A corporate spy's gas mask starts to grow on her. Other bits grow on her too. Explicit.

Eyes watched her from every corner of the abandoned plant. The first few times she'd spotted the red light, she brought it down with a quick shot. Couldn't hurt to be safe, right? But there were hundreds of the damn cameras. She'd just have to trust that the surveillance system was no longer broadcasting.

And why should it have been? The fabrication plant had been sealed over a decade ago. They didn't want competitors sneaking in to steal their secrets. Exosuit development had been a big deal for a while now.

After ten years, whoever was sitting and watching the feed had to have better things to do.

Nix's boots hissed. The soles altered their chemical makeup with each step, masking her footprints with a chemical copy of the material she was walking through. They also had the welcome side effect of muffling her footsteps--though she was fairly sure that wasn't going to be a problem here.

The air hung like a web of polytex, like the thick coating that she'd had to cut through just to get inside. Airtight, watertight, poreless; anyone trapped inside a polytexed building would slowly suffocate over a series of increasingly uncomfortable days. She'd be in and out in a matter of hours.

Nix found a space that seemed safe between two storage containers, just large enough for her to squeeze in and sit down. No guards, but that didn't mean there couldn't be drones around. Best all around to just keep a low profile while on the job.

In a quiet server bay, running off the trickle of emergency power, the eyes from every corner began to size up the intruder. By the shape of her ears and the way they twitched at the slightest noise, the AI estimated that she was a bat. It read her height via triangulation, approximated her muscle mass by the shifting swells behind the thin black skin she wore, and estimated her levels of body fat from her trim waist and slim chest..

The AI saved a new file for her, running a constant flow of information in and out to refine that profile. Its empirical problem-solving routines began to run on the goal of neutralizing the threat that Nix posed.

Nix's ears twitched. She looked up from her mapper for a moment. Suspicious? No, more like cautious. The factory had been quiet, but now there was the faintest hint of white noise tickling at the corners. She looked back down at the mapper. The noise was coming from the ventilation shafts. Now that the polytex seal was broken, the air filtration systems were working.

Nothing to be worried about.

She was watched every inch as she returned to the task at hand. She had come in through the roof, and the research bays were down near the ground. Her mapper threw a blue trail in front of her, and she tailed behind it.

Nix got down on one knee and fed a small lead into the keypad. One carefully metered jolt, and she'd be able to reach the stairs. One overpowered jolt, and she ran the risk of blowing out the circuit.

Her finger slowly traced a circle across her wrist-mounted interface. Past the earbuds nestled in the bottoms of her ears, she heard the soft, rising whine of increasing voltage.

She parted her lips for a moment and dropped her hand to the floor. An electric dizziness arced from one side of her mind to the other. Her breath drew tight and hot, ionized inside of her lungs. She breathed out with a prickle and the soft throb of blood in her tender ears. Come on, Nix. Too excited. Tone it down.

She found the perfect pitch and the door swung open.

Halfway down the stairs, she paused and pulled at her suit. The skintight material rarely gave her problems, but it had begun to press uncomfortably against her nipples, putting pressure on them as she moved down the steps. With a quick tug forward, she adjusted the suit to sit a little better.

Her hand strayed to her groin and pressed lightly. She savored the feeling on the balls of her feet for just a moment. This was no time to get hot, just time to relieve a bit of tension.

The vents still hissed quietly and the eyes kept watch on her as she started to descend again. She took each step more carefully now, aware of the way her suit was rubbing her.

The eyes that watched her measured closely. They worked up from the stealthed soles of her shoes, past her tight hips, up beyond her modestly-proportioned chest, and all the way to the top of her hair. Along with her biometrics and her response levels to assorted airborne hormones, the AI recorded a three-dimensional model of her clothed body.

Beneath the dark fur on her cheeks, Nix blushed. She stopped on one of the landings, digging her fingers into the crotch of her suit and tugging at it, trying to relieve the dragging feeling of the suit against her folds. There was an unmistakable ache there. Hell of a place to get horny, she thought. She ground her gloved fingers against the tight material covering her crotch for a few moments, but she couldn't wait around. Get in, get out, then she could deal with her needs.

By the time she reached the ground floor, walking a straight line was difficult. Her wetness rolled around inside the suit, constantly reminding her of the aching need that was clawing at the back of her mind. This was insane. She had to hurry up and get the job done. Something was wrong.

Her claws plucked at one of the seams in her suit and slipped inside. They swam through her fur and curled into her pussy with a nearly debilitating ache. Her jaw loosened and flopped as she leaned her shoulders against a wall and pumped her fingers in and out of a couple of times.

Shit, this was bad.

Staggering, she stepped into the research bay. It was a huge room, filled with equipment that was still whirring, stuffed along one wall and squatting like a cornered beast. Canisters sat on pallets and lab benches were strewn with the half-finished experiments the research department had been working on when they were all evacuated.

A hundred eyes followed her as she tossed aside the junk on the desks, searching for the exosuit technology she was contracted to find.

Enough blood was pounding in her ears that she didn't hear the ventilation system grow from a faint hiss into a dull rumble.

Nix's knees gave out and she dropped to the ground. Her legs spread wide, she shoved her fingers down into her suit and pushed against her aching pussy. The heat that burned through her made her whimper. The feelings of pleasure made her vision swim and her eyes glaze over. She could hardly move. The instincts of her body burned so sharply that she was grinding against her own fingers and she couldn't stop it.

Nix let out a supersonic squeak as she felt the aching peak...then smoothly slide down to its previous level. She should have orgasmed right there. What was wrong? She could hardly think. Every neuron focused on finding her a way to relieve the intense ache.

A sharp hiss from one of the machines drew her foggy, horny attention. It had opened a chamber, and inside, she could make out the shape of a mask. That was the tech she was looking for. It had to be, or else there would be no way for her to find it.

She crawled to her feet and half-waddled, half-jogged to the machine. All of her coordination went into placing her face into the mask. Her hands were too busy. She could carry it out of here wearing it.

The shape was thick and plated, with heavy-lidded eyes in front of thick lenses that let her see. The muzzle was capped off, but a pair of tubes stretched back to her neck, awaiting some sort of hookup. The mask sealed along the back of her scalp. Her breath whistled through the tubes as she reached back, groping for a seam and finding none.

This wasn't right.

Red words crackled in front of her onto the lenses.



A screw turned against Nix's brow. She could have screamed, maybe, if the mask hadn't been a perfect fit. Every inch of her head was covered, skintight, like the mask had been made only for her. In her haze, she had missed that suspicious detail.

Each second, it felt as if the mask was trying to drill into her skull. The words blinked at her, quickly changing and shifting. She caught glimpses of words, more ideas than anything else: orders, rules, loyalty, logic. The sharp color seared against her eye sockets. Her eyes wouldn't close.


Nix spread her legs, still standing, and jammed her fingers into her pussy. She felt the juices flowing like sweat, felt the ache as she squeezed against her swollen folds and her engorged clit. She couldn't pull her hand back, even when she tried. The words broadcast to her mask were burning a direct route through her mind.

Nix reached with one trembling hand to try to tear at her mask, but only made it so far. Her hand fell onto her chest and squeezed and stroked until her nipples poked tightly against the suit.

Something was changing, and she could feel it against her fingers. Her suit was skintight, but now the air was being sucked from it. It clung to her shoulders not like a stealth suit but like a second skin. A second skin that was more sensitive than the first. The change swept over her breasts, replicating every small detail, down to her piercings, on the outside of the sleek polymer skin.

Nix's eyes grew unfocused, staring through the words that burned each and every flicker into her mind. Her self-reflection was incinerated and her willpower was cauterized. None of it was needed for an AI-controlled drone.

Nix felt dizzy, like her center of gravity suddenly moved out to a few millimeters in front of her eyes. Her sense of self floated out, hanging in the air, caught in the interface between her and the AI feeding her commands. Her ears rung.

She pulled her fingers back, allowing the second skin to surge down over her folds, no longer hiding them but exposing them for the hundred camera eyes that monitored her performance. Down to the soles of her boots, her skin was melded with the new surface. Unlike latex, it was lightly textured, reinforced with a nanofiber weave that added a layer of protection.

Nix returned her hand to her folds and let out a shuddering exhalation through her tubes. They were just as tender as always. Maybe now, with the AI running her mind, she would be allowed to orgasm.

She rode the swells twice, but no trembling, aching blast of release came to her. She dripped directly onto the floor now, a slow trickle that darkened the concrete between her feet.


Yes, that was right. Of course it was right. That side of her mind, the one that resided in the flickering binary information across her eyes, was never incorrect.

Her eyes no longer ached, as all of the necessary connections had been made. The messages came through now in raw data, without having to be translated into words first.

Walking with one hand between her legs, stroking at her aching clit and rubbing along her folds, she made her way over to one of the pallets with canisters packed tightly on top of it. Her eyes passed over the tanks of nitrogen and helium and oxygen...there they were. Green, gently fluorescent, and scattered with markings. Biohazard, radioactive--if it was dangerous, it was in there.

She grabbed the canister and pulled, but a chain pulled taut and kept her from removing it. The AI flickered in her eyes for a moment, and she twisted the release, allowing a bit of the substance to drip free and eat through the chain.

With the liberated canister in hand and her swollen clit aching for more attention, she quickly hefted the canister into the latch on her back and tilted her head back. The tubes hooked up with a soft click. She reached back and opened the valve as wide as it would go. The slick, green, gently glowing substance swelled up through the tubes and into Nix's mouth.

After the initial burn, caused by the reaction of air with the chemical, the sensation of it pouring into her mouth was smooth, warm, following the natural rise and fall of her chest. The chemical taste was one she hadn't experienced before, but she had little choice other than enjoy it.


Each rise of her chest took in more of the caustic fluid, and each time it fell, it stayed inside of her. Warm, fluid cavities were opening up, allowing space for the gradually increasing volume. For the first time, she felt the weight of breasts that sagged, and the slow motions they made when she shifted her shoulders. Her nipples popped out, swollen, bulging with the slow pressure building behind them.


Nix had kept one hand between her legs, rubbing her nanoweave-coated pussy. The lips were swollen from the long aching time she'd spent, breathing in the aphrodisiac that the AI had released into the air. With each breath, a weight came to settle between her legs. It throbbed and ached all the more. Her whole mound was swollen, her lips engorged and tender, and her clit poked out above all of it, throbbing for attention.


The liquid poured through her body and gathered around her hips. Her slender figure swelled with the weight of the chemical pouring into her mouth, steadily dripping from the twin tubes that attached to her muzzle. Her hips thickened, creating curves where there were none, hinting at some sort of chemically-laced fertility. The slow spread shifted her bones, allowing more space between her widened hips for her swelling mound.


The bulge of her clit swelled out of her skin all the way back to where her swollen mound met her stomach. The porous erectile tissue allowed the chemical to flood it, sending it through growth spurts that multiplied the nerve endings within her oversized clit. While she used one hand to plunge into her growing folds, the other focused solely on the swollen bulge atop her pussy.


Any last holdouts in the dark reaches of her mind were drawn out, brought together, pulled into union with the part of her that had merged with the AI. The pleasure was simply too great. The load was shared between her and the computer, but any pure organic experiencing that sort of sensation would find themselves in shock. Her fingers stroked along the six protruding inches of her clit, then trailed backward, prodding at the stiff bulge beneath her skin. The steady flow of juices leaking from her folds had turned a faint green.


Her breasts wobbled and sloshed with every step she took. Her nipples leaked through her protective coating, unable to hold back that much pressure without a release. Her breasts jutted out in front of her, owing some of their perkiness to the tightness of the coating. It kept her breasts jutted out in front of her, dominating the upper half of her torso.


Twelve inches all the way back to the base, and thick enough that she couldn't touch her thumb to her index finger around it. A few veins bulged, but her body was adapting quite quickly to the increased demand for fluids. She shuddered violently, and a thick splash of her pussy juices hit the floor. With each breath, her hips swelled past their obscene, unnatural dimensions. Her breasts hung out further, thicker, trickling with a terrible milk. Her pussy swelled, sending new sensations arcing across the budding nerve clusters, producing a variety of sensations she would never have imagined.


Her mound stretched down nearly to her knees, swollen almost like a pair of testicles but dominated by the hugely swollen labia that leaked a steady flow of chemical lubricant. As the not-cock to her non-balls, her clit jutted out, blunt and sloshing, flooding the combined consciousness between her and the AI with feelings that neither of them could handle alone.

A deep rumbling echoed inside her chest as a gush of greenish fluid splashed across the floor, dripping smoothly from Nix's hydrophobic coating. She had the relief that she had been chasing for ages, but now she and the AI wanted more. Their mind clear, she began the climb toward the upper floors, toward the access hole Nix had made when coming in.

A new message came through from the AI as she climbed out onto the polytex coating that had quarantined the building until now.


Nix's eyes nearly rolled back in their sockets. She breathed deep of the slick chemical, and felt the ache of stretching skin and multiplying nerves and the wobble and jiggle and rippling through her body with every motion she made.

While her mind had been scoured by the orgasm, fixated on sexual gratification, it was hardly her fault. Deep within the building, the AI ticked away at its new code, blasted into its mainframe by the intense sensations that had swept through Nix and into its awareness. Just like the bat-drone, the AI now had no surveillance programming, no security protocols--just a desire to feel that orgasm, again and again, as many times as it could make it happen.


With a deep chemical breath, steeping her breasts and pussy and aching clit that could put men to shame with only the finest in biohazardous materials, the new Nix stepped into the city, thinking only about finding her next batch of mind-altering pleasure.