Lost Tales of the Planet Rushes: The Mind-Melting Parasitic Dildo Snakes of Planet Xenobia, Part One

Two bounty hunters land on an exotic alien planet in search of strange fauna, but run afoul of bimboifying mist and overly-phallic parasites. Explicit.

A story in the Trials in Tainted Space universe. Continues in Part Two.

1 - Welcome to Xenobia

"Five minutes till we hit the atmosphere," squawked the radio on Evie's hip. "Buckle up. This one's thick, over."

The fox-morph's hands were full with the speckle-backed Algonian screechworm. The three-foot-long mass of slime, tentacles and biting wasn't happy about being captured, and it was less happy about getting shoved into a cryotank. Grabbing its tentacles like a bouquet, she slammed it into the tank, then before it could thrash its way out, slammed the lid on top.

Evie took a deep breath as frost crackled across the walls of the tank. The screechworm stiffened mid-writhe and fell silent. She tossed the tank into the storage bay with the rest of their haul: three uncharted worlds' worth of undiscovered species. Even splattered with screechworm slime and panting from exertion, Evie couldn't wait for uncharted world number four. Nothing in the galaxy could beat the thrill of the hunt.

Her gloves peeled off with a rubbery snap. Evie hauled herself up the ladder from the small cargo bay into the ship's tight corridor. One hand on the red bar above her head, she squeezed down to the crew quarters and cranked the door open. Ducking under the threshold, she lifted her radio in front of her mouth. "Roger that, buckling up now."

The blonde vixen tossed the radio onto her bunk. She tugged off her soaked vest and pants and tossed them into the autoclave. Nude, Evie stepped into the shower stall, dialed up Deep Scrub on the knobs, then closed her eyes and held her breath.

Soap pulverized her fur from five different angles. Once she was a mound of lather, the shower head kicked on to rinse. The green slime washed onto the floor and slorked through the drain. Her wet fur clung to her gene-modded body as the water washed down every inch of her carefully-engineered curves.

Evie punched the Blow-Dry button. Hot air blasted out of the vents, dragging across her fur in tightly-aligned rows. She squinted and stood still as alternating bursts of air combed her thick blonde locks and rich red fur into silky, fluffy goodness.

As she climbed out of the shower, the floor jumped underneath her. The whole ship shook and trembled and the blast shields rolled down over the windows. The hull groaned as they sunk down into the planet's atmosphere. Evie bent her knees and staggered expertly to her locker. With a few spins of the combination lock, she pulled out the glistening, silvery spacesuit inside.

A smack in the right place shorted out blast shields' circuits and made them retract. Evie took a moment to admire the view. Beyond the flickering red of re-entry burn, the dark of space far above gave way to lavender-blue skies inching up from below. In the center of it all, just beyond the curved horizon, was a blazing sun. Evie (and her pilot, Mina) were the first Terrans to ever see this sunrise.

Evie stuffed her bare feet into the legs of the spacesuit and tugged it up around her waist. The material shrank around her body as she pulled it on, forming a skin-tight seal around her figure. Outside, the thickening atmosphere burned a crisp orange rim around the sun. As Evie wiggled the seam along her back closed, the shifting sunlight shined off her suit, cupping the perky curve of her ass.

Her chest arched forward as she reached over her shoulders to fasten the suit's collar. The top half of the silvery suit smoothed and tightened and clung to her bust. The natural tautness of her spacesuit pushed her breasts together and and lifted them up, removing any need for a bra. The pinkish glare of the planet's sun wrapped across the front of her tightly-encased bosom. Outside the window, mountains and forests loomed larger as the ship dropped through the atmosphere.

Evie smiled. Forests meant lots of life, and that meant lots of specimens to capture, resources to tag, and bounties to collect. She thanked her lucky star (Tau Ceti, to be precise) that she was born just in time for the Fourth Great Planet Rush. It was a once-in-two-centuries profit-making opportunity.

By the time she had put on her silver spandex spacesuit, Evie could see individual trees zipping by outside. The deep roar of the landing rockets rattled up through her paws, and she braced herself on the side of her bunk. The sudden g-forces shoved her and her chest against the wall. As the ship slowed to a stop, she peeled herself off, then stuck out her chest and smoothed down her spacesuit.

A pair of rubber boots and a black belt around her waist completed Evie's adventuring outfit. Before leaving, she strapped her radio and blaster pistol to her belt. As she headed for the front of the ship, her long hair swished behind her like a cape. A quick spin of the wheel popped open the cockpit hatch, and she stepped inside.

The cockpit was a small space, filled with flight equipment and glowing green monitors centered around the pilot's chair. Mina leaned back in her chair, shaking out her black bangs as she pulled off her goggles. She was Terran, like Evie, but unlike Evie, her genes were where she'd left them, for the most part. Compared to Evie's carefully-fitted figure, she was a bit shorter, a bit stronger, and nowhere near as curvy.

"You didn't buckle up, did you?" Mina asked. She folded her arms and pursed her lips.

Evie grabbed one of the fishbowl-style helmets from the rack and slipped it over her head, careful to keep it from catching her hair. It locked onto the collar with a click. "Exotic life and unseen vistas await, Mina. I don't have time for seatbelts. Any info on the planet?"

Mina turned toward one of her monitors and clacked a few keys. "Nope, the codex only has a name. Welcome to Xenobia."

2 - The Uncharted World

The airlock hissed open. Evie stepped out the door and walked down to the end of the ramp. Their fat, finned, bullet-shaped ship sat in the middle of a clearing, surrounded on all sides by greenish-purple jungle foliage. Pink clouds streaked across the lavender sky, and the purple-tinted sun gleamed off of Evie's suit.

The grass wasn't trying to eat her boots yet, and she hadn't sunk in quicksand, so this planet endearing itself to Evie better than Algonia or Tellax had.

She crossed the clearing to the edge of the jungle, and touched her gloved hand to one of the trees. They were more akin to giant ferns than Terran trees, and instead of rough bark, they had a slick, fleshy surface that squeaked against her gloves. The thick fronds of the fern-trees lent a primeval air to the jungle and only strengthened Evie's urge to hunt exotic fauna.

The vixen hunter followed a rise in the land; high ground would give her a better view of the immediate area. The thick underbrush she climbed through was a richer color of purple than the greenish canopy. She pushed aside leaves as big as her torso and lifted fronds to duck under, until the fern-trees gave way to an outcropping of bare stone and she walked out into the sun at the top of a hill.

Below her, the trees opened up to offer a view of a small pond nestled in a valley. Large viney domes stuck up from the water, floating on the surface like lily pads. The water rippled in the gentle breeze. Evie grabbed her radio from her belt and held it up to the front of her helmet.

"Mina, I'm half a mile from your five o' clock. There's a pond here I'm going to investigate. Any word on air quality? Over."

"Roger that," Mina said, crackling through the radio. "The air looks fairly normal. Higher oxygen content, almost no carbon dioxide... nothing immediately dangerous. But remember, breathable doesn't mean safe. There's lots of ways—"

"Roger, over and out," Evie said, then stowed her radio.

She climbed down the slope, at times picking her way down the rocks and at other times just sliding down on the soles of her boots. The foliage thickened near the pond, but her blaster made short work of it. A few well-aimed shots, and she could step right through the smoking hole in the undergrowth..

Evie walked along the banks of the pond until she found a sunny patch of shoreline to rest. She stopped, clipped her blaster pistol into its holster, and leaned against a fern-tree. Using both hands, she grabbed her helmet and twisted. The vacuum seal made a thick schlock as it disengaged. Lifting the bubble helmet off her head, she was greeted by the warm air, the weight of humidity against her fur, and the natural but alien smells of thick Xenobian vegetation.

Mina would have insisted Evie keep her helmet on, but Mina didn't appreciate how sharp Evie's senses of smell and hearing were. Her pointed ears could pick up the rustle of a rare species in the brush and her vulpine nose could sniff out the presence of profit to be made. Maybe Mina's human senses were so dull it didn't matter, but Evie hunted more effectively without the helmet.

Evie took a seat on the sand and stretched her legs out in front of her. Her blonde hair spilled back behind her, freed from her helmet. This wasn't her taking a break, though. What she was doing was waiting for the alien fauna to acclimatize to her presence. The warm sun against her fur and warm sand underneath her was just a bonus.

After about ten minutes, she heard something. Her ears perked up, though her eyes stayed shut She didn't move just yet. Leaves rustled as something moved through the brush. Her hand drifted down to rest on her blaster pistol, slowly dialing the energy down from Maim to Stun.

The sound came closer. Evie pulled her legs in, ready to stand, to move, to run if necessary. It was to her right. She pushed herself up onto her feet, making as little noise as possible. Turning to the right, she watched the brush.

Something narrow, long, and pink pushed through the leaves. Its head was rounded and spade-shaped, like a snake's. It had small black eyes and a flickering black tongue. A pair of stalk-like antennae poked up from the back of its head. Its body was smooth and round, about an inch-and-a-half in diameter, and two feet long. Its slick surface glistened like rubber, and glowed in the light as if it was translucent. A series of ridges wrapped around its girth, giving it a ribbed appearance.

Evie had only seen it for a few seconds, but was already trying to name it. Xenobian dildo-snake? The Coalition scientists might get upset about that, but it wasn't her fault that it looked so phallic. Her blaster pistol let out a whine as she laid her finger on the trigger.

"Hey there, little guy," Evie said. The dildo-snake curled over the trunk of the fern-tree and flicked its tongue into the air. She closed one eye and lifted her pistol. "Just gonna put you to sleep."

Right as she leveled her sights, a cloud of pink mist shot from the snake's mouth. Evie reeled back. Reflexively, she pulled the trigger. The blast clipped a chunk of the fern-tree's trunk, but missed the snake by inches. The mist clung to her fur and burrowed into her nose and crawled along her tongue. The sweet taste filled her mouth no matter how much she shook her head and spat at the ground. Her snout wrinkled and she sneezed.

"Little bastard," Evie growled. She rubbed her silvery sleeve against her eyes and sniffled. Despite her sneeze, the sweet smell had lodged in her nose. It had to be some sort of psychoactive enzyme, a defense mechanism. Her eyelids fluttered and her eyes struggled to focus on the snake. Her blaster was like a lead weight in her hands: dragging her arms down, making it impossible to aim.

Panic and anger and hunting instinct blended together with the pink haze forcing its way into her head. It was hard to think straight; her groggy mind kept slipping around in circles while her body drooped. She swayed and staggered backwards while fighting to hold onto her concentration.

The pistol slipped from her fingers and clattered onto the ground. Evie grabbed her cheek and rubbed like she was trying to rouse herself from a dream. Her skin felt hot beneath her fur and her knees buckled. Her back met the trunk of a fern-tree. The weight of her own body dragged her down until she was sitting, legs splayed, panting from the exertion of holding herself up..

Everything glowed too bright and too vibrant. Her pupils had dilated. The more she tried to crawl away, the more she slumped against the fern-tree. Her eyelids drooped no matter how much she blinked. Mina, she thought. Call for help. Warn her. She tugged the radio off of her belt, raised it to her mouth as if to talk, then yawned. The radio slipped from her hand and fell down among the fern-tree roots.

The few feet to her pistol might as well have been light-years. Her body refused to move. Where the pinkish sunlight hit her fur, she glowed with warmth. Everything was so good and pleasant that she couldn't bring herself to fish for her radio or reach for her gun.

The pink haze swirled through her head, swallowing up every train of thought. Just relax, she thought. Or was that the haze telling her that? Even if it was the haze, relaxing just felt so good.

Her eyelids hung down over her wide pupils. A lazy smile curled around her muzzle. There was nothing to worry about. This planet was great, the sunshine was great, this fern-tree was great, and the long, pink, alien creature slithering toward her was great.

3 - A New Friend

Evie leaned forward and patted the ground between her legs. With every breath in, she inhaled the sweet stuff clinging to her nose and mouth. With every breath out, she exhaled her worries. "Hey, little buddy," she cooed at the snake. She wiggled her fingers invitingly.

The dildo-snake slithered up to her and lifted its head, staring up at her with its cute black eyes. She wiggled her fingers again. It flicked its tongue against her gloves.

"I bet I taste like Terran," she said. The urge to giggle struck her, but she just grinned.

The snake wove itself through Evie's fingers and curled around her forearm. Its surface was slick and smooth and slid easily across her silver spacesuit. Evie lifted her arm so she could take a closer look.

"I wish I had a better name for you. All I can think of is dildo-snake and that's not very good. Mina's way better at naming things," she said. Wait a minute, she would never admit that Mina was better at coming up with names. This dildo-snake was doing something to her head. Where was her blaster? She'd—

The snake lifted its head. Another blast of pink mist sprayed into her face. Evie's arm fell to her thigh. Her head thunked back against the trunk of the fern-tree. Her expert vulpine tracking senses told her that the mist was really, really nice. She lapped the residue off her lips. Sniffling, she scrunched up her snout, then sneezed out a puff of pink. She let out a sleepy snicker.

Her mind filled with a broad, calming bliss, one that soothed her anxieties and told her that everything was great. Especially the dildo-snake. She couldn't stop thinking about it and the more she thought about it, the more she wanted to make friends with it, or keep it as a pet.

The snake slid off of her arm and started a slow arc along her inner thigh. Moving her arms was a challenge, but Evie managed to tug off her gloves and toss them aside. Her bare pawpads stroked against the snake's back, like she was petting a cat. Its skin felt as slick as it looked, but it wasn't slimy; it was more like smooth rubber. She gave it an experimental squeeze; its flesh was squishy and pliable, but firm.

Evie was so wrapped up in petting her new friend that she didn't realize what it was doing until its head bumped up against her crotch. She tugged its tail to pull it back, but it just slithered up between her legs again. Her head cocked to one side as she looked down. "Cut it out, you're not a dog," she said. Evie couldn't get a good grip on its body; her fingers were too slow and it was too rubbery-slick. It slipped out of her fingers and nuzzled up against her crotch again.

The snake opened its mouth. Where a Terran snake had fangs, it had a series of ridges along either side of its mouth, like the blades of a razor. One snap of its jaws tore Evie's skintight silver spacesuit open. Her pussy, surrounded by pale underbelly fur, was suddenly exposed. The bare air against her privates and the brush of the snake's razor-teeth roused some sense out of Evie's pleasant daze.

"Woah, buddy, take it easy," Evie said, trying to squirm away. Her heels scuffled against the ground. Her back pushed up against the fern-tree trunk. Even the adrenaline pumping through her couldn't shake the pink haze from her thoughts or help her to think straight. She tried to block her pussy with her hand but the snake slipped right between her fingers. Its head wiggled against her folds and began to squirm its way in.

Evie recoiled, thumping her shoulders back against the tree. "You are not supposed to ghhk—!" A sudden jerk from the snake squeezed the words out of Evie's mouth. It wormed its way deeper into her, curling and twisting its body as it went. Evie's fingers clamped down around the snake's tail and pulled as hard as she could. It became a tug-of-war between her and the snake; she would drag it out only for it to slip free and writhe its way back into her. Back and forth, in and out, until it became a steady rhythm. Her hips jerked, bumping against her fists as she started bucking back against the snake's squirming. Her eyelids fluttered, and a heavy moan left her lips.

Where the snake's body touched her folds, it rubbed a slick substance off on her, like natural lubrication. Her skin absorbed it readily. The more the snake writhed, the more that goo coated her pussy, and the hotter the aching heat between her legs grew. Her free hand clutched the ground beneath her. She struggled to take gasping breaths as the snake slithered deeper into her swollen, tender pussy.

Evie's drugged body couldn't stay up. She leaned to one side, then spilled onto the ground. Laying on her back, legs parted, the forest canopy spun around her. Her knees were bent and her feet planted on the ground. She had enough leverage to jerk her hips into the air each time the snake squirmed inside of her.

Through the haze of sex, Evie knew she had to get this thing out of her. With both hands, she grabbed the snake's tail and pulled. Its ridges popped out of her pussy one by one, until only its head was still left inside. But as soon as she lost her grip, the snake snapped back into her, burying its glistening pink body in her pussy. Ears flattened against her head, eyes rolling back, the vixen let out a cry of both shock and pleasure.

Her hands grasped the roots of the fern-tree, sinking her claws into their fleshy exterior. As her hips bucked, sixteen inches of snake flopped through the air. Her pussy felt so swollen and so tight that if Evie hadn't known better, she would think she was in heat. A rabid, mindless need had overtaken her body. The most she could do was reach down, grasp her swollen mound, and rub at her folds with her pawpads while the snake wriggled between her fingers.

Her blonde hair had spilled onto the ground, providing a pillow for her cheek while she panted. Her lips and throat were dry. Each squirm from the snake made her body jerk and clench. Its length filled her to the brim and couldn't get any deeper. At least that was some small consolation: it couldn't get worse.

And then the snake opened its mouth. The tight feeling made Evie grunt. She didn't know what happened next, but a sudden burst of numbing pleasure shot through her lower body, drowning out all other sensations. An animal yip left her throat and her body curled up into the air. The snake began to move again. It slithered deeper into her, twisting and pushing against parts of her that had never felt that sort of pressure before.

Her silvery space suit bulged around her belly. Evie's hind claws curled against the inside of her boots. She bit her lip, huffing through her nose. She tried to push against the swell in her lower abdomen, but a tender pang made her hand recoil. There wasn't much time left. Before what, Evie didn't know, but if she wanted this out of her, she had to act now.

About eight inches of tail still poked out from between her puffy folds. She bent over, ignoring the throbbing in her stomach, and grasped the snake's tail. Rolling back, she pulled as hard as she could. The snake went taut, all the way up her pussy and into her womb. It began to slide. She adjusted her grip and kept pulling.

Then there was a rubbery thwap. The dildo-snake snapped out of her hands and writhed violently. It wriggled its way back into her, until its pink tail vanished between her folds. Evie's eyes rolled back into her head and she cried out loud. Her hips jerked into the air. Fluids dripped onto the forest floor, both her own clear juices and the snake's viscous pink secretions.

Evie flopped onto the ground, eyelids half-closed, chest heaving. The sudden burst of pleasure left her mind empty, all her thoughts quieted while her brain tried to process the orgasm she'd just had. While she trembled and twitched, the snake settled down inside of her, growing calm as it began the process of integrating with her body.

4 - Adjustments

The canopy of leaves looked like splatters of purple and blue and green paint, dotted with pink where the sky peeked through. Evie blinked slowly. What was she doing on the ground? Why was she so thirsty? Her stomach gurgled as she sat up. She tried to think back. Finding the pond, sitting down to wait, meeting the snake—

Her ears perked up and her eyes widened. But just as that realization dawned on her, a blissful tingling feeling washed over her scalp and made her fur stand on end. A small tickle met her nose and she sneezed. She shook her head. Her sudden panic rolled around for a moment, and then fizzled out. She didn't even feel the gentle nudges moving her thoughts around. Evie couldn't help laughing. Why had she been so freaked out? That snake had been a cute friend who'd given her a good time. Nothing wrong with that.

Her hand moved to her crotch without thinking. She was still swollen from her strange sexual experience. She parted her folds with a gentle touch and began to rub herself. The feeling that something wasn't right crept up over her again, and again her hair bristled. She sniffled. She was always horny, wasn't she? It wasn't strange that she was fingering herself. Just enjoy it.

Evie staggered up to her feet. Aside from the leaves and twigs in her hair and the hole in her suit over her crotch, she looked like the same fox-morph that had left the ship. She leaned a shoulder against the fern-tree trunk for support. Her free hand curled up around one of her breasts, pressing her fingers against her nipple until it stiffened against the fabric of her suit. She rolled the tip between her fingers while her other hand pumped away at her dripping wet pussy.

Evie paused. She pulled her hand free. Thick pink liquid ran in small beads along her fingers. That had to be strange, right? Evie shivered and let out an involuntary titter as her nose tickled. No, that was normal. She was just really horny, remember? She licked her lips and grinned. Made sense, a pretty vixen like herself having a sex drive to match. Enough sense that she didn't think to question it.

Evie pushed herself off of the fern-tree trunk and began to retrace her steps back to the pond. Her fingers were tucked tight between her legs, rubbing constantly. The pink fluid ran down her hand and dripped onto the forest floor, leaving a trail behind her.

She hadn't gotten far, so it was only a short walk back to the shore. The sun was higher in the sky, the air warmer; perfect for basking. Evie sat down on the sand, stretched out, and fingered herself to a lazy, sticky orgasm. She plunked her fingers into the water to wash them off.

Again, Evie's stomach growled. She lifted her head and scanned the area. Something around here had to be edible. What did her little snake buddy eat? Another rush of tingling and a light sneeze washed away any apprehension about her new parasitic best friend. Evie giggled sleepily. After a few deep sniffs, she picked up a sweet, fruity smell coming from the fern-trees by the shore. Thick vines hung from the fronds, draping down into the water. She got up and waded into the pond, fetching one of the vines and dragging it back to the shore.

Sitting back down on the sand, she stared down at the vine. How exactly was she supposed to eat this? Then her stomach quivered and, without thinking, she bent down and bit into the vine. It crunched, like the surface of a watermelon, thick and waxy until her teeth broke through the rind. Around her teeth oozed up a thick, yellowish nectar. Her mouth was already watering. Her stomach groaned. She'd never felt such an intense craving for sugar before. Evie sat back on the sand, holding the vine to her mouth and sucking up the sweet fluid as it dripped out.

Something wiggled beneath her scalp. She reached up and scratched at her hair. After the wild time she'd had, it was a blonde mess, a thick, tousled mane with leaves stuck in it. Her claws rubbed over a pair of small nubs on her scalp. Out of nowhere, she sneezed. Her pussy clenched and dripped a few pink drops, and her eyelids fluttered. Her train of thought shifted to the tight ache between her legs. Her hand dropped back down to keep fingering herself, and she forgot about those little bumps.

Evie's thoughts felt slow to form and move, like she was pushing around heavy weights in her head. It wasn't that she couldn't think, it was just much easier to let other parts of her body do the thinking for her. Like her stomach, which was demanding sugar, or her pussy, which was in desperate need of something inside it. It was much easier to satisfy those needs than to try to think about what was going on with her body.

After a minute more of sucking down nectar and fingering herself, those little bumps burst up into a pair of smooth, pinkish antennae. Evie felt them growing in and leaned over the water to get a good look. She could wiggle each on their own, and they were rubbery-slick to the touch. They were like the antennae that her snake buddy had sported, but taller and thicker, obviously. She wasn't sure where her parasitic friend was now, but she had a feeling deep in her lower abdomen that he hadn't left her.

"These are so cute," Evie said, bobbing her antennae at her reflection. Hang on a minute, she didn't sound like that. What was wrong with—

Evie's nose tickled, but she resisted the urge to sneeze. Her hips jerked and she squirted a little bit of pink fluid. Her eyelids drooped and she giggled. What was she thinking about? Tasty nectar? She wrapped her lips around the vine and lapped up more of that sweet stuff, while her fingers pumped away between her legs.

With her lips forming a tight seal, she could suck the nectar from the vine faster than it oozed out on its own. Thick globs of sweet goo rolled down her throat with every gulp and slid down into her hungry belly. The skintight material of her suit began to stretch. Not around her stomach—around her chest. Her nipples popped up stiff and swollen, forming firm bumps on the surface. The spandex stretched across the thickening midline of her bust.

The snug, supportive spacesuit held her breasts as tight as possible, but even it couldn't keep them from sagging slightly. She had always been a respectable D-cup, about as big as she could get away with while keeping them from getting in the way. But as she slurped up that nectar, something deep inside her was converting that sugary energy into mass and packing it into her chest.

The slow swelling pulled the skin of her breasts taut. With the vine gripped between her teeth, she spared a hand to squeeze her chest and knead the extra mass filling it up. Her fingers sunk into her soft flesh. A pressure from inside pushed outward against her hands. Her nipples were swollen, sticking out from the tips of her heavy tits.

They weren't the only part of her that was getting tighter. Beneath her belt, her hips packed on soft fat. She already had the genes to cut a stunning figure, but the same force urging her to keep eating was also spurring her body's growth toward thicker, more pornographic dimensions. The suit stretched around her more shapely legs, while her thighs gently squeezed her hand. The hole above her pussy gaped open wider as her broader hips pulled the suit tighter.

Maybe it was weird that she was growing so much, but as soon as she had that thought, her antennae quivered and she groaned through her nose and leaned back. Her plump pussy throbbed, demanding. Her thumb brushed carefully against the top of her clit and that thought about her growth fizzled away into nothing.

Something long and thick and tender squeezed its way down her pussy. Her arm pressed against the side of her breasts, jostling the heavy mounds each time she rocked her hand. With every throb of her pussy, the mass inside of her pushed out a little further. Her knees parted and her legs spread open.

Another throb, another push, and the bulge inside of her slid closer to her fingers. She bit her lip and tried to squeeze her muscles to draw it out. Her hips lifted up into the air. She gripped one of her tits tight, rubbing her swollen nipple in small circles.

Another throb, a rush of pinkish fluid, and into her hand flopped a shaft. It was a cock, glossy and pinkish like her snake friend's skin, but definitely her own. The sudden touch of her hand against the flesh of her new cock made her groan out loud and thrust into her palm. Only three inches of cock poked from her pussy at first, but it was tender to the touch in a way she'd never felt before. She started stroking right away.

With each pump of her hand, she coaxed more of her shaft from her body. It slid out of her pussy like it was emerging from a sheath. Behind its tip, it was ridged, just like the snake's body. It was the same color, the same latexy texture and feeling. As her hand tightened around her new cock, it stiffened. A grunt slipped from her nose. From underneath her shaft slid a pair of testacles, tight-packed and the same glossy pink as the rest of it.

"Oh, fuck," Evie groaned. Her hand stroked up and down the slick cock, savoring all six inches of shaft. The head throbbed, and she felt that throb all the way back into her pussy and up into her body. Unfamiliar urges welled up inside of her. She wanted to sink her cock deep into something warm; she wanted it squeezed tight; she wanted to cum and spread her snakey friend to as many hosts as...

Wait a second—

Evie's hips jerked into the air and her cock pulsed eagerly. She squeaked and flopped down onto her back. Ten inches of pink cock poked up between her legs. Her hands clamped around the base as if trying to keep it down, but her hips jerked uncontrollably. Her eyes rolled back. Each buck of her hips made her breasts bounced back against her chest. With both hands, she pumped up and down over her cock, panting for breath.

A yelp split the air and her eyes went wide. Her cock bulged for a moment, tight against her grip. It felt as if she was going to burst. And then she exploded. Thick, pinkish cum erupted into the air and splashed into the pond, each blast hitting the water with a heavy ploonk. The sheer intensity of this brand new orgasm dug into her head, dragged her thoughts down to her crotch, and shot them into the air as thick ropes of cum. It lasted maybe fifteen seconds, but it felt like minutes of mind-numbing bliss.

Evie slumped back against the sand. The last spurts of alien seed trickled down her still-stiff cock while she stared up at the sky, taking slow, panting breaths. Her head felt so clear and sharp now, like everything that had been clogging up her thoughts had gotten flushed away with her orgasm. She could focus on the stuff that was really important now: fucking, and finding more hosts.

Shuffling up to a sitting position, Evie looked down at her cock with a dazed grin. She ran her fingers along its length, gathering up a big glob of her own cum, then licking her fingers clean. It was sweet and tasted like the pink mist her snakey parasite buddy had sprayed her with.

A quick dunk in the cool water washed the remaining pink cum off of Evie's cock. To dry off, she laid back in the sun and occupied herself by picking the leaves out of her hair. Her cock slowly went flaccid, hanging down between her legs. Every so often, when she brushed her breasts the right way, it would pulse and stiffen and she'd titter softly and bite her lip.

A sound came from far away. Her antennae twitched up straight as her ears swiveled behind her. Off in the distance, she heard someone calling, "Evie!"

Mina. Evie had lost track of time after meeting her best snakey friend, but it must have been long enough for her partner to get worried. And while her head was pleasantly fuzzy and worry-free, she knew that Mina would get suspicious of antennas and a big fat cock.

What happened next was almost instinctual. Her antennas schlicked down into her head, disappearing into her scalp. Her cock began to roll back up into her, retreating between her folds. She winced and grunted as her balls popped back inside of her. The tip of her cock wobbled as the shaft retracted into her body, and then with a pop, it was gone too, leaving behind an unassuming Terran vixen's pussy. Aside from being puffy and swollen, her mound looked entirely normal. The only indication that something was amiss was the slight bulge in her belly and the vacant look in Evie's eyes.

"Evie!" Mina called, close enough that Evie could hear her rustling through the brush.

Clearing her throat, Evie tried to keep her voice level. "I'm over here," she called back. Deep inside her, her cock pulsed eagerly.

Has Evie succumbed to the seductive, slithering parasites?

Will Mina resist the mind-melting allure of the dildo-snakes?

Is the galaxy safe—and would we rather it be in danger?


Find out all these and more in the next installment of...

Lost Tales of the Planet Rushes!