Dog Days

In this story, someone turns into a cartoon rubber doberman, then turns someone else into a cartoon rubber poodle via sex. So, y'know, be warned. Explicit.

It started with a hiss.

He'd been hunched over the desk for---geez, was that the time?---hours, and his back had begun protesting. He set down the pen and rose from his seat, straightened up and arched his spine. There went his joints: pop, pop, pop! A crack so sharp he heard it echo down the hall, followed by a low, steady hissing noise.

Did someone turn on a faucet? He cocked his head, glancing up at the ceiling, then over his shoulder. The sound wasn't coming from the walls. And it wasn't quite as light as running water; it sounded tighter and thicker. He turned in place and waited a moment, but the sound didn't change. The heavy hiss seemed like it was coming from...beneath him.

He looked down. His eyes fell on his crotch, bulging against the front of his jeans. Its shape was smooth and swollen, and slowly straining against the denim while he watched. He staggered backward; his bulging crotch bobbled from side to side against his thighs. The wall caught him and he stood there, staring down at his expanding crotch.

Damn it, not again!

With a ginger touch, he reached out and set his hand on top of the bulge. A stiffening feeling swirled into his chest. His shoulders tightened. He squeezed and his fingers sunk down into the fabric; it gave way, pliable like a balloon filled with thick syrup. When he let go, it swelled back out, looking maybe bigger than before.

A dry gulp rolled down his throat. He leaned his head against the wall, closed his mouth, and tried to breathe slowly. Maybe if he calmed down, it'd stop.

In and out. In...and out. Innnn...and out.

Without realizing it, each inhale became longer and deeper, while each exhale was still the same short breath. His chest puffed out further each time, beginning to bow outward. Inch by inch it drew his tee shirt tighter across his front.

Just relax. He was pent up after a day of work, and he just needed to relax. Release some pressure. He could almost feel it building up inside his brain all heavy and sloshing. His eyelids fluttered and his fingers slipped around the waistband of his pants.

He shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. A viscous weight hung against the front of his face. His forehead throbbed. Maybe he could still fix this. Blinking and squinting, he gripped his chest with one hand and his crotch with another. He tensed and gasped; the breath pulled his tee shirt tighter still. Three, two, one, push! He squeezed his swollen body back against itself.

Ffff-thwop! The pressure against his face surged outward. A long muzzle snapped out into the air and his head bonked back against the wall. At the end of his snout sat a broad canine nose; along the top was smooth, glossy black skin, while around his mouth it was brown, but no less glossy. His tongue lolled out and his eyes tipped back into his head. His arms fell to his sides. Both his chest and crotch surged out to their prior dimensions and then kept on growing.

As much as he tried to keep his breathing even, his heavy panting was only pumping up his body more. His neck swelled outward, broader at the base, and slightly longer. His shoulders bulged, almost as if with muscle, though the mass was more elastic and not as firm. The collar of his shirt prickled as its threads began to snap. In seconds, it had ripped open completely, making a tear that broadened down his front. The skin stretching out from his chest was coppery-brown, with a perfect glossy sheen.

Each tear in his clothes was its own little relief, a release from the mounting pressure welling up inside of him, a guilty delight. He had someone coming over, he couldn't just—ahhhh... His shoulders split his sleeves down the seams, and as he relaxed, a short, rounded nub of a tail puffed out from the base of his spine and set to wagging.

Stumbling forward with his pants pulled tight around his thickening thighs, he caught himself on the edge of his desk with one hand. The swollen, hissing pressure squeezed its way into his fingers, each of them expanding thicker and rounder but for his thumb and pinky, which began to dwindle. The pads of his palms grew, reducing his hands to paws. From the tips of his paw-pads to his elbows, his new skin was copper, and from there on up, smooth black.

His shirt split open entirely. It fell to the floor and allowed his broad, rounded chest to puff out proudly in front of him. His pants were starting to split; the button in front had popped open and the seams were straining along his thighs.

With his free paw, he groped at his muzzle. The tip of his snout was swelling, tipping the weight of his head forward, though his broad neck was more than enough to support it. The pliability of his fangs was strange against his tongue. As tall, pointed ears perked up on either side of his head, his hair began to retreat, sinking into his black latex hide. The corners of his lips curled, baring his glossy fangs in a cocky grin.

A Doberman. He leaned harder against the desk. His posture slipped as his feet puffed out into paws of their own. The thick, rubbery pressure filled him all the way up into his mind, swelling into his thoughts, smoothing them out. It felt good to be a Doberman, all big and strong and confident. His jeans tore through at last; a thick, smooth cock sprung free and slapped against his stomach. The slick surface of his mind made it feel so easy to let his worries sink away.

The paw on the desk slipped. He hit the ground on all fours. A jiggling ripple rolled through his rubber body, sliding smooth down his spine. All the tension in his body was gone, replaced with a sleek, limber feeling. Flopping his ears with a shake of his head, he planted his front paws firmly on the floor and let out a resounding growl. The swaggering smirk was stuck firmly to his cheeks; his snout naturally rested that way.

There was one last hissing pop between his ears, as his name swelled out into something more suited for this body: Rex, cause he was the king of this place. Snorting and huffing through his snout and between his teeth, Rex sat, proud and puffed out for a few moments, then set out into his apartment to take care of his most pressing need: the insistent stiffness of his cock.

Problem was there wasn't anyone to fuck. He couldn't paw at it, and couldn't get his head around his thick chest to get his tongue at it. The best he could do was jump up onto the couch, put his hips up against one of the cushions, and start grinding away. It was something to hump, which was better than nothing, but each thrust just left him feeling more and more pent up.

A few minutes and a couple changes of positions later, there was a knock at the door. Rex's ears jolted upright and his head stiffened, though the rest of him continued tearing at his couch. His friend! He sprang from the sofa to the carpet, raised his tail, and began to bark viciously. No one was going to trespass on his territory. ...or maybe he was trying to warn his friend off, so he wouldn't get wrapped up in this too. He felt about half and half between his regular self and Rex.

Either way, it didn't work. The doorknob turned, the door swung open, and he heard a voice call out, "Hey, I'm here!" Rex puffed out his thick chest and brought himself up to his full Doberman height, baring his teeth and staring straight into the eyes of this intruder as he stepped into the living room.

Facing down a large, snarling, over-proportioned rubber Doberman, Ben froze. "Uh...good boy," he said, taking a half-step back and glancing over his shoulder at the door.

Rex stepped forward. A suggestive growl rolled from deep in his chest, and the snarl on his lips began to curl into a grin. One look at the jutting erection between his hind legs made it clear what was on the Doberman's mind.

Ben made a break for the door, but before he'd taken two steps, Rex tackled him square in the back, knocking him to the floor. For a moment, Ben scrambled, trying to get his knees underneath him to haul himself back up to the door, but Rex's paws came down on his shoulders. The sheer weight slammed him to the ground and pinned him there.

One second he was on his feet, and the next, he was face-down on the ground, with Rex hunching over him and shoving his cock against the back of Ben's shirt. He dragged it back and forth against the small of Ben's back, while some slick, viscous fluid drooled from the tip, seeped straight through his shirt and, into his skin.

He tried to squirm free. No luck. Rex just let out a domineering growl and gave him another shove to keep him pinned. Twisting his head, he yelled out, "H-hey! Are you there? This dog's..."

A sharp hissing sound sprung up all around him. The sudden surge of tight, heavy sensation knocked the wind from his chest. Sweat broke across his skin and he began to take deep breaths. With each breath in, his chest squeezed outward, pressed tight against the ground by the weight of the Doberman on top of him.

Something in the air smelled extremely good. Ben took deeper, longer breaths, trying to savor that scent. As the swelling of his chest began to lift his shoulders off the ground, Rex bent down and tugged at the back of his shirt with his teeth. A groan left Ben's lips and he arched his chest forward. Rex twisted and pulled, then tore his shirt clean off and tossed it aside.

Ben's body was lighting up already; aching between his legs, blood pounding in his ears. His struggles faded as the instinctive urge to let Rex do as he wanted welled up inside him.

His back bared, the pink latex skin running from the base of his spine to his shoulders was visible. Free of his shirt, his breasts swelled out beneath him with each breath, their surface growing more rubbery the larger and rounder they became. His waist narrowed, accentuated by his bulging ass and hips which squeezed thicker against his jeans with every gasp and provided a pleasant cushion for Rex's frantic thrusting.

The hissing in his ears grew louder, his head throbbed with mounting pressure, and then—pop!—out from his face sprung his own narrow canine snout. His lips parted naturally into a small 'O'. For a moment his ears perked, then they flopped down against his cheeks under their own weight.

His worries and his panic melted away as his mind swelled out into its new canine shape. The feeling of Rex on top of him was so nice, and so was the rumble of his growl and the insistent pressure of his cock. Without thinking about it, he rose onto his hands and feet, chest close to the floor, arching his ass up against the big Doberman. Rex let out a growl of approval, then stepped back and dug his fangs into Ben's jeans.

While Ben panted and held himself steady, his hair changed. Instead of retreating like Rex's had, his hair ballooned outward, forming into a thick puff of dark pink latex so large it hung down in front of his eyes. More 'tufts' billowed out, forming plump donuts around his wrists and ankles, hanging from the tips of his ears like fluffy earrings, and coating his chest, which only added to its swollen size. Rex tore the jeans from the new poodle's thighs as the final piece popped into place---a round ball bobbling on the tip of a short, tapered tail.

Ben's lips swelled outward, rounder and poutier and more prominent, until they squeezed up against his pink nose, turned up at the corners in a permanent pouty smile. Perched on all fours, his hands and feet puffed and bulged and reshaped themselves beneath him, becoming thick, clumsy paws. He lifted a paw-pad to his glistening pink lips, rolling it first across the upper and then the lower. At the touch, an eager shudder ran down to the pink bob at the tip of his lifted tail.

Then Rex mounted him. The sudden pressure, the tight squeeze of the Doberman's cock shoved deep into Ben's pussy, provided enough pressure to make his thoughts go pop! With an eager yip, she arched herself up against her new mate, leaning into his thrusts. Her name was squeezed and stretched into Fifi, because there was no better name for a pretty, puffed-up pink poodle like her.

Once he'd ripped her pants off, Rex could hardly wait to get back on top of Fifi. With his grin stuck on his snout and his legs closely straddling Fifi, he curled himself over her. his thick chest pressed down against her shoulders, keeping her front low and her ass high in the air. His eager thrusts made a constant squeak-squeak-squeak as their rubber bodies ground against one another.

Rex fucked like a wild animal, hungry to impress the little poodle and show her just why he was top dog. Or maybe it was because he wanted to finish as quickly as possible, hoping that maybe if he got off, he'd be able to get back to normal. He was still of two minds about it, though both sides of him agreed that he needed to fuck this poodle as hard as he could.

Fifi jiggled and bounced beneath him, sinking down with his weight against her back until she was propped up against her breasts like a pair of swollen, oversized pillows. Her snout and chin were nestled in her sleek rubber cleavage. Rex watched her hungrily from above, gazing down at her permanently-pouted lips, imagining mounting her from the front instead of from behind. Because he was a big, tough Doberman, and he deserved as much of this poodle as he wanted. (Or because if he didn't change back after orgasm, he'd have to try again. And again, and again, and again. Who knew how many it would take to get it out of his system?)

Rex whipped his head back, thrust out his chest, and let out a territorial howl as he came. A thick rush of his latex cum burst into Fifi, pumping into her body in wave after wave while his cock kept throbbing, his hips still jerking against hers.

With each fresh pulse of his cock, Fifi swelled, puffing up tighter each time. Her breasts squeezed against each other, thick and round and taut, jutting from her chest. Her lips puffed outward, dominating the end of her muzzle. The round swell of her upper lip rose, squeezing tight against her nose, while the thick pout of her lower lip fattened until it reached the bottom of her chin.

Rex was fascinated by the effect he had on her body, and it made him eager to go again, to see what might happen to the pouty poodle with another full load of his seed. But for now, he had the self-control to pull out, step back, and lift Fifi back up to her feet.

Feeling proud and accomplished, Rex stood straight on all fours, perked his ears, and tried to consider his next move. The Doberman in him wanted to fuck Fifi again, but he'd only made her changes more severe. He couldn't do that to her again. What about finding someone else to help? No good, he'd probably just end up fucking them too. Why was that a problem? They ought to be honored to get mounted by a prime male like him.

While Rex tried to reason between his human and Doberman sides, Fifi shook herself off, wiggled her tail, then padded up alongside Rex. Her thick rubber poodle hair brushed his belly as she ducked her head underneath his stomach.

Rex realized what she was doing a moment too late. He lifted a paw in the air and gave her a gruff bark. But before he could push her away, Fifi's lips slipped around the head of his shaft. Rex's paw thumped back down to the ground and a low growl rose from his throat. His Doberman side wasn't going to stop her. He stiffened his legs and pushed his hips forward, pressing his cock into her mouth. Her thick pout rolled smoothy all the way down to the base of his shaft with a slow, pneumatic hiss. Then she drew back until her lips nearly slipped free, then plunged back down again, over and over.

Kshhhk, hsss...kshhhk, hsss...kshhhk, hsss...

The first few times, Rex didn't notice anything different. He was too occupied with the tight squeeze of Fifi's lips to pay close attention to his body. He shifted his legs and bristled his tail; he planted a front paw on the back of Fifi's head to push her along; he let out aggressive snarls.

It was only after about five or six pumps that he realized she was blowing him up.

When he shifted his paws, they were heavier and blunter. His shoulders grew not just bulkier but thicker-set, widening his stance. His thighs, clenching tight each time she plunged down his shaft, were tighter and stronger. His neck was broader, nearly bulging, rising from his powerful flanks like a mountain. The tip of his snout thickened, his chin grew stronger, jaw heavier, grin sharper. Most of all, his rounded chest had inflated further, stretching across his ample frame and jutting out further from his chest, proud and imposing, with a small cleft running a short way down from his neck.

Rex grunted and pushed his paw against Fifi's head, urging her on faster. This wasn't good. The more he grew, the harder it might be to change back. But on the other hand, he was growing more Doberman-ly. Why would he want to go back? He snorted derisively and stiffened his tail as Fifi's lips reached the base of his shaft. Did he have a problem with being a tough, hung canine stud?

As hard as his human side tried to push back, he was losing ground. It was just so easy to be a latex Doberman fuck machine. The only thing he had to worry about was finding the next thing to mount. With a body this flexible, he'd never be sore. Not to mention it how good it felt to be so naturally confident.

Rex tried as hard as he could to stop Fifi, but all he managed to do was let out a strained growl and stagger back slightly. Fifi leaned forward, loosening her lips and then pulling them tight again, sucking with a renewed vigor.

Kshhhk, hsss...kshhhk, hsss...kshhhk, hsss...

His snout grew broader and heavier with each slow pump, tipped with a thicker, pointier nose. His fangs kept pace, crowding his jaw with large, jagged canines. His grin only sharpened, baring more of his intimidating teeth. His gaze narrowed underneath a tighter brow. Taut musculature pressed against the surface of his skin, growing more clearly defined along his legs and shoulders, bulging thick and firm from his forelegs.

His chest stretched further out, squeezed between his legs on either side. His chin now rested on top of it, nestled into the deepening cleft between the right and left sides.

Rex's nostrils flared and relaxed as he took deep, snorting breaths. Latex hyper-Doberman instincts thundered through his mind: he was hungry for more females, eager to prove his dominance, ready to establish his territory. And he wanted to grow. Everything got better the more he grew: his instincts sharper, his mind clearer, his attitude bolder. He leaned into each pump of Fifi's lips, savoring the hiss and the pressure surging up through his body.

Kshhhk, hsss...kshhhk, hsss...kshhhk—

Fifi held her ground as Rex orgasmed, lips locked tight around his shaft. Bulge after bulge rolled down her throat while Rex tipped his head back as far as his neck would allow, and let out a howl that rattled the windows.

Rex had grown as broad as he was long, with a wide, stocky frame just to hold all his bulk. His swollen chest dominated his front, squeezed between the thickset tree-trunks that were his front legs. His snout was thick and chiseled, jutting from the cleft in his chest which his heavy chin was practically buried in. A swaggering grin stretched across his snout, filled with fangs larger than a man's hand and gleaming white. From his paws to his ears, he stood nearly six feet tall.

After the last throes of his orgasm had subsided, Fifi slipped out from beneath the giant Doberman. The extra mass from his latest orgasm had bloated out her lips, stuck in a permanent pout so thick they were wider across than her snout itself, pumped up the huge, wobbling breasts jutting out in front of her front legs, and thickened the rounded swell of her ass. Just looking down at her was getting Rex hungry to mount her again.

Fifi trotted past Rex, jiggling in quite a few different ways and wagging her tail behind her. She stopped in front of the front door and pawed at the knob a couple times, then lifted her head, wrapped her lips around the knob, and twisted it open by cocking her head to the side. As the door swung wide, Rex sniffed the air, and smelled the immense variety of things out there that the two of them could fuck.

Rex strode toward the door, reached the threshold, and bounced right off the frame. His chest and shoulders were at least two times too thick to fit through. To squeeze himself through, he had to push and twist and squeeze his pliable rubber body, wedging himself through sideways until finally, with an elastic pop! he sprung free and tumbled into the hallway. With an eager snarl, he set off down the hall, with Fifi bounding along behind him.