Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons - "New Horizons": Zero Dawn

Blackjack stumbles into a sexed-up horse casino and gets a deluxe spa treatment. Mature.

This has to be a mirage, I thought. You didn't just run into spotless, beaming alicorns in the middle of the Equestrian Wasteland. Especially not hot ones with sandy fur and long, black manes and curves like she'd never seen before stuffed into skin-tight bikinis and...

I shook my head. Don't get distracted. Don't look at her chest. (Seriously, how did she have a chest like that? It was so round and soft.) Okay, don't look at her chest, starting now.

"Who are you?" I asked.

With a flick of her bangs and a flutter of her eyes, she said, "I'm Oasis Shimmer, and I'm here to welcome you to The Horse Luxor." As she swept her hoof out in front of her, out of the rippling air behind her appeared a pyramid faced with polished white glass, gleaming and pristine, and surrounded by a spattering of shady palm trees strung up with pink and purple neon lights.

Which is to say that it was some extremely mirage nonsense. All I could think to say was "What?"

"It's a casino, dummy," Oasis said with a roll of her eyes. "And since we haven't been getting many customers, you've been selected to get the deluxe package, on the house."

Damn it, now I was staring at her lips. Thick and plump, painted with glossy purple lipstick, squeezed into a coy pout... Hey, give me some credit, at least it wasn't her chest this time. I tried to come up with some excuse not to go along with this, just on the off chance that it might be real, but everyone else was busy, and Oasis was perplexingly hot.

"Oh, uh...well, why not?" I said.

I still had Oasis on my mind as I walked through the sliding front doors of the pyramid, only to find her standing behind the desk in the lobby, levitating a clipboard and pen in front of her eyes. "Black...jack," she said, as the pen scribbled across the paper. "We're happy to have you here at The Horse Luxor. I'm Oasis Shimmer, the concierge. If you need anything, give me a ring! Oh, and your spa treatment's just down the hall and to the left."

Maybe I should have been more concerned that she knew my name, but I was spending more time being confused at how Oasis had managed to get past me. Maybe she'd teleported inside when I wasn't looking. But a spa treatment? That actually sounded pretty nice. I could squeeze in a little bit of pampering before I started poking around to figure out what this place's deal was.

You get three guesses as to who it was waiting for me at the spa, and any guess that isn't 'Oasis Shimmer' doesn't count. She introduced herself to me again, which got me thinking—maybe she wasn't poofing herself around, maybe these were clones? I'd have to investigate further when I got the chance.

"We'll start you off with a soothing herbal bath, then move into the massage," Oasis said. Her black tail swished across her ass, which wobbled faintly with each clop of her hooves. Trailing behind her, I found myself in a white room with a sunken pool in the middle, filled with the scent of sweet flowers and spices. It was enough to make me sniffle and rub my nose with my hoof—I wasn't used to such an overwhelmingly pleasant bouquet. You don't find a lot of that in the Wastelands.

I was suspicious, but not suspicious enough to stop me from dipping a hoof in.

"Here, let me help you with that!" Oasis offered. Her horn sparkled, and with a poof, all my armor and gear was gone. For a moment I nearly panicked, but then I saw them folded neatly in a pile by the door, and eased up a little bit. Then I stepped down into the pool, and eased up a lot.

Steam drifted up and tickled my nose. I sat down, letting the water splash across my back, sinking down until my chin was just above the surface. It was just hot enough to tingle, and the blend of fragrances left me a little light-headed. Oasis's horn let out a few sparkles that set the water gently churning, lapping up against my neck and rocking my body, while she trotted around behind the pool.

"You've been through quite a bit, haven't you?" she asked.

A bit of that suspicion prickled the back of my mane, but I didn't want to have to stop the bath and get out. I just nodded along. If she was going to press for details, I wouldn't give them to her.

"You've spent so long having to be tough, you'd just like a chance to relax." Oasis tipped a small bag of powder into the water, and the scent of lavender blossomed around me.

I murmured, "Yeah..."

"So much time being a gun when you'd rather just be fun." She let out a light laugh as she sat down, folding her legs in front of her, and leaning closer, so she only had to talk in a soft whisper. "Wouldn't it be nice to just let go?"

My cheeks were dipping down into the water, and my ears were splayed loose to either side of my head. I lifted a hoof, meaning to say something, but then lost track of my thought and stumbled over my own words. "I, um...maybe, that would be...but I don't..."

The tip of Oasis's horn let out a pink shimmer that reflected off the rippling water. I batted my eyes a couple times as my shoulders went slack and a warm, soothing feeling seeped into my mind like hot oil. Just what exactly I'd been doing before I stumbled onto Oasis and her casino-resort, I couldn't say any more. It was there, just...hard to get to. Too hard to bother.

"You've got quite a lot on your mind," she teased.

I squinted and wrinkled my snout. "What's...what're you doing?"

"Don't worry about it."

I...ahh. I didn't need to worry about it. Like how I didn't need to worry about telling my friends where I was, or trying to call them for help...because why would I need help? I was just taking a bit of a vacation with the help of a very pretty pony and her soothing pink sparkle magic.

While I soaked in the herbal bath, Oasis sat there beside me. Music filled the room from speakers tucked somewhere in ceiling, like the sound of dripping water and glowing light. I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer; they slipped shut, and I let that soothing magic wash over me. I could barely even think of anything more distant than the faint eddies of steam brushing through my fur.

I heard Oasis speaking to me. "All right, that's half an hour. I'd say you're ready to come out."

Half...an hour? I could have sworn it had been only...less than that. Still, I climbed out of the pool, swaying on my legs, feeling my own weight bearing down on me as soon as I left the water. Ugh, I just wanted to stretch out and lie down.

I forgot about all that, though, when I saw Oasis again. Her swaying black mane, her perfect eyeliner, those super-soft lips always squeezed into a pout, the little jiggle of her heavy chest between her forelegs...I was staring, and my mind was too soaked in soft warmth and sweet fragrance to realize. She didn't mind, thankfully—with a coy grin and a strut in her trot, she led me on into the massage room.

I practically spilled over onto the thick, cushioned bed. It was too much, too nice, too relaxing. I nestled my head against the pad shaped just right to stick your snout through, and felt like I was going to doze off again at any minute.

Then Oasis pressed her hooves into my neck, and my eyes fluttered open again. By carefully rolling them down my back, she kneaded the tension out of each joint, one at a time. How long had it been since I had really stood up straight? Once she had worked all the way down to my tail, I was practically sprawled out on the bed, back arched and legs splayed out beside me. I felt so unwound I didn't think I'd be able to get up even if I wanted to.

"All right, let's get you onto your back," Oasis said.

I obligingly shifted around until I was lying on my back, with my legs tucked in close to me.

"You may feel a bit of tenderness..."

Oasis pressed her hooves against my chest. I let out a sudden gasp, then breathed back in as she lifted her hooves again. Each time she pushed down, it felt like she was nearly squeezing the air out of my lungs, and each time she pulled back, my chest bounced back a little further. Before long, it was more like she was kneading, sinking her hooves into the soft swell of my chest, squeezing and stroking. I kept my teeth clenched tight until I couldn't hold it in any longer, then let my head roll back and a hazy moan drift out of my throat. It was just so relaxing.

I was panting by the time Oasis stopped. "Now if you'll flip over, we can finish up and get you on to the stylist," she said.

Hazy and numb as I was, I still managed to turn myself over and lie down on my stomach—though the feeling of my chest, squeezing against the bed beneath me, bulging out between my legs, was hard to ignore. So big, and yet, when Oasis made her horn sparkle pink at me, it seemed like...that was the way it was supposed to be? I shouldn't worry about it. Of course I had a big chest.

Oasis took her tender touch to my flanks, using the same slow, kneading rhythm that started off soothing and gradually became almost entrancing. My head swayed as my whole body rocked back and forth in time to her massage. And, just like my chest, the longer her hooves spent molding my ass, the rounder and softer and perkier it became, until she could lift up both sides and let them bounce back down and jiggle against one another.

As I got up from the bed, my eyes were stuck to her glowing horn. Back curled and chest thrust out, my posture was much flirtier than I was...I was used to... My eyes fluttered. I was used to...to showing off as much as I could. With a body like mine, how could I not?

"Just head on through to the next room, and we'll get you all finished up," Oasis said, flashing a bright smile.

I was super glad to see that it was her again waiting for me on the other side of the door, standing beside a cushioned stool in front of a large mirror. "Hey, Oasis," I cooed, putting a bit of a strut in my step as I hopped up onto the stool and sat down.

The alicorn giggled and fluttered her feathers. "Let's get down to work—I'll start with your mane, and then we can do your makeup," she said, levitating over a bottle of hair dye.

I felt almost like I was dozing off again, like her voice was a soft fluffy pillow for me to settle down on, but instead of my eyes sliding shut, they gazed into my reflection, watching the pony in the mirror almost as if it was someone else. The red streaks in my mane she dyed blonde, while leaving the black streaks alone.

Oasis magicked over a whole tray of cosmetics and picked through it carefully before selecting dark eyeliner and golden eye shadow and a rich red lipstick. She rolled the lipstick across my lips in layer after layer, and each one made them puff out a little thicker, a little rounder. Ooh, bigger? I pouted my lips, pushing them against the tube of lipstick, trying to coax them to grow even more. When Oasis stepped back, I eyed my own new pout in the mirror, plump and glossy...and with a little sparkle of pink from her horn, I was sure I'd always had lips this gorgeous.

After rinsing out my mane and tail, Oasis gave them a quick trim. A bottle of hairspray levitated over and began to spritz me while she teased out my hair with her hooves, leaving it thick and fluffy by the time she was done. Even though she'd cut it back, it seemed almost twice as long, spilling down over one side of my face...the way it always had, the pink sparkles told me. I batted my eyes and smiled.

"Now, let's get you into something nice..." Oasis said, helping me up from the stool. With a nod of her horn, a nearby wardrobe swung open and a couple of pieces of clothing drifted over toward me. A snug black skirt tugged its way up over my flanks, while a low-cut tank top threaded its way up my forelegs and around my chest. Leopard-print leggings slithered their way up my legs, hugging from just above my hooves up to my hips and shoulders.

A full-length mirror scooted itself with a sparkle of magic over in front of me. I pouted at my reflection, batted my eyes, flicked my mane, and tugged my top down a little lower with one hoof. "Oh, fuck," I sighed, turning sideways to see myself in profile. "I look gorgeous."

Oasis giggled and puffed out her chest. "Of course you do, Blackjack."

I looked over at her, and it was like seeing her for the first time all over again. But while then I'd been so shy I could barely even take in her body without blushing, now I had no problem eating up every inch of her big chest and fat ass. "Hey, Oasis," I said, brushing by her side and bumping her hips as I trotted around her. "Wanna see why my friends call me BJ?"

"Do I!" Oasis giggled.

Within seconds, I had Oasis on her back beneath me, straddling her, squashing our chests together, and pinning her down against the floor with a powerful kiss. Sparks leapt from between our horns every time they bumped together. She hooked her legs around me and pulled me in tight, and we devolved into raw horny pony-fucking right there on the salon floor.

It was the start of an excellent vacation.