Belong to the Sea

While on vacation, a chemical spill kicks off a college student's transformation into a squishy sea monster. Explicit.

Leah's day at the beach had been cut short by a chemical spill, and then everything else went wrong too. She was diving as far out as she could go, so when the hazmat guys started calling everyone in, she didn't hear. By the time she saw something was up, she'd spent an extra fifteen minutes more in the water. Waiting at the back of the line for the quarantine tent, every itch was acid and every turn of her stomach was flesh-eating bacteria. And then, once she'd been checked over and put through the decontamination shower, she learned they had run out of spare clothes.

To make things worse, she was dry. The salt, plus standing in the sun, plus the chemical rinse, left her skin in desperate need of moisture. She was taking a bath as soon as she got back to her hotel room.

Leah left the tent with nothing but a towel wrapped around her waist. As soon as she stepped out, she was assaulted by a broad smile, a yellow-and-orange baseball cap, and a yellow piece of paper thrust into her free hand.

"We at TransCo hope your experience today has been a pleasant one," the young man in the cap said. "We'd love it if you took the time to fill out that survey."

Leah swallowed to wet her throat. "Do you have any water?"

The young man grimaced. "Ooh, no, sorry. But I do have some pens with our logo," he said.

"I'm good," Leah said. She started along the boardwalk back to the hotel. That chemical shower must have done a number on her skin. She was so dry she could feel her skin brushing against itself, like little tectonic plates. She fought the urge to scratch at the itch on her back. Untended, the prickling spread over her shoulders and sides.

She wasn't even sweating. That at least might dampen her, but it was as if all her pores had dried up, too. The afternoon sun shone on her back and pushed her toward the hotel, while the hot boardwalk kept her moving quickly lest her feet start to hurt.

Leah took a peek at the TransCo Post-Inicident Satisfaction Survey in her hand. A short list of questions were paired with checkboxes along the side, from 'Strongly Disagree' to 'Strongly Agree'.

'Do you feel that you are the same person, physically, as you were before the incident?'

Aside from desperately needing water, she felt fine. Her skin wrinkled in the crook of her elbow and along the sides of her neck. Behind her, she left a trail of shed body hair, like a dog in summer.

'Do you feel that TransCo has done everything in its power to preserve your body and sense of self?'

Leah felt more concerned with potential damage to flora and fauna in the littoral zone than her 'sense of self', but then, she had taken a beach vacation to look at kelp and sea snails. She didn't stop being a marine bio major just because this was her spring break.

Finally, the hotel doors. Shade to soothe her feet and take the sun off her back. She took a deep breath of air conditioning and coughed. Very dry. Too dry. A drinking fountain stood next to the bathrooms on the way to the lobby. She threw herself onto the lever and pushed her face down into the stream of crisp, sharp water.

Leah's bubbling gulps soothed her throat, but her skin was still devastatingly dry. She closed her mouth and eyes and rolled her head around to catch the water on her face. She splashed the water onto her hands and poured it over her arms. Her skin soaked up the moisture immediately. Panting and dripping wet, she pushed herself away from the fountain. That was enough to last her till she got to her room.

'Would you recommend the experience of being exposed to TransCo products to people you know?'

Her room key had gotten quarantined along with her swimsuit, so she had to wait while the front desk made her a new one. She used one of their pens to check off 'Strongly Disagree'. She rubbed her feet together to work the sand out of her toes. Every minute spent not in the bath felt like hours.

With a new room key, she climbed into the elevator and hit the button for the tenth floor. She leaned against the cool glass panel, panting softly. All she could think about was getting into the bath. She dragged herself into her room and made a beeline for the bathroom.

The full-size jacuzzi looked as comforting as a downy bed. She tossed the survey card on the counter and dropped the towel. Her slight frame had shed all its hair from her neck down, and her eyebrows were thin and her hairline had risen an inch or so. She started the hot water. The steam that rolled off it, the humidity that crept into the room, made the bathroom feel like paradise.

Leah couldn't wait for the jacuzzi to fill. The longer she looked at the faucet pouring down, the more she needed to climb in now. She slipped into the tub and sat down along the bottom. She propped herself back on her hands, leaned back, and wiggled her toes in the water. The sand washed clean off.

With her hands submerged, her skin soaked up the surrounding water. Her fingers, nearly brittle, became supple again. Everywhere the water touched, it soothed her drawn and dessicated skin. Soon, the rising water covered her wrists and ankles. Where the water had touched longest, her hands and feet and backside, her skin was pale, almost bluish, and pleasantly plush to the touch.

A warm glow rose up through Leah's spine. She sighed openly and relaxed her legs. Though the hot water made her fingers ache, she cupped her hands and pushed them under the faucet. She splashed the handfuls of water over her face, her chest, her knees. The droplets ran down her skin and vanished, sucked up by her porous flesh. Just splashing wasn't enough. She needed to soak.

As the tub filled, she pushed her back and shoulders into the water. They had been in the sun all the way back to the hotel; they were on the verge of flaking. The water soaked through her skin, softening and revitalizing her thirsty flesh. With her arms sunk into the water, she swished them against her sides to make waves. The waves crashed up over her stomach and pooled in her navel, before the water vanished, seeping through her permeable skin.

Leah felt like she was diving into the ocean again. Down there, everything swayed with the waves; slow, even. The motion of the sea always made her queasy when she first got in, but over time, it became a part of her. The waves ingrained themselves into her instincts. When she climbed back onto shore, she always needed a few minutes to readjust to land. Right now, in the jacuzzi, she felt the wash of the waves. A dreamy dizziness floated over her. The lapping water pressed new notions of normal into her mind. Her eyelids fluttered and a small yawn passed her lips.

Leah sat back up. Pale splotches of new skin spread outward along her back, and completely covered her arms. She grabbed her upper arm with her other hand to feel it. The glossy sheen of her skin caught her eyes and her fingers slid along her arm without friction. No hairs, no pores. Her skin was so compellingly smooth, it was almost rubbery. In quiet appreciation, she rubbed along one arm, then the other, then stretched both arms out and wove her hands together. The fresh-grown slivers of webbing between her fingers stretched, tender to the touch.

The water crept higher. The more that covered her, the more the waves rocked her. Her eyes fluttered shut, mouth slack. Under the sea, she would stick out her arms and blue light gleamed off her skin, made pale in the light filtering through the water. She opened her eyes and looked at her arms: pallid blue-green, ending in slightly webbed hands. A relaxed smile curled at the corners of her mouth. Everything was normal, everything was good.

The hot water lapped halfway up her stomach. She leaned back for support and lifted her left leg above the water. Her toes curled naturally, tipped with short, protruding claws. She flexed her toes back, spreading the small webbing between each toe. The wet sheen of her thigh was too inviting. She had to feel it. Stroking down along her lean legs, her skin slipped smoothly beneath her fingers. Though it was thin, her skin had an elasticity that made her flesh pliable and pleasant to stroke. Leah plunked her legs back into the water and let her eyes slide shut.

When she opened her eyes to turn over, she found the water in the tub only inches from the rim. She cranked the faucet off, then flipped on the jets and settled into a seat. A current pattered across her back. She sighed and sunk down until only her face was above water. Her thirsty flesh soaked up the moisture, rehydrating her tissues. She gathered a few handfuls of water and splashed them against her face. Softness blossomed across her skin where the water fell.

Leah closed her eyes, held her breath, and pushed her head under the surface. The water swirled around her and clattered against her eardrums like bowling pins, but then was calm; just the rumble of the jets and her own slow heartbeat. The water seeped into her face, softening her cheeks, broadening her nose, washing away her eyebrows. When she came back up, her whole body was waterlogged, pallid blue, and shining smooth and glossy in the light.

While she looked smooth above water, she felt even smoother below. Her fingers stroked her stomach, moving in small circles over her slippery skin. A rumble echoed against her palm. Her mouth watered. Her tongue, purplish and tapering thin toward the tip, darted out to lick her lips. It slipped back behind her enlarged incisors. She hadn't eaten since her complimentary continental breakfast.

Leah staggered out of the tub. The soft pads of her toes pushed against the floor, supporting her as she wobbled from her heels to the balls of her feet, then back again. Her legs were halfway between human and animal, and her brain couldn't decide whether to walk flat-footed or perched high on her toes. Her body settled on the latter. When she let go of the counter to walk, she had no problem crossing the floor on the balls of her feet, like an animal.

The thought of toweling off didn't register in her mind. She'd spent so much time trying to get wet, why would she dry herself out again? She tracked wet footprints across the carpet to the hotel phone by the couch. The room service menu was soaked by the time she'd found the seafood section. Her ear squeaked against the plastic as she picked up the receiver.

"Hi, I wanted to order some room service," she said. "Can I get the sushi platter?" She looked back down at the menu and felt lightheaded for a moment. Her jaw went slack. "A-and calamari." Her mouth was watering but she couldn't stop herself. The words on the page held her in a delicious trance. "And a salmon steak, and a shrimp appetizer."

She hung up after they took her order and brushed her hand back over her head. A few clumps of dark hair fell to the carpet. She blinked sleepily, then yawned. Her love of seafood nestled into her mind as if it had always been there. It was as obvious to her as loving the water.

Leah's skin had begun to dry out again from standing out in the open. She hurried back into the bathroom and climbed over the rim of the jacuzzi. With a thick splash, she dunked herself into the water. She came up glistening and wet and fresh. Her shoulders settled back against the jets.

She wiggled her fingers through the bubbly water. The tall webbing between them stretched as she spread her hands out. The water didn't feel quite right, though. It satisfied her immediate need for moisture, but it had a filmy quality from being pumped through the hotel's water softener. It just didn't feel like water should, on an instinctive level.

She craned her head back to look at the wire baskets above the tub, stocked with shampoos and moisturizers and bath salts. A little smile spread across her short, squared-off snout. She reached up and grabbed the jars of salts, uncorking each in turn and dumping them into the water. Their fragrances blended together with the briney smell of saltwater.

A pleased shudder ran down her spine. The water felt satisfyingly crisp now. The shudder also pushed a row of bony nubs from her skin, poking out into the water, They ran from the small of her back up to her scalp. The only hair left on her scalp was a strip along the top, like a short mohawk.

While Leah basked in her seawater bath, her skin pumped out melanin. But unlike a human's tan, her pigmentation was a smooth, mottled blue-green. It emerged on her back, then spread its pleasant prickling across her shoulders and sides, until she was fully wrapped in dappled color. Her underbelly from her throat down to her thighs was a paler green, fading from the richer blue on her back.

The little cricks and snaps in her head were satisfying, like cracking her neck. She yawned, spreading her sharp, thin teeth wide and stretching her jaw open. Her tongue rolled out, curling back on itself. Her snout protruded from her face a couple inches. Its shape was reminiscent of a canine, but it ended in a smooth nose with slit nostrils. Her upper lip had vanished into her snout, but her lower lip, a natural indigo blue, still curled in a sleepy smile.

Leah dozed off into another sea-dream. The waves rolled around her, but she didn't feel them. They were as natural as the feeling of air against a land animal's skin. She swam through the water, swaying with the current. She twisted from side to side to propel herself, like a snake cutting through the the sea. Her tail rippled behind her. Wait...she didn't have a tail.

Did she? Something bumped against the bottom of the tub. She gasped as she woke and lifted her hips. Extending from the base of her spine, nestled between her ass cheeks, was a stub of a tail about six inches in length. Small bony studs ran down its dorsal side and around the tip. She leaned forward and craned her head back to watch it. Little ripples went down its length, making it sway to one side, then the other. She gave it a wiggle, then laughed and settled back down. Of course she had a tail.

Just as she was about to close her eyes again, there was a knock at the door. Faintly, she heard a voice call, "Room service!" Leah surged out of the tub with a heavy splash, her foot-long tail lashing behind her. Sheets of water were still rolling off of her as she opened the door, entirely naked and green-skinned and with a fang-filled snout.

The room service girl stood still. A look of confusion slowly crinkled her brow. Her mouth opened wordlessly. Leah smelled the scent radiating out from the tray in her hands. The hot, salty seafood smell set her tail to lashing and made her eyes shine with a predatory glint. She grabbed the tray out of the girl's hands and threw a "Thanks!" over her shoulder as the door swung shut.

Leah set the tray on the rim of the jacuzzi and stepped in with a thick ploonk each for her right leg, then her two-foot tail, then her left leg. She got down on her knees, so only her upper body had to be out of the water, and pulled the lid off the tray.

The salmon steak glistened in its balsamic glaze, sprinkled with pepper. The sushi platter was laid out in rows, with a little bowl of dipping sauce and another of wasabi. The calamari oozed its fried and battered smell. The grilled shrimp sat with their tails in the air, ready to be plucked by her claws.

She attacked the shrimp with a small growl. She didn't need utensils, or even her hands. Her jaws snapped down around each of them. She savored the crunch and squeak between her fangs, then gulped each one down, tail and all.

As she ate, her body revved up. Like she was basking in the sun, watching fish swim by above her, contemplating which of them to eat. All the potential energy, just waiting to spring. Her three-foot tail swung behind her, splashing the water back and forth. It thickened at the base, and so too was her ass thickening around it. More muscle to hold up her stronger tail, but also just more mass, thick and soft, to squeeze against her slick tail.

Leaning forward, her chest brushed against the tray. The cool metal made her pull back. Feeding was much too important for her to pause and marvel at the new size of her chest. Her breasts were supple, buoyant handfuls, thickened by her growing layer of insulation and by the water her body absorbed.

With the shrimp done, it was the calamari's turn. Dipping took too long, so she just tossed back the cup of cocktail sauce like it was a shot glass, then went face-first into the basket. Her elongating snout made it even easier to eat that way. Her muzzle gave her room to snap up the crunchy squid between her jaws like snapping minnows out of the water.

Leah's thighs pressed together, sliding one against the other. She shifted on her knees to get more comfortable. The extra volume, from water and from the food her body rapidly metabolized for fat, thickened out her legs to form one continuous, smooth curve down from her hips across her rear.

Gripping the tray as she was, the sides of her arms pressed her breasts together. They slid against each other, just as glossy and slippery as the rest of her. In the middle of a mouthful of fried squid, she spared a hand to steady her chest. She found that under of her webbed claws, her breasts were malleable and rubbery. When she squeezed, her skin bulged around her fingers. A hot thrill rolled down her spine. They werre sensitive, too.

The shiver also made her spiny dorsal fin stiffen. It was only a few inches tall at its highest, but it ran from the center of her forehead all the way down to the tip of her tail. The webbing was a vibrant greenish-yellow and shimmered with a natural iridescence.

Leah finished the calamari all too fast, but that meant it was time for her main course: the salmon steak, thick and scored with grill marks. She grabbed it off the plate and felt its firmness. In a flash of fangs, she tore through the meat and skin alike.

Her six-foot tail bumped up against the back of the jacuzzi. It rose out of the water in rolling humps, then flopped to the side, wrapping around the edge of the tub instead. She brushed a hand back over her hair. At the push of her hand, her hair slid off, falling to the floor with a wet flump. In place of her hair, her dorsal crest stiffened up, almost nine inches tall on her head and tapering along her spine. With her long snout and brow ridge and jaw full of sharp teeth, her skull looked somewhere between an eel and a dragon.

With the salmon steak in one hand, her other was free to explore her body. Her hips and ass had the same squishiness to them as her breasts. It was as if they were full of fluid in addition to body tissue. That made them more pliable and more prone to jiggle when she moved.

Her eyes fluttered as her teeth sank into the steak. The waves rolled over her and her long tail and her soft body. Her hand continued to knead her thighs. Her curves were for buoyancy and insulation. If she filled the fluid sacs inside them with air she'd rise, and with water she'd fall. The layer of fat kept her comfortably warm in chilly waters and on starry nights.

The salmon steak was gone, and that left just the sushi. There was enough to split between a few people, but she wasn't full yet and the seaweed nori alone smelled delicious. Holding the plate they came on in one hand, she leaned back into the jacuzzi. Her head rested against the middle of her eight-foot tail. She popped the sushi rolls into her mouth like popcorn.

The only hint of hair left on Leah's body were her eyelashes, but they had become like little dark fins, curled around the edges of her eyes. Both irises and whites of her eyes were gone, leaving just a solid, inky iridescence. Her spiny crest stretched and stiffened while her tail wiggled, bashing into the walls.

Her figure wasn't very aerodynamic, but it did look great. It tapered out from her webbed paws to her thick hips, then slid inward to a slightly rounded stomach, and rolled up to her taut, squishy breasts. Her colorful skin had grown a thicker gloss, thanks to the fresh coating she was secreting. It was an oil akin to a lubricant that kept her from drying out so quickly. She was still aquatic, but she could be on land with humans for an hour or so before she'd need water again.

Leah blinked her black eyes. Her finger froze, placing the last roll of sushi on her long tongue. 'Humans'. As if she wasn't human herself. She felt as if she'd been tossed out of the sea and onto dry land. While she was lost in her soothing dream, her whole body had changed, but now, she was awake.

Leah swallowed the sushi roll before the panic set in. Her tail thrashed around her, knocking over racks of soap and splashing up waves of salty water. She clawed her way out of the tub, over her own tail, and fell to a well-cushioned stop against the tile bathroom floor.

She grabbed the counter with both hands. She slowly lifted her head to peer into the bathroom mirror. Her bright crest peeked into the mirror first, then her forehead, then her dark eyes. Her crest flattened against her head and she ducked back down. Her claws sunk into the counter. She had to see how bad this was. She pushed herself back up, heart thundering in her chest, fangs bared, plump lower lip peeled in an anxious grimace.

"Oh no," she whined, staring into her monstrous reflection. She lifted a webbed claw to poke at her nose and wiggle the spines on her head and brush back her finned ears.

The changes on the outside were massive, but so were the changes on the inside. New instincts, new feelings, strange thoughts that didn't seem like her own. 'Isn't it weird how humans wear clothes? Sucks that human guys don't have tails,' she thought. It felt like meeting someone who wasn't quite her, like she was trying to negotiate with Leah from the alternate universe where she was a sea monster.

Leah looked at the counter, as if she might find something that would undo this. Her eyes fell on the yellow card she'd left there, the TransCo Post-Incident Satisfaction Survey. At the bottom, a line said:

'If you would like to respond by phone, or do not have functional hands, please call (212) 718-5563.'

Leah grabbed as much of her ten-foot tail as she could in her arms. Dragging it along, she broke out into a run for the hotel phone. She didn't make it very far. Her tail tripped up her heels and she tumbled over, falling on her back on the bathroom floor. Her body cushioned her landing, but the little bounce at the bottom sent her tail flying out of her hands. It slammed into the ceiling, wrapping all the way around the wall and down to her hips. A solid foot of thick, squishy tail sat beneath her hips, like a giant serpent grafted to her backside.

She stared up at the ceiling. Her legs splayed open around her tail. Her breasts spread to either side with each deep breath. Her hand crept down across her smooth, gently padded belly. She wasn't even thinking about it, until the tips of her clawed fingers met her folds. Her whole mound was swollen and her pussy lips felt plump and slick, like a pair of rubber tubes squeezed together.

A sharp groan left her throat. Her knees bent and her toes clenched. She hadn't meant to touch herself. She'd just her fingers in between her plump folds.

That also wasn't what she meant to do. She was tender to the point that a touch like that sent a wave down her tail. It rippled across the wall and ceiling. The tip dangled down above its head, wiggling its iridescent fin above her nose. Her dark eyes followed it back and forth, back and forth.

Fingering herself was tricky. Her pussy was plump and elastic to the point that if she didn't keep up a constant pressure, her fingers popped right out with a wet sqrrt. Her webbing stretched tight across her folds, keeping them spread open. It was the most plush, slippery sex she'd ever had.

Her eyes were fixed on the tip of her tail. It wasn't some kind of trance; it was something to focus on. It eased all her wild and bubbling anxieties and cleared the way for the uneven jolts and squirming feelings rising up from her aquatic pussy.

Her hand bobbed back and forth, fingers curled to keep her claws out of harm's way. She pushed up with her hips and tail. Her toes didn't even need to touch the ground; her tail gave her all the leverage she needed. A hot orange-pinkish tone rose from the base of her crest. She threw her free arm around her chest, cradling the squishy mounds and kneading her fingers the pliable skin.

Her jaw went slack and her tongue spooled out, trailing down her cheek and onto her shoulder. Her skin was hot, not like sunbathing on the beach but like a roiling hot tub. Hot and wet and she could just sink down into that pleasure and be happy forever. Sea Monster Leah was doing her best to convince Human Leah that this was the way to go. She was doing a good job of it, too.

The base of her tail pumped her up and down. The rest of it squirmed eagerly, smashing against the towel rack, the toilet, the light fixture. Her dorsal spines felt stiff enough to pop right off. She pumped her fingers down into her plush cunt a few more times. Her tail stiffened, back flat against the ground, legs spread open as far as her cartilage would allow.

At the peak of her orgasm, she felt it all rush through her mind at once: the colors of coral reefs, the dense wilderness of kelp forests, the taste of of fresh-caught fish in her mouth, the soft embrace of water, the rippling sun on her back, and the curl of her own lithe and curvaceous body. It all crashed over her, leaving her hot, flushed pink, and squirming on the floor.

A splash of fluids rushed out against her fingers. It spilled over and trickled down her thighs. Leah pulled her hand back and rubbed her fingers together. Little clusters of transparent balls were suspended in the fluid, like...eggs. That should have been gross, but it just felt normal.

Leah unwound her tail from the wall and rose to her feet. She propped herself up against the counter and looked at her reflection in the mirror. A weird, colorful, eel-dragon sea monster. She bounced her arms together to make her breasts squish and slide against each other. A little grin came to her face. She lifted a hand and stroked her dorsal crest, flattening the still-pinkish membrane against her head, then letting it spring back up.

She turned her head, looking over her shoulder at her rear and tail. She gave the former a good squeeze, stretching it up, then letting it bounce back as she let go. Back in the mirror, she stuck out her tongue and curled it around her finger, then tried wiggling her crest up and down. Her tail swished back and forth slowly.

Leah looked good like this. She had to admit, once she got over the initial shock, it worked. Even by human standards, she made a pretty cute sea monster. She prodded the edges of her mind, making sure it was all there, from her favorite songs to the difference between the pelagic and benthic zones of the ocean. To her relief, she was still herself. Just the aquatic version of herself.

Leah smiled, then made a pouty face at her reflection. She could make this work.


Since the beach was still closed, Leah had taken a spot by the pool with an umbrella. She laid back in a pool chair, with her tail unspooled across the concrete and dangling into the pool itself. A flustered hotel attendant had put yellow 'caution' signs on either side of her tail, so people knew to step over it. Every so often, she curled her tail up out of the pool and splashed some water on herself, to keep her oily coating fresh and moist.

The orange floral bikini she wore was a far cry from her black one-piece she'd left behind in quarantine, but she'd run into two problems during swimsuit shopping. The first was that she just didn't like wearing clothes any more; it was such a dry, human thing to do. But if she wanted to use the hotel pool, she had to wear something. The second problem was her fin, which made just about any swimsuit that wasn't a string bikini impossible.

Leah was leaned back, one foot resting casually on top of her tail, the other dangling off the side. A chilled bottle of salt water sat on the table next to her. She took a long sip from it, then gave her face a quick splash. Her laptop, stuck inside a one-gallon plastic baggie to keep herself from splashing or sliming it up, sat on her lap.

She wiggled her fingers against the plastic, scrolling down to the 'internships' link on the local aquarium's website. She was going to kill two fish with one spear: get free food and a tank to sleep in, and research credit for her degree. She was fine with being studied as long as she got evenings and weekends off to swim down to the beach and meet cute humans.

Cause what was the point of having a body like this, if she couldn't have fun with it?