Bull and Cow

A couple do a whole toon TF schtick, except their toonselves are the opposite gender. Wild! Explicit.

Anna had a few moments while she pulled her shirt over her head to say, "There's something you should—," but that was as far as she got. Taylor kissed her again, then she wrapped her arms around his bare back and pulled him down onto the bed with her.

Their third date was going well.

They were both still in their socks, fumbling one-handed with their respective jeans, eager and anxious and a little shivery. Taylor rolled onto his side while Anna lifted her ass off the sheets and started kicking off her pants.

Cocking her head toward Taylor, Anna said, "I should tell you before we—mmh." Before she could finish, their lips met again. Anna leaned against Taylor, her hand resting on the middle of his chest, feeling the heat of his body and his quick pulse. With her eyes closed, it was as if there was nothing but the presence of his body, pressed against hers, firm and nervous with energy.

Then she fell on her back again, with Taylor's hands sinking into the bed on either side of her shoulders and his thighs straddling her. Her feet shuffled against the sheets. One of her socks was still on. Taylor lifted his head and gave her a sheepish grin. "Sorry. Just excited," he said.

While the two of them held back for a moment, their bodies weren't interested in waiting. His hips pressed against hers, grinding his boxers against her panties.

With one hand splayed against the bed and her chest heaving lightly, Anna panted, "Same." After a few moments, she had enough breath to add, "Just wanted to tell you, I'm...part cow."

Taylor laughed and leaned back, putting more weight on his knees. "Like a toon?" he asked.

"Yeah. My grandpa was a bull. Is—" She swallowed and arched her hips. "Is that all right?"

One of Taylor's hand slipped behind Anna's head and wove into her warm chestnut hair. "Of course," he said as he sank down close to her again. "So...do you... y'know, with the milk?" his eyebrows arched. He teased the strap of her bra.

Between his body and her own, Anna felt so warm she could have been melting into the bed. "No. I mean, it's not, I'm not a—"

"What if I say 'moo'?"

Anna's eyes widened. Her voice died in her throat. Her whole body quivered and jerked against Taylor's. A wavering groan left her nose. Her fingers gripped the sheets tight. That word struck right to the core of her most primal, cartoonish urges. She tried to keep herself under control, but it had been so long since she'd let herself go. Her cheeks flushed. She was wet.

"Uh-oh. I think someone liked that," Taylor said. He kissed her as his fingers laced their way around the band of her panties. They slipped down her hips. Her eyelids fluttered at the sudden exposure. Tossing her underwear aside, he leaned down close, until their lips were almost touching, waiting for a few, heavy moments before saying, "Moo."

It filled Anna with an aching need to reply. "Mnhh!" she moaned, curling her neck and squirming against Taylor's body. An invigorating feeling flowed through her limbs. Her back popped and her joints loosened. Energy was brimming inside of her, coiling up, ready to spring free.

Taylor slipped off his boxers, then sunk down on top of Anna. Her legs cocked open. With a little maneuvering and a firm push, his cock slipped into her. Pent-up toon bovine instincts jumped to the fore and Anna's hips bucked so suddenly their noses bonked together. Anna was flushed and trying to apologize, but Taylor leaned back and chuckled. "Guess I should have expected a rodeo, huh?" he said, then sniffed and rubbed his nose.

"Sorry," she panted.

Taylor gripped her hips with one hand and began to thrust his cock into her. She felt wonderfully, achingly hot where his body touched hers. A soft grunt left her lips. Her body arched up against Taylor as she sank down into the sheets, eyelids fluttering.

Before she could say any more, they were kissing, parting only for soft, heavy gasps or as Taylor shifted his weight. The bristling energy inside her body lingered, ready to pop at any moment, but maybe everything was going to be normal this time. Maybe she'd keep herself under control and just have a nice, fun experience with her boyfriend.

Then Taylor lifted his lips to her ear and whispered, "Moo."

Anna's body bucked against Taylor again. Her eyes rolled back. Her mouth hung open and her lips quivered. She fought it as hard as she could, but the urge was too strong. Her back arched. She belted out, "Moo!" As she did, her chest went pop! and surged outward. Like a balloon, it swelled up round and broad and thick (though more broad and thick than round) and pulled her bra so tight it was left clinging to the bottom of her chest. Her fat pink nipples jutted from the coat of short, white fur that covered her...


"Woah!" Taylor gasped, then laughed. He reached out a hand to touch Anna's chest. His fingers met the taut, cartoonish muscle and felt it flex underneath them. His eyes widened and his grin dissolved into a look surprise.

Huffing between clenched teeth, Anna gave Taylor an apologetic smile. "I, um...mmh...moo!" She threw her head back and slammed her hips up against Taylor's, driving his cock deep into her. At the same time, a series of sharp snaps went off like a string of firecrackers. Each snap! popped a new pair of tight, bulging abs into being. They rippled from her pecs all the way down to her waist. With the last snap! Anna thrust upward again with a deep groan and bounced Taylor up into the air.

Taylor was nearly thrown to the side. "Anna!" he gasped, clutching at her chest. He couldn't get off, not with her grinding against him like that. Now he was just along for the ride.

Anna would have stopped if she could, but her head was spinning and her body only knew to keep going. She squeezed out a wordless groan and grabbed onto Taylor's thighs to keep him steady.

With a rubbery fwwwp! her shoulders puffed out: broad and burly, and covered in pastel-pink fur. As her sides and neck bulged out thick and pink, the straps of her bra gave up the ghost. They snapped apart, then snapped back together—twang!—thickening from nylon into cherry-pink leather straps held together with silver rings, like a harness belted across her chest.

Poink! One long white horn sprouted from Taylor's left temple, leaving her head lolling from side to side. A second later, with another poink! a matching horn burst from the other side of her head. They were thick at the base, over a foot long each, and curled forward at the tips.

Each thrust of her hips let more of her toon side seep into her thoughts. She'd always tried to reign in that side of her when stuff like this happened, but it was hard. By nature, toons were bright, colorful, and almost embarrassingly stereotypical. She knew the signs. Her confidence surged; she felt bold, almost cocky; but also had an itch to go find some hay she could bale.

Focused on trying to steady her spinning thoughts, Anna almost missed the tight pressure welling up from deep inside of her. It began in the pit of her stomach: a stiff presence pushing upward, rising between her legs. With each pump of her hips, it slid further, until its tip, blunt and firm and gently throbbing, was pressed against the tip of Taylor's cock.

Now, with every buck of Anna's hips, the rising girth inside of her pushed back Taylor's own shaft. It squeezed his cock back—back into his body. Taylor felt his cock retreating into him, forced back by something heavier and more powerful. He gasped aloud and began to squirm, but with the next thrust, blossoming, aching pleasure flooded his lower body. He curled his back and bit his lip and shuddered. Another thrust, and then it was his body that was being spread open, tender and swollen around the thick bull cock driving its broad head deep into him.

Panting and trembling, Taylor reached down between his legs. His fingers met soft folds and a far-too-tender clit, and a shaft so thick and meaty that the only way it fit inside him was courtesy of toon physics. Around his remodeled crotch he also found a dusting of smooth white fur, much like the fur on Anna's front, but more plush and downy.

Taylor gasped, "Anna, I've ghh--aaahh!" A powerful thrust from Anna's hips cut him off.

Flooded with raw, cartoonish hormones, Anna's mind was bubbling over. There was nothing more she wanted right now than to bend a cute cow girl over the barn door or go for roll in the hay up in the loft. Her groans and grunts grew deeper and more resonant. She could feel the tingle in her throat that was the harbinger of her drawl. Instead of trying to hold back, she began to urge her bull side onward.

Anna's cheeks bulged as pressure built in the front of her skull. With one sharp boing! a thick bull's muzzle shot out from her face, springing out so hard her head bobbed back against the bed. Her snout stuck out above her. It was broad and blocky and oddly front-heavy, yet it felt like it was missing something.

Then her new bovine nose tingled. Its nostrils flared as she wrinkled her snout and curled her lips. "Ah, ahh...ahhh-mooo!" she sneezed. The force of her sneeze clunked a six-inch silver ring into existence, running straight through the middle of her nose. As she fell back, it swung down and bapped against her chin.

Despite his groans of pleasure, Taylor was trying to get free, but with every thrust,  the heavy bull cock drove so deep and tight inside him that he had no hope of pulling away. Pinned to the spot, Taylor could do nothing but watch Anna's face pop and stretch into that of a toon bull. A rather handsome toon bull, and that handsomeness only grew more distressingly appealing as she sneezed a big nose ring into being.

Cheeks flushed, Taylor gulped back a bit of drool and rubbed his head. Why were Anna's rugged good looks and broad horns making him quiver and clench his thighs? She was just so big and beefy and hunky and Taylor wanted her to make him mmh—mmm...

"Moo!" Taylor blurted. Thump! His hips puffed outward, soft and rounded and delightfully squeezable. Plush fur coated them, colored cream-white with big splotches of robin's-egg-blue. With a squeak of surprise, he reached back, squeezing his newly-plump ass and discovering a blue-tasseled tail swishing behind his back.

Anna only barely noticed Taylor's predicament, but she felt his new shapely hips pressing down against her thighs, and gave him a firm thrust and a grunt of appreciation. Meanwhile, the toonish muscle weaved its way along her arms, twisting in and out, bulging into one thick swell, then another, as they moved toward her hands. Her fingers clenched for a moment, then with a quick, one-two click-clack! they popped out into two thick pairs of cloven hooves.

The same muscle wrapped around Anna's legs. Her thighs and calves surged with cartoonishly exaggerated beef. Bulky white hooves burst from her toes and tore apart her one remaining sock.

Anna was a burly pink bull from head to hoof. Her thrusts grew more forceful now that she could throw her whole body into it. Her hooves curled and she snorted around her nose ring. Her body buzzed with toonish energy. Her eyes rolled back as she imagined her brain, all pink and wrinkly like a wad of gum, and then sproing!—suddenly it was a brain with big horns and a nose ring.

Her eyes snapped open. With a deep, rumbling "Moo!" Anna sprung up from the bed, whirling Taylor around so fast he didn't know what was happening until his shoulders hit the bed. The hooves of the charmingly handsome pink bull looming over him pinned him to the mattress. Plink! A sprig of hay popped into place between Anna's teeth.

Taylor gasped, the words already on his tongue when something else rose through him, shuddering from his toes to his hips to his chest to his lips and making him moan out a breathy "Moo!"

Taylor's waist yanked inward, as if an invisible corset's strings  had pulled tight. The air squeezed out of his lungs with a startled squeak. White fur washed up from his belly to his collarbone, then his chest began to swell. His breasts sloshed outward in waves, surging forward then wobbling as they settled, then bulging again, each time rounder and heavier and more blatantly full of milk. His nipples swayed and bounced, thicker than his thumbtips and achingly tight.

Taylor gasped and threw an arm across his chest, trying to hold back his dairy-quality breasts, but Anna's heavy thrusting left him bouncing and fighting to keep them under control. The more the splotchy blue-and-white fur covered him up, the more limber and flexible he felt, and the more he enjoyed getting fucked by this beefy hunk of a bull.

Anna leaned down against Taylor, pressing her firm body against his plush, exaggerated curves and tickling his nose with the sprig of hay between her teeth. Now that she was on top, she was going to get payback for his teasing. A grin spread across her lips as she cooed, "You wanna give me a moo, don't you, girl?"

Taylor's eyelids fluttered and he bit his lip, but a stifled "Mmnh!" still slipped out. It was enough to set off a burst of fur rushing down his arms to his hands, where his fingers clicked together into of slender white cloven hooves.

"You oughta see this," Anna snorted. While she kept plowing Taylor's pussy (mmm, plowing), she grabbed him by the thighs and pulled his legs into the air. His feet dangled over him, visible from behind his sloshing breasts. His toes curled as his blue Holstein fur rushed down his legs. He could almost hear the twang! of tendons pulling tight along his calves. With a pair of pops, his toes burst out into dainty hooves, arched just right so that he'd be perched on his tip-hooves no matter how hard he tried to stand flat.

Taylor stared up at his hooves. They were just so...so...cute! He squirmed and stuck out one leg straight, imagining how good his high-hooves would make his legs look. And his ass too, oh gosh. Between Anna's constant pounding and the rising toon hormones flowing through him, his own toon side was coming out: as exaggerated and cliché as Anna's, but in the opposite direction.

Taylor's head fell back against the bed. His long ears flopped to either side, splayed out on the sheets. A lump seemed to be rising in his throat, and when his lips slipped open, what burst out was, "Oh, moo!" in a sweet, sugary, squeaky tone.

A sudden tightness swelled up against his forehead, and then--puff! Taylor's face popped out into a snout, shorter and smaller than Anna's, but still unmistakably a cow's. He let out a dizzy groan. His head rolled from side to side. With a sound like popping bubbles, two curled white horns sprouted from his forehead, only an inch long and rounded off at the points.

Taylor's eyes rolled back as he threw his hips up against Anna's with a new, energetic hunger. He curled his long legs around the bull's waist, crossing his hooves behind her back while letting out sweet, bubbly moans.

His lips bloated out with a thick bloomph! and then continued to swell, accompanied by the hiss of inflating air. Lifting a hoof to his mouth, he touched his lips cautiously, feeling how plump and pillowy they were. Without thinking, he began to suck on his own hoof-tip. They ended up thick and round, resting in a cute, clueless expression and parted just slightly in the middle.

Taylor curled his legs tighter around Anna and let his arms flop back above his head, squealing out loud. His legs tightened around Anna's waist. No longer trying to hold back his breasts, they bounced back and forth, bound only by the laws of cartoon physics—the same laws that let them be so big and so heavy and so round all at the same time.

His half-lidded eyes were fixed on Anna, entranced in admiration of the toootally dreamy bull between his legs. Rolling waves of cartoonish instincts crashed across his mind, drowning out his thoughts and reducing him to a giddy sense of euphoria. Anna had been dealing with toon hormones ever since that one saturday morning when her toon puberty hit, but for Taylor, it was new, and it was hitting him hard.

"Oh my gosh, harder!" Taylor gasped. His voice had taken on a delicate, feminine version of Anna's drawl. His eyes were spinning—with literal spirals. All he could focus on was Anna's silhouette, with her thick horns and her gleaming nose ring. Her snorting and grunting filled his ears, and obviously she was plowing his pussy too, (mmm, plowing) and all of it made him feel like such a cow. He was so close. He just...needed one more...

"Moo!" Taylor squealed. His hands clutched at at his belly. With one heavy shl-shlorsh! his new udder surged into his hooves, fleshy and pink and round. It grew heavier with every rolling thrust from Anna's cock: sloshing back and forth, up against his stomach and down against his thighs. Each slosh, it bloated out tighter and heavier and more sensitive in front of him. The pop-pop-pop- pop! of his teats sprouting made him jerk and shudder and squeeze his hooves around them.

When Anna gripped his tender udder in one hand, he almost burst. He couldn't imagine anything that would feel better than being a cow felt right now.

Panting and grinning, the pink bull asked, "Y'all ready, girl?"

"R-ride 'em cowboy!" the blue cow gasped, starry-eyed.

One last mighty push, and then Anna's cock bulged, swelling with her load before it burst. Anna let out a resounding moo and slammed her hips forward. Wave after wave of her cum flowed forth into Taylor's body.

Toon physics said the extra volume had to go somewhere inside of Taylor, so his udder bulged out with every throb of Anna's cock. Before long, it was squeezed and overstuffed to the point that hot milk began to flow from his teats, rolling across their fur and soaking into the sheets underneath them. His own orgasm was more udder than anything; it was the sweet milk spurting out of him, his hooves desperately pawing at his teats, his hips jerking as waves of milk washed through their fur.

The last pulses of Anna's cock died down. So did the flow of Taylor's milk, though his udder was still swollen and taut. Anna's chiseled chest heaved with her slow panting. She propped herself up on one hand, then pulled back from Taylor's body. He was sprawled back, eyes spinning deliriously.

"Sorry 'bout that," Anna said. Now that she wasn't as desperately horny, she could think a little clearer and control herself a little better. The sprig of hay in her mouth twitched as she looked down at Taylor and grimaced. "Uh...you okay?"

Taylor's head wobbled as he mumbled, "Name's Bessie an' I'm the dairy cow 'round here." Then he blinked and shook himself. His eyes stopped spinning. Slowly, he pushed himself up, sitting on his side and naturally falling into a centerfold pose. "What? Um, yeah, I'm fine. Just feelin' all...fuzzy."

Anna nodded sympathetically. "Bein' a cow will do that to you. Anyway, like I was sayin', my grandpa was a bull, so that's the side of things I got..."

"Oh, really, you're a bull?" Taylor teased. His shoulders swayed as he giggled. Once he was sufficiently amused, he brought a hoof to his plump lips, as if trying to think. "So, um, how long's this last?" he asked.

"About four to six hours, usually," Anna said. She was trying to take things slow, so that Taylor wouldn't feel overwhelmed. She didn't need to lose another boyfriend over the whole bull thing. But looking down at the curvy little cow in front of her, she was getting a real urge to show off. A grin spread across her snout and she gave an eager snort. "Wanna see a trick?"

Taylor sat up and scooted a closer to Anna, eyes wide. (To be honest, he'd take any excuse to stare at a big handsome bull right now.) "Ooh?" he cooed.

Anna sucked in a big breath of air, enough to puff out her cheeks. Then she swallowed it. The bulge trailed down her throat, then down through her stomach, and straight to her crotch. With a rubbery bwoing! her cock sprung stiffly back to attention.

"So whenever you're ready to go again..." Anna wiggled her eyebrows. She leaned in, wrapping an arm around Taylor's shoulders and pressing her lips against his plush pout. Taylor let out a happy squeak and squeezed into the kiss. With soft grunts and rumbling moos, the two of them sunk back down onto the bed together.

Sitting in Anna's kitchen, Taylor sipped at a glass of orange juice. Normally he had milk for breakfast, but the sight of the gallon jug in her fridge had left him feeling a little weak-kneed and dizzy. Milk felt a lot more guilty now that he'd spent some time on the other side of the udder.

"So, I was thinking," Anna said, poking at her bowl of cereal with a spoon, "Maybe next weekend, we could go out somewhere."

"Like, uh..." Taylor tried not to stare at the milk amidst her corn flakes. "A restaurant?"

Anna grinned up at Taylor. "Like a farm."