry flavoring again.

"Urgh, like...what am I doing?" Mina groaned, rubbing a hand over her face. Her mind broke through the horny haze clouding her thoughts. Her nose wrinkled, but she fought the urge to sneeze again. Staggering back against the counter, she reached out, feeling her cock with one hand and her antennae with the other. She was infected. She had to get to the cockpit and... Mina stifled a giggle. 'Cockpit.'

A small surge rippled out through her. Her cock swelled out into her hand, pressing against the grasp of her fingers. It slid forward, extending another inch from her crotch. Beneath her tank top, her nipples perked up, stiff and swollen. Her breasts pressed outward against the fabric. The skin around her crotch was changing color, shifting from her pale complexion to a more purplish color.

Mina had never been more than an A-cup when she even bothered to wear a bra, and now she had a pair of C-cups sitting proudly on top of her chest. Her firm, taut figure was softened by the swelling curve of her hips. She needed to be physically attractive if she wanted to attract more potential hosts to infect, she thought.

She closed her eyes and shook her head. That wasn't what she wanted at all. Then she sneezed and her body throbbed in unison, flooding her with tight, squeezing sensations from all quarters. Her right hand gripped her cock and rubbed along its length, all nine inches of swollen, pink flesh. Her other hand rose up to her D-cups, grabbing a handful through her tank top and kneading blindly. "Ohh!" she gasped, her voice lighter and breathier than it should have been. Her eyelids fluttered and she rose up onto her tiptoes, leaning back against the counter.

Focus. Cockpit. Distress beacon.

Mina stumbled out into the hall, unable to tear her hands away from her chest and her cock. Drops of pink seed beaded off the tip of her shaft and dripped onto the floor. Her breasts stretched the front of her tank top and made it ride up higher, revealing more of her stomach. The sway of her hips made her bump into one wall, then the other.

She slumped against the cockpit door and moaned out loud. Another surge of growth caught her. Her fingers sunk into the swelling flesh of her tits. The tip of her cock wobbled out even further from her body. A flushed feeling struck her lips; they plumped up, thicker, more pouty and inviting. She tore her hand away from her cock for long enough to crank open the cockpit door.

Mina fell into her pilot's chair, legs spread open. From her stomach to her knees, her skin had turned light Xenobian purple. Her cock was large enough to press against the underside of her instrument panel. As she leaned forward, her rounder, heavier tits smashed against some of the buttons and switches. She flipped on the distress beacon, hit the button to record, and reared back in a loud, chair-shaking sneeze.

Each time she sneezed, it felt like there was less space inside her head, like all her thoughts were being squeezed down and she couldn't think about the really hard stuff because her tits and her cock and how much she wanted to cum took up all the space there was.

Blinking, she stared at the red light until she realized it meant the recording was on. "Um, hi! This is Mina, I'm the pilot, and, uh, we've got this... thingy, that... ohhh my god." Her eyes rolled back as her cock surged again. A whole foot long now, and every inch just as sensitive. A spurt of pink cum squirted from the tip, drooling down onto the floor in front of her. Her tank top struggled to contain the heavy F-cup tits she'd grown. Her nipples sent sharp jolts down her spine with every shift of the fabric.

"Um, like, like a snake thing. And it's really nngh—" She shuddered, squeezing her thickening thighs together. Another spasm rippled through her cock, another burst of her seed. Her ass filled up the seat of her pilot's chair, making a soft cushion for her to sit on.

Her antennae bobbed as her eyes fluttered and she fought to focus. "It's really, really nice but you should oh my GOD come and visit us!" she said. Her head rolled back and she thrust out her chest. A few drops of pink goo splattered onto the flight controls. A pair of damp spots dripped down the front of her tank top.

While Mina kneaded her lactating G-cup tits, her other hand kept pumping away at her cock. Her eyelids fluttered shut, and when she opened them again, her eyes had turned solid black like Evie's. Mina moaned and gasped in her sweet, sensual voice until, with a loud cry, she orgasmed. Her second orgasm was far bigger than her first, splattering the underside of the equipment panel with pink seed. All the serious thoughts in her head popped loose, swept away into the torrent of cum, gushing out onto the cockpit floor. A vacant giggle slipped from her lips as she slumped against the seat. Her hand kept rubbing her cock slowly, coaxing out the last few spurts until she was spent and her head was pleasantly empty.

The red light clicked off and the recorder beeped. All of her gasping and groaning had made it onto the distress beacon. With lidded eyes, Mina giggled to herself and licked her plump lips. Hopefully, all that noise made her invitation more inviting. She was hungry for new hosts. It was kind of all she could think about now.

8 - A New Mission

Mina had shed her tank top and the purplish tint had taken over her skin, leaving only a few shrinking patches of her normal complexion. Her new skin had an extra glossiness and sheen to it, making the curves of her thick hips and her jutting, squeezable breasts glisten in the light. Drops of pink fluid steadily dripped from her dark purple nipples. Her cock bobbed between her legs as she hurried to the storage bay where she'd left Evie.

Mina pushed the button to retract the shutters. They slid back to show the vixen, still cuffed to the wall, her cock half-erect. Her vulpine fur had gone entirely Xenobian, from the rich purple on her back to the near-white along her underbelly to the platinum-lavender sheen of her hair.

The force field shimmered and then dissipated. Mina stepped forward and twitched her antennae apologetically. "Like, sorry about locking you up. I feel way better now," she said.

Evie lifted her arms to rattle her handcuffs. "So you can let me go now?" she asked.

Mina smiled and got down onto her knees. "Not yet," she said. With one hand, she reached out and started stroking the base of Evie's cock. The fox-morph huffed and breathed in sharply. Her cock rose and stiffened. A bit of squeezing with Mina's strokes, and soon Evie's shaft was firm, tip bobbing in front of Mina's mouth.

Looking up at Evie, Mina spread her plump, magenta-tinted lips and wrapped them around her glossy shaft. Evie's antennae curled eagerly. Mina started off gently, sucking on the tip and the first few ridges. Slowly, with each bob of her head, she pressed further. Evie gritted her teeth and pushed her hips forward, balling her hands into fists.

The first few inches were easy enough, but Mina kept pushing herself to take it further. She slid down until Evie's tip bumped up against the back of her throat. She paused there for a moment, leaned forward, and then plunged down over Evie's shaft until her throat bulged out around it. Mina's hands stayed wrapped around the base of the shaft, pumping up and down, but there was less and less space to cover. Mina's plump lips sucked up more of her shaft with each bob of her head.

With such a tight seal, Mina had some powerful suction going on each time she pulled back. Evie pumped her cock forward as much as she could. Her cuffs strained to hold her as she fucked Evie's mouth.

"Oh my god, oh my gooddd," Evie gasped. Her claws scraped against the ground. It felt like she was in zero-g, like Mina was sucking her straight off the ground. She came, hard. Her hips still jerked while her pink cum rolled down Mina's throat. Mina's tight lips drew more out of her than she thought she had, until at last she was drained, slumped against the wall and gasping for breath. It wasn't quite the same as fucking a new host, but it left her spent and satisfied all the same.

Mina stood back up, licking the last bits of pink seed from her lips. She pushed her thumb against Evie's cuffs, and they clicked open. Evie's hands fell to her sides. She slumped forward, holding onto Mina for support. Mina helped her up to her feet, then leaned up and pulled Evie's head down to kiss her. Her cock dug against Evie's stomach, while Evie's pushed against Mina's thigh.

"We've got to find more hosts," Evie purred.

Mina pressed against her partner, feeling the thing in her stomach squirm. "Totally."

In less than an hour, they were back in space with Xenobia behind them, striking out on a heading that would take them back to the nearest warp-gate. And then, back to civilization, where there were all those eager people just waiting to become host to an exciting new species of alien life.

Can the dildo-worm menace be stopped?

Can Evie and Mina concentrate long enough to wreak havoc?

Will the distress beacon lure an unlucky traveler to a lustful fate?

We may not know, but we do know that this is...

The End