Feeling Bonnie

An Irish toon bunny TF, inspired by an old Blackshirtboy sketch. Mature.

Sean had a cup of beer in his hands when he really shouldn't have. The party had occupied all level surfaces in the house, though, and he couldn't just pass it off to someone else, so he was stuck holding it. He was nudging his way through the crowd, trying to find the sink, when he spotted Julie standing in the doorway to the kitchen and talking with one of her friends.

Sean jerked sideways and squeezed out of view, so Julie wouldn't spot him by chance. Obviously he wanted to talk to her, but what could he say? Did he look sweaty? Why was this place so warm all of a sudden? His heart thumped as he looked down into the cup in his hand.

All he needed was to loosen up. It wouldn't take much, and he wouldn't have to lose control. Just enough to get over his own self-consciousness.

By the time he lifted the cup from his lips, it was empty. Sean gulped, then began to forge a path out to the porch, where he could get some air.

The cool night breeze sent a shiver down his back, but it was worth the relief. He leaned against the railing, taking slow breaths and patting his cheeks with the back of his hands. Definitely warm. He tried to think about how to introduce himself to Julie. Hey, are you in Chem 22? Or would 'hi' be better? Maybe that sounded too enthusiastic. What about 'yo'? He probably wasn't cool enough to pull that off, though...

Sean swiped a hand through his hair, then paused and held a handful of it in front of his eyes. His normal rusty-orange locks looked redder and more vibrant. He let out a small sigh and threw his empty cup into a nearby garbage bag. At least it wasn't much. In the dim light, it was hard to even notice.

Little sparks of energy ran up and down his body: traveling through his legs, along his back, and out to the tips of his fingertips, then turning around and coursing right back down. He gripped the railing, rose onto the balls of his feet, and stretched his back until he felt a few joints pop. He was just anxious, that was all. Perfectly normal, especially with Julie here. He'd have to talk to her soon.

Sean dove back into the party. As he crossed between the dining room and living room, one of his friends called to him, "Sean! Glad you could make it." His friend Matt pushed off from the drink table and headed in his direction, a red cup held in each hand.

"Hey, thanks," Sean said.

Matt held out one hand, offering the cup to Sean. "Here, I can just grab another," he said, then a moment later went, "Oh, right, you don't drink—"

But Sean had already grabbed the cup and drunk down a deep sip. "Nah, I'm kicking back today," he said, then held up the cup like he was making a toast. "Thanks!"

Two cups of beer. Was that too much? How much was a cup? Sean lifted it to his lips and took another long sip. The little bolts of energy raced faster and faster around his body. His voice cracked when coughed to clear his throat. His feet already felt a bit springy beneath him, and that was not just the buzz from the alcohol. Ought to stop now, he thought. Quit while he was ahead. He tipped the cup up and poured the last of it down his throat, then stifled a small burp.

The empty cup in his hand was tempting, so he went searching for a trashcan. While he did, his nose began to twitch and wiggle. Each little nudge made it bulge out more, brighter and pinker and more triangular. He gave his nose a firm push with his palm. It sunk back down to its normal size, but instead made his ears shoot up and out from the side of his head like a pair of costume elf ears. Not a minute later his nose was pink and bulging again; this time, when he shoved it back against his face, it was his cheeks that puffed out instead.

Sean tossed his cup into a trash bag hung off of a doorknob, then leaned against the wall and took a moment to collect himself. Airheaded and tingly: that was the sign that he should definitely stop drinking. He itched at the tiny whiskers poking from either side of his cute button nose. He felt swollen and puffy along his right side; if he made a fist, he could feel his fat fingers trying to squeeze together.

The lingering bitterness of beer in his mouth didn't help. He needed to wash away the taste.

Getting over to the drink table was more challenging than before. His legs didn't quite match up right. His right leg was an inch or two longer than it should have been, and his foot was pressed tight against the front of his shoe. Leaning against the table, he shook out his right hand, then reached in among the pre-poured cups and plucked out a cup of apple juice.

He'd already lifted it to his lips by the time he noticed it wasn't apple juice. By then, it was too late to stop without getting himself soaked. He had no choice but to gulp down a third beer.

Sean hiccupped. It was like a tiny little bounce squeezing its way out of his body. His shoulders hitched, his head bobbed, and his right ear sprung out another several inches from his head. Another hiccup popped the toe of his right shoe open, making room for his foot to flump out into a big, rounded paw. His shoe snapped back into a open-toed high heel suited for a long, furry foot. His eyelids fluttered as he rolled his eyes. "Ah—hic!—blarney," he groaned; the hiccup drove his voice up several pitches.

His clothes were starting to go. Too late to stop it now. The right leg of his pants rolled up, fanning out into half of a pleated skirt, while his sock stretched thinner and higher along his leg. He tried to take a step, but the difference between his tall, thick right leg and his normal-sized left leg made him teeter. As the neckline of his tee shirt dropped, the collar blossomed into little white ruffles, and the hem of his sleeve followed suit, turning poofy and frilly.

That puffed-up feeling down his side was only getting worse. He felt it down in his paw, running all the way up along his thick thighs and fattening hips, through his softening stomach and swelling chest, and out to his puffy fingers and plush cheeks. His shirt rode up along his belly, exposing his midriff. His right breast swelled out fast enough to pull his shirt taut; bulging against the ruffled neckline, it spurred his top to change even faster. He could see the fluffy orange-cream fur sprouting first along his right cheek, then starting to crop on on the left.

Sean tipped his head, and his hair spilled out. It flowed down the right side of his face, tumbling into thick curls that sat on top of his shoulders and rolled along his collarbone. His hair color had only grown more vibrant, more like red ink than red hair. The fur that now spread thick across the right side of his body, from cheeks and hand to belly and foot, was a lightly-toasted tan.

Giddy energy filled the empty space in Sean's head, leaving him with a grin on his lips and a glazed-over look in his eyes. He let out a snicker, interrupted by a hiccup, then reached down to grab two more cups of beer from the drink table. No use holdin' back now, lad! chirped a voice in his head.

As he bent down, all that tingly bounciness gathered at the base of his spine. With a sound like a party popper going off, his short cotton-puff of a tail sprouted just above the waistband of his half-skirt half-pants. It wiggled back and forth while he plucked a pair of cups off the table and lifted one to his lips.

Taking a big gulp, Sean began to wobble away when he nearly bumped into Matt. He bit back a few giggles and another hiccup, which pushed both his ears out a few inches longer, and made his front teeth bulge into his smile. "Heh—hic!—hey, Matt!" he said.

Matt blinked a few times, hanging onto Sean's shoulder and staring at his half-transformed face. "Uh...hey, man. You okay?"

Sean nodded vigorously as he took another sip, making his one ear that had gone full bunny bob up and down. "I certainly am!" he chirped, in an Irish accent that grew and faded as he swayed on his feet.

"How are you...uh, a bunny?" Matt asked, for lack of a better way to phrase it.

"Well, y'see, I'm Irish on me da's side," he said, then hiccupped. His snout sproinged out from his face, with his bulging pink nose and thin whiskers at the tip. "...and toon on me mum's!" With another hiccup, his chest squeezed tighter against his frilly top, his belly bulged rounder and pudgier, and his eye sprouted thick, bold eyelashes with an audible plink-plink-plink.

Matt tried to slip an arm around Sean and tug him toward a couch. "Maybe you ought to take a break."

"Don't be daft!" Sean tittered and gave Matt a push that sloshed the beer in his cups. "Besides, I'm thinkin' maybe Julie likes bunnies," he said, slightly muffled by the cup he'd lifted to his lips..

Matt was about to tell him he was being ridiculous in more ways than one, but then his face sprung forward into a snout with a broad, black nose. A bark of surprise slipped from his mouth. As he clapped his hands over his snout, one of them was already puffing out into a paw.

After finishing his big sip of beer, Sean turned and began to squeeze his way through the crowd, grinning and hiccupping and bumping up against people on accident. A fluffy fox tail split open someone's pants; another person let out a startled moo and clutched at their swinging udder. Oblivious to the growing surprise around him, he forged ahead into the living room.

One hiccup shot his left foot out into a long paw, balancing his legs. With another, his left ear caught up to the right. His half-transformed pants had clung to his left leg, but now they unfurled, giving his skirt more slack to dance around his thighs. His stockings squeezed tight around his legs, fighting to hold back his thick thighs and rabbitty fluff.

With another hiccup and a soft flump, his left breast balanced out with his right. Pausing for a moment, he looked down into his own cleavage, held together by the frilly top that might have been 'old-fashioned' if it didn't show off his belly. Swaying from one big foot to the other, he nudged his breasts with the backs of his hands, trying to get them to sit evenly. Just then, another hic! made his chest bounce and bulge outward, filling his top so fully that it pulled taut.

"Shamrock!" he swore, then giggled and pointed a finger at his chest. "Right, calm down y'two."

Sean jiggled and bounced with every step. His feet itched to start hopping around. The only thing that stopped him was how packed the party was. Even so, he started moving with a little hop-step, trying to satisfy his body's natural urge to jump. He felt like his whole body was made of bounce molecules.

Tipping one cup up to his mouth, then the other, Sean gulped down the last of his beer. He winced as the rest of his face puffed out, covering his left cheek in fluff, thickening his lashes, and painting his eyes with emerald eye shadow. His eyes swirled, filled with bands of different colors before they settled on a crisp, solid green.

Sean, like most people, had an unrestrained, wild, and irrational side of his mind that he'd learned to filter out over the years. Most people called it their id. Sean called his Bonnie, because that's what she called herself when she got free. When that happened, it wasn't so much like being taken over as it was losing control. Bonnie wasn't another person; she was Sean minus the restraint.

Bonnie snickered and clicked her cups together, then pitched them in the direction of a garbage can. With a big, incisor-y grin, she dusted her hands off and planted them on her hips. "Now, where's this lass you're so sweet for?" she mused, before bounding off into the crowd.

The party was getting out of control in more ways than one, and Bonnie wasn't helping. She stumbled into someone's back, giggled, "'Scuse me, colleen!" and pushed on, leaving them fighting with a chest poofing out into thick, fluffy white fur. Trying to squeeze past someone, their backside suddenly unfurled into a long, coiled snake's tail. Bonnie tripped, and as she stumbled forward, she reached out and grabbed someone's head to steady herself. With a sharp sproing! they were suddenly sporting a pair of curled horns, which made excellent handles. Leaving them to grow a thick coat of wool, Bonnie wobbled off toward the kitchen hallway, snickering as she muttered something about snakes and Saint Patrick.

At last, she spotted Julie, hanging out by the back door, away from the increasing chaos of the party. Bonnie took a moment to fluff out her bright red curls and straighten one of her ears, which flopped back down as soon as she let go, then staggered up to Julie in much the same way that her mind was staggering between pick-up lines.

Julie stifled a small laugh and looked up at the bunny girl, who was just a bit taller than she was thanks to her long legs. "Hi...do I know you?" she asked.

"Evenin', lass!" Bonnie chirped, leaning one hand on the wall for support. "Me name's Bonnie, but from here, looks like you're the bonnie one." She winked with an audible ding!

Julie laughed and lifted her hand to her lips. Her cheeks were a bit flushed. She'd been drinking, though definitely not as hard as Bonnie had. "Well, I—" she began to say.

Bonnie cut her off with a heavy kiss: her face squished against Julie's, body leaning against her, one arm holding her around the waist more for balance than anything. Julie's eyes widened and she made a soft sound through her nose, but she didn't push away. Instead, her hands rested on Bonnie's shoulders and she curled up onto her tiptoes to lean back into the kiss.

A few moments later, hew new paws popped clean through the toes of her sneakers. Her ears shot up along either side of her head, thumping against the wall, then drooping to the sides. Her nose twitched and wiggled and squeezed into a fat pink triangle while her eyelids fluttered.


From what Sean had picked up after waking up on Sunday afternoon, he knew Bonnie had gotten out at the party on Saturday, and he knew that something had happened with Julie, though he had no idea what. It haunted him until Monday morning, when he saw her on the way in to their Chemistry lecture and summoned up the courage to go say hello in person.

"Hey, I'm Sean," he said, then swallowed. "We met at the party on Saturday?"

Julie frowned for a moment, then shook her head. "Sorry, that party got like, really wild, I'm not sure—wait a second. Bonnie?" she asked. A small grin crept onto her face.

Sean started to sweat. "Uh, yeah, that was me. Sorry if she did, um, anything..."

Suddenly Julie leaned up next to his head. She kissed him on the cheek, then stepped back and said, "That's for her. She should give me a call if she wants to have some more fun," she said, then winked and left to find her seat.

Sean's nose twitched, then wiggled, then suddenly popped out thick and pink. Oh no...

24 September, 2018