Fuck the System

In a cyberpunk world, a punk panthress is brainwashed into being a police officer while a shy jackal finds a new, more punkish self through body modding. Explicit.

Opal stuffed her small red mohawk into a hat made of electrodes, elastic straps, and a tangle of wires. Her natural panther bulk made her an imposing figure, and her black fur only more so. Rows of piercings climbed up her ears and a set of rings jutted from one of her eyebrows. Her chest was stuffed tight into a tank top and her big boots held big paws. In short, she was what the Party called an 'improper citizen'. It was a term Opal took with pride.

At the other end of the wires sat Cai. At his most rebellious, the young jackal looked like an office intern. His pointed ears were the only remarkable thing sticking out of his polo shirt and slacks. But behind that squared-off demeanor and tight-combed black fur was a networking genius with a burning distaste for the status quo. Opal had found him years ago, and now they were partners in hacking.

"Ready to fuck shit up," Opal said.

"Just be careful," Cai said. If you wanted to hack these days, you had to go full immersion. Riskier than good old screen-and-keyboard like Cai preferred, but you could move as fast as you could think. "Here we go." He flipped the switch for the neural rig.

The countdown blazed directly into Opal's brain. She licked her lips and gripped the arms of the chair. It hit one, and then she was soaring into space through a data line.

Opal was in. Data came as raw thought; no need to bother with sensory abstraction. All she had to do was think back. Strings of data flowed by as Cai bounced her between proxies, through unsecured systems, and then everything went blank. No input, no output.

/quit, she thought. Nothing. /quit, she tried again. /forcequit. Her rig's functions were locked out. No sensory input, no data—like a brain trapped in a box.

On the outside, Cai panicked. None of the commands worked. Someone had locked him out entirely. He looked at the switch for the rig, then up at Opal. Premature disconnection: at best it caused permanent psychosis. At worst...he couldn't do that. He had to keep trying. If he had enough time, he could find a way around the lock.

The police scanner on his desk whined at him. He froze. That couldn't be right. How did the Defense Force find them so fast? They were in a black zone, outside police surveillance range. He had no time to manually extract Opal. His mind buzzed with useless ideas and rising panic.

What would Opal tell him to do? He imagined her voice, snapping at him, 'Don't get caught because you were too much of a pussy to run.'

Cai went into full bug-out mode: Magnet on the side of the computer, police scanner hidden in his bag, both his and Opal's bags onto his shoulders. The frantic bwip bwip bwip of the scanner only got faster and faster.

"I'm coming back for you," Cai said. He touched Opal's cheek with the back of his palm.

'Run, you idiot. Stop acting like a hero.'

Cai scrabbled up to a window and squeezed through. Both bags on his back, he ran. He didn't head for their apartment, he just ran. He kept going until he collapsed in an alleyway. He wanted to cry, but he couldn't. A gaping hole was scored into his mind. Opal had been a friend, a role model, a partner. Now she was gone.


Opal had no sense of how long she was adrift. It was one long moment, stretched over an eternity of micro-thoughts. There was nothing but her consciousness to keep her company. It was torture.

And then, all of a sudden, full sensory simulation. Space and time made sense once more. Her simulated snout stuck out into her field of view and her simulated body was sitting in a chair. It wasn't the plush armchair of their hacking den, it was stark and plastic. Her hands were bound to the back and her ankles to the legs.

At first, she thought she was in an empty white void, but as her eyes adjusted to the light, she made out the faint shadows in the corners. It was a white room, uniformly illuminated and utterly featureless, about the size of a one-bedroom apartment.

As much of a bland nothing as this was, just some default environment, it was an immense relief. It was something to experience. It let her feel her body again. Her shoulders shivered and her teeth chattered and never before had that felt so good.

A tri-tone chime played, and a voice spoke from nowhere. "You have been found guilty of improper citizenship," it said. "This is the legal notice of your conviction. Your trial occurred five days ago at 14:42 Standard Time. For your convenience, your sentence has already been determined. Have a nice day."

"Fuck you!" Opal shouted. She had a mouth and she was going to scream. Her twitching became thrashing. The chair remained rooted to the floor as if nailed down, but she just needed to feel something, anything right now.

If she was captured, they might have grabbed Cai too. He was too much of an idealist to give up without a fight, but she hoped he'd had the sense to run. She wouldn't bet on his rescue, but it was a shred of hope to hold onto.

The walls of the room dissipated into darkness. The chair vanished. She was floating. Wait, no. They couldn't send her back there. Her body dissipated. Please, just let her sit in a chair. Her senses unraveled and she was left with only her own thoughts, spinning in a fervor of fury and distress.


Cai held a glowing blue pill in his palm. After a week, he'd worked up the courage to raid her room for her stash. He'd seen her take the blue pills before. They were for when she was at her worst, when she just wanted to forget everything and have wild fun at some club.

His computers trawled all the records they could find, searching for any arrest or incarceration matching Opal's description. There was nothing he could do but wait and hope. He felt boxed in by the apartment, but too anxious to leave. Without Opal there to drag him out of the house, he was becoming a shut-in. She'd always wanted him to be more like her: rebellious, bold, assertive.

Cai had to learn to take risks, to trust his instincts, and to let himself go. He'd always wished he could be as impulsive as Opal. She hit up body mod shops to pick up new piercings whenever she felt like it, and there he was, fascinated by augs and not even a pierced ear to show for it.

Opal had taken him out to clubs before, and he'd always had a good time with her around. She helped him loosen up. Opal's pills would take care of that tonight. He shut his eyes and tossed the pill into his mouth. It rolled down his throat. An anxious minute passed, then two, then the pill clocked him in the face. He toppled sideways out of his chair, then staggered to his feet. His tail whapped against his back and he found himself panting. Too many things were in his room and they were all too close. He wobbled out the door and into the living room.

The couch got in his way and he splashed into the pillows. He fought his way back off the couch and leaned against the wall. Fuck, pills were probably a bad idea. Should have started with something lighter. His head bounced between the walls like a tennis ball. All energy, zero focus. He had to get out of here. Once he was outside, moving, going somewhere, he felt less like he was going to explode.

His memory was hazy. First the neon-choked streets outside of his apartment, then the pounding of thick music, then the sharp burn of alcohol going down his throat. The next thing he knew, there was a girl, a coyote with glowing eye augs. He was talking to her and she was pretty cute. And then he totally blew it.

Cai sat at the bar, staring into his hands, trying not to focus on getting shot down. This wasn't working. He had to find something to do, something to prove he could be impulsive. He thought about the coyote's glowing eyes, and when Opal would come home with new piercings, and the way he'd always had that queasy tension in the body mod shop when he tagged along.

That settled it. He was going to get augged up. He polished off his glass before he left.

Unregistered augs were illegal, but that didn't mean he couldn't get them. Go down two flights of stairs from the street, knock on the door, say you know Rex. The door opened up and he stepped into the studio, packed with repurposed medical equipment, surgery pods, and photos of clients on the walls.

Lying inside the pod, Cai didn't remember what he'd asked the fluorescent-scaled lizard to do to him. He remembered the words 'intense' and 'go like wow', but nothing else. His breath made little flower patterns on the glass. The anaesthetic on top of the alcohol and the pills made him feel chill and pleasantly hollow. Ksshunk, ksshunk echoed in his ears and he recoiled from the jolts beneath his shoulder blades. Brand new ports. Another two—ksshunk, ksshunk—on his back, above his hips. One more at the base of his skull.

Cai yawned. He went limp in the pod. His head lolled to one side. The last thing he remembered were the cables clipping into his ports, the soft whirr of fluid pumping into him, his skin bulging outward.

Then he woke up in his bed the next morning. The anaesthetic lingered, but at least it numbed the pain of his hangover. His sheets clung to his chest in a way they hadn't before. He pushed them off and sat up, looking down at his chest. Specifically, his breasts. He made a sleepy groan and groped himself. He felt his own soft flesh, with a new fluid reservoir aug beneath to give him a perky rack.

Cai shuffled off his bed, dragging his ass along the sheets. As he stood up, he jiggled. As he walked to the bathroom, his hips swished from side to side, swinging his tail. His fur rubbed against itself in a way he wasn't used to, but he was still groggy to the point of not fully registering what was going on.

In the bathroom, he turned and saw himself in the mirror. The shock of seeing his reflection was like running into a wall headfirst. He didn't even move at first, just stared until he was sure that the person in the mirror was him.

He leaned over the sink, tracing his soft lower lip with his finger. Then he backed away to look at how his hips gently curved and how his ass stuck out on top of them, pert and squeezable. He spotted the ports along his back in gunmetal black to blend in with his fur. The flesh right around the edges was still swollen to the touch.

A hand on his hips, he looked his reflection right in the face. As drunken body mods went, this wasn't bad. And, thankfully, he'd just gotten the ports and fluid implants. Between his legs was his familiar package, right where it was meant to be. Nothing irreversible.

Cai pushed his breasts together. He bit his plush lip, holding in a groan. His cock tensed for a moment. Yes, his tits were tender. But his voice? "Oh. Aaaoh," he said, rubbing his throat. It was still his voice, but cranked up a few octaves to sound feminine.

Opal would have approved. The more that Cai watched the way he moved, the more he liked it, too. He was proud of himself. He'd made snap decisions, he'd taken risks, and he'd finally taken the plunge and got augs like he'd always wanted. He was going to keep these. Both for Opal and for himself.


Opal jolted in her seat.

She had a body again. Her senses were back. Her fingers quivered like spiders and flexed her claws. She rocked back and forth in her chair. She took deep, desperate pants. The sudden rush of sensation hurt, but her mind was starved for any kind of input. At first it was just beautiful, painful noise and light and pressure, but then her mind began to make sense of things again.

"Good morning, citizen!" Opal lifted her head. A glowing, translucent vixen stood in front of her. From her sparkling eyes to her bust left blatantly on display to the tight squeeze of her skirt around her waist, she was an image of beauty squeezed into a blue-and-white Defense Force uniform. Opal sneered, or maybe that was just a twitch. Either the Party was getting really good with its AIs, or they'd brainwashed the shit out of some fox lady. The tag printed on top of her left breast read 'OFC Yori'.

"Due to your misconduct, you have been selected for our pilot repurposing program," Yori said, with a glassy-eyed look. "We thank you for your contribution toward making our city a peaceful place to live. Obey all official directives!"

"How about you f-fuck off and let me go?" Opal snapped. Her knees jerked involuntarily. If Cai had gotten away, maybe he was looking for her now. She had no clue where she was. They could have kept her connected to whatever black box they'd trapped her in and moved her body anywhere they wanted.

"I'm sorry for the inconvenience. You'll have to remain here until the process is complete. We will be working on three major areas: obedience, attitude, and ERC-compliant systems of thought. We'll—"

"Shut up! I don't give a shit. Now let me out of here!" Opal shouted. Her hands and feet struggled against the bonds that held her to the chair, but it was useless. If they programmed her to be unable to get out, she wouldn't be able to get out.

Yori paused, then said, "Now that we've completed the introduction, we can start."

Out of nowhere, images flooded into Opal's eyes, more than she should have been able to see at once. Images of smiling families, of Defense Force officers saluting in front of a flag, of teenage punks being arrested. More images flooded in, pictures of hacking equipment and Defense Force-issue guns and the party logo, the inverted blue cross on a white banner. The images flashed only long enough for a visceral reaction before the next appeared.

After a few minutes, the pictures stopped abruptly. It was just the quiet room and her in the chair and the vixen standing before her. A small panel opened in front of Opal, within reach of the fingers on her right hand. Inside were two buttons: green and red. "Please press the green button," Yori said.

Opal sneered, punched the red button a few times, and gave the fox the middle finger. A searing jolt of pain arched across her body. Her muscles convulsed and she thrashed in the chair. It was as if the worst pain she'd ever felt had been torn fresh anew. She was left shuddering, eyes watering, when it was over.

An image of a steel pipe appeared behind Yori. "This is not a pipe," she said. "Do you see a pipe?"

"Yeah I do, fuck-gghh!" Opal was cut off by another screaming bolt of pain.

"Now that we have a baseline, we can begin the repurposing process. Please remember to obey all official directives."

Opal hung her head, staring at her lap. Her hands balled into fists. She wouldn't let anyone break her.


Cai needed high-end gear if he wanted to track Opal, and to get that, he needed to talk to Rho. She had connections in manufacturing, so she could slip government-grade equipment to hackers like Cai.

That was why Cai was standing outside the door to the back office of a pawn shop that smelled of old circuit boards. Rho's bodyguard was why he was standing outside that door.

"I need to talk to Rho," Cai said.

The doberman shrugged and wrinkled his snout. "I need to keep her from getting pestered by wannabe fucks like you."

Cai knew he should have sprung for some more volume in his breasts. If he'd gone up to double-D's, maybe he wouldn't have to be bartering his way in. By taking freelancing jobs in his spare time, he was funding both his search for Opal, and his newfound interest in his body. Taking that first drunken plunge had opened him up to possibilities, and he didn't regret it.

He'd shaved his headfur down to a tuft along the middle of his head, and put two steel rings in his eyebrow. He'd paid for another couple hundred cc between his hips and lips. He'd thrown in a few more inches of height, too, since he'd always felt a bit short. Now he struck a feminine figure, filling out Opal's jeans snugly. His lips had a subtle but inviting pout. The tank top he wore was also from Opal's room, though none of her bras had fit well enough, so he had gone without.

The doberman quietly studies his body. Cai took notice of the looks he got now. They felt good, after being forgettable for his whole life. Before heading out, he'd popped a few pills for confidence; not the glowing blue ones, but he was still flying high right now. He licked his lips. Everyone liked oral, right? He hadn't yet had the courage to try his luck with guys at the club. He didn't see any other good options for winning the doberman's favor.

"I'll show you wannabe," he said. He pushed the doberman back against the wall and crouched down before him. The bodyguard raised his hands, ready to grab Cai, but then relaxed.

A fat cock flopped free from the doberman's pants. The drugs in his brain were telling him to do it or you're a chicken. He opened his mouth, and then slipped it around the bodyguard's waiting shaft.

A cock in his mouth was bigger than he'd expected. His tongue and palate squeezed against it if he didn't keep his mouth open enough. He bobbed a few times. The doberman reached down, grabbing his scruff of hair. With his head held in place, he started thrusting forward, making Cai clench his throat and sputter. His eyes watered involuntarily.

Fighting back the urge to gag, he kept going. If he worked at it, he could get nearly all the way to the base. Cai lifted his eyes to look up at him. The doberman's eyes were closed, his fangs sunk into his lip. Good, right? Cai opened his jaw and moved down the shaft. He lapped as he came to the bottom and drew back up. His plush lip made for a smooth slide and his cheeks pinched with each pull.

Come on, he thought. I don't want to be here all—and then the doberman came. Cai's eyes rolled back and he tried to relax his throat, but he couldn't. He sputtered and a bit of cum dribbled down onto his dark chin. His big jackal ears folded tight against his head.

Pulling back, Cai tried to lap up what had spilled onto his chin and the few drops that had fallen onto his chest. He wanted to apologize for gagging, but the doberman had already unlocked the room. Instead, he just said, "Thanks," coughed lightly, and stepped inside.

Cai licked his lips again. It had been a lot to manage, but fun all the same. Something about how closely he could manage someone else's pleasure, how he could make someone else cum, spoke to him. He'd need to try it out some more—once he'd gotten the supplies from Rho.


Opal's throat was sore. She had no idea how long she'd been howling in defiance, but it even hurt to swallow. Even that was a blessing on some level. At least she could feel something. Brainwashing was a relief from the maddening nothingness when her simulation was switched off.

The numb, toneless narration of the film she was watching felt as if it had been going on for days. She wasn't sure if she'd been in here a week or a month. Yori stood beside her, a distant look on her eyes, like she wasn't even watching the film. The vixen was off in her own fantasy land being reamed by Party cock, Opal thought. She managed a small smirk.

"A proper citizen doesn't need to fear the government," the film narrator said. A bright, smiling wolf shook hands with his neighbor and waved good morning to the CCTV camera. "Only an improper citizen fears the government, because they're afraid of being punished for their crimes." A nervous-looking ferret hid his face from the camera as he shuffled quickly into his apartment.

Her fangs creaked against each other. She'd fought this programming so far, and she'd keep fighting it.

Yori refocused her eyes and turned toward Opal. She bent at the waist, so that the neckline of her skintight uniform showed off her deep cleavage. If she wasn't such a mindless Party drone, Opal might have thought she was hot. (She wasn't opposed to hate-fucking her, either.)

"How are you feeling now? Do you trust the Party?" she asked.

"Eat my pussy," Opal said.

Yori frowned, like she was actually disappointed. "Level three programming is ineffective, so we'll move to level two." They'd started at level six. Opal smiled; she was too tough of a nut to crack. If they kept it up, she was going to break their system from the inside out.

"Now, in the log, I see you thought something about 'getting reamed by Party cock'," Yori said. She looked Opal in the eye and smiled. "I think that's a great idea."

Wait, they were logging her—

And then level two started. Opal's ass lifted off the chair, back curling, breath catching in her throat. Her sense of touch no longer matched what was happening. They had to be feeding her data from a different simulation. Strong hands pressed against the small of her back, holding her down against a cold surface. Her tail curled up, lashing through the air, fur standing on end.

The head of a cock pressed against her folds. The hands moved from her back to her shoulders, holding her down at the first powerful thrust came. It drove her down against what felt like a table or counter. It slowed at the end of the thrust, inching deeper, then reared back and spread her pussy with another push. Each stroke was firm and powerful, holding her still against the cold table.

But there wasn't a table, it was just her sitting in the chair and Yori in front of her.

Opal's ears twitched. She heard voices, but not spoken; they came straight into her mind. Obey the Party. The Party is order. Citizens will obey. Obey the Party. The Party is order...

"Your dopamine levels are very high. You must love getting reamed by Party cock!" the fox said.

Opal bared her fangs and tried to snarl, but her growl turned into desperate yowling halfway through. Her muscles responded to the simulated sex, trying to jerk her hips against her partner. The blast of computerized pleasure from each thrust was dizzying. She was melting, losing her grip on Yori in front of her.

"Fuck me harder," slipped from her mouth. Her head slumped and she sunk her claws into the chair.

The Party is sex. Citizens will obey. Obey the sex. The intrusive thoughts were just one more addition to her reeling mind.

"If you become a proper citizen, you could have sex like this all the time," Yori said.

Opal didn't hear her. All she heard as her orgasm hit was her own desperate roar. The feeling of being fucked didn't stop. She jerked in her chair and the seat grew damp from her juices. She felt like the air was being squeezed from her chest, like her cheek was pushed down against that cool table...

And then it was done. She fell back into the seat. Her head was cocked back, jaw slack, mind sparking and fizzling. Warm wetness trickled along her thighs. Her vision swam, then slowly resolved into shapes again. Opal's head lolled back to life. She took deep, shivering breaths.

Yori reached out and tipped up her chin so that Opal was looking up at her. "So, if I asked you to "eat my pussy", would you?" she asked.

Opal's jaw slid shut and she bared her fangs weakly. She didn't want to dignify that with a response.

Yori dropped her hand and smiled. "I'll take that dopamine hit as a yes. Great news, we're making progress! You'll be re-purposed in no time."

Opal silently cursed her body. Her eyes were fixed on Yori's rack.


Cai had changed a lot in the three weeks since Opal had been taken. For instance, female pronouns. They suited her better now, and all the changes she'd been making to her body.

She still hadn't found anything concrete on Opal's arrest. A couple days ago, she got a hit on a generic arrest warrant dated three weeks back, but no location where she was held, not even a prisoner ID.

What Cai had found was the name of someone who'd dealt with this kind of thing before, another hacker who'd lost a partner. This girl had wiped her information from the net, but by talking around, and with a bit of fucking to loosen people up, Cai got a photo and the name of a club she liked to visit.

So now Cai was dressed up for clubbing, sitting at a bar with a drink in front of her, and a little glowing blue pill in her hand. It'd be her third time taking the blue pills. Like Opal, she saved them for when she wanted to get fucked up. The pill plopped into the glass. Before it even began to dissolve, Cai lifted the glass to her lips and gulped it down, pill and all.

A tank top wrapped around her dark-furred cleavage, lifting it up and out. It provided all the support that her augs didn't. Now that she had enough aug juice squeezed into her chest to fill up to E-cups, her implants had their own surface tension that kept her perky. A mesh shirt stretched over top of the tank top, though it didn't cover up much of anything at all.

Cai had started working out, but didn't want to do it all the old-fashioned way. Her arms were toned and her stomach flat and firm, thanks to extra hormones from the body shop. As a side effect, she found her cock had grown an extra inch when erect. She'd made a good choice keeping it.

Her PVC pants were perfect for showing off both her hips, and the bulge tucked between them. Her hips flared out enough to give her legs a slow, tapered shape, and her ass was nearly as buoyant as her tits were, thanks to all the fluid she'd pumped herself with. A pair of tall boots capped off her sexy bitch look, with her ear studs and nose ring as a garnish on top.

So she liked body modding. Arrest her.

Maybe fifteen minutes into her buzz, as Cai was grinding her ass against a deer with a nice rack, she spotted the face she was looking for. Hyena girl, kinda stocky, green mohawk, spots over her eyes.

The conversation passed by in a blur, but she recalled the gist of it. The hyena's name was Thera and she thought Cai looked pretty cool. That was a weird coincidence, because Cai thought she looked fucking hot and wanted to make out with her. She knew this great place, too.

And then Cai was making out with Thera in the alley behind the club. Somehow, that had worked; Thera responded well to confidence. They were pressed up tight against the stone, grabbing and groping as if trying to hold on to each other. A bump against her crotch made Cai groan and Thera pull back.

"The fuck is this?" she asked, grabbing Cai's package. Cai couldn't tell if that was eager or upset.

"My dick. You like modding?" Cai asked.

Thera said, "Yeah," and grinned. Eager. Good.

Cai smiled and shoved the waistband of her pants down. "Suck it and I'll show you the shop I go to."

The hyena got down on her knees, palms against Cai's thighs, and stuffed her mouth around the jackal's cock. She'd had blowjobs before, but none of them seemed quite as excited as Thera's. The girl had a god damn fetish or something. In minutes, Cai was growling, bent over with one hand against the wall, pumping into Thera's mouth. Her cum came gushing out. Thera grunted softly, eyes wide. A wet snort came from her nose, followed by a little spurt of cum dripping from one nostril.

"You don't have to choke on it. I know it's huge already." Cai winked, then dragged the eager girl off.

At the body mod shop, she went first; a couple credits to switch from a tufty mohawk to a one-sided shave, with the other side long and draping down to her chin.

"So, you figured out what you want?" Cai asked, twisting the curl of her hair around her fingers.

Thera breathed in sharply. "I thought...maybe you'd want to pick for me."

Cai listened to Thera's voice, watched the anxious look in her eyes, then slowly grinned. Her high gave her the kind of confidence she'd never had otherwise, the kind to play right into what Thera wanted.

"You mean you're a slut who needs someone to tell her how to get modded?" Cai asked gently, grabbing her by the hair. Thera made a whine of delight and a quick nod. Man did she have a fetish. "All right. Let's pick out some of the good shit for you," she said. Cai was totally willing to give Thera's whole thing a shot.

A short while later, Thera stumbled out of the booth and into Cai's arms. The hyena's lower lip stuck out in a gently glistening pout, and her new synthetic cock was stuffed beneath the tight denim of her jeans. She was panting, red-cheeked, and asked breathlessly, "Can we go to your place?"

The next thing Cai remembered, they were in her apartment. Her tits sat against Thera's thighs, cradling her fresh and tender cock. Cai grinned, then slid her mouth down the shaft and pulled back slowly. A string of drool hung from the tip of Thera's cock to the corner of her tongue. "Like it?" she said. She slurped down again, rolling her tongue along her shaft to hear Thera groan in delight.

Her memories were hazy for a little while. Then Cai was leaning over Thera, who was on her back on the bed. With every thrust into her pussy, the hyena's head bounced and her back arched. Cai wrapped her hand around her own breast and squeezed. Her skin sunk between her fingers, the shape defined by the aug implants beneath. "If you want tits like mine, you'd better cum for me," she said.

More blurry bliss. Then they were both lying in bed, on the edge of sleep. Cai had her hand around Thera's cock, stroking slowly, while her other hand traced the new port on the back of the hyena's neck. Cai whispered all the things she could do to her, while Thera made small, exhausted moans.

Over cereal in the morning, Cai mentioned her missing partner, and got Thera to open up about what she knew. Her partner had disappeared about two months ago. Same deal: locked out of everything, then hit by the police before she could get him out. She hadn't found a trace of him, aside from an errant file in the Defense Force database about a 'repurposing' program.

"I don't know if it's labor camps or brainwashing or what. I went dark so they wouldn't come after me next," she said.

"What was he like?" Cai asked.

Thera shrugged. "Small guy, bit of a goth, fox."


Yori, in her always-immaculate Defense Force uniform, stood quietly while Opal made ragged grunts and moans. Opal felt the salt on her cheeks, tasted the spittle in her throat, and felt every jerk and shift of her body.

Her pussy buzzed like radio static, swollen and desperately tender. It was tantric sex times a thousand; constant, crushing arousal that never stopped and never pushed her over the edge.

"Improper citizens are not allowed to orgasm," the vixen chimed. She had said it forty-five times now.

They'd switched Opal's visual input. A feed of patriotic images flashed in front of her eyes, so quickly she could barely see each one. The impressions they left echoed in the back of her mind: Goverment. Force. Power. Strength. Submit. Enlist. They were trying to elicit a positive response from her, but she was unbreakable. They couldn't goad her into compliance with sex, and they couldn't break her will with this mental torture.

"Proper citizens are allowed to orgasm," Yori repeated.

"Then I'll fucking suffer!" Opal shouted. Her breath was ragged, chest heaving. Her head was too heavy on her shoulders. She rocked back and forth in the chair..

Submit. Join. Strength. Police.

Everything felt wonderful. Opal was floating off the sea. Her pain like heat was flooding out of her, replaced only with bright, pulsing light. It was like a wild beast let free, tearing through her body. She slumped down into her chair. Her juices tickled along her dark fur.

"Wait—," she gasped. She could see again. Yori was beaming at her.

"This is great!" she said.

"No, I—you fucked up something."

Yori shook her head. "You had a positive response. You're already becoming a proper citizen."

Opal folded her ears back. Her gaze fell to the floor. She hadn't liked any of that stuff, had she? No, of course not. But could she be sure? What if she had already snapped and didn't know it? The anxiety weighed thick on her shoulders. The more she questioned herself, the less certain she was. If they could read her thoughts, why would they be fooled by some simple error? If they were claiming victory, maybe they had finally forced her to Submit.

Opal gasped and clamped her thighs together. Her mound swelled slightly just from the thought of the word Submit. Another sudden flush of heat. Her back arched and she bent forward. She felt the dampness against her inner thighs.

And then, all of a sudden, she wasn't sitting but lying. Her hands and legs were bound, tied to the four corners of the bed she was on. Yori was on top of her, legs straddling her stomach. Her thighs were pressed against Opal's waist and she felt the warmth of the vixen's groin against her belly. She grabbed the edge of her uniform top and slowly peeled the tight material off of her. Her breasts each slipped free in turn, slumping gently against her chest, still proud and heavy as ever.

"Since you're starting to improve, I can give you a little break," she said.

Opal's breath quickened and she tugged at the ropes binding her, but they were as firm as the ones that tied her to the chair. Yori crawled back until she was kneeling between Opal's parted legs. With two fingers, she parted the panther's swollen folds. Yori's nose dipped down and she pressed her tongue against Opal's labia.

Opal's paws clenched. Her muscles strained against the ropes. She wanted to squirm, but had no space to. The touch of Yori's tongue was gentle, yet hungry. That desperate politeness sent shivers down Opal's spine. Obey. Her whole body quivered. Yori made a happy coo and flicked her tail.

A video feed cut into her vision. She felt every inch of the tongue and every little motion it made as Yori worked her way deeper. But what she saw was a city street, so clean that it glistened in the light from the streetlamps. Hah, where had they found a street that wasn't choked with litter and— Join.

Opal mewled and clenched her thighs. Lurking in the shadows, someone dressed in black began to spray-paint one of the buildings. Just seeing it made her stomach churn. As much as she wanted to like him for disobeying authority, she couldn't. She hated him on an instinctual level.

Her hips rocked slowly. Her legs were spread as wide as they could and her tail lashed back and forth off to her side. Yori's paws stroked along her hips and thighs, squeezing and massaging. Her claws sunk into Opal's supple ass and rubbed her hips until her muscles were loose and glowing. Opal had never felt quite so plush and cushioned before. She wanted to roll to one side and just stroke her hips and bask in her figure. Instead, Yori took care of that need for her while eating her out.

Opal couldn't Force say what exactly Power set her off, but Enlist her orgasm came crashing Strength down all at once. Yori wrapped her arms around Opal's legs and held on as the panthress came, jerking her hips up into the air and roaring lazily.

Yori crawled upward. Her thighs around Opal's waist again, she leaned forward until her hands touched her breasts. Opal's nipples stiffened and she sucked in a tight breath. She fought to make some word of protest. All that came from her mouth was a low, hissed, "Yes."

As Yori's tongue touched her nipple, another scene pushed its way into Opal's mind. The same street, the same vandal. Now a Defense Force officer appeared, shouting, brandishing his stun club. Opal felt like she was being pulled taut by the teasing tongue on her breasts. Each new stroke or lick or light suckle wound her even tighter. The graffiti artist yowled. The stun club hit him in the back. He crumpled to the ground. The officer grabbed his hands and cuffed him.

If he had just Obeyed and Submitted to the officer he wouldn't have had to use Force...

Opal's eyes rolled back. Her pussy throbbed. Yori cupped Opal's breasts in her paws as they grew heavier and thicker and firmer to the touch. Pulse by pulse, they swelled forward, then spread under the gentle pull of gravity.

Her breasts felt bare and tender without warm fingers or a wet tongue against them. Yori peeled back and scooted forward onto Opal's belly. Her blue eyes shimmered. She lowered herself on top of Opal until their lips touched and she sank into a kiss. Opal should have wanted to headbutt her or bite her tongue or pull away, but her mind was muddled with lust and she was starved for contact.

In her eyes, Opal saw a young cheetah Defense Force officer, saluting her commanding officer and then walking back to her desk. She had a bright smile on her face. A warm glow washed over Opal and her eyelids fluttered. The officer sat down at her desk and started working on a stack of paperwork. As she filled it out, her co-workers came by to pick up the finished forms, and left smiling, too.

Look how happy you could make everyone when you Submit to Orders and Obey.

Opal shut her eyes and whined. A few warm drops fell from her puffy folds onto the bedsheets. Soft creaks echoed up from her trachea, like guitar strings being tightened. Her voice lifted up, sweeter, less scratchy. Opal felt the tingle in her throat, but could do nothing about it.

Yori drew back. Opal was left panting and aching but also satiated for the first time. In the blink of an eye, Yori was back in her uniform and Opal was in the chair again. She shifted her ass to one side and straightened out her tail. Her whole body felt squeezed into a chair one size too small. She had to wiggle around to get comfortable in the seat again.

The hatch by her right hand opened, putting her fingers over a red button and a green button. Opal stared up at Yori, squinting, trying to summon up defiance.

"Please press the green button," she said.

Opal's heartbeat rose. Those words from before were coursing through her mind, whirling together until all she could hear was powersubmitforcenlistobey and all she could feel was an intense desire to follow orders. You're a free woman, she told herself. Her hand shivered. They're trying to break you. This is exactly what they want from you. Her fingers traced the top of the red button. Revulsion hit her stomach and she tore her hand away. Your commanding officer gave you an order.

Teeth clenched, eyes watering, she pressed the green button. A conditioned rush of pleasure sent a guilty shudder across her shoulders.


Cai pushed the blue pill into her mouth and chased it with a shot of vodka. Maybe she should have cut back, but that surge of power right as it hit and the thrumming confidence like a big motor in her chest kept bringing her back.

She left her apartment, dressed in her best for her girlfriend. Her one-sided haircut she'd dyed a deep red. With eyeliner and mascara, she made her eyes pop even more against her black fur. A spiked collar hung around the bottom of her neck, just above the heavy tits strapped into her low-cut tank top. As she walked, Cai felt the slshh-slshh of her aug fluid bouncing around. She found E-cups were the right balance between hot and practical, though the cup size was merely academic at this point. The implants acted as their own support.

The brush of her collar against her neck port reminded her of sitting in the body shop with hoses hooked up, feeling the gradual pump of fluid filling her out.That was why she had her kissable lip, painted with a dash of purple gloss. Also why her miniskirt clung so tightly to her hips. They were packed with aug juice. She had her implants to thank for her wide, luscious hips and her plump ass. She tugged the hem of the skirt down her thighs as she stepped out onto the street. She didn't need to flash her cock to anyone on accident. Only on purpose.

Her legs, in their fishnet stockings and spiked latex boots, knew the way to Thera's apartment by now. They'd been girlfriends for nearly three weeks. Cai tried to be as much of the modded-up jackal dom punk bitch as Thera wanted. She'd even kept up with working out. Her subtle muscles thickened her shoulders and biceps, rippled her stomach gently, and gave her augged figure a powerful foundation.

As Thera opened the door, Cai pushed her way in and gently grabbed the hyena by her mane. Thera looked almost entirely different from the way she'd looked when they had met, and it was all thanks to Cai, who'd picked out every last mod she'd gotten.

A foot of extra height evened out Thera's stockier figure into a more elegant form. Her implants were the same models as Cai, but with more volume and a thicker, more viscous aug goo. Packed with the thick stuff, her chest implants made her tits jut out proudly and her ass seem to float on air. Her eyes were synthetic, black with glowing purple irises. Cai had even made her change her fur color, so instead of standard hyena tan-with-brown-spots, she was lavender-with-violet. A glimpse was all you needed to know Thera was modded to all hell.

"How's my aug-bitch doing?" Cai cooed. She leaned up to kiss Thera. 'Little slut' didn't fit any more, now that Thera had a full six inches on Cai's height.

It didn't matter that Cai was shorter or that Thera had her augs pumped up bigger. She was still the horny girl she'd met in the club. Thera whined in the back of her throat and pressed herself against her girlfriend's body. "I'm doing fine," she panted.

Cai slowly pushed her toward the couch. She asked, "Do you want me to come with you to your interview?" They'd talked about it a few days ago: Thera wanted to work part-time as a stripper to keep funding her hobby. As long as it was what she wanted to do, Cai would be there for support.

"Yeah, that'd be nice, to have you there," she said.

Cai pushed her against the couch and knelt down in front of her. Her hand rested on the thick bulge in Thera's jeans. She'd made her get a few mods for her synthetic cock, too. Why not? They could both enjoy it. "Looks to me like someone needs her dick sucked," Cai said.

Thera's eyes fluttered back in her head. "Fuck yeah," she breathed.

Cai freed Thera's cock from her pants and slipped it down her mouth. Oral felt almost like second nature to her, and she knew it well enough that she could fiddle all the knobs. Tighten her jaw, suck harder. Slurp along the shaft, then back down until it hit the back of her throat. Hold the base tight or let her nose slide all the way up until it touched Thera's stomach. It was bigger than her own by an inch. She might have had trouble taking it, but she'd modded out her gag reflex. Worth every credit.

Thera howled out loud as she came. Cai just opened her throat and let it all flow down. With one last lap of the tongue, she lifted off of Thera's cock. The couch creaked as she sat beside her. Thera draped her arms over Cai and she wrapped her arms back around Thera's waist.

Leaning on Thera's shoulder, Cai said, "I have some news, too." The hyena lifted her head curiously. "That re-purposing thing? It's a brainwashing program."

"Man, fuck the Party," Thera said.

Cai nodded. "I know it's bad, but I figured out where they're stationed. And I've got a plan to get them out. We owe it to them to try."


Opal was awake. No data feeds directly to her brain, no simulated experiences. She twisted her head around to see where she was. It was a small, clinical room, with some computing equipment stuffed in the corner and a pair of lockers by the door. She sat up in the padded chair, coming eye-to-eye with Yori. In the flesh, not a computer program. Her eyes sparkled like they'd been modded.

"It's good to see you're awake, recruit!" she said.

As Opal leaned forward, her hair spilled into her face. It was black, trimmed to jaw-length and straightened into a tight bob. The slosh of fluid brought her eyes down to her heavy chest. "What? I didn't..." She trailed off. Reaching for her back, she found the ports matching her breast augs.

"Enlist? Of course you did, that's why you're here. Because you're a good citizen," Yori said.

Opal shuddered and heat dripped between her thighs like a drop of warm honey. All the breath left her chest and she just panted at Yori.

"Now, there's a few things to know as a new officer. First, anything your superiors say is true," she said.

"That's...no," Opal said. Her ears were folded back and her tail hung limp. She wanted to curse and rant and fight, but she couldn't even muster up the will to get out of her seat.

Yori just smiled. "Don't worry, you're still getting used to things. You'll be thinking straight in no time, but until then, let's get you into a uniform. Stand up."

Seconds before, she couldn't lift an arm, and now, she climbed out of the seat and stood there, waiting expectantly. Her cheeks glowed warm as she felt a flush of delight at following orders. It left her thirsty for more. Her tail twitched. Please, she thought, guilty and furious at her own mind, do that again.

Yori slid open one of the lockers. "Put these on," she said, taking out a folded white bra and pair of panties.

Opal took them and flicked her tail as she squeezed them on. The panties wrapped up around her thickened hips. Once she'd nestled the straps right, they hugged her with a gentle squeeze. She didn't have to check to know she'd gotten aug implants on her waist, too. She clipped the bra around her back and stood straight, chest thrust out. The cups and straps sat low on her chest, offering as much space for cleavage as possible.

Despite herself, Opal was purring. "These outfits are ridiculous," she said.

"These uniforms are regulation," Yori corrected. Opal's cheeks only grew warmer. Yes, tell me what I have to wear, she thought. Next came a skirt and top. The skirt was skin-tight and elastic, so she only had to slip it up around her hips and straighten the waist. The hem barely even reached halfway down her thighs. Two strips of blue cut across the white, rolling down the sides of her hips. She felt like she was on display.

The top was worse. It was made of the same glossy, stretchy material as her skirt. The neckline of the blue-trimmed, white shirt dropped all the way down to the bottom of her chest. In order to keep her breasts from falling out, a strip of translucent rubber, like a tube top, had been incorporated into it. The effect was to squeeze her breasts and hoist them up, while still showing off as much as possible.

Opal straightened the short sleeves and tugged down the hem, matching the stripes on her skirt to the ones on her shirt. "Why are these so...sexual?" she asked, gesturing toward her chest.

Yori drew out a small nametag from the locker and rubbed it on top of Opal's left breast. When she peeled back the plastic, 'CDT Opal' was printed onto her shirt.

"So citizens will associate us with beauty and sexuality. It's our own little mind control," Yori said.

Opal flushed as she imagined stopping some improper citizen on the streets, dragging him into an alley, and fucking him until he swore to uphold the principles of the Party. That was what Force and Power were all about. Two hot tremors ran through her and she purred loudly.

Yori set a pair of black boots on the ground in front of Opal. "Now, back to what I was saying. Anything your superiors tell you is the truth, understood?"

"Yes, ma'am," Opal said. She stepped into the boots, which lifted her up about an inch. They encouraged her to stand with a broader, more confident stance. Her mind was a mess of hot, sticky thoughts about Yori and the Defense Force and the Party.

Yori held up two fingers. "I'm holding up three fingers. How many do you see?"

Opal's brow wrinkled as she stared at her hand. No willpower she could muster, no different way of looking at it, let her see anything other than three fingers. What if she said something completely unrelated? She could...she just...

"Three fingers, ma'am." Following orders felt so good. Too good. She stepped forward and grabbed Yori by the hips and pressed her mouth to the fox's lips. Her swollen mound dampened her new panties. She stopped thinking and instead listened to the conditioning in her head that told her she loved being a Defense Force officer. Her love for Yori, though, was all her own.


The patrol car banked around a high-rise and settled down below the awning of an abandoned gas station, a relic of a different time. 'Unleaded: $54.99' was the only part of the sign still standing.

Opal climbed out of the police car. Her impeccable boots seemed out of place against the dirt and gravel. Yori climbed out of the car on the other side and straightened her shirt. Opal's eyes, now the same glistening blue augs as her partner's, roamed from the rusted awning to the boarded-up store to the chain-link fence beyond.

"Any sign of the drug dealer?" Yori asked.

Opal turned to look at her partner. "I think this is a black zone." She gestured around; no cameras. "Shouldn't have backup?"

Yori frowned and gripped her stun baton. "Let me see that police report," she said, snatching the tablet out of the patrol car. As she pulled back, a pair of hands clamped around her muzzle and a set of thighs wrapped around her waist. She staggered back, growling in distress.

Opal looked up to see someone dressed in black assaulting her partner. Sudden intense rage burst inside of her and she went for her stun gun, only to find a hand clamped down around her wrist. She whirled around and snarled. Her attacker was a canine, covered by a black hooded sweatshirt. Opal turned to the side, fists ready, boots scuffing back and forth on the gravel.

"Sorry, babe," her attacker growled. They whipped around and a thick boot crashed into the side of her face. Stars in white-and-blue Party colors popped in Opal's eyes. She spun and fell to the floor. Cai's hood had fallen off. Her long hair hung over one of her eyes. "How's it going?" she called out to Thera.

Her answer came in the form of the vixen cop vaulting over the hood of the car, stun baton raised. Cai hit the ground with Yori on top of her. Her hand shot out to grab Yori's wrist. For a few anxious moments, the club wavered in the air behind her back, then swung down and lodged its electrodes in Yori's neck. With a sharp howl, she crumpled into a twitching mess of fox cop.

Thera, a bit of blood dripping from her nose, rounded the car just in time to see Cai get to her feet. The jackal panted, the stun baton gripped tightly in her hand.

"Good, you got 'em. Sorry," Thera said.

Cai wiped her sleeve across Thera's upper lip. "Don't be. Now get the rope." Thera sniffed and nodded.

They were going to break the brainwashing and get their partners back. If the Defense Force wanted to stop them, they'd have to break them all down into obedient drones.

The Defense Force was more than happy to do so.