Incident Report XJA-0425-22

Stranded on an alien planet, a lone explorer devolves into a saurian beast. Explicit.



TEXTLOG 01 E.D. 14-02-2553


Crash site was 60 31'12"N, 113 02'45"W. Traveled at walking pace for 2.5 hours (approximately 12 kilometers) north by northeast. Currently within natural rock formation providing protection from elements. Supplies very limited and possibility of repair minimal. Please send rescue immediately.


My name is Ressan Gaugileri. My speeder ship crashed on this unnamed planet following a critical malfunction in the fuel lines, sending me off course and without a means of controlling the ship. With my skill I was able to slow my descent enough to crash without severely injuring myself. My ship is ruined, and I am stuck planetside until someone receives my distress signal.

The atmosphere of the planet is breathable but thick, and the biosphere is close enough to Earth biology that I assume this was seeded in the early terraforming efforts. The locale I landed in is a broad river basin rimmed with mountain ridges stretching northeast. The cave I found shelter in is among the foothills of these mountains. The weather is warm and the sun shines through the canopy in places but I cannot rely on that to continue.

In the event that I do not survive until rescue teams arrive, I will do my best to produce a log of my events that will help explain what happened and aid in the location of my remains. I am 174cm tall and weigh 353kg, and I am a green-scaled lizard with a moderate build wearing a black jumpsuit with green trim and all-terrain boots. The only personal possessions that I have with me are my wrist computer and my combat knife.

I will do my best to maintain regular contact with the comms array in my ship. As it still functions, I have used it to store these logs in a relatively safe location, until power loss, equipment damage, or my own death requires me to cease communication.


AUDIOLOG 01 E.D. 16-02-2553

[The sound of a fire crackling is heard in the background for three seconds.]

Ressan: I went back to the ship to get something that could make a flame. The nights get colder than I would have expected, and a campfire helps to scare away some of the minor fauna that might pester me in my sleep.

[A sloshing noise like water inside a canteen is heard followed by a few gulps.]

Ressan: If there are complications from drinking the water here or eating the food, I haven't experienced them yet. I get my water from a stream that feeds into the river that flows through the basin. For food, I have to be careful, but I've found fruits that seem to be edible though tough, and I've caught one animal so far, which had the same qualities.

[There is a light chewing sound.]

Ressan: I've not yet found any sign of contact or settlement of any sort since landing. I have to assume that there's no one else on this planet, or they would have heard my beacon by now. I can also rule out any ships being in the immediate vicinity, which means it may be more than a week before my message makes it to a spaceport and a ship can be relayed back here.

[He sighs heavily.]

Ressan: No one was informed of my mission, so no one's going to be searching for me when I fail to show up. They'll assume I failed and my involvement will be erased. I know that [DATA MISSING]

[There is silence for three seconds, followed by shuffling feet.]

Ressan [agitated]: Did you hear that? It―it sounded like a horn. I hadn't considered the possibility of primitive peoples being here. In the daylight tomorrow, I'll see if I can find any trace of them. For now I'll keep the fire low.


TEXTLOG 02 E.D. 17-02-2553

They were gone by the time I found where they had been. I say 'they' only because I have no other way of thinking about what they might be like. The leaf cover on the ground is too thick to identify footprints with any accuracy as to the shape, but I can tell that someone was there.

I discovered hanging on the branch of a tree a small necklace. The string was made out of some sort of plant sinew, while from it hung a series of colorful scales, one large fang, and a few polished beads. That there was intelligent craftsmanship behind this is unmistakable, but I don't know if the one that made it is able or willing to communicate with me. I have to remain on my guard. I took the necklace, and hope that by wearing it, I might have something to ransom for my life if they come and find me.

Although it's hard to call it fun by any stretch of the imagination, I have started to take a small measure of exhilaration in some of the things I've been forced to do. There is a primal excitement in bringing down an animal to eat, just as the struggle for survival gives a very basic sense of purpose, even if it's the sort of purpose that doesn't fulfill one's higher thought much.

Either I've been slacking off, or this environment is working me harder than ever before. Whichever one it is, I look quite a bit more fit than I last remember myself looking in the mirror. I suppose the extra work of keeping myself alive is giving my body plenty of exercise, but the rate seems the most surprising. At a best estimate, I would put my weight somewhere around fifteen to twenty kilograms heavier. I'm finding that the food is fairly plentiful where I am, though I'm keeping a close watch on how much I eat to ensure there will still be enough for me for a week or weeks to come.

As a final note, my being stranded here has not been any significant impediment to my sex drive. Considering that I've actually gained weight while here, I don't think the nutrient loss is any thing that I need to be concerned about, and it's helped to keep my thoughts grounded. I can't spend all day worrying about my situation after all.


VIDEOLOG 01 E.D. 19-02-2553

[The video feed begins with an image of a slit eye very close to the camera. The feed zooms away to reveal a green lizard's head, with a series of very small orange dashes running down the center of his snout and back over his head.]

Ressan [smiling]: Hah, it works! I don't know how sturdy it is but I think I've fixed the camera. I just thought it was suited for showing off...

[The camera spins around in a darkened blur.]

Ressan [off-camera]: My first big kill. I know, it's bragging, but feeling good about myself is healthy, right?

[The creature on a crude spit over the fire resembles a primitive land reptile. A dark gash across its throat suggests cause of death. The camera is turned again, and the lizard's head is seen from a further distance, leaning against a wall lit by firelight. The lizard's build is athletic and several tears along the shoulder have been stretched further, presumably by a thickened deltoid. The straps of a necklace made of scales, beads and a fang are visible.]

Ressan: It was tough, but I'll be eating a good dinner tonight. I've been getting hungrier and my body keeps putting on the weight.

[He pauses. His expression is nervous. The camera pitches down and bobs back up quickly, but in that time, a thickened pair of pectorals, notably thick serratus muscles, a strong set of obliques, and abdominals that are partially obscured behind a layer of fat are visible.]

Ressan: I've realized something's going on, but I don't have any explanation for it. It's helping me to get by, and that's great, but I'm worried that it might be uncontrolled. I've had a few encounters with whatever else lives here too. I haven't been able to see them, but I have looked at the things that they left, and I can make out some kind of basic symbolic system. Whoever they are, they're very primitive, and therefore dangerous, or pretending to be so, and thus much more dange―"

[A loud snarl comes from somewhere off-camera. The camera turns and shakes, and the screen is dominated by a burning piece of wood held in the lizard's hand.]

Ressan [off-camera]: Get the fuck back!

[The camera bobs to the side briefly, then is moving too fast for any detail to be made out. Loud animal sounds drown out the audio feed until the screen fractures and the feed ends.]


TEXTLOG 03 20-02-2553

The camera's broken again. I'd complain it's fragile but it's not meant to be smashed against cave walls. Looks like my kill brought in some kind of bigger predator―kind of a wolf-like reptilian thing. Bigger than a wolf though, and meatier too. I'm definitely not going to go hungry for the next few days. With the extra free time, I'm trying to fix up the camera again, and I took some time to make some better weapons. I've got a spear now and I'm gathering up good wood for arrows. I'd kill another of those beasts with a knife if it meant I could get a good energy pistol.

I was feeling kind of down last night. That's why I was moping about the muscles. They've actually come in handy a lot and I haven't seen any side effects. Other than being hungry but, come on, this stuff is pretty good. The only problem is my jumpsuit. I don't think it likes being stretched this much, and the more running around I do, the more it's getting scraped up. I might have to see if I can make something easier to wear.

Tried to catch whoever it is that's hanging around here, but I still haven't even got a look at him yet. He's more useful than he probably knows―I used his arrows to fashion the ones that I'm making. Maybe he left them for me? But that'd be pretty ridiculous, especially since I've never even seen him.

All in all I'm getting on pretty well, considering it's been almost a week. Only gotten in mortal peril once, and I haven't had to eat bark or anything.


AUDIOLOG 02 22-02-2553

[The lizard's voice is notably two octaves lower than the last recording of his voice.]

Ressan [with something in his mouth]: Ahh. Mmm, just finishin' off the last of that predator I killed.

[He swallows, and there is a light clatter of bone against stone.]

Ressan: Turns out, I don't even need to cook this meat. Means it stays nice an' juicy which is nice too. Things been goin' well since I last checked in. Gettin' better at huntin', that's for sure. Got a nice big...well I dunno what you'd call him but he's got plenty of meat and he's pretty tasty.

[There is a firm slap.]

Ressan: I'm tryin' not to put on a ton more weight but it's hard. Either I'm hungry or I'm gettin' my gut bigger. Not too bad though, been able to keep it tight so it's just bulky, not draggin' me down or bouncin' around.

[The lizard grunts.]

Ressan: Cave's startin' to feel more like home. Feels like I should be more worried than I am, but guess I'm just copin' really good. Pretty refreshin' too. I get to wake up to a misty jungle every mornin'. Space is pretty, but the cockpit's pretty small.

[The echoing of his voice fades and faint insect noises can be heard in the background.]

Ressan: Jumpsuit went yesterday, just snapped right open and wouldn't stop rippin'. I worked out somethin' with some hides, so now I got a loincloth I can wear. Speakin' of which.

[There is a soft flopping noise.]

Ressan: Hah, video's still broken, but lemme tell you, this place sure makes a guy feel like a man. On my own, survivin', havin'...well, that, it'd be perfect if I could leave. Still haven't found the guy that's buggin' me yet, but I know he's around.

[There are a few seconds of silence.]

Ressan: Oh, right. And I guess my bones are startin' to, I dunno, move around. Sometimes it'd wake me up at night when they were crackin', other times I felt it walkin' around. Can't complain though, doesn't feel half bad and it's leavin' me lookin' pretty tough. Got some nice teeth for gettin' that meat now, heh heh.

[A sound like teeth clacking together is made twice.]


TEXTLOG 04 23-02-2553

Damn! I really wish you could see this because it's fucking great. Still trying to fix the camera but it's hard with my fingers because I don't know why. But whatever, truth is I'm RIPPED!!! Hahaha yeah, look at that baby. Fucking rock hard bi's. My pecs are like fucking tree trunks or something. And my legs are fucking other kinds of tree trunks.

I'm the damn alpha hunter and nothing you can try is gonna stop me. I'm gonna eat the meat right off your bones and then fucking make a feast out of your whole family. Yeah, you don't fuck with Rez do you!

And you you little alien faggot I caught you staring at me and I'm gonna fucking catch you and grind your face into the dirt and fuck you in the ass and grind your cock into the dirt. That's if you're lucky. Try me again fucker I've got my spear with me!!


AUDIOLOG 03 24-02-2553

[The track begins with the beeping of keypresses on a wrist computer. The lizard's voice is another four octaves lower.]

Ressan: So uh. My head, idain't lookin' too lizardy any more. T'ink it's more like a...big lizard t'ing. Uh. Oh yeah, dino! Dose old ones. I got lotsa teeth now. I kin eat stuff like bones so I eat da bones too. Dey fill me up an' make me fukkin biiig.

[A loud belch is heard.]

Ressan: T'ink I fixed da camera. So I starded dressin' up da place. Paintin' da walls with stuff I wanna kill cuz dey taste good and I like lookin' at dem. Big an' tasty. Holddon.

[What sounds like an exaggerated eating sound can be heard, followed by loud crunching and another belch.]

Ressan: I'm geddin' bigger too. Feels great cuz my muscles feel great. Don't remember what dey're called but da big arm ones, I used 'um ta tear down a tree cuz I could. I like usin' muscles ta hunt stuff an' eat 'em an' fight stuff but dere's nuttin here ta fight 'sides dat alien fuck an' he ain't showin'.

Ressan: Too bad dere's nuttin ta fuck either cuz my hands don't do it dat well cuz my cock's too big. Tried sniffin' around but no girls ta mate eidder.

[The track continues on until its maximum length of an hour, recording a series of slaps and grunting, shifting noises, then loud, growling snores.


TEXTLOG 05 24-02-2553

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VIDEOLOG 02 25-02-2553

[The camera is initially fogged up, but as the fog clears, a crack is visible running along the screen from upper left to middle right, obscuring part of the image. The face is seen from a lower angle; a thick and bulky saurian head, with green scales and broad orange stripes running across the center of his face. His lower lip is thick, darkened and protruding, glistening with drool that drips between his large fangs.]

Ressan(?): On da trail. Found da alien's scent. Gonna find 'im an fuck 'im fer buggin' me.

[The camera bobs as it swings along the saurian's arm, giving a view of his body. The muscles are large beyond any sort of normal size, and completely dominate a thickly formed skeletal system. The trapezius muscles are so thick that his neck almost appears lost, and the sizes of his biceps, pectorals and lattisimus dorsi have developed to such an extent that his mobility is limited. His abdomen is quite thick and enlarged with fat, but surrounded by a thick layer of muscle that holds it in to an extent.]

Ressan(?): Dere ya are! C'meere!

[The camera shakes and bobs violently before coming to a stop, with the saurian's snout and chest visible at one side of the frame, and the ground on the other.]

Ressan(?): Gotcha now fucker.

[The camera makes motions and the saurian's body moves in a manner consistent with regular pelvic thrusts. The saurian increases in speed and intensity, making a series of forceful grimaces. As a large quantity of milky fluid splashes onto the ground from the bottom of the frame, the saurian roars loudly. Heavy panting can be heard as the camera rises from the ground and is pointed downward, showing a long conical pattern of spray on otherwise undifferentiated jungle floor.]


AUDIOLOG 04 25-02-2553

[A soft humming is audible in the background.]

Ressan(?): What's dat?

[The humming gradually grows in intensity.]

Ressan(?): Comin' back fer more?

[Leaves can be heard shifting and rustling above the hum.]

Ressan(?): [inarticulate growl]

[There are loud footsteps, and the humming becomes identifiable as the sound of a military shuttlecraft.]

Cpl. Costa: Scorch it!

Cpt. Miller: Orders are take it in―fuck, Costa!

[Indiscriminate roars, screams and the sounds of gunfire drown out any other noise. Four minutes twelve seconds later, the microphone is pierced by a bullet and the feed stops abruptly.]



So we had the distress call, and we were coming in: me, Miller, Baker, Parissi and Ventura. Did a sweep for any kind of life in the area, came back with a whole lot of fauna and this one...fuck, dinosaur. See, looks fucking ridiculous right there on the page. So we figure it's an error, it happens, and we bring the shuttle down where he was supposed to be.

We barely get out and there's this huge green-orange thing roaring at us and charging out of the cave. I gave the order to blast it right there but Miller starts giving orders that we're supposed to capture the thing. We weren't even 'supposed' to be going by the planet but we had to make a detour. So don't ask me what that was about.

But anyway so no one shoots the thing and it plows right at me and knocks me down. And it's got these big fucking fangs so it's going to eat me, but no, it starts ripping my clothes off. So I'm trying to wrestle away from it and it pins me down and it squeezes its cock into my tailhole.

Now it's pumping into me like I'm it's bitch, and it's grabbing at me and scraping my scales, and it's got that big tongue that licks all along my back and it's going harder and harder and faster and faster and my insides are on fucking fire but its musk is just coming down and my body doesn't even want to move.

and my cock's hard so it starts stroking on that it's filling me up with thick slick shit and all i can do is moan and moan so i do then i start cumming and i cant stop and cant stop it rors like a monster and my asss fils up and it keeps goign and fucking

me cant stop dont want to




1449: Cpl. Costa and Spec. Hayden enter empty holding cell.

1453: Spec. Hayden leaves cell.

1515: Cell door shakes suddenly, is dented from outside.

1517: Cell door torn open, saurian creature forces way out. Security team appears at other end of corridor.

1518: Creature is neutralized, call placed for removal.

1523: Creature loaded into trolley, taken to hangar for transport.