Growing Confidence

A nerdy wolf girl starts getting bigger and stronger, and not even her boyfriend can stop her. Explicit.

Stephanie tilted the envelope toward her hand and shook the silver pendant onto her palm.

“Oh, wow," she said. “You didn't have to do this. Dinner was enough."

Her boyfriend, the tiger across the table from her, shrugged. “I thought you could wear it to Pathfinder." Though he was trying to play it casual, he watched Stephanie's reaction, hoping she'd like it.

“Yeah," the white wolf girl said, paying more attention to her present. The pendant itself was about an inch and a half in diameter and made of silver. It was shaped like a disk, with the image of a snarling wolf carved into it, its eyes looking forward and its mane making up the outer part of the disk. Its small steel necklace chain had pooled in her palm underneath.

“It's like what Freja would wear, isn't it?" Oden asked. That was Stephanie's character, the burly arctic wolf paladin in their Pathfinder game.

“ is. Thanks, it's really sweet of you," she said. Stephanie pushed her hair over one shoulder, draped the chain around her neck, and plucked at the clasp a few times with her claws. A light pink showed through her white fur on her cheeks. “Uh...could you help me out?" she asked.

Oden pushed his chair back and stepped around the table. Their night had been great so far. He'd meant it to be a surprise. Though Stephanie could get a little flustered at surprises, being shy, she had enjoyed the trip to a nearby Italian restaurant, and he felt the pendant he'd picked up was a good personal touch. Sure, it was a bit nerdy, but they were both a bit nerdy.

Oden leaned down over Stephanie, taking the two ends of the chain and clipping the clasps together. “There you go," the tiger said, and left Stephanie with a kiss on the cheek before sitting down again.

Stephanie was a perfect match for Oden. He would have been great friends with her, even if they weren't dating. Being around her was effortless and happy and just great. The only problem, the one he hated thinking about and never mentioned because he didn't want her to be more self-conscious, was that it'd be nice if she was more confident. Everything else was so good, though. No reason to complicate things. He was just going to slowly, gently help her be more social, and let her come around to it on her own.

The silver pendant nestled in against Stephanie's fur as she took a drink from her wine glass. It was eye-catching, but it fit her well enough that it didn't look garish. She wore a plain black pencil dress and simple pair of black pumps, the classiest things she could find in her closet of mostly hooded sweatshirts.

“Hah, I think it's a bit hot in here," she said. Stephanie ran her fingers under the strap of her dress. She fluttered the fabric lightly, getting a little fresh air under her fur.

Oden asked, “Should I get the waiter to turn up the AC?"

Stephanie shook her head and fidgeted with the strap of her dress again. “No, it's not that bad," she said.

Despite that, Oden got up and walked over to the maitre'd to ask. While he was up, Stephanie shifted back and forth in her seat. Her blush was creeping back into her cheeks again, and she tried smoothing out her dress once, then twice, but still couldn't solve the pinching feeling across her chest.

By the time Oden came back, she was panting lightly and tugging the straps of her dress outward. A gentle cool breeze blew across her back as the air conditioning came on.

“Is that better?" Oden asked.

“I don't think it's the room. I'm too warm and my dress's not fitting right," she said.

"You've had it for a while, right? Maybe you just need a new one," Oden said. She hadn't had a problem with it before, but maybe she just hadn't noticed. Stephanie reached back and fiddled with the zipper, pulling it open an inch or so and giving her some room to breathe. Her chest rose out into the front of her dress, then slid back down. She took another deep breath and let it out again.

"I hardly wear this," Stephanie said, tugging the stomach of her dress to smooth it back out.

"You look great in it though," Oden said. He let his eyes dip down to her chest. Stephanie wasn't flat, but her modesty led her to covering up more often than not. Oden could almost swear there was more bust to appreciate now, more cleavage poking out above the neckline of her black dress, but that was just the fact that she wasn't wearing a hoodie, right?

Stephanie rubbed at the straps of her dress again and sat forward, lifting her weight off her ass to lean toward Oden. "I feel kinda fat. It's riding up my hips, I swear..."

Oden peered around the side of the table, watching her push the hem of her dress along her thigh. Her fingers trailed back along her hips. Oden flicked his tail happily. She just looked good all over tonight. Why would that be? Had to be the wine. They'd been sipping before their appetizers came, and now they were still sipping, even though they'd both finished eating.

Oden smiled. "I wouldn't worry about it. I think we're both a little warm right now." He picked up his glass, swirled it slightly, and drank down the last of his white wine. Stephanie smiled too.

While Oden waited for the check to come, Stephanie kept fidgeting with her dress and shifting from side to side in her seat. He whispered to her, "When we get home, we can take off that dress."

She blushed and stifled a small giggle. "Well, maybe."

Oden paid the check, then stood and offered Stephanie his hand. She stood up and wrapped her arm around his, and arm in arm, they left the restaurant together.

"Have you been working out?" Oden asked as they hit the sidewalk. It was only a short walk back to their apartment.

Stephanie looked confused. "What do you mean?"

Oden shook his head. "It's nothing. I just didn't think you were so toned." He flexed his arm lightly, squeezing her arm against his side. She pulled back to free her arm, kicking off a playful tug-of-war that ended with Stephanie suddenly jerking Oden's arm away from his side, and nearly sending him falling on top of her.

"Sorry for being goofy," she said, leaning against his side.

"Nah. We're both goofy," he said.

Stephanie nestled her head against his shoulder, like she usually did, though her head reached up high enough to sink into the crook of his neck instead of resting against his shoulder like a pillow. Must have been the heels pushing her up higher.

While they waited at a stoplight, Oden stroked up and down along Stephanie's waist, spreading his fingers over her ass and gently tugging her closer to his side.

"You know, it might be all the wine, but you're really cute tonight," he said.

She spoke softly enough that only he could hear. "If you're gonna be using your hands, could you unzip a little more?" Oden gave her a confused look until she added, "My dress. Too tight."

He pulled the zipper open a little more. Stephanie arched her chest forward and sighed. Oden looked down at her. Her chest looked thicker, like he could wrap his hands around her breasts and each would be more than he could fit in a single hand alone. That had to be...perspective, right?

As they walked, the two of them enjoyed their closeness, just being pressed up against someone who loved them, while the evening streetlights made it seem like they could be the only two people around. And that would have been just fine with them.

Oden felt the gentle grind of Stephanie's hip against his side, a steady bump-ba-bump. The rhythmic nudges became softer, more padded. He slid his hand back down to reach around her waist. It felt like he was reaching further and had more to squeeze against him.

Stephanie made a soft noise of contentment and pushed her cheek against the side of Oden's face. If she stood up straight, she'd be a little taller than he was, but he was pretty sure her heels didn't crank her quite high enough to do that. She reached across his back and put her arm around his side and squeezed him right back. Oden winced slightly at how tight she was pulling. Her bicep flexed against his back.

"Nnh. I really need to get out of this dress," Stephanie said quietly, rubbing her cheek against Oden's.

"We're almost there," he told her, patting her on her shoulder. Stephanie's shoulder was farther than he expected. They stepped up into the porch light, and Oden took a moment to look Stephanie up and down in the good light. There was a bit of rippling shadow along her back, like some loosely bunched muscle. He glanced forward, and saw her chest, squeezed into a dress that looked slightly too small for it.

He was either seeing things, or something was happening, and either way, he wanted to get Stephanie back to the apartment. He opened up the front door and they climbed into the elevator together.

Stephanie grabbed the back of Oden's head out of left field. "Thanks for the evening," she said, and pivoted to face him. She pushed her lips against his, giving him a strong kiss that tilted his chin upwards just slightly. For the first time, Oden had to look up to look Stephanie in the eye.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"I'm fine," she said, breathing deeply, bending her knees to press her legs between his and move in for another kiss, deeper, her chest pressed tighter against Oden's.

He felt the prickling tightness in the fabric and the way she was straining against him. This wasn't something caused by being drunk—if anything, this was forcing him to be more aware, to think harder, to be more concerned.

"Steph," he said, more insistently. The elevator chimed at their floor and he pulled her out and toward their room. Stephanie wobbled on her heels, like her feet were just a bit too large for her shoes now.

Oden shoved his hand into his pocket to dig out his keys. Stephanie, her hands free for a moment, stretched her arms up above her head. The muscle along her sides spread as she lifted her arms, and it was finally too much for the sides of her dress. With a dry, prickling pop, the seams began to snap open along the side. Her white fur stuck out like it was trying to burst free.

The door now unlocked, Oden pushed her into the apartment and closed the door behind him. Stephanie kicked off her shoes, flexing her paws briefly. She grabbed the front of her dress, and grunted softly as she ripped it open down the sides, the only comfortable way she seemed to have of getting it off.

Shoes off, Stpehanie was clearly six-foot-plus. Oden almost expected to see her up on a stool when he looked down. But, no, she was just tall. Taller than him. And as she stretched her back and her shoulders popped and her spine crackled, he could see she was stronger than him, too. Her muscles tightened beneath her fur, visible in silhouette through her thick coat.

It wasn't just her muscle tone that caught his eye. Her breasts, pushed forward by her broader chest, jutted out in a way they never had before: round, but clearly heavy, tugged downward by the faint pull of gravity. Her hips were padded by a layer of curves, smoothing out her tight thighs into softer bulges.

"I'm going to call 911," Oden said, brow furrowed in concern. He reached into his pocket, pulling his phone free, only to have Stephanie knock it from his hands.

"No, you're not." She grabbed the scruff of his neck and dragged him closer. She had to lean down to meet his lips, but she kissed him with such a fierce, twisting, clawing motion that Oden felt scared for his own safety for a moment. But as wild as Stephanie was acting, she strayed just shy of actual danger.

Stephanie pulled back. She let go of Oden's neck and stood in front of him. Her muscles bristled, almost like she was shivering and showing off her strength in the same motion. "In the bedroom," she told him.


"In, now, clothes off," she said, drawing her claws back through her hair. It had grown just like the rest of her. Her coat had puffed up to the point that it looked like a full winter coat of fur, and yet it wasn't even summer yet. She tossed her wild white hair behind her, ducked under the doorframe to the kitchen, and started rummaging through the drawers.

Oden kept watching for a few more moments, then walked toward the bedroom, taking glances over his shoulder. He was shaking slightly, and he wasn't entirely sure if it was excitement or fear. He had no idea what was going on, beyond the obvious fact that his girlfriend was getting huge and aggressive. Maybe it had something to do with her game character...? No, that was dumb and impossible. The pendant, then? A little less so, but still impossible.

Then again, sudden growth was also impossible, and yet it was happening, right now, in their very kitchen.

Oden tugged off his shirt and pants, and after a moment's contemplation pushed off his underwear too. He had one knee up on the bed, one foot on the floor, when Stephanie came in. She stooped to get through the door, then stood straight. She had an eager grin on her face. "Guess how tall," she said.

Oden knelt fully on the bed. "Six foot...six?" he said.

"Seven foot one. I measured," she said, waving a tape measure in her hand, then tossing it to the side. She leaped onto the bed and hit the mattress hard enough that it sent the sheets, pillows, and Oden bouncing into the air.

She grabbed Oden's arm with one hand and began to pull him spread-eagled against the bed. "I don't know what it is. I can't...rrarrg!" She twisted her spine, snapped her jaws, and gripped Oden's arm more tightly. She huffed, then started to speak again. "I can't feel self-conscious. Whatever I want, I can do." She licked from Oden's neck to the corner of his ear with one motion. "And right now, I want you." Oden shuddered underneath her grip, but he couldn't deny that he was excited.

Her hands held his arms square against the bed. She curled her legs around his hips to hold him there. And now, she was pressing forward, rubbing herself slowly against his shaft. Oden's brow beaded with sweat. The tiger was still anxious, but it was the sort he couldn't help, an instinctive aversion to bigger, stronger, fangier things than he was. But Stephanie had two things going for her that canceled that out: she was his girlfriend, and she was hotter than she'd ever been, even if you didn't count the muscles and the eager smile.

Oden breathed, "Careful!" between his teeth, reaching out to put his hand on Stephanie's stomach. He wanted to try to ease her motions, but trying to push against her was like trying to stop a river by holding out your hand.

Stephanie's legs shifted, pulling her closer to him, making her lean down toward Oden as she lowered herself onto his shaft. Everything about her was strong and taut, and her pussy was no exception. She could grip him, almost hold onto him just by clenching down hard. Even without any exertion, it was still a tight fit.

As Stephanie began the slow grind up and down, Oden tried his best to contribute. He raised his hips as the seven-plus feet of wolf came down over him, though he could barely lift himself off the bed. As she drew back, his hand still on her belly, he pushed against her abs and pulled with his hips, trying to draw himself back as well.

He built up a small, gentle motion against the industrial piston that was his girlfriend's body sliding down against him. first, that is. As she grew more excited, some of that cautious control she'd been practicing began to slip. Instead of a smooth press, her hips fell on top of him with a quick jerk, slamming him against the bed hard enough that the mattress bounced him up and down.

"Harder!" Stephanie growled, and Oden let out a gasp of exasperation.

"I'm not a machine," he said, the last word cutting off into a squeak as Stephanie brought herself down hard against the bed again.

"Gonna have to start training so you can keep up," she told him. Her thighs were sliding tighter around his waist, pulling her in closer, leaving less space between the two of them. Stephanie was taller still than she'd been when they'd started having sex. As she leaned down now, Oden's face fell under the shadow of her breasts.

Stephanie growled out loud, a sharp snarl that sounded completely strange coming from Oden's girlfriend, but entirely fitting coming from the eight-foot wolf on top of him.

"Forget LARP. We should get combat classes. I wanna fight for real," she said.

Stephanie slid her arms underneath Oden, letting go of his wrists but now pulling him up against her. At the same time, she leaned forward until her breasts were pressed against the bed, and against Oden's head and shoulders. From where he lay, he could only see a sliver beyond the shaggy white. The pendant dangled down into her cleavage, but inched higher and higher up. Her neck was thickening, and it was pulling the chain tighter.

All the noises around him were muffled, squeezed as he was between her breasts. He could hear her racing heartbeat and the growls and huffs that rose up into her throat. He heard the bed creaking beneath him. And he heard Stephanie's snarling getting more excited.

Stephanie gripped him tight with her claws. They lay on top of his skin, trying to be gentle, but unable to hide how dangerous they could be. There was no doubt that she was driving the entire thing now, pushing and pulling Oden in and out while she rode him like a giant jockey with a tiny horse.

As Stephanie flexed and tightened her body, a faint metallic ping reached Oden's ears. He craned his eyes up as far as he could. He spotted the pendant lying on the bed, the chain snapped in two and hanging loose. His eyelids fluttered and his toes curled. He squirmed as much as his body could.

He'd had sex with Stephanie before, but never before had an orgasm felt quite like this. He expected the hot feeling, the ache that came rising up, then the dizzy feeling before it all came bursting free. He didn't expect the tightening against him, the pulling, the sharp tug as if she were siphoning the seed right out of him. Stephanie seemed to have as little control over this as he did, bucking and groaning and shuddering along herself.

Oden was red-cheeked and dizzy by the time Stephanie leaned back enough for him to take a breath of fresh air. His body felt sore and heavy, and the last thing he could think of was another go, but Stephanie was cuddling up to him again, pressing against his legs. She'd tugged him up high enough that his head wasn't buried beneath her breasts.

"When can we go again?" she asked. Oden groaned, and she pressed her lips against his chin and neck and whimpered, like some cute dog begging for more, despite her size and ferociousness.

Oden wiggled lazily underneath her. Stephanie squirmed too, pressing his head back down against her chest.

"You like that, huh?" she asked, leaning forward, making Oden paw at her chest. She giggled and tried to keep him pinned down underneath her, until in his squirming, he found her nipple and gave it a small nip—entirely on accident.

"Aah!" she barked. Then as her nipple began to stiffen against Oden's face, she growled pleasantly and pushed against him. "More of that," she said.

Oden obliged. Her shoulders gave a little jerk as he brushed his tongue against her chest.

"I don't think I'm growing any more," Stephanie said quietly. Oden gave her nipple another gentle squeeze with his teeth, hoping to get her mind off of growing for now. This was more Stephanie than he could handle, though he loved the new version of her all the same.


Oden had managed to keep Stephanie distracted for long enough to recover his strength, but by that point, she'd wanted to go again, and the whole night descended into one long test of endurance for him, just to try to keep up with his girlfriend's eager appetite.

At the end of the night, he had fallen asleep stretched out on top of her, his arms dangling off her sides, but not even touching the bed. In lieu of sheets, he had her thick-furred arms wrapped around him, keeping him well warm throughout the night. Falling asleep was like drifting off in a soft, downy cloud that was warm and smelled like girlfriend.

As Oden woke, he found the bed was empty, and himself lying on top of the covers. He remembered last night, but he also remembered thinking that the two of them had to be drunk, and began wondering how much of all that was real. He felt sore, that was for sure.

"Hey, Oden," Stephanie said. His ears perked up and he looked toward the open door. Stephanie entered head-first, slipping under the door, then standing up tall enough that her head nearly brushed the ceiling. Around her body, like some sort of makeshift Greek goddess, she'd draped some of their curtains, fastened around the shoulder and sides with safety pins.

So last night had been real. He shuddered slightly, excited and shocked and a little worried.

Stephanie held the wolf's-head pendant in one hand. She dropped it, but as it fell it bounced, then stopped, hanging in the air.

In place of the necklace chain, she'd looped a piece of twine through the hole in the pendant, and tied it by hand. The twine looked like it was at least half as long as the chain had been.

"Hey...Steph," Oden said, gradually putting the pieces together as he sat up and blinked away the sleep from his eyes.

"Check this out," she said, leaning forward as she looped the necklace around her neck. Then she stood up straight, lifted one arm, and flexed. She looked from the bulging muscle, slowly swelling, to Oden. She had that predator's grin again.

Oden tried to return the smile, but he couldn't hide the nervous look in his eyes, or the way he clutched the sheets tightly. The bed groaned as Stephanie climbed up onto it. She crawled toward Oden, the wolf pendant dangling down in front of her chest and shining white in the morning sun.