Going Nuts

A girl working at a TransCo gas station starts craving nuts, then turns into an eager squirrel girl. Mature.

Julie worked at the last gas station this side of the Nevada border. Three hours' drive west to the next pump. Nothing quite like the ‘No Services For 200 Miles’ sign to remind her she was in the literal middle of nowhere. The desert sun glared in through the windows in its daily battle against the rattling AC unit on the roof.

At nineteen, she was insanely ready to get out of town. But if she wanted to move out, she needed money, which meant she needed to work, which meant stuffing the TransCo ballcap on top of her messy hair, pulling on the flannel shirt that protected her from the air vent right behind the cash register, and going to work at the least interesting gas station in the state. It was enough to drive a girl...


Julie's nose twitched. Goosebumps stood up on her bare arms. She blinked herself back to reality and realized a soda and candy bar were sitting on the counter. Behind them, a man stood, waiting.

"Oh, hi," she said quietly. What had gotten her so distracted? She couldn't even remember. With a polite, slightly embarrassed smile, she started checking him out. To keep her mind occupied, she liked to guess where people were headed. He was young, dressed well but not coat-and-tie well, and possibly single. She figured Vegas.

Julie stuffed his cash in the register and said, "Good luck!" as he headed for the door. He grinned a little, nodded at her, and left. Now it'd be another half-hour, at least, before her next customer.

He'd bought a bottle of Mountain Dew and a Payday bar. Hah, who even bought Payday bars? Out of all the candy bars you could buy, you buy the one that's only caramel and...


Julie sucked in a breath of air. Her hands gripped the edge of the counter. She could smell the mint of the gum in the racks next to the register, and the brewing coffee machine over by the donuts. The smell was dull and familiar from her long hours of work. But right now, she had an urge to hang out in the snacks aisle. She licked her lips. Her tongue bumped over her front teeth. With her tongue, she explored the edges of her incisors. They stuck down further than they should have. She pushed her thumb against her front teeth and wiggled them a bit. They weren't loose, just too big all of a sudden.

If she had to go to the dentist, that money came out of her moving-out fund. Was 'help my teeth are too big' even a problem a dentist could fix? Maybe if she just kind of squeezed her teeth back into place, they'd fix themselves. Worth a try, she figured. If she bit down on something, that might do it. And what she really wanted to bite into was some—


Her nose twitched. It flattened against her face and darkened towards brown. She needed something hard and crunchy to bite into. Chips and pretzels were too soft, but nuts (nuts!) would be just right. Julie picked one of the tubes of mixed nuts out of a Planter's box next to the register.

As she tore open the plastic, her mouth watered. Her nose twitched again. She took a few big sniffs of the salty cashew-almond smell. Stubs of whiskers poked from her cheeks and wiggled in the air. She tossed her head back, pouring the whole tube into her mouth at once. Her cheeks bulged with the excess as she started chewing her way through the mouthful of nuts.

They tasted too good. They were savory and smooth and roasted just right, with the saltier peanuts playing off the sweeter almonds. Each crunch between her teeth released more of the flavor.

Rusty reddish fur sprouted along the backs of her palms and up her forearms. It tickled her skin as it poured out of her follicles. She patted her hands along her fur absently, but her mind wasn't on her arms. It was on nuts. She needed more of them.

Nuts, that was.

Julie grabbed another of the bags. With trembling hands, she ripped it open. The nuts spilled onto the counter. She hissed through her big front teeth. Crap! She wasn't just going to leave them though. She couldn't leave delicious nuts. Alternating between hands, she plucked them up one by one and tossed them into her mouth. Her eyes were rooted to the counter, scanning for each stray nut to grab between her sharp, small claws.

Julie's stubby nose poked out in front of her face. A small trail of sparse reddish fur ran up the bridge of her nose to her forehead. Her ears rose higher up on her head, cupped and curled forward. Faint red hair dusted all the way up to her ear’s pointed tips.

The counter was clear of nuts. She even leaned down and sniffed it to make sure. The little tubes were too easy to spill and slowed down her nut intake too much. She left the register and stalked out into the aisles.

The heels of her shoes slapped limply on the tiled floor. Her toes poked holes right through the canvas. Her growing feet and rising heels reduced her sneakers to slippers, only held on by her laces. She kicked them off and walked around in just her stretched-out socks. Her small claws made little choruses of clicks against the floor.

Julie reached the snacks aisle, but the cans of nuts were down at the other end. That meant passing the candy. Her nose wiggled, her whiskers quivered, and she tried to stifle the small chirp that slipped from her throat. She was sweating. Her eyes kept darting to the candy bars. She didn't need all that sugar, did she?

...but it wouldn't hurt, right? She grabbed a king-size pack of peanut butter cups and tore the package open. No time to wait. She shoved all four of them into her cheeks and started smacking away. Not quite peanutty enough to give her that tingly, dizzy feeling like nothing else in the world mattered but nuts.

Payday, though, that had to be peanutty enough. She grabbed two bars off the shelf, tore them open, and chewed her way through the gooey caramel to get at the crunchy nuts. Her legs felt wobbly. She stumbled back, catching herself against the racks of beef jerky. Her eyelids fluttered.

She couldn't believe she'd been knocking this stuff. Forget the caramel, the peanuts were what made it delicious. When she bit into a bar, she could taste the rich peanut oil, the gently roasted flavor. That flavor even permeated the caramel, so it was almost like one big chewy hunk of peanuts.

Fluffy fur pushed up against her shirt. She itched at it, trying to get the fur to play nice with the fabric. But that wasn't the only problem with her shirt. Warm, smooth pressure swelled inside her chest, slowly pushing outward. As downy fur spread over her breasts, they grew. But her tee shirt wasn't growing. The growing strain rippled the the fabric stretching between her bigger, heavier boobs. Her flannel shirt hung open on either side of her chest, like curtains spreading to reveal the show.

Julie peeled herself off the shelf and stumbled down to the end of the aisle. Here, tubs and cans of nuts sat on the shelves. It was like heaven. Her legs weak, she dropped to her knees. She tore a can of cashews down and ripped off the top, then pushed handfuls of the nuts into her mouth. Her cheeks puffed up with red fluff and squeezed the corners of her eyes, like a little, permanent, eager grin.

She reached a furry hand up to touch her cheek, to feel the way it bulged around the nuts she'd packed into it. She had the weird feeling that something strange was happening to her. She swallowed her mouthful of cashews. Maybe she should call her boss? The thought was pushed out of her mind as her heart began to race. In the span of seconds, her heart rate doubled. It rattling away inside her chest. Like an injection of caffeine, she felt wired and eager and—


On her hands and knees, she shoved her small snout into the can of nuts. She used her big teeth like a scoop to shovel whole mouthfuls of cashews into her cheeks. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her claws scraped along the floor in delight. Her ears wiggled up against the edge of her cap, curled and tall, even taller if you counted the big tufts of fur on the tips.

Her new energy came with a flush of heat. Her jeans were way too tight. The denim wrapped snugly around her thighs, squeezed tight even without the fur—and now that the fur was bristling up her calves, her skinny jeans were straining beneath the new pressure.

Julie had other things on her mind, though. Nuts, mostly. She leaned down into the can of cashews, trying to reach the ones in the corners that were hard to get. Her rear lifted up into the air and her toes spread to support her, tearing through her socks. They were ripped open and reduced to ankle-warmers. Her feet freed, her claws sunk into the tile to support her.

All of a sudden, her nose felt horribly squashed inside the can. Her head shot up, but so did the can, her face wedged into it. A couple more nuts fell into her mouth and she chewed them compulsively. She had to wiggle the can off her snout bit by bit. It popped free with a tang and she nearly fell backward. Her eyes focused in on the red-furred, squirrel-nosed snout jutting out in front of her. The translucent trails of whiskers bobbed in the bottom corners of her eyes.

The can on the floor was empty. Her mouth was empty. She licked her lips and tried to focus but all she could think about were nuts nuts nuts nuts! She swiped a can of mixed nuts from the shelf and dug her face into it. She breathed deep of that savory scent.

With the can on the ground and Julie bent over it, her breasts pressed against the floor. They hadn't reached the floor before, but now they did. Her chest stretched her tee-shirt so tight she could feel the stitches at her sides straining. She spared a hand, trying to tug her shirt to make more room. In her excited pawing, she ripped right through the fabric. As soon as it was torn, pressure took over and her breasts split her tee-shirt down the middle. Even covered in her soft white underbelly fur, she felt the chill of the cold floor against her breasts. She squeaked and recoiled away from the ground, one arm wrapped around her chest. With her arm thrown across her breasts, her fingers couldn't even reach her ribs on the other side. Every movement she made, she felt in the new weight of her breasts.

Her cheeks burning hot, Julie chirped and tried to grip at the crotch of her pants and pull it down. It dug in tighter and tighter against her and she was getting really hot and nuts nuts nuts nuts.

A sudden jolt from her spine sent Julie to the ground. She caught herself, propped on her knees and her shoulders with her ass in the air. Her furry cheek pressed against the cool tiles. Something wedged itself against the base of her spine, squeezing against the skin-tight denim of her jeans. She wiggled her hips one way, then the other, trying to work the pressure free. No help. She unbuttoned her jeans, but even that didn't make enough space.

The seat of her jeans bulged out between her ass cheeks. A small peak rose right in the middle. It twitched to one side, then the other. Julie made a bucktoothed grimace, her ears folded back against her hat. She flexed her tail muscles as hard as she could. Wait, what—! Right under the waistband of her jeans, the denim bowed. The stitching stretched, then split open. A thick plume of red fur burst free. Her three-foot tail curled into the air behind her.

Julie, panting, looked at the shelf beside her. A jar of peanut butter stared back at her. Her nose twitched. Chunky. She licked her lips and her new tail swished.

She lifted her arm off her chest and grabbed the can. With two fingers, she dug into the thick, nutty, roasted spread. Just the smell of it nearly drove her wild. Her lips wrapped around her fingers and she shlorrped the peanut butter off of them. The fur along her spine stood on end and she shivered. She chittered, a blissful, buck-toothed grin on her face. Her fingers dove back into the jar for another big scoop.

Her tail bristled and quivered behind her. At first, it couldn't even reach her shoulders. After two big finger-fuls of peanut butter, if Julie pulled it straight it would have reached up to her neck. The bigger it got, the broader it became, and the thicker and fluffier the rusty fur that covered it. Its weight helped counterbalance the two rounded weights hanging from her chest.

Julie pulled herself up so that she was sitting, legs spread wide, peanut butter nestled right between her thighs. Her jeans creaked dangerously. They were meant for a beanpole body, but now with Julie's thick thighs, the stitching along the sides struggled to keep its hold on her. At the same time, her fur strained to be free.

Only one hand was free to scratch along her legs. The other was constantly shoving peanut butter into her mouth. The increasingly manic energy of her nut-induced haze kept her from focusing on any one thing.. From her legs, she moved her hand to her cheeks, squeezing them up against her face to feel the fullness of their fluff. Then she grabbed her ears and twirled the tip tufts, then gave her nose a poke, then wiggled her toes to see her claws move.

Her tail, even with its tip flopped over all squirrel-like, now reached the back of her head, nearly as thick as her shoulders. She leaned back against it like a pillow while scooping peanut butter into her mouth.

A surge of heat rippled between her legs. She pressed her puffy mound against the constricting denim. As her thighs flexed, her red fur poked through the gaps in her jeans' seams. Her head rolled back. She scooped a nice, thick glob of peanut butter onto her fingers, then dropped it onto her tongue. As she sucked her fingers clean, a sharp throb from between her legs shot through her body and she bit down on her knuckles. Her knees bent. With a series of small pops, her jeans split open along the sides. Only the very top of her pants was spared; she'd unbuttoned it and the zipper had come undone, lending enough slack for her hips to widen without ripping.

Julie dropped a big glob of peanut butter onto her tongue. Her heartrate was already squirrel-quick, but now it peaked even higher. Her eyes rolled back and she lifted her ass off the ground. Her fingers wove into the metal racks behind her. The potato chip bags crinkled, but all she heard was a sharp ringing in her ears. Her tugging nearly pulled the racks right off the shelf. She shuddered there on the ground, the taste of peanuts thick on her tongue and filling up her mind and body with nutty satisfaction. Her hips jerked into the air few more times, then she slumped back against the chips. The world spun with her afterglow.

Julie panted as she came down from her high, licking the remains of peanut butter off of her lips...and slowly realizing the mess she'd made. Her hyperactive mind jumped quickly—what if someone came in and found her like this? What if her boss came in and found her like this? She'd probably get fired!

Skittering up to her claws, Julie began to clean like a squirrel possessed. All the wrappers from everything she'd eaten, the empty cans, the jar of peanut butter, all of that went up on the counter to get checked out. She grabbed the broom from the back closet, sweeping up the spilled nuts—then grabbed the spray bottle and towels, to mop up the globs of peanut butter stuck to the floor. Her torn-up shoes, those went into the trash. As she darted around, her tail bobbed and swished behind her, trailing a moment behind her motions, brushing up against the shelves when she turned too quickly.

Julie needed to wash her hands, too, or else she'd smell nuts on herself all shift long. She peeked out the window to make sure no one was coming right then, then darted into the bathroom. Too bad they didn't have shampoo for her fur, but soap still worked. The peanut butter washed out with a bit of scrubbing. After ruffling her fur dry with the towels, she looked at herself in the mirror. She still had her short, messy hair, but it had shifted from brown to a matching rusty red, like it was another part of her pelt.

While she made for a curvy squirrel, she looked ridiculous with her ripped-open shirt and torn-apart jeans. She shed the scraps of her tee-shirt, then tried to button the flannel shirt back up. It wouldn't button over her chest, and it wouldn't even button up underneath her chest. She had to twist up the bottom corners, hike them up, and tie them together under her chest. She re-pinned her name tag above her left breast.

Her socks were hopeless, so she pitched them into the trash with the scraps of her shirt. That just left her jeans. They were torn almost all the way up to her hips, but she had an idea. With a pair of scissors from the supply closet, she cut off the legs, leaving just the topmost part of her jeans. Her pockets stuck out beyond the edges of her newly-trimmed short shorts. The pant legs went into the trash, too.

Julie put herself in front of the bathroom mirror. She looked up at herself as she smoothed out the fur on her taut, and now bare, belly. Something told her she should have felt self-conscious about wearing so little clothing, but what she actually felt was a big burst of eager energy. She bared her big front teeth as she flashed a huge smile at her reflection. She made a squirrely click, flicked her tail, and chirped, "Cu-ute!" at herself in the mirror.

With a bag of peanut butter M&M's behind the cash register to keep her steady, Julie leaned her hips on the counter and grabbed the gas station phone. Maybe she could get a sick day. She dialed her boss.

"Hiya boss!" she chirped as soon as he picked up, unable to hold herself back. "Lissen, I got turned into a squirrel today so howsabout some time off?"

She heard her boss's kids in the background on the other end of the line. "You're the only one on shift today. Are you unable to work, or do you just want to go home so you can eat nuts?"

Julie rolled her eyes innocently, up to the ceiling, then all the way down to the bag of M&M's. She popped another one into her mouth. "Umm," she said.

"If you take off, I'll have to cover you, and I won't be happy about it," he said.

Julie breathed in and sighed heavily. "Oh-kay. I goddit."

"And remember to lock both doors when you close," he added. "Have a good rest of your shift." Then he hung up.

Reflected light shone through the windows, making a slow turn across the walls as a car drove up in front of the pumps. Julie chittered eagerly. She drew herself up behind the counter and pulled her tail up behind her back. She was ready, as soon as they stepped through the door, with a big smile and a "Hiya, welcome to TransCo! Whaddaya need?"