Intolerant Lactoid

If milk turns people into cows, what if sour milk turned people into tough punk cows? Explicit.

Jessica lifted the carton to her nose, sniffed softly, then made a small, scrunched face. The inscrutable numbers that were the expiration date didn't offer any help. It had probably gone bad. Then again, she didn't want to waste it. Even if it was a little overdue, it couldn't hurt.

She wasn't always so compulsively frugal. It was just that her temp job had barely given her enough money to keep her afloat and now that was over too, so anywhere that she could cut corners, she would. So there were a few dry drops of chocolate syrup left over in the bottle, and a glass of milk that wasn't smelling so good. She put two and two together, and came up with a slightly chocolate-flavored not-quite-right glass of milk.

At least it wasn't going to waste, she thought. She took the glass and pushed it to her lips, drinking down all of it. It wasn't that bad. She could tell it wasn't good, of course, but it wasn't immediately offensive.

It only started to bother her about an hour later, when dull aches were traveling along the sides of her stomach and her body let out worrisome gurgling noises. Perhaps she was getting a little too into the unemployed bachelorette lifestyle. But since an evening starting with a glass of mostly-bad milk wasn't really going anywhere exciting, she felt like her discomfort was the signal to lie down and get a bit of rest.

The short girl splayed herself out on the bed, rolling around a bit to try to find the most comfortable position. At her best, she looked fairly cute, if a bit skinny and slightly young for her age—she was twenty-four, but by the way she looked, she could have been a college freshman. Looking young had its advantages, but she always got carded, and she sometimes faintly wondered if it might be something that exacerbated her trouble finding a job.

She didn't have a whole lot of time to think about the injustice of height, though, as despite occasionally gurgling, she was able to drift off to sleep half-beneath the covers.


Jessica crawled out of bed once laying there became too boring. It was ten in the morning, which wasn't bad, all things considered. At least she wasn't sleeping through daylight or anything.

A shower was a necessity, even if she wasn't going to go out today. It was less an urge to be clean and tidy than that her brown hair would get somewhat matted and messy if she didn't wash daily.

Jessica stepped into the water and tugged the curtain shut behind her. After washing out her hair, she grabbed the soap, and slowly trailed it along her skin, then came back to scrub and wash it off with her hands. In the midst of her scrubbing, her hands came upon two soft handfuls of warm flesh. She squeezed her breasts gently, and a soft moan rose from her lips. That wasn't weird, right? That hadn't been weird at all.

With her hair drying, Jessica left the bathroom and headed to her dresser to get her underwear on. But when she reached around to fasten up her bra, she felt it squeeze tightly and the straps dig into her shoulders. Oh, damn it. Well, it was the sort of thing you didn't have much choice but to spend money on.

At least she already had a yearly pass for the bus. In a loose tee shirt and some baggy old hand-me-down pants from her mother, Jessica headed out for the bus stop, and caught the bus down to the nearest mall in town.

Victoria's Secret? Yeah, that wasn't really going to be in her price range. She could handle something more along the lines of, say, Old Navy with her budget. She picked out a few different sizes of bra in the B-to-C range, thinking she'd probably be on the smaller side.

In the dressing room, she turned from side to side slowly, wearing the last bra that she'd picked out, and the only one which actually seemed to fit her properly. Comfortable, not tight, allowing for a bit of bounce, and it was only a size...C. Okay, so had she been wearing ridiculously mislabeled bras the whole time? It seemed a bit too odd to be true.

It didn't seem odd for long, because she could now remember that she had been quite happy with her better-than-average bust and its size ever since she'd first started to develop in—snap!

Jessica's eyes went down to her bra, half-expecting it to have broken, but the straps of the bra still held on quite well. It was her panties, the waistband now completely broken through. After removing its sad remains from her jeans, she pulled them back up around her waist, tugging the waist snugly to button it up, a sway in her hips as she went to find some more panties to buy. Well, at least a clothes store was the best place to wreck your clothes.

Breasts in a gentle jiggle up top and ass wiggling back and forth within the denim, she headed through the checkout with a pack of new panties and a small assortment of bras. She still felt faintly guilty about paying for these, but they were necessities, after all. And once she'd bought them, she hurried into the restrooms tucked away behind the food court to change into the soothingly soft new underwear.

Jessica was even feeling good, which had been a distant prospect for her for a while. And she was willing to put up a little bit of extra money to keep herself feeling good, in the form of a milkshake from one of the fast food places at the food court.

As she was going home, she leaned gently against the window and let her cheek be warmed by the sun. She curled her soft, plump lips around the straw to take a long, slow gulp of the milkshake, then let out a sigh cooled by the satisfyingly cold and creamy vanilla shake. With each sip, her ears were slowly growing longer, flicking back slightly as she sucked, then raising back up when she pulled her mouth free. The tips were even dusted with faintly furlike hair.

Jessica tossed the empty cup in the trash can at the bus stop as she got off. Back home, bouncing gently in her new bra and panties, and onto the computer, to look over help wanted ads.

She was brought out of her lazy concentration by the ringing of her phone. Five-thirty already? Time sure flew when you were looking for some sort of employment. At least it was one of her friends.

"Hey, Ally. What's going on?" she asked. "Oh, well, I don't—really? Well I definitely don't want to impose but I guess it would be good to get out. Okay. Yeah, I'll owe you once I'm getting paid again, ha ha. I don't know where that club is so—yeah, that's great. See you in a bit. Bye!"

While she was on the phone with Ally, Jessica gathered up a bit of butter, one leftover slice of wheat bread, a slice of white, and a slice of cheese. Not too stellar for a meal, but grilled cheese tasted good and didn't take much to make.

Ally really was a good friend, she thought amid bites of her sandwich. That there was someone who wanted to go and take her out to have a bit of fun was more reassuring than a couple hundred in her bank account. A short tail pushed its way from the base of her spine, growing down until it ended in a small tassel of dark hair. It swayed from side to side briefly as she finished off her sandwich.

As Jessica climbed into Ally's car a few hours later, the mink looked over at her friend with a curious eye.

"Woah, Jess, are you looking big?" she asked. Then her brow knotted slightly, and she was confused as to why she'd said that. "I mean...have you been working out?"

"What are you talking about? I...oh, well, I mean, yeah, a bit. Do you think I look too 'grr muscley'?" Jessica asked.

The firmness of Jessica's toned muscles nicely offset the softness elsewhere, and since they were paired with suitably pleasing curves, she looked fit and fairly sexy at the same time. Ally giggled at her friend's question.

"Nah, come on. You look great," Ally said.

The club was loud and noisy with the chatter of people and the pounding music above it all, but after a drink or two, Jessica was starting to get a feel for the place, loosening up and even going out onto the floor to dance until she was jiggled out and ready to plop back into the seat across from Ally.

"Hey there," someone said.

The two girls both turned to look at the husky dressed up in a shirt with a fraternity's logo across the front.

"So, uh. You want to go for a roll in the hay with me, partner?" he asked.

Over at the bar, there were a bunch of guys in the same shirts trying to not look like they were watching the exchange and doing a poor job of it. Jessica giggled softly as she rose up onto her feet.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" she asked.

The pledge could probably use a good story to tell his friends, she thought. And she could use a bit of base pleasure to lift her spirits, though at this point, given how buzzed she was, she wasn't consciously aware that that was why she was so willing.

As they slipped into a quiet spot away from prying eyes, the young frat boy was getting ready to ride a soft, shy cow girl through waves of mildly drunken pleasure. But to his surprise, Jessica was a bit more forceful than that. His back was pushed up against the wall, her soft lips forcing his apart in a powerful kiss.

When his cock slid up inside of her, it was Jessica doing the riding. Her muscles tightened, her hips rocking down against him, her hands holding onto his hips to keep him steady. She was gasping and moaning in delight, while he was panting and clinging onto the wild girl.

Jessica's arms pulled him closer and the quick thrusts were driving her top up, letting her breasts pop free and press against his chest, brushing against his chin. Their motions grew more fevered as the details began to blur together. The animal desires were coming to the fore, pushing aside thought. She tossed her head back as her hips slammed against his. He was doing the best he could to keep up with her and grind back against her.

The intense feelings narrowed down to a pair of single, blinding points as both cried out in their climaxes. Jessica was soon pulling back, grinning broadly, tugging at her skirt, her tail flicking back and forth. The husky had to lean back against the wall and wait and watch Jessica's ass sway as she slipped back into the club.


Jessica woke with a dull headache, but also with a feeling that last night had gone pretty well. The husky had been the last intact bit of memory; everything after that was bits and scraps. The girls who'd been dared to make out with her, that was fun, as was the group of guys who'd asked her into the back, and the hyena girl who'd given her a bit of...she wasn't sure what the pill was, but she felt confident blaming at least some of her current headache on it.

She could taste something somewhat crusty on the corners of her lips, which was as good an encouragement as any to get washed off. Though between the couch and the shower, she noticed something had been written in marker on her stomach, conveniently upside-down so she could read it.

'Call me if you want work' and below it, a phone number. Well, it couldn't hurt, and she did need to keep looking for job prospects. She wrote down the number on some paper before heading to the shower to scrub it off.

In the midst of washing off her face, her fingers bumped up against an unexpected metal stud in her eyebrow. Huh, that was weird. When had she gotten that? Oh, duh, of course, it'd been a few years ago, a birthday present from a friend. Weird that she had forgotten. Especially since she'd sucked him off as thanks afterward.

She could definitely stand to cut her hair back to something more manageable, she thought, looking in the mirror as she pulled her fingers through the dark mess of curls. She didn't want to break another comb trying to get through all of that.

Jessica managed to squeeze herself into a pair of her new panties, though her hips and ass stretched it down to nearly little more than a thong. But the new bras? Forget about it, they were simply refusing to stretch around her breasts. Then again, she'd always had issues with bras. When she hit puberty, she'd needed to buy new ones almost every two months.

So all that covered her breasts was a once-loose tee shirt, stretched out enough that it revealed the lower portion of her smooth abs and precariously pushed over her heavy bust. The fabric was thankfully soft, or she would have been giving everyone who walked by two eyefuls of big, fat nipple.

On the way to the barbershop, Jessica dialed the number that had been on her stomach. The female voice on the other end did sound familiar, but she couldn't place a face with the voice.

"Hey, uh, I think you told me to call you about a job...?" Jessica said, not sure how to introduce herself in the situation.

"Oh, right, of course! Well, I've got an opening that a girl like you could probably fill, though I'd prefer to talk about it in person, if that's okay," the woman's voice said.

"Sure, sounds fine to me. I don't have anything going on, so—"

"Eight 'o clock, at my place? I can send you the address so you can look it up. Good to hear back from you, and I'm glad you got my message."

"Sure thing. See you there," Jessica said, then hung up.

A minute later, her phone dinged, receiving the text with the woman's address on it. Whatever it was, Jessica felt willing to give it a try. How bad could it be?

As she slipped into the chair at the salon, she gestured toward her mess of hair. She was going to ask for it cut down shorter, to keep it mostly the same but easier to manage. Until a sudden whim hit her.

"Cut it down nice and short on the sides, and just trim the center so it's even, about...this thick," she said, gesturing on her forehead.

"All right, dear. Just sit back, and we'll have you fixed up," the stylist said.

Jessica raised her chin as the sheet was tossed around her body and fastened behind her neck. With gentle prods, the vixen cutting her hair directed Jessica's head so that she could get down to her scalp and get the razor to cut off big locks of her hair. While she was getting her hair cut, a faint itchy feeling crept over her body. Not from hair falling down her shirt, though—her body hair had begun a slow, gradual growth, including the development of darker patches of skin where the hair was growing in black instead of white.

Jessica paid up for the haircut in the front of the barber shop, and walked out with her now much sleeker hair draping down along one side of her face. While she was out running errands, she did need to stop by the grocery store to pick up some things. And since there were coupons there for half-off on the ice cream, she decided to grab a tub of that along with her carton of milk.

She ate a mid-afternoon meal of some fruit and a bit of canned soup, washing it down with a glass of milk. So, she was going to have an interview that evening. That left her plenty of time to think, worry, and second-guess herself about what to wear.

She'd probably leave the piercings in. The studs and barbells in her ears were kind of part of her 'look'. Wait, hadn't it just been the one in her eyebrow? Oh, yeah, the ones in her ears were the ones she'd got from giving the guy at the tattoo place a boob job. Heh heh, her big fat moneymakers. She squeezed her heavy breasts, letting them overflow her fingers and making her nipples pop out stiffly.

The business outfit was out, that just looked too strange on her, and for some reason she couldn't seem to squeeze herself into something a little more dinner-at-a-restaurant-fancy. She was getting down to the wire when it came to her money situation, but all she really had were things like what she was wearing. Although, she could make it look a little more deliberate...

With the bottom bit and sleeves ripped off the old tee shirt, it looked like a stylishly weathered tank top, and tearing off most of the legs of the pants gave them a daisy dukes sort of vibe. She stretched her back in the mirror, reaching behind her head to see her ruggedly toned arms shifting and her firm abs pulled tight. It took dedication to keep up a body like that, but it was worth it.

Her nipples, thick and swollen but not even erect, stuck visibly from her shirt. It was a sort of pride, though. She had some pretty damn good looking teats, and she wasn't shy about showing them off a bit. Though by her scantily altered clothes, it wouldn't be hard to guess that even without looking at her nipples.

Her nose twitched slightly, and she rubbed it briefly. Her face extended slightly from her head, tipped with a small, broad, darkened nose, giving her the appearance of having something a bit like a muzzle, but shorter and still quite human-looking.

The apartment that the address led her to was flashy, sleek, but not particularly classy, and its owner, a human named Maria, seemed to be the same sort of woman. Older than Jessica by perhaps a decade and a half, starting to show her age in the corners but still quite pretty.

"Well, I certainly appreciated your show at the club last night," she began, with a knowing look at Jessica.

"I was pretty shitfaced. I don't remember much," Jessica said as if in apology.

"Your loss. Look, you don't seem like the sort I have to dress this up for or build up to or anything. I'll tell it to you straight. I'm a pimp. Not for the streetwalker sort, but I don't have any illusions about what I'm doing. You seem like a girl up for some wild stuff, and I heard you rambling about having trouble finding a job. My girls work at a couple different places, and it'd be eighty flat for each night you're there, plus an extra twenty for each client," Maria said.

That was ridiculous. She was down on her luck but she still wasn't going to resort to prostitution. Although Maria had said it wouldn't be as degrading as working the streets. And even if she just had sex once, that was what, $100 per night? Maybe about five hours of work, making at least twenty bucks and hour, that really wasn't bad.

The piercings on her eyebrows were slowly multiplying, and spreading to her nose in the form of a ring through the side. Had she really just been debating about getting paid to fuck? That was ridiculous. Of course she'd do it. She did enough fucking when it was pro bono that getting paid for it was like getting paid to do drugs or watch porn.

"Fuck yeah, that sounds like something I'd be into. I wanna start off as soon as I can. And...maybe get a bit of an advance? I'm pretty fucking broke, and I wanna look good for my first night," Jessica said.

"Great. Well...I don't think we could do a country girl thing with you? Mmm, didn't think so. People go nuts for hot fur girls anyway, and you've got the punk butch thing going on."

"Heheh, yeah. Hey, what are you" Jessica began to ask, then trailed off.

Maria had gotten up from her chair, closed the distance between them, and thanks to Jessica's confidently spread legs, it was only seconds before Maria had pulled aside all the layers that covered the cow-girl's pussy. Her lips pressed their gentle heat against the other's folds.

Jessica began to grin at the beginning. She leaned back, spreading her legs further, laying her arms out along the back of the couch. She rolled herself gently against Maria's mouth, certainly appreciating the attention, and taking it all with a heavy dose of confident swagger—the upscale pimp just couldn't resist.

But Jessica was soon losing control. Though that implied that Maria hadn't been in control, biding her time. The licks and nips and tender teases grew more forceful, more insistent, more aching with delight. Jessica's smug expression had melted as her jaw fell open. Now she was letting out long, low moans and making brief, choppy gasps. Her body was pressing against Maria less out of delight, more out of need.

By the end, Maria had Jessica gasping like a bitch, gripping the pillows in her strong hands, and slowly twisting in her seat on the sofa. Her tongue was flopping somewhere. Her mouth was wide open, and her vision was blurry, unfocused. A deep, hot extended groan, starting with an 'mmmh' and ending with a low 'oooh' left her lips, accompanying the sheets of fire rippling across her skin and the fireworks inside her chest.


Jess hadn't really woken up until the water hit her in the shower. The four wadded up twenties tossed on the counter beside the bathroom sink were a welcome reminder that last night hadn't just been a dream. Her fingers slid over her naturally thick and protruding nipples as she took the time to wash her heavy, rounded, and (shh) not entirely natural breasts. Sure, nature had given her plenty to work with, but nature didn't get things perfect all the time, and that was where silicone came in.

Everything was going quite nicely and her splotched black-on-white fur was getting quite clean, until she ran into a soft, pinkish area just above her groin, slightly swollen and with four sensitive nubs on it. That was strange. In fact, now that she thought about it, there were a ton of things that had been strange.

She didn't want to look, but she had to. Her head turned slowly, looking past the curtain, into the mirror, at her reflection, the reflection of a toned, impressively curvaceous...cow. Her scream might have woken up the neighbors if it wasn't noon already.

"What the fuck don't you get about that, Ally? I'm turning into some kinda cow slut. It's making my head all weird and shit, but I swear to god I'm not high," Jess said into her phone.

She was pacing back and forth in the bedroom, still slightly damp from having gotten out of the shower a few minutes ago.

"Jess, I'm serious. I don't know what you're talking about. You're a cow. You're my sluttiest friend. Hell, you sound the way you always do. Are you really, really sure you're not high?" Ally asked.

"Do ya need me to paint a picture, you fucking cunt? Ugh, shit, sorry, it's..." Jess sighed.

"It's okay, you're upset and you're confused, I get it. How about you just, you know, lie down, close your eyes, and maybe try to collect your thoughts a bit?" Ally said.

"I'm fucking collected right now, and my thoughts say I'm not a god damn bitch. Look, if you don't want to help just say it, don't tug my dick around," Jess said.

Jess jammed the end button on her phone, then let out a deep groan as she fell back onto the bed. Now that she knew what was happening, it seemed like there wasn't much she could do. She could try to keep herself from becoming more of a perfect embodiment of this abrasive, slutty cow-girl, but a good chunk of the damage had been done.

Everyone she could think to talk to wouldn't admit that she had been anything other than what she was. Her thoughts felt sluggish, and she'd already learned quite well that everything she said went through some filter in her mind that sprinkled in curse words and excess bravado.

Jess wasn't like this, and she was sure of it, despite how the world seemed to be conspiring to prove otherwise. She wasn't the sort of girl who kept a dildo beside her bed. She wasn't the sort of girl who just naturally reached for it when she laid down. She wasn't the sort of girl who'd start to push the shaft up between her folds, who was already slick so it slid into her easily. She wasn't the sort of girl who would start to buck her body up against a fake cock to try to fuck herself to orgasm.

Of course, she could say that all she wanted, but it didn't make the dildo any less inside of her. She held it steady with one hand, while with her other, she squeezed her oversized nipples until they began to dribble milk. With each rock of her body, the pink patch below her belly was swelling. At first, it was just a jiggly mound, but it was growing thicker, heavier, the nubs growing longer. It was unmistakably starting to look like an udder, and she knew that, and she couldn't stop.

She didn't want to be a cow, and she didn't want to lug around another big milk bag, but Jess couldn't exactly get everything she wanted, now could she. Her teats were thickening, slowly developing toward a scale to match her ever-swollen nipples, while the udder itself bounced further with every thrust, hanging lower with its growing weight.

For a cow like her, her udder was nearly as important as her tits. And so, with her bulging udder came implants, just like in her existing breasts, to help it look firm, taut and rounded; like it was always swollen with milk. The smooth pink bulge stuck out nearly as far from her body as her breasts did, and as she reached her orgasm, every teat she had splattered with a bit of milk at once.

"Shit shit shit!" Jess groaned.

She spread her hand out wide, groping her udder and lifting it closer so that she could look at it, feeling its thick weight and heavy girth. It was good that she had her firm, powerful muscle to—no, that was wrong too! She was normal, she didn't work out to keep a tight, strong physique that let her support the weight of her body without problem and added to her ruggedly tough look.

Damn it, it was really hard to keep from doing that, she thought. She made a muscle with her bicep, then stretched her abs. Watching the shifting of her muscles filled her with a delight that felt rather guilty and just a little wrong.

Not only that, but she could feel the conspicuous space in her mind, like the feeling of the empty space when she'd lost a tooth as a child; the space that her latest transformation had scooped out of her. She cursed a couple more times, realizing that not only was this making her act like a bitch, but it was trying to make her dumb, too.

Well, she wasn't going to let that happen. She was a...uh...what had her major been? Fuck, and had she even gone to college? She wasn't sure any more. It felt like she had, but there were no memories of professors or lectures or whatever shit they did there.

Jess took a deep breath. She had to keep it together. She was going to go and buy some stuff to cover up her tits, then she was going to call her college and ask if she'd graduated there.

With a shirt that was ready to fall apart and pants that were the baggiest pajamas she could find, Jess hopped on the bus to the mall, tub of ice cream held in hand while she scooped spoonfuls into her mouth in the hopes of calming herself. But in satiating her craving, all that she was doing was encouraging the slow growth of a pair of white horns poking from her forehead.

Jess was frustrated by the time she got to the mall, sporting a set of bovine horns and an emptied pint-size tub of ice cream. The big cow-girl searched through department stores and clothing stores alike, but found little that could suit her big frame. She'd gotten used to being outside of the size range for most shops—no she hadn't! She was a perfectly normal size until just now!

It had been her last resort, but Jess headed into The B*tch Boutique, the sort of place that she'd never go on purpose. The rat girl behind the counter flashed a grin at her, and Jess arched her back, showing off her chest a little, purely by reflex.

Finding a top made of particularly stretchy material and a bikini-style bottom that advertised on its label that it was made for bovines (which she most certainly wasn't and would be returning as soon as she got her body fixed), Jess slipped back into one of the changing rooms, away from the eager eyes of the cashier.

The tight material meant her nipples showed right through, but she couldn't really avoid it, and it was less precarious than her irretrievably stretched shirt. As if the silicone-enhanced mounds needed any more support, it helped lift them up and push them out, making them jut out in front of her body and show off her deep cleavage just the way she loved it. No she didn't love it. Yes she did. No, she didn't!

The bottom was likewise snug, fitting tightly around her expansive ass and thick thighs, then stretching forward in the front to wrap around her udder, keeping it somewhat under wraps, though the outline of every thick teat was as visible as her swollen nipples. It was the best she could do, until she got her body back. Which she was sure she was going to be able to do.

Jess picked out a couple of different styles of both top and bottom, wearing a matching set of deep red ones, with a grunge-splattered skull stretched out between her breasts on her top.

She was glad to get out of the shop and away from the rat—not that she made her uncomfortable, more that the rat's gaze had been getting her hot and she'd wanted to avoid getting distracted at all. And god were those rat's tits fucking distracting. No, come on, she was almost home! And then her toes began to grow numb.

Jess had an idea of what was happening, but was still groaning in despair as she tried to kick off her shoes as fast as possible. No, it wasn't...but it was. Her toenails had turned dark, and were growing bigger, thicker, making her loose her balance and prop herself up against a directory. Her legs were being reshaped, and she could feel it all happening.

"Moooo!" Jess cried out, feeling her psyche slipping, another big chunk of her mind scooped away.

"Aw, fucken moo," she muttered.

Jess's big black hooves clopped along the mall floor, so when she could, she walked on carpet to muffle the noise. The feeling was decidedly unlike having full feet, and it was upsetting and frustrating the increasingly thick-headed cow girl.

Jess pushed open the door as she got back home, and was surprised to hear noise, then to see the rabbit sitting on her couch.

"Kyle! Moo the fuck are you doing here?" Jess asked; not angry but just finding this unexpected.

"Oh man...Jess? I got your email, and everything you were saying sounded so weird, so I came to check on you and..." he said.

Kyle slowly got up off the couch where he'd been waiting for Jess, and was slammed against the cow's heavy breasts in a tight embrace.

"I'm scared. I'm turning inta some kinda big fucken whore and I can't stop it! You gotta help moo!" Jess said. Tears began to form in the corners of her eyes.

"But no one else noticed a thing? You said in the message that you'd talked to Ally but..."

"Yeah, everyone's got that shit going on. What can we do?" Jess asked.

"First, we need to just calm down. Try to think, when was the first time you think something was up?" Kyle asked.

"Musta been at the club Ally took me to two nights ago. I got shitfaced and I woke up with like, cum all over me. I think I got my cunt stuffed pretty hard though cause it was kinda hurting. Wish I remembered whose dick that was..."

"Jess, cut it out!"

She shook her head and licked her lips slowly, trying to slow her deep breathing.

"Okay, can you remember anything weird that happened before that?" Kyle asked, trying to lead her thoughts back.

"Nah, don't think so...I moo, I definitely remember fucking a husky before but the night's a big fucking blur. Heh heh, fucking blur. Oh, but then last night I went to see this pimp bitch who was all, asking me to be her whore. So I said okay, cause I need the money, but then she just comes up and starts eating out my cunt."


Her hands had slid along his back and were gripping his hips, while she gently ground her firm, warm udder against his crotch.

"And I was getting into it and shit but then she just like, fucking blows my mind with this stuff she did with her tongue, and she's got me gasping like a vixen in heat, and it was like my cunt was on fire but it was the best fucking fire ever," Jess said, her voice dropping an octave or so, still pregnant with lust but now sounding rougher and more forceful.

"Jess, come on, calm down. Snap out of it! Just...come back, please!"

Kyle was trying to push her away and squirm out of her grip, but her solid muscles were having none of that.

"And then I start cumming but she's not done, and she takes my tits and starts rubbing my nipples like they're cocks or whatever, and her face is just covered in my girl-jizz. I really wanna try that and I bet it works with a cock too."

"Jess, no, I—gluhhh," the rabbit tried to say.

His pants were torn off, underwear pulled aside, and Jess's thick lips were shoved down around his cock. He reached down, pushing on her horns, trying to get the huge cow off of him. His hands slipped off, and Jess's mouth slipped down harder, making the shaft thicken and swell inside her mouth.

With each slow drag along the rabbit's length, her lips held fast, dragging along the swollen flesh. And with each motion up and down, her face was pulled out longer. Her half-muzzle was being reshaped into something longer, thicker, more decisively bovine. As her nose was pulled forward, it grew larger and broader, becoming a cow's snout.

The traction that her mouth held was impressive. With every motion, it seemed like she was threatening to lift him from his seat merely by the force of her sucking. And her tongue had grown quite a bit longer, and was coiling and shifting around the tip of his shaft. All the resistance he could muster were insistent, inarticulate groans.

Jessica, the real Jess, the human girl, felt every time that her mouth went down over Kyle's shaft, as if the cock was jamming right into her brain, like the precum she was lapping up was dripping through her thoughts. She had to stop. She had to. She...unnnh. Her struggles ground to a halt. All Jess, the whore Jess, the punk cow could hear from the place in her mind where she'd heard protests and vehement cries was a deep moo. Now who was the dumb cow?

Kyle's eyes glazed over. The powerful sucking and rocking and intricate motions of Jess's tongue were bringing him to the edge. All it took was one more powerful pull, and he was crying out, his cum first splashing into her mouth, then splattering along her muzzle, before her long tongue darted forth to eagerly lick at it.

"Thanks, Jess. I...whoo. I needed that," Kyle said amid deep breaths.

Jess winked at him and gave him a pat on the ass.

"What can I say, you're fun to fuck," she said.


Thick, pounding music throbbed through the underground club. Whether it was the sound system or the feet slamming against the floor that made it jiggle slightly, Jess found that it always tended to get her teats swollen. Not that she minded, as it drew in more customers.

A six-foot-nine muscular cow girl studded with piercings didn't need much to make herself look tough, but at Maria's encouragement, chains served as a sort of accessory around her solid biceps. Together with the striking makeup, glowing faintly in the blacklight of the club, she cut an imposing figure.

A dark-furred jackaless approached Jess, leaning lightly against the railing and looking down at the dance floor, then up at her co-worker. Persephone was the girl for the more goth-ish, brooding sorts, like Jess was for the tough, punk-ish sorts.

"How're you doing so far?" Persephone asked.

"Four tonight. You?" Jess asked back.

"Seven. Pretty good for a new girl though."

"Hey, Seff. Publicity time," Jess said quickly.

The cow's broad grin curled back into a tight kiss as she rose up from her seat. She leaned toward the railing with the jackaless squeezed up against her, one hand rather blatantly groping the jackal's chest. Persephone pulled away with a slightly annoyed expression, but Jess just grinned.

"Don't fucking argue with free business," she said playfully.

Jess glanced over the railing, an ear perking up as she heard someone trying to convince his girlfriend to try 'letting that butch cow eat you out'. As she saw the couple heading up toward where she was sitting, she looked the wolf girl up and down and licked her lips slowly.